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QMetry Test Management

QMetry Test Management


What is QMetry Test Management?

QMetry in Santa Clara offers their test management tool, the eponymous QMetry Test Management, which offers test case authoring, reusable test cases, test execution, 140+ reports including deep traceability and test case coverage reports with customization options, and integrations with…

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QMetry is a versatile software that serves as a valuable test management tool for various organizations. Users can conveniently track the …
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What is QMetry Test Management?

QMetry in Santa Clara offers their test management tool, the eponymous QMetry Test Management, which offers test case authoring, reusable test cases, test execution, 140+ reports including deep traceability and test case coverage reports with customization options, and integrations with Jira, CI/CD…

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What is QMetry Test Management?

QMetry Test Management Technical Details

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QMetry is a versatile software that serves as a valuable test management tool for various organizations. Users can conveniently track the number of test cases in one place, including creation time, execution time, and the number of times they have been performed. This feature enables efficient test case management and ensures comprehensive coverage.

One of the key use cases of QMetry is its ability to generate detailed reports in different formats. These reports contain essential information such as user names, IDs, start and end times, and other relevant details. This functionality allows users to analyze and share comprehensive test data with stakeholders, ensuring transparency and effective communication.

Another valuable aspect of QMetry is its role as a centralized repository for requirements, test cases, and defects across all projects. This centralization facilitates greater reuse of assets, promoting efficiency and consistency in testing processes. With QMetry, users can easily store and access test scripts, enhancing collaboration within teams and enabling seamless knowledge sharing.

The software seamlessly integrates with popular tools like Jira, offering smooth workflow management across different development teams. It allows users to track and trace tests and evidence effortlessly, ensuring thorough quality control. Moreover, QMetry supports both agile and waterfall practices, making it suitable for different project management methodologies.

Overall, QMetry provides a crucial solution for managing test activities effectively. It simplifies the process of writing test cases, organizing test plans, and reducing repetition through its user-friendly interface. By seamlessly integrating with other tools and offering comprehensive reporting capabilities, QMetry empowers organizations to improve their software quality control processes and ultimately deliver high-quality products to their customers.

User-Friendly Interface: Reviewers have consistently praised QMetry for its user-friendly interface and easy-to-understand design. Many users have found it intuitive to navigate, making tasks easy to accomplish.

Efficient Integration with JIRA and Other Tools: The seamless integration of QMetry with JIRA, Jenkins, and GitHub has been highly appreciated by reviewers. They have highlighted the efficiency of this integration in defect management, CI/CD processes, and collaboration between different teams.

Ability to Create Customized Reports: Users have expressed their satisfaction with QMetry's ability to generate customized reports. This feature allows them to tailor reports according to their specific requirements, providing valuable insights into test execution and progress.

Cons: Limited user roles and permissions: Some users have mentioned that they are unable to delete the Test suite when they have the role of the only user. They also expressed difficulties in adding projects to a user and suggested a more efficient method. Challenges with test case management and execution: Users have reported issues where test cases do not load with steps on the new Jira's view, requiring them to manually link a test case to a bug when adding it from a test run. Additionally, repeating the setup of a test cycle has been found inconvenient and moving test cases from one project to another was difficult. Difficulties with automation testing: Several users find it hard to understand and use the automation testing feature, suggesting an upgrade for better usability. Some users even mentioned spending months on training to effectively use QMetry while facing challenges in deleting certain elements and perfecting the UI for test plans.

Users commonly recommend the following three recommendations when using QMetry as a test management tool:

  1. Have a good tech admin for setup and education. Users suggest that having a knowledgeable technical administrator is important for setting up and effectively utilizing QMetry. This recommendation highlights the need for expertise in configuring and managing the tool.

  2. Establish good patterns in the organization for durable and valuable workflow. Users recommend implementing well-defined processes and practices within the organization to ensure a consistent and effective workflow. This suggestion emphasizes the importance of establishing reliable patterns to enhance productivity and maximize the value of using QMetry.

  3. Consider whether a heavy-duty test management solution or a simple low-cost solution is needed. Users advise evaluating the specific requirements of the organization before choosing QMetry as a test management tool. This recommendation encourages considering whether a more comprehensive and robust solution or a simpler, cost-effective option would better align with the organization's needs.

It is worth noting that while users generally find QMetry to be a great and simple tool for effectively managing requirements, defects, and test cases, some users mention that the value for money could be improved. Additionally, users highlight the importance of proper setup for improving application response time. Some users also suggest exploring other software options based on personal preference or previous experiences with different test management tools.


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Pradeep Kurup (CSM, CSPO) | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
When we moved from the waterfall to agile, the existing test management tool did not support agile practice. So, we had to look for test management tools that supported both agile and waterfall. We went through a process of evaluating new-gen test management tools such as QMetry and did Proof of Concept with a couple of them, and then selected QMetry based on the success of the POC.
  • Works well with all dev methodologies.
  • Real-time integration with Jira.
  • Out of box reports.
  • Integration with test automation tools.
  • Provision to report on custom fields.
  • Integration with other agile management tools.
  • API limit consumption.
QMetry, like any new-gen test management tool, works well with any type of development methodologies, be it agile, waterfall or hybrid. It is positioned to be a tool for enterprises of any size. QMetry also provides easy migration of existing test artifacts from a legacy test management tool to QMetry without loss of any information. The one thing that I see as an opportunity for improvement is trying to provide out-of-box integration with all major test automation tools. Another area could be to expand the offering to include it as a product suite with accessibility testing, security testing, performance testing, and test automation which is what the trend is.
Test Management (5)
Centralized test management
Manage test hosts and schedules
Map tests to user stories
Test execution reporting
Defect management
  • Helped with overall adoption to the new dev model.
  • Fits well with Devops framework.
  • Overall licensing model is affordable and accommodates many users.
QMetry provides an easy path for migration from the legacy test management tool. The migration utility is free compared to other vendors. We have received great customer support from day one of the engagement starting with POC, implementation, and ongoing support. Overall, pricing and licensing model are affordable and attractive.
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