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What is Qstream?

Qstream headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts offers their eponymous sales enablement application.

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Qstream is a versatile software that has been utilized in various use cases. Customers have found it valuable for training knowledge and …
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What is Qstream?

Qstream headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts offers their eponymous sales enablement application.

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Qstream Smart communication

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What is Qstream?

Qstream is a platform for assessing and coaching sales performance at an individual and team level. In addition to KPI data pulled in through the Salesforce integration, Qstream also measures reps' performance with daily mobile challenges (Performance Pack gamification), and combines these indicators into a Qscore that ranks relative performance and performance improvement.

Qstream Performance Packs are designed to encourage reps to support a variety of business initiatives and applications by matching the amount of content, level of competition and duration with the optimal mix of game mechanics. The game structure is optimized based on particular business dimensions, using the Qstream Performance Pack Engine.

Qstream Video

Qstream in 2 minutes

Qstream Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Qstream is a versatile software that has been utilized in various use cases. Customers have found it valuable for training knowledge and reinforcing skills post-event, leading to increased confidence in the presented information. The product is commonly used for new agent orientation and product rollouts, providing a platform for delivering information to employees. Sales training companies have benefited from Qstream as it helps retain knowledge for clients, resulting in increased sales and improved positioning. The software enables global reach to sales representatives, providing insights into their adoption of messaging and identifying areas for improvement. Its lightweight and easy-to-digest questions, delivered over a quarter, cater to the training and knowledge increase of sales teams. Qstream addresses the need for educating sales teams in the field by providing a mobile-friendly approach with a few questions at a time. Immediate feedback and additional details reinforce correct responses, ensuring confidence in future answers. The reporting feature of Qstream is effective in identifying knowledge gaps and provides feedback for future training improvements. It fills the gap between initial new hire training sessions and applying the learned information in real-world scenarios, thus keeping knowledge current. Moreover, Qstream reinforces training on Sales CRM platforms, improving retention and nurturing a desire for continued learning. The product also supports real-time reinforcement and coaching, facilitating electronic measurement of proficiencies and highlighting areas for improvement. By utilizing Qstream, sales teams can quickly learn new material, stay updated, and embed key learnings through reinforcement and gamification.

Reinforcement Science and Gamification: Many users appreciate QStream's use of reinforcement science and gamification elements, which have made the learning experience engaging for a number of reviewers. The incorporation of these elements has been praised by users for its ability to keep them motivated and involved in the learning process.

Detailed Reports for Identifying Gaps: The detailed reports provided by QStream are valued by several users as they help in identifying gaps and coaching opportunities. These reports offer insights into individual struggles and group performance across different topics, allowing for targeted coaching efforts.

Ongoing Enhancements and Helpful Analytics: Users find the ongoing enhancements and helpful analytics provided by QStream to be beneficial, with multiple reviewers expressing this sentiment. They appreciate that the platform continuously improves based on user feedback, ensuring that it meets their evolving needs. Additionally, the analytics offered by QStream allow for easy tracking of knowledge retention over time, helping organizations identify areas of strength and weakness.

Confusing User Interface: Some users have found the user interface of Qstream to be confusing and not intuitive, making it difficult to navigate and perform tasks efficiently. This sentiment has been expressed by multiple reviewers.

Limited Customization Options in Video Coaching: There are complaints about the lack of customization options in the video coaching feature of Qstream. Users mention that they are unable to have multiple reviewers, customize feedback areas, or allow users to redo their videos.

Time-Consuming Setup Process: The setup process for Qstream is mentioned to be time-consuming, although the company does provide assistance. This concern has been raised by some users who feel that it takes a significant amount of time to complete the initial setup process.

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December 21, 2017

Qstream drives adoption

Nick Saunders | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using Qstream to embed key learnings around sales methodology in all our go to market teams.
  • Gamification: gets reps involved in ways that keep it interesting while bringing in elements of competition.
  • Mobile: ease of use and direct access to reps while on the move. The interface is intuitive and able to be interacted with in quick increments rather than lengthy elearning.
  • Coaching: provides direct insights into who is coping and who is not so that enablement efforts can be focused.
  • Reporting: we only had access to some of the reports so would have liked to see more detail and have the ability to create custom reports.
  • Licensing: we accessed qstream via Growthplay so only had access to limited features. Would like to see this extended so that we could truly experience all of the qstream benefits.
  • Content Creation: we were not able to create our own questions and streams but had to rely on the external team. Self-creation and self-directed streams would have been preferable.
Qstream is great when used for reinforcement of training conducted. Especially when that training is detailed or complex, Qstream will help to embed key concepts and drive adoption while ensuring reps are interacting.
Sales Gamification (12)
Sales contest templates
Custom sales contests
Team competitions
Multiple competitions
Contest flexibility
Sales rep view
Mobile game functionality
Game notifications & updates
Social competition / Game collaboration
Sales game integration to Salesforce
Sales performance reporting
TV streaming
  • Reps have adopted our new sales methodology quicker and with more rigour meaning we are more successful in the field.
  • We’ve been able to create scale to drive adoption. Without technologies like Qstream, we would never be able to meet our enablement and growth targets.
  • More reps talking a consistent message means our customer experience has improved at the sales front. This allows us to differentiate versus the competition and ensures we win more often.
Qstream was selected by default because it was offered by Growthplay as their preferred gamification and adoption tool. We have subsequently looked at acquiring Qstream for other initiatives and are in the process of evaluating options
Sales Channel BDR Presales Sales leadership
Minimal. The system manages itself especially the way we used it. From the looks of things basic computer skills would be all that is required with some creativity thrown in for creating streams
  • Sales adoroion
  • Reinforcement of key messaging
  • Live coaching
  • Gap analysis of teos
  • Get disparate teams to compete against each other
  • Look at expanding into other business areas such as marketing or product management
  • Content deployment for sales
  • Just in time learning for on the fly training of reps
  • Ask an expert type functionality to allow our reps to pose a subject matter expert a question in real-time to get answers while out in the field
Qstream is good in terms of gamification and driving adoption. However we are looking for a platform that supports content creation, ILT training as well as gamification. Qstream would meet only one of those criteria. We may still use them again if we are unable to find a compete platform in future
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
Qstream was offered to us as part of a larger engagement with Growthplay. We were able to experience Qstream on a limited scale only but what we saw was of value. We are now evaluating Qstream amongst other vendors for rollout in 2018. Key factors for us are positI’ve business outcomes and metrics. The capabilities for the system have also been outlined and will be measured against price to determine the best solution for us
We would like to have viewed other options rather than being forced to use only Qstream. Fortunately it is good but we would have liked more flexibility upfront as we’ll as full access to all the features rather than just a subset
  • Mobile app
  • Reporting and dashboarding
  • Coaching feedback
  • Custom reporting
  • Running multiple streams as an end user
  • Answering questions on the fly without the mobile app
Very well. Easy to use although a bit slow at times. Appeared to be rendering a browser window in the app so they should look to create a full mobile app which is self-contained
Qstream was easy for us to use and gain insights from. Feedback from sales leaders and reps was generally positive. Having greater flexibility about creating custom reports and streams would have increased the rating
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