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What is RapidMiner?

RapidMiner is a data science and data mining platform, from Altair since the late 2022 acquisition. RapidMiner offers full automation for non-coding domain experts, an integrated JupyterLab environment for seasoned data scientists, and a visual drag-and-drop designer. RapidMiner’s project-based…

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RapidMiner Studio has been widely utilized across various industries for a range of use cases. Users have found success in using …
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RapidMiner Platform Demo: Part 1 - Getting Started with RapidMiner 7.3

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Product Details

What is RapidMiner?

RapidMiner is a data science and data mining platform, from Altair since the late 2022 acquisition. RapidMiner offers full automation for non-coding domain experts, an integrated JupyterLab environment for seasoned data scientists, and a visual drag-and-drop designer. RapidMiner’s project-based framework helps to ensure that others can build off their work using visual workflows or automated data science.

RapidMiner Videos

RapidMiner in Action
RapidMiner and OSI Demo
Walk-Through of RapidMiner AI Hub (Formerly RapidMiner Server)
Automated Data Science - Data Preparation in DataMiner

RapidMiner Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

RapidMiner Studio has been widely utilized across various industries for a range of use cases. Users have found success in using RapidMiner Studio to create ETL processes for loading BI datamarts with data from operational databases. Additionally, the software has been instrumental in performing data mining tasks such as text processing, image processing, and algorithm data analysis.

Marketing teams have leveraged RapidMiner Studio for predictive analytics in direct mail programs and text mining for call transcripts. The software has also served as a central data science platform for teaching data analytics and machine learning, providing an essential tool for educational purposes. Furthermore, RapidMiner Studio has demonstrated its versatility by being used for real-world analyses in healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and BFSI sectors.

Companies like Aptus Data Labs rely heavily on RapidMiner Studio to deliver their solutions efficiently. The software has proven valuable for fraud analysis in banking and financial industries, claim and travel analytics in manufacturing, and text mining in pharmaceutical firms. Individual analysts have also found success using RapidMiner Studio for analysis and predictive modeling of student-related data.

In addition to these use cases, RapidMiner Studio has been applied to build and test energy usage models for buildings. Risk coverage providers like DisperSurance have utilized the software for optimization, automation, fraud detection, and determining profitable e-commerce strategies. It has also been instrumental in processing data from clients in telecom and banking industries while assisting in modeling machine learning structures.

Moreover, RapidMiner Studio has served as a powerful data organizational tool by enabling users to sort through massive amounts of data and run statistical algorithms efficiently. It has been effectively employed for client churning analysis, client and banker clustering, and market basket analysis. Sales and marketing teams have benefited from its predictive analytics capabilities using CRM data.

The software's versatility extends even further with applications in pattern finding in epilepsy clinical data, protein interaction networks analysis, and gaining insights about various datasets. RapidMiner Studio offers a wide range of machine learning algorithms, making it suitable for text mining, data analysis, and machine learning tasks. Its diverse applications and user-friendly interface have made it a valuable tool for users across industries.

Intuitive User Interface: Several users have praised RapidMiner Studio for its intuitive user interface, which has made it easy for them to learn and navigate the software. The intuitive workflow paradigm has allowed users to quickly grasp the functionality of the software and perform tasks with ease.

Versatile Operators: Many reviewers have highlighted the versatility and power of RapidMiner Studio's operators. These operators are complete and powerful, especially in handling tasks such as data preprocessing, data visualization, and data mining analytics. Users have found these operators to be valuable tools in various areas of analysis.

Extensive Support System: Numerous users have commended RapidMiner Studio for its excellent documentation, countless worked examples, and large user community that provides training support. This extensive support system has been highly valued by users as it offers valuable resources for learning and troubleshooting, ensuring effective utilization of the software's capabilities.

Outdated User Interface: Several users have expressed dissatisfaction with RapidMiner's user interface, stating that it is outdated and not up to the standards of other software like Office or Microsoft.

Difficulties in Finding Key Operators: Some users have reported difficulties in finding key operators within RapidMiner's interface, which has caused frustration and hindered their workflow.

Lack of Documentation for Operators: Many reviewers have mentioned that there is a lack of documentation for several operators in RapidMiner. This makes it challenging for users to understand the impact of these operators on their analysis, leading to confusion and inefficiency.

Users of RapidMiner have provided several recommendations based on their experiences with the tool. The three most common recommendations are as follows:

  1. Provide more support for finding mining algorithms and add Indonesian language support: Many users suggest that RapidMiner should make it easier to locate mining algorithms within the application. Additionally, they recommend adding support for the Indonesian language to cater to a wider audience.

  2. Utilize RapidMiner for various data analysis purposes: Users highly recommend using RapidMiner for different data mining and analysis tasks, including predictive analysis and marketing purposes. They find the tool user-friendly and effective in developing prediction models.

  3. Take advantage of RapidMiner's features and resources: Users recommend exploring RapidMiner's Auto-ML feature, which they consider a significant advancement. They also suggest accessing the extensive training material provided by RapidMiner, taking online classes, and working on hands-on tutorials to gain a competitive edge. Additionally, they emphasize the importance of engaging with sales representatives and utilizing the continuous updates from the pro-active team.

Overall, users find RapidMiner to be an excellent tool for data mining and analysis, particularly for implementing complex machine learning algorithms and improving dataset analysis. They appreciate its wide range of machine learning algorithms, powerful ETL operations, interactive visualizations, and great online support. However, some users suggest improvements such as adding Korean language support and expanding popularity in business settings.

Attribute Ratings


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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use RapidMinerStudio as a data organizational tool. We feed our data into RapidMiner Studio and it helps us create different data trees to sort through the massive amounts of data that we work on in a daily basis. It is very useful as a training toll to familiarize our new hires with the data that we are working with.
  • Uploading data.
  • Has the code we need.
  • User friendly.
  • User interface could be a little more fluid.
  • Interfacing with other programs.
  • Processing speeds.
RapidMiner Studio was very helpful when we were training our new hires as it allowed them to play around with the data and help us pull the information that we need and it gives them a better understanding of what we really do. Some areas it is less appropriate are when we are trying to work on different data sets and other data rapid miner takes up a lot of processing power and you are unable to do multitasking unless you have a really expensive computer.
David Baltar Boilève | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use RapidMiner to create ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes to load our BI datamarts with data from operational databases. We've created complex load processes, and we prepare that data to be fed, and later on, create Business Intelligence dashboards. We also use RapidMiner to perform some data mining with different techniques such as text processing, image processing, and algorithm data analysis (clustering, neuralnet, correlation, etc...)
  • RapidMiner is really fast at reading all kinds of databases. We read and merge databases like SQL Server, Informix, MySQL, and Oracle. Configuring access is easy, some drivers are inbuilt, but it's not difficult to find new java drivers to allow RapidMiner to connect to other databases.
  • Performing all kinds of transformations, calculations (date, percentages...), joins, and filters without coding. We have several different databases and this makes my life a lot easier. Knowing that this part is 80% of analyst work, you know that you can work more on the analyses itself and not on cleaning and preparing data.
  • You can clone transformations to reuse on new analyses, so you save a lot of time. There's a lot of add-ons to make different things (text, image analysis, recommender systems, etc).
  • Training is easy, the tool is intuitive and there's a lot of videos on the internet. The community is very active.
  • Sharing RapidMiner Studio analysis is not easy. You may think that the RapidMiner Server does that work but no. It's more automated job oriented or useful to run models on a web site. If you need to use it for Business Analytics dashboards, this is not the tool. It's more a backstage tool for analyst. Some charts are good but other not so much.
  • The free edition allows you to work with 10,000 rows, but if you need more, it's not cheap (100,000 rows - 2,500 USD/year, 1,000,000 rows - 5,000 USD/year).
  • The commercial team is not very reactive. I've asked for a RapidMiner Education Program and Rapidminer Server quotation with no answer. I guess that's because they were changing from an opensource company model to a more commercial one.
RapidMiner is really fantastic to perform fast ETL processes and work on your data as you want, no matter what is the source. You will really save a lot of time when you learn how to use it. You can create mining analysis with several algorithms, and thanks to add-ons, you can apply a lot of techniques. It will not replace a business intelligence dashboard but it allows to create great datamarts for your BI tools.

One negative thing is that It's no easy to share your outputs.
Sue Bennett | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We in marketing currently use RapidMiner studio to help with predictive analytics for our direct mail program as well as text mining for our call transcripts.
  • I am very impressed at how easily you can work within RapidMiner without much data analytics training. Plus with the help of the crowd, you can see what steps others have taken with their data analytics projects.
  • Text mining was simple and clean. We used this for our call transcription problem where we didn't have the resources to listen to each call. We needed to qualify each call based on some key phrases.
  • Our direct mail program was large and not very targeted. Using RapidMiner, we were able to isolate a predictive level we felt comfortable with and decided not to send to anyone below that level. We saved quite a bit of money.
  • Basic data cleaning is always a problem that RapidMiner might solve, but I am not aware of it.
Our marketing department has benefited greatly from the use of RapidMiner. It is well suited to many marketing tracking issues.
Mohd Zakree Ahmad Nazri | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use RapidMiner as the central data science platform to teach data analytics and machine learning. We are using RapidMiner for real-world analyses. Currently, to the best of my knowledge, only my department is using RapidMiner for teaching while others are using R, SPSS or WEKA for educating data mining. Our business is in education, and therefore, our primary concern is finding the most effective way of learning analytics – both data handling and algorithms.
  • The RapidMiner provides a rich set of Machine Learning algorithms for Data Mining tasks, along with a comprehensive set of operators (functions) for data pre-processing. RapidMiner has a repository containing hundreds of machine learning algorithms and functions.
  • RapidMiner is easy to use because RapidMiner is a user-friendly visual workflow designer software. Visualization of the process really helps users with data preparation and modelling. It makes my job easier in teaching machine learning and predictive analytics because I can show them the role of each operator and which one is vital in getting the right model. Students can directly see and understand the effect of using specific algorithms and functions after a few clicks, drags and drops. RapidMiner is something quick and easy to master.
  • It is FREE! RapidMiner is available for free for educational use. I have been using RapidMiner for about three years, and I have never encountered any problem in renewing my license. The Educational Program License lasts for a year. My students have never complained about RapidMiner as the customer support is very efficient.
  • RapidMiner Marketplace: If there are 'missing algorithm' from the RapidMiner library, we always can install extensions from the RapidMiner Marketplace. For example, I can access an extra about 100 additional modelling schemes after installing the WEKA extension. What ever the tasks are, if the required algorithm or functions are not available in the RapidMiner repository of ML algorithms, I can always find it in the marketplace.
  • I hope RapidMiner would be the first data science platform that allows data scientists to change the behaviour of a machine learning algorithm that already exists in the repository. For example, I want to be able to change the way a genetic algorithm mutates.
  • Automatic programming: One day, I hope RapidMiner can automatically generate codes in any 4th generation programming language based on the developed model.
  • More tutorials/samples needed: Why doesn't RapidMiner becomes the next 'UC Irvine Machine Learning Repository'? Provide real examples and real cases for users to study and understand the best practices in modelling. RapidMiner already has some datasets for a tutorial. Besides the existing samples, I hope RapidMiner can provide more sample data and examples.
RapidMiner has been used as a teaching aid in my classes, and I found it effective in educating data mining and analytics students. RapidMiner is well suited for any descriptive and predictive analytics because it has a pervasive set of machine learning algorithms, i.e. classification, regression, clustering, association rule mining, and other applications such as text mining. However, RapidMiner Studio is not yet designed for prescriptive analytics (i.e. solving optimization problem) such as solving scheduling, logistic route planning or bin packing problems. It has a great facility to find an optimal parameter for an algorithm but not yet for solving automatic scheduling and planning problems.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use RapidMiner to run statistical algorithms on the data and answer questions which are not answered previously. It is currently used only in the business intelligence team in the company. We used RapidMiner Studio to analyze the client churning, client clustering, banker clustering and market basket analysis of the company products.
  • No need to script anything, and still doing modeling is amazing
  • Easy to use by just dragging and dropping operators
  • Can use the tool for data cleaning, data analysis, data modeling
  • Wish the tool was more efficient in terms of processing power. The tool takes a lot of CPU processing power, even for a small process on a small data set
  • Wish there were more options on charts and graphs to visualize the data
RapidMiner Studio is a great starting point if you want your organization to try and start using data science or statistics. It is easy to use and self explanatory. It also has some great built in algorithms. The Recommendations feature using crowd sourcing is amazing, and will guide with next steps in the process. It is more suitable for smaller data sets. We haven't tried with larger data sets yet, so try it beforehand if you want to use large data on it.
Mauricio Quiroga-Pascal Ortega | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User

DisperSurance is the radical disruptive substitute for insurance. We don’t sell insurance, we sell “risk coverage”. We have been using RapidMiner in traditional insurance company data to:

1. Identify optimization and automation opportunities in all the insurance processes. Moreover, we had created special extensions for the most important processes.

2. Fraud detection.

3. Determining the most profitable e-commerce strategies for selling policies.

We have been able to design new Risk Coverage products that are as low as 70% cheaper than traditional insurance.

  • RapidMiner has a very large ML algorithms library and excellent tools for automated optimization of those algorithms.
  • Is one of the best tools I know for text mining and analytics. It’s not only very powerful but also very intuitive and easy to use.
  • Since it’s is very easy to pass from design to production, it’s an excellent tool for building and testing complete models.
  • It should improve it friendliness with using multimedia (video, pictures, audio). For instance, is not easy to connect between raw audio and its related text data for analytics.
  • It also should improve it interface design and intuitiveness. Its design isn’t very motivational and sometimes it’s hard to find some key operators.
  • It should improve the capabilities to integrate RapidMiner to third party applications.
  1. For creating predictive models.
  2. Excellent for cleaning and preparing data for a better modeling process.
  3. Most of the common ML algorithms can be integrated easily.
  4. Is “The Tool” when you need rapid results and the data is not extremely large or complex.

  1. When you need cooperation between multiple developers in separate geographical places.

  2. There’re much better tools for Data visualization.

  3. When a project uses lots of memory.

Cyril Joudieh | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use RapidMiner it to process data from our clients mainly Telecom and Banking and I also use a version of RapidMiner purchased by our business partner at their site for their clients. I use it in my company and no on else and I advise my clients to purchase RapidMiner. I currently don't have employees that use RapidMiner.
  • Build a model
  • Validate a model
  • See how accurate our predictions are
  • We prefer to use our own coding to clean the data since we use huge databases using MySQL, Oracle or MS-SQL
  • We use the visualization tools of RapidMiner to analyze the data
  • The graphics of the charts needs some work. Sometimes it is hard to read on high resolution screens
  • Sometimes it is hard to find the operators
  • The interface is far from the standards of Office or Microsoft in general.
It is easy to use. It provides exceptional performance. We tried different tools and decided to use RapidMiner.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I currently use RapidMinder to do two things. First, to find patterns in Epilepsy Clinical Data. Second, to teach students machine learning tools.

So, in general, I'd say the business problem is research and education. I used it before to find patterns in protein interaction networks analysis. And I've taught several machine learning workshops using RapidMiner as a tool.
  • Easy to use. The Graphic User Interface allows users to build their models very fast and very intuitively
  • Fast to learn. There are plenty online resources (official and unofficial) to learn how to use RapidMiner
  • Multiple Tools. RapidMiner has several tools to help with the machine learning activity that a person is doing, different models, importing, etc.
  • Export. It would be great to be able to export the resulting data, graphs and models in an easier way. Currently I find that not intuitive enough.
  • It would be wonderful (not sure if it fits the company business model) to have an API access, so people would be able to integrate some of RapidMiner functionalities inside their applications
Well suited: for data mining and general machine learning tasks, teaching machine learning, creating machine learning models.

Not well suited: if the user is beginning to learn machine learning, it would be advisable to get some general understanding before using the tool.
Jose Machicao, MSc | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are only 5 consultants. We are all using RapidMiner Studio in order to model machine learning structures for our clients. The problem we had before, for instance with Python code, is that it was really difficult for our clients to understand what we were doing exactly. Even when it is actually possible to build up visualization capacities in Python and R, RapidMiner gave us the option to do it so fast and accurately. I would love to see updates which can improve the graphical quality and precision, or prevent some graphical mistakes. For instance, it is very difficult to guess how much is too much when we have so many categories to diagram, sometimes saturates the space and reduces the explainability of the graphs. But still, AutoModel, Feature Engineering and the drag and drop method is wonderful to share our thoughts and discoveries about our clients reality and plans.
  • Choose better parameters for a model
  • Explain clearly what is being done
  • The precision of the graphs
It is perfect for medium data complexity.
Sheetal Sahu | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Aptus Data Labs is based out of Bangalore, India. We are a Big Data and Advanced Analytics company, providing consulting and project delivery services & solutions, catering to enterprises of all sizes, across different industries such as Healthcare, Retail & Consumer Industries, BFSI, Manufacturing & Supply Chain.

Since we are into advanced analytics, most of our solutions are delivered using RapidMiner. As a result of which, most of the employees in the organization use RapidMiner. We have dedicated developers for building extensions for RapidMiner as well. Some of the business problems built using RapidMiner are:

  1. Fraud analysis for Banking and Financial industries
  2. Claim and travel analytics for a manufacturing firm
  3. Text mining and text analytics for a pharmaceutical firm and many other organizations
  4. Optimization for e-commerce and manufacturing firm
  5. Supply chain management for manufacturing
  6. Supply chain planning and scheduling for oil and gas companies
  • A great tool to start exploring data science and machine learning. Its intuitive GUI, tutorials, help window, sample processes, and recommendations make it the best place to learn and expand your knowledge horizon.
  • RapidMiner is an expert in building end to end solutions. Creating a process in the studio and then running it in production using the server is easy and fast. And also using web services, we can integrate the solution into an organization's in-house application or create a new web application in RapidMiner server. This makes solution delivery faster compared to R and Python.
  • Text mining and analytics capability in RapidMiner. I think text processing is very easy here. Using Rosette and deep learning extensions, I have delivered such great solutions.
  • Smart Automations like automatically identifying parameter values, auto model and turbo prep etc. saves a lot of time and provide better results
  • RapidMiner Server- It is very basic in terms of appearance. Web Apps can be improved by providing default themes and it needs a lot more features to be added.
  • Multi-process window in RapidMiner Studio. Multiple design view can be added for switching between processes and model building can be made easier.
  • Git Integration for version control. We have something called MyExperiment in RapidMiner but it is far from Git. But if we could have git integration, multiple users can work on the same process and this version control can help to refer previous solutions as well.
  • Graphs in RapidMiner Studio are a bit old fashioned
RapidMiner is the best tool to build models on textual data. It is rich in ML algorithms and reduces the need to manually tune the parameters. It automatically optimizes them, thus providing a better solution. RapidMiner again extends great capability for data preparation, its insane connections to almost every data source pulls in the data easily into one environment. And it can comfortably perform data cleaning and process tasks over that.

RapidMiner is not so good with image, audio or video data. These data points cannot be used directly in their raw form. They must be transformed into some intermediate form for performing analytics over it. Moreover, there are no connectors to directly pull data from their varied sources. For example, we don't have a connector to read audio data directly from a switch and then convert it to text (although Google speech API is available for audio to text conversion.)
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We utilize RapidMiner Studio in our analytics and IT department to assist our sales and marketing teams with predictive analytics using our CRM data. Predicting which opportunities contain properties and scenarios similar to winning opportunities from the past allows our sales teams to effectively focus on the ripe opportunities for wins soon and develop those opportunities which will need more time to mature through the sales process.
  • Ease of use in the user interface
  • Multiple predictive analytic models to address any needs
  • Compatibility with other existing software platforms to allow for better data integration
  • As the company has grown, support has been a challenge at times. A better response time would be nice.
We have found that in the predictive space it does a great job. It also supports easy data standardization. These are all positives within a small team of analysts. We have not used it on a wide scale for the average user.
Rebecca T Barber, MBA, PHD | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Individual analysts are using it to do analysis and predictive modeling of student-related data. The organization has other tools available, but RapidMiner allows for a nice shallow learning curve. Additionally, RapidMiner is being taught in at least one online program with the intention of spreading it to other institutions and departments.
  • Work-flow visualization - the interface allows you to clearly see what the steps are and where any failures occur
  • Keeping up to date with the latest algorithms and improving the performance of those algorithms
  • Extensions that allow linking up to many of the other top tools
  • Some of the error messages are vague enough to confuse end users
  • Certain terminology used by the tool can confuse a new user
  • There are a lot of available options, many of which have only minimal documentation available. Better documentation of not just what the option is but how it might impact an analysis would help.
Well suited
  • Desktop analysis
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Predictive modeling
  • Modeling that requires more than one tool
  • Data preparation
  • Workflow design and development
  • Quick turn-around development
Less well suited:
  • Multiple concurrent developers
  • Bleeding edge algorithms (they try, but the release cycle means that there is a lag)
  • Obscure or less common analyses

Danushka Bandara | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use RapidMiner Studio to build and test energy usage models for buildings.
  • Rapid prototyping of machine learning models.
  • Provides predefined parameters that are crowd sourced and provide helpful parameter ranges.
  • The interface is very easy to use, even for someone with no coding experience.
  • Provide model exportability.
  • We have had trouble exporting the models to languages like php.
  • The ability to build custom models would be useful, using scripting languages.
  • Ability to automate running the machine learning for multiple tasks would be useful.
It's great to run preliminary tests on a dataset to identify which algorithms work best on it. It's not ideal for creating custom algorithms and models.
Jim Kitzmiller | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use RapidMiner to learn Data Science. I've gone down multiple learning paths and have found RapidMiner to be the best and easiest way to begin a data science education. I'll use it to help clients.
  • The hands-on tutorials provide an understandable step-by-step to being able to provide simple solutions to complex problems.
  • RapidMiner provides near instant statistics and quick graphs giving you an overview of your data. This saves a lot of time and complexity.
  • Provides a simple drag and drop means to solve complex data science problems.
  • There are a few places where the documentation for the tutorials differ from the way that RapidMiner actually works.
  • Several times the webinar presenter didn't show up.
It's great for getting results quickly. It's not so great for companies that are on very tight budgets.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User

My introduction to RapidMiner Studio began in 2014 when I decided to write a second edition of my data mining textbook. Although I was not familiar with RapidMiner Studio, I knew it to be a popular tool for data mining and analytics. My initial intention was to learn enough about RapidMiner Studio to provide the reader with an example or two of how it can be used. It soon became clear that I would use RapidMiner Studio for the majority of the tutorials and demonstrations in my book.

My textbook “Data Mining A Tutorial-Based Primer 2nd edition” contains 14 chapters two of which are devoted to RapidMiner Studio. Five additional chapters contain one or several data mining tutorials that use RapidMiner Studio 7. Here is a link to preview the text.

  • RapidMiner Studio offers a superb user interface with an intuitive workflow paradigm that is very easy to learn.
  • RapidMiner Studio’s operators make it a complete and powerful tool for data preprocessing, data visualization, and data mining/analytics.
  • RapidMiner Studio provides excellent documentation, countless worked examples, training and support via a large user community.
  • Every problem is solved using a sequence of operators.
  • Statistical analysis capabilities offered with the T-Test, ANOVA, Grouped ANOVA, and ANOVA Matrix operators.
  • Textual data mining operators.
  • Web-based and cloud computing capabilities.
  • Visualization capabilities.
  • Marketplace Extensions – especially Finance And Economics.
  • Process portability.
  • With large-sized data sets, there are processing speed issues with a few of the operators. However, RapidMiner Studio 7.4 contains several new performance enhancing features.
RapidMIner Studio is very useful as a classroom tool for teaching students about data analytics. RapidMiner's workflow paradigm offers the user a very powerful analytics tool. Beginning students or students with limited computer experience may initially find the workflow paradigm difficult.
Kamesh Emani | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It's used by the information technology department. We have used logistic regression algorithm in our company in order to calculate a health risk factor based on different attributes from health care data. We accessed HL7 Hospital Data in SQL Server Management System and wrote queries to retrieve the required fields. We used a RapidMiner Data Mining Tool to perform predictive analysis on the data. We created a web form using HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap and JavaScript which takes input of factors and predicts the risk factor.

Our business problem is to predict whether a member is having a high chance of coming to the hospital based on different factors like age, sex, zip code, marital status, the number of visits, diagnosis code etc.
  • Data Cleaning & Transformation
  • Data Modeling (Algorithm Implementation)
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Integration
  • Data Visualization can be improved. I have used Tableau which has more colorful schema for graphs. If rapidminer improves its graphs look it would be great.
  • If connectivity to Hadoop HDFS is provided that would be great.
  • If more examples would have been added for each block it would be good. Maybe not in the IDE but like videos on the website. I could find videos for some but not for every block.

Suited For:

  • Small to average data sets: Best suited for a moderate-sized data set
  • Good Data Modelling Algorithm Implementation: Can implement most of the possible machine learning algorithms in rapidminer
  • Data Cleaning & Data Transformation: RapidMiner is also the best ETL tool which gives good competition to Pentaho and Informatica

Less Appropriate For
  • Big Data: When I tried using a big data IDE it gets stuck and takes a lot of time to fix it.
  • Data Visualization
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
RapidMiner has primarily been used in our analytics department for modeling purposes and data mining tasks. Creation of reports and data cleaning can be done through RapidMiner.
  • If you have people on your team that are new to analytics and do not have programming experience in Sas, R or Python, RapidMiner is the way to go.
  • The module based approach of RapidMiner is very useful, they have a heavy community support and one of my favorite features is the suggestions they give by telling you that such and such step was the most common one used after a transformation or an import etc...
  • RapidMiner is great for people with no programming experience but I have found that certain tasks that would normally take very little code to do can often become very convoluted with RapidMiner. I am talking about tasks like filtering and subsetting and other transformation type tasks.
If you are looking at doing any kind of regression this can be a useful tool to quickly get it done, if you are looking at transforming data and cleaning it, it will become quite complicated.
August 03, 2016

RapidMiner Studio

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I personally used RapidMiner for one of the courses I had. We used it to gain more insights about the data that we had at hand. It allowed us to do a number of things like text mining, data analysis and machine learning. It did have a lot of machine learning algorithms compared to some other softwares.
  • Great GUI. Very easy to use.
  • Lot of inbuilt machine learning algorithms.
  • The free version also has most of the things that may be required on a day to day basis.
  • The integration between RapidMiner and R isn't perfect as yet.
  • Less number of statistical methods.
  • A lot of operators present.
RapidMiner can perform in database mining. No need to write code whatsoever but at the same time you can change the parameters at your own will. It can be a challenge for new users at times.
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