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RealZips GeoData Platform

RealZips GeoData Platform


What is RealZips GeoData Platform?

RealZips GeoData Platform for is a sales intelligence software solution offered by RealScenario, Inc.

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RealZips GeoData Platform is a highly efficient tool used by sales and marketing professionals to manage their clients by region. By …
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What is RealZips GeoData Platform?

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Community Insights

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RealZips GeoData Platform is a highly efficient tool used by sales and marketing professionals to manage their clients by region. By providing an in-depth understanding of clients' geographic locations, the software makes it easier to offer better services and manage territories in an automated way. This saves time for marketing and sales ops teams who can use the data seamlessly to manage territories. Professionals using this software can sort prospects and leads into specific areas, which makes scheduling appointments easier even when not in the office or home.

One of the key benefits of this software is that it allows visualizing data accurately, making it easier to pinpoint which accounts to go after based on demographic data. Business development representatives can focus on attracting the accounts they desire in desirable regions based on demographics, as opposed to less desirable ones in less attractive areas. The program also aids in identifying location information quickly, adding data to existing portfolios of collected sets, thus allowing businesses to generate real-time leads and traffic straight from their website. Additionally, RealZips GeoData Platform assists with tracking performance in targeted locations and helps measure success more accurately than before.

Real-time data: Many users have appreciated the RealZips GeoData Platform for its ability to provide real-time data, which has been very helpful in understanding their job environment. This feature has allowed users to make important financial decisions based on incredible data that gives an in-depth overview of all the information needed.

Configurability: The platform's highly configurable nature has been praised by many reviewers. It allows organizations to separate areas and territories and make analyses of the market. Additionally, it makes it easier for sales reps to see accounts nearby when they are going onsite and target contacts who live near main events.

Salesforce integration: The Salesforce integration feature is highly appreciated as it makes it easier to see demographic data for any contact, lead, account, opportunity or custom object. Reviewers have mentioned that this feature saves a significant amount of time by allowing them to quickly compile useful reports on demographic data of zip codes.

Outdated User Interface: Several users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the outdated user interface of RealZips GeoData Platform. They feel that the platform's design is not visually pleasing and looks old-fashioned, which can be unappealing to new users.

Expensive pricing: Many reviewers have mentioned that the software's cost is high, as it charges per license per user. This pricing model can significantly impact a company's overhead, making it challenging for them to afford this software.

Glitchy Geolocation Feature: A significant number of users have reported issues with the geolocation feature of RealZips GeoData Platform. The feature is glitchy and can incorrectly map information, causing headaches for users who rely on accurate location data.


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Jason Kelly | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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RealZips GeoData Platform is being used by our marketing department to target contacts who live near one of our events in order to send them emails and letters about the event. RealZips allows us to pull the field "Metropolitan Area" into reports, making it much easier to target all contacts within an area, regardless of if we have their full address or not (you only need their zip code).
  • The main strength of RealZips GeoData Platform is the ability to query the "Metropolitan Area" field they provide, which is based on the contact's zip code. For example, if you are looking to promote an event to all contacts in the New York City area, this field will automatically show contacts living within several miles of NYC, not just those living in NYC itself.
  • RealZips GeoData Platform automatically provides a zip code for contacts who may have that part of their address missing from their contact page. This helps keep the address data clean.
  • RealZips GeoData Platform will help you sort your prospects or leads into geographic areas, helping you schedule in-person meetings while on the road.
  • RealZips GeoData Platform provides a generous non-profit discount.
  • RealZips GeoData Platform only requires the contact to have a zip code to work. The contact does not need a full address.
  • RealZips GeoData Platform may be difficult to learn at first, as their reporting tie-in fields need a certain syntax. But once you figure it out, it becomes clearer for future uses. Otherwise, the product functions as intended.
RealZips GeoData Platform is well-suited for Saleforce users and administrators who need to send targeted emails and snail mails and segment reports by a certain geographic area and are frustrated with Salesforce's built-in process for this, which is mostly non-existent. Other marketing platforms may handle this scenario better, but for Salesforce, RealZips is the best option.
  • RealZips GeoData Platform has had a positive ROI by allowing us to target specific contacts based on their geographic location, not their physical address.
  • RealZips GeoData Platform has had a positive ROI by providing a very generous non-profit discount.
RealZips GeoData Platform integrates very well with and works seamlessly alongside other apps, such as the Nonprofit Success Pack and Causeview, which transform Saleforce's data into a non-profit focused layout. Any changes in Salesforce's data structure do not seem to impact RealZips effectiveness. Furthermore, it works well as a data-cleaning tool, which increases the potency of all other apps.
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