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What is Redfin?

Redfin headquartered in Seattle, offers an online multiple listing service (MLS) supporting Redfin agents with access to a wide database of potential customers.

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Redfin is frequently lauded by users as an easy-to-use tool for searching and browsing homes in different locations. It serves as a …
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Redfin R3800 HD Endoscope Cystoscope Digital Camera System with UroLift Lens Demo | Firefly Global

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Product Details

What is Redfin?

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Redfin 3D Walkthrough™ is a new feature that lets home-buyers tour Redfin agent-listed homes for sale online — helping people see a high-resolution view from any angle inside the home. This immersive experience, powered by 3D technology from Matterport, helps home-buyers bette...
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Redfin is frequently lauded by users as an easy-to-use tool for searching and browsing homes in different locations. It serves as a valuable starting point for the property procurement process, providing resources for research, finance, and actual trade. Users have appreciated the convenience of conducting home searches with just one click and have found the quick response from customer support to be highly satisfactory. Redfin's features for maximizing visibility of listings and collecting sale information are particularly useful for those involved in commercial real estate investing. Additionally, users find it convenient to explore areas and access data for their clients. The ability to search for properties along with features such as property history and schools information make Redfin a valuable asset in finding suitable options. Furthermore, Redfin's visually appealing website and user-friendly interface enhance the overall experience of using the platform. For individuals looking to assess investment properties quickly, Redfin provides a convenient solution. Users have also reported using Redfin alongside other websites to search for income and investment properties. The ability to view recently sold homes and compare them to desired properties assists users in accurately pricing their potential purchases. Overall, Redfin has proven helpful in finding homes, tracking changes in the local market, and uncovering new listings.

However, some users have expressed mixed opinions about Redfin when compared to other platforms. While some view it as a less favorable option, others appreciate the discounted services it offers to sellers and consider it a reliable alternative to traditional real estate platforms. It is important to note that concerns have been raised regarding its impact on the role of real estate agents and the accuracy of home values. Nonetheless, Redfin's prominence in Google rankings and its user-friendly interface contribute significantly to its popularity among users. Despite varying opinions on its value and purpose within the competitive landscape of realtors, many individuals continue to find Redfin a valuable tool for their buying or selling needs.

Convenient and Efficient: Users have found Redfin to be a convenient and efficient tool for accessing fast and accurate housing data in any city. They appreciate the frequent updates and up-to-date information provided by Redfin, especially in hot housing markets.

User-Friendly Interface: Users like the simplicity and speed of searching for homes on Redfin, as well as the ability to save searches and receive real-time updates. The user interface of Redfin is well-designed and easy to navigate, both on the website and the app.

Valuable Features: Users think that Redfin stands out from its competitors with its amazing features and ease of use. The wide range of features on the Redfin app makes it easy to search for specific homes and filter data. Some users also find the mapping software on Redfin valuable for accurately estimating property values based on where comparable properties have sold.

Glitches in Software: Some users have reported encountering minor issues with the Redfin software. For example, they have mentioned that recommended properties sometimes fail to show up or that outdated listings are displayed. These glitches can be frustrating and may impact their overall experience on the platform.

Desire for Additional Features: Several users have expressed their desire for additional features on Redfin. They would like to see a rental option without any fees, which would make it more convenient for those looking to rent properties. Additionally, they have mentioned a need for a crime map feature that allows them to compare different neighborhoods based on safety statistics. The absence of these features has left some users feeling limited in their search capabilities.

Pricing Estimates on the Higher Side: A few users have mentioned that they find the pricing estimates provided by Redfin to be slightly higher compared to other platforms. This discrepancy in pricing can create doubts and uncertainty among potential buyers who are trying to determine fair market value.

Users commonly recommend the following about Redfin:

The search and map feature of Redfin is highly praised by users, making it a great option for introductory home searches. Users find it very easy to search for properties and appreciate the user-friendly website of Redfin.

Many users recommend using Redfin frequently as it updates almost hourly with MLS listings. This ensures that users stay up-to-date with the latest properties available in the market.

Redfin is highly regarded for providing informative listings and local market information. Users recommend using Redfin to gain insights into the market when evaluating properties. Additionally, users suggest using the Redfin application, which saves time and offers a different experience compared to other platforms like Zillow.

Overall, users find Redfin to be a valuable tool for property searches, offering accessibility, informative listings, and regular updates on new properties. However, it is important to note that some users advise being cautious with daily email notifications and recommend cross-referencing information with other websites or MLS sources due to potential outdated information on Redfin.


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Bethany "Susanne" McGowan, PSA, AHWD, HMS, SFR, EXPRESS OFFERS | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 1 out of 10
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I use Redfin when my clients have somehow mistakenly ended up using Redfin's platform. I have to reference back and forth between MLS and Redfin. Redfin gives its visitors a misperception of their own homes' values. The potential client's home values, Redfin gets used to obtain free from our REALTOR paid for and accurate MLS info site. They lure the potential client in by giving a false sense of their home's value. Then OUR REALTOR LEADS are sold back to us for a referral fee! They're trying to no longer utilize REALTORS as if we should serve 0 purposes in a real estate transaction. NAR needs to be more aware if they're not already. Redfin is part of the "Big 3" competitors for us REALTORS.
  • Attracts REALTORS LEADS.
  • Sells us REALTORS, our own leads back.
  • Mess up the Buyers or Sellers perception of their true homes values.
  • Put the Realtor back into the deal, as significant as ever!
  • Stop messing up the formula for pulling comps. Compare apples to apples.
  • Stop selling REALTORS back Their own leads.
They find home values using the price per sq ft rule. That's messing up the housing market home valuation models.
  • They could possibly bring me leads for a fee.
  • They've messed up the way comps are pulled. The comparisons are not apples to apples but apples to oranges.
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