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Retail Pro


What is Retail Pro?

Retail Pro is a retail management offering from Retail Pro International headquartered in Folsom, California.

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Retail Pro has proven to be helpful for retail businesses in managing stock inventory counts, billing, and keeping track of all inventory …
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What is Retail Pro?

Retail Pro is a retail management offering from Retail Pro International headquartered in Folsom, California.

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What is DEAR Systems, by Cin7?

DEAR Systems is now part of Cin7 since the early 2021 acquisition. They offer a multi-channel order and inventory management oriented around the needs of retailers, that scales to support warehouse operations, point of sale solutions, as well as accounting and ecommerce integrations.

What is MicroBiz?

MicroBiz is an eCommerce retail management solution butil around features such as inventory management, payment gateway, and purchase orders / receiving tracking.

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Retail Pro Demo by Karen Page VP Big Hairy Dog


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UniteU Commerce™ Integration with Retail Pro


Manage Price Changes with Default Discount Percentages - Setup Demo


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Transaksi penjualan software minimarket SID Retail PRO

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Product Details

What is Retail Pro?

Retail Pro Technical Details

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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Retail Pro has proven to be helpful for retail businesses in managing stock inventory counts, billing, and keeping track of all inventory records. Users have praised its ability to send emails to thousands of people with just a few clicks, saving valuable time. Many retail businesses have used Retail Pro as a point of sale system, making it easier to handle customer transactions. The automation features, such as the reconciliation process and PDF invoicing, have resulted in significant time savings. Retail Pro provides hotkeys for various actions, making it easier for users to interact with customers. The software has proven useful in handling CRM needs, inventory management, and point of sale requirements. Users have experienced faster checkout times and easier checkout processes for both customers and employees. The ability to transfer products between stores seamlessly has allowed for increased sales and product sharing among different locations. Retail Pro offers an easy way to keep track of sales, returns, and labeling options, making it convenient for users to monitor their transactions. The software has been praised for its user-friendly interface and efficient payment methods, making sales processes smoother for busy stores. Retail Pro has provided a reliable and effective solution for businesses in need of a robust point of sale system. Users have found value in the software's ability to keep track of inventory and sales in one centralized location, ensuring accurate numbers. The reporting capabilities of Retail Pro have been highly appreciated by users, providing valuable insights into business performance. The search functionality of the software allows users to easily find items in their stores using SKUs or descriptions. Retail Pro has been instrumental in automating apparel management, inventory tracking, customer purchase history, and transaction completion. Users have praised the software for its organizational capabilities, helping businesses stay organized and efficient. Retail Pro offers an auto tool feature for specific documents, simplifying certain processes for users. The software has proven useful for managing inventory and retail sales efficiently. Retail Pro provides an easy way to capture customer information, aiding in customer relationship management. Users have found value in the software's ability to track customer shopping behavior and store client information and purchase history. Retail Pro has been instrumental in helping businesses recover and rebuild after disasters, such as floods, by providing a system to manage inventory and losses. The software has been successfully implemented in a swimming pool retail store, making sales tracking and departmental analysis easier than ever. Retail Pro has been praised for its rich functionality, offering comprehensive solutions for POS, purchasing, transfers, customer management, promotions, and auto replenishment. The software has enabled the implementation of mobile POS and real-time inventory tracking, simplifying operations and promoting efficiency. Users have found Retail Pro to be highly customizable, allowing for the implementation of specific functionalities tailored to their business processes. While some users have encountered issues with handling serial numbers, overall, they are satisfied with the system's performance and the support provided by Retail Pro.

Retail Pro is widely used across multiple store locations and departments, including accounting, inventory planning, and IT, serving as the primary POS system. Its seamless integration and centralized platform streamline operations and provide a holistic view of the business. The software has become an essential tool for businesses looking to optimize their retail operations and make data-driven decisions. By automating tasks, simplifying inventory management, and improving customer experience, Retail Pro proves to be a valuable solution for retailers of all sizes.

With its robust features and user-friendly interface, Retail Pro continues to meet the evolving needs of retail businesses in today's competitive market. Whether it's managing inventory, streamlining point of sale processes, or analyzing business performance through comprehensive reporting capabilities, Retail Pro empowers users to drive operational efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction.

Quick and Simple Billing Process: Multiple users have expressed their satisfaction with the quick and simple billing process in RetailPro. They appreciate how it allows them to efficiently manage transactions without any hassle, making their workflow smoother.

Convenient Automated Mail Feature: RetailPro's automated mail feature has garnered praise from reviewers for its convenience. Users find it incredibly useful for easily sending mails to customers, saving them valuable time and effort in communication.

Flexible Reporting Capabilities: The reports section in RetailPro stands out for providing a wealth of information and data. It empowers users to analyze business performance effectively, making informed decisions based on comprehensive insights about sales, inventory, and other important metrics.

Limited Email Templates: Some users have mentioned that there is only one email available to send templated emails to customers, and they feel that this limited selection of templates restricts their ability to effectively communicate with customers.

Slow and Outdated Interface: Several reviewers have found the interface of RetailPro to be slow and outdated, stating that it does not provide a modern point of sale experience. They believe that the system should be more responsive and visually appealing.

Issues with Report Generation and Disabled Buttons: Users have experienced difficulties with report generation and disabled buttons, suggesting that there is room for improvement in these areas. These issues hinder their ability to effectively analyze data and navigate through the software.

Users highly recommend RetailPro for its user-friendly GUI and robust record-keeping capabilities, making it a useful tool for large organizations. Many users suggest trying out RetailPro as it offers significant value and is worth a trial. However, some users have reported slow loading times for cards in RetailPro. It is also recommended to consider alternative software options that do not require the use of multiple other softwares to complete tasks. Overall, RetailPro receives positive feedback and is considered a reliable choice for organizations seeking a simple POS software solution.

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Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is being used at all of our store locations across the nation and at the home office (including the accounting department, inventory & planning department, IT department, etc.). It is the POS system we use.
  • The capability of interface customization.
  • Good for small retailers.
  • Always crashes. Runs very slow. Part of this is because it does not fit the size of our company anymore.
  • Lack of capability to integrate with accounting software. We have to use Access tool to pull sales journal data from Retail Pro, then import to our accounting software.
  • The interface looks very out of date.
It will suit simple small size businesses like mom and pop shops. For a mid-sized retail company with more than 100 stores, it runs way too slow and lacks a lot of functions.
  • It decreased the home office's efficiency because it runs too slow and always crashes.
  • At the store level, it causes cash over short/duplicate charge issues when it crashes.
  • For the inventory and planning department, it impacted the accuracy of inventory level due to the lack of functions.
N/A. I wish we could switch to other products.
Chandrakumar Subramani | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As a retail IT consultant i worked on various retail point of sale solution, none of the solutions has as rich functionality as Retail Pro. I am able to manage POS, Purchase, Transfers, Customer Locality, Customer Relationship, Employees, Promotion and auto replenishment from this single solution.

Retail Pro helped me implement mobile POS, with solution called Retail Pro PRISM. Hosted in our in-house server we are able to achieve high performance with minimal investment. This solution helps us track inventory real time also it is very simple to roll out promotions to all out stores.

Finally this solution is so easy to customize, this helps us implement a few functionalities that are very specific to our business processes.

Even though we are facing issues in handling Serial Numbers and some other part. We are happy with the overall performance of the system and the network of support provided by Retail Pro.

  • Stable and reliable (we never faced any issue with the data).
  • Handling promotions is easy.
  • Easy reports.
  • Retail Pro's support network is strong. We get support in all the regions.
  • Serial number tracking and reporting.
  • Serial/Batch based selling price.
  • Online reports.
Centralized control of stores and we are able to manage different taxes, promotions based on the region. With more than 200 prices retail pro help us manage different prices for an item.
  • I dont have any specific report on ROI, but we are able to raise from 8% growth year on year to 14%. Retail pro helped us manage our 50+ locations efficiently with minimum resources.
Major functionality our retail operations is handled using Retail Pro. Functionality such as Point Of Sales, Purchase, Customer Loyalty, Retail Back Office and warehouse functionality are handled using retail pro. Our retail pro partner has built an interface which push all data into our accounting solution. This helps us have accurate data in accounting with less human intervention and effort.
We have a in-house team who handles development of BI, Reporting and eCommerce integration along with simple customization in Retail Pro based on our day-today needs.

If you just want to manage retail pro, people with basic understanding of SQL, OS and networking can manage. It is very simple solution and has many automated tools to manage itself.
  • Sales with promotion and customer loyalty.
  • Purchase automation.
  • Interface to ERP and E commerce solution.
  • We sell items in the same price that we buy with the help of serial number based price plugin.
  • Automated replenishment help order right product at right time.
  • Dynamic reporting module helps users design report they need.
  • Digital or E Receipts to customers.
  • Built in customer loyalty help us keep customer engaged.
  • Planning to use Retail Pro SAP Link.
  • Planning to use Up-selling and cross selling module.
First thing, all of my business users are happy with the usability and reliability of retail pro. Users are able to get what they want to run the business positively. We are able to customize the solution any time based on the business requirements. Finally after working on different solutions we found a solution that works with little support.
As of today we don't have any blocking issues in Retail Pro where we need to depend on our vendor to support. We have given high class training from Retail Pro, Our internal team is strong enough to handle any kind of issues.

When there is a need my vendor solves the issue on time. So I feel there is no need for me to pay for premium support.
Retail pro is a solution which needs minimum support, so we can concentrate on other productive work. Worst case if there is any problem our well trained Zimson team is able to handle it on time. Thanks Retail Pro for its world class support and training system. No wonder why all top retail brands use Retail Pro for its POS operations.
Yes always, they have an excellent system which handles issues 24/7.
Due to some issue, data in our server was corrupted and all our 55 stores started facing issues. We thought it would take at least 24 hours to fix this issue. Our server was up in less than two hours with the help of Retailwins, a Retail Pro partner in India.
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