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What is RMail?

RMail is RPost’s software-as-a-service solution that enables business users to track and prove email delivery and encrypt sensitive emails. Available as a MS Outlook add-in and for other popular software platforms, RMail works with any email address without any customization...
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Product Details

What is RMail?

RMail® is the e-security platform by RPost®, that specializes in email encryption for privacy and compliance, e-signatures, legal e-delivery proof, secure file sharing, email impostor protection, document rights management, and AI-infused services to prevent data leaks and human e-security errors.

RMail installs into one’s existing Microsoft 365 Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce.com, or other email and business management systems.

Install an RMail App

· Sender Selects: sender clicks the RMail “Send Registered” button and selects send features.

· RMail Recommends™: AI-infused prediction technology that, based on message criteria, automatically sensitizes senders, training them in-the-moment of sending, as to what RMail features should be applied to that message, and then sends with the recommended email protections.

Enable the RMail Gateway

· Secure Email Gateway: RMail Gateway is a suite of inbound email protections along with specialized outbound data leak and information protection services. Based on message metadata and administrator rules, RMail Gateway determines which messages should be sent with which added RMail features (i.e., encryption, type of encryption, certified e-delivery, for recipient e-signature, and more) and automatically sends the message in that manner, returning a certified record of e-delivery and privacy compliance for each sent message.

RMail is best for…

RMail’s transmission e-security services are most often used by businesspeople or business systems that send important, sensitive, or consumer-regulated information. These RMail services are generally applied to those messages where the sender needs functionality beyond standard email in terms of (a) easier to use and more automated email encryption for privacy compliance, (b) returning a verifiable proof record of who said what to whom by email, (c) assurance and peace of mind related to delivery and open status of important and time-deadline email, (d) need a timestamped proof of content delivered, (f) need to share large files securely, or (g) need to easily obtain a recipient e-signature on a sent document.

Product Description

Main RMail transmission-centric features:

· Registered Encryption™ email security automatically delivers email in a unique way to each recipient, creating the simplest user experience for the recipient while also returning auditable proof of privacy and compliance to the sender -- going far beyond basic TLS and link-retrieval systems. RMail includes different levels of encryption for when it is important to keep messages private from a recipient’s email administrator or other insiders.

· Registered Email™ certified e-delivery tracking and proof provides email open/delivery tracking and evidence, with timestamped proof of original content legally delivered. It returns a court-accepted timestamped Registered Receipt™ email without requiring any recipient action.

· Secure Large File Share -- senders can attach and track up to 1GB of files from Outlook or the RMail Web app. Senders can send securely to any recipient with encryption and configurable self-purging options (from 1 to 90 days) in a one-time online storage box that eliminates the risk of download recipients being able to see sender’s cloud storage file structure.

· RMail E-Sign and RSign are web-based electronic signature services. RSign enables signers to complete and sign documents using any desktop or mobile web browser in an intuitive, guided signing process.

· Disappearing Ink™ and ViewProof™ -- senders can tag certain parts of an email message to disappear from within the email after delivery after a designated amount to time since sending, number of views, or time per view. Senders can receive verifiable proof that the recipient has viewed selected tagged parts of an email.

· Redact Reply™ – senders can redact particularly sensitive text in a sent message such that if the recipient replies, that sensitive text is automatically removed from the reply email thread.

· SideNote® service – append a private “sticky note” to a copied or blind copied recipient, so they have context as to why they were copied, and with Disappearing Ink™ enabled, that note can be set for one-time-view and to disappear from the recipient inbox after.

Main RMail application-centric features:

· RMail Recommends™ AI-infused data leak protection -- automatically trains senders on which messages should be treated with special care, and have special RMail features applied, in-the-moment of sending. Dynamically adapts to prevent data leaks and automate email encryption.

· Right Recipient™ data shield – dynamically adapting service that, if a message is detected to contain sensitive content, automatically reviews the recipient addresses before transmission, determines if the sender should be prompted to verify that they really want to send sensitive information to the particular recipients, and then applies the appropriate level of encryption to the message enroute if sent.

· Anti-Whaling™ email impostor protection – RMail for Outlook includes patent pending Anti-Whaling technology that prevents targeted ‘spear-phishing’ detection specifically designed to prevent Business Email Compromise and CEO Fraud impostor email and other lures.

· RMail Wire Fraud Protection™ is a specialized service to assure the right message is sent to the right recipient, with options to apply message-level encryption automatically if the message is related to bill payments, invoices, or wire transfers.

· RMail Protected Documents™ is a specialized document encryption service that makes it easy for senders to apply protections to any document that live within the document itself, so the sender may at any time after transmission, track views, restrict to certain verified viewers, restrict functionality on the document (edit, print, watermark), or kill the document so that it can no longer be viewed by certain or anyone after a time period.

Deployment Options

RMail offers options for deployment including:

(a) secure email gateway product for inbound and outbound email security automation running at the email perimeter, as well as its

(b) email security app for specialized email security needs, running installed in the sender’s email program, and

(c) message-and-document-level data protection that embeds access rights management, information blocking and retrieval, and other security into parts of email messages and onto documents whether or not the document is attached to an email or otherwise shared (adds encryption to track and prevent unauthorized access to email content before or after it has been sent and additionally helps prevent accidental data loss due to misdirecting email to the wrong recipients).

As an additional benefit, the RMail email security app is AI-infused to provide automated “in-the-moment” security training and user sensitization, with dynamically adapting recommendations to apply certain security features to a particular message or behind-the-scenes automatically applying certain features.

Generally, these are deployed individually or combined; or complementing other third-party inbound security services.

(a) RMail secure email gateway is a perimeter email security service offering (standalone only for inbound, or outbound, or both). Some implement our outbound services only while maintaining other (existing) inbound service so we can complement; or

(b) RMail email security app is a client-based plug-in (which includes very specific inbound protections (not to replace other inbound, but to complement) plus very robust outbound (including AI security automation, etc.); or further,

(c) RMail may be deployed with both RMail Gateway secure email gateway and RMail secure email app client-based plug-in; and

(d) RMail message-and-document-level data protection may be automated within the RMail Gateway secure email gateway and RMail secure email app and/or accessed separately though the RMail web app.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are three differentiators against other similar sounding products?

RMail offers unique service benefits:

1. Email encryption user experience. RMail specializes in dynamically adapting the email encryption user experience based on the sender, content, or recipient system or needs, providing an easier user experience for sender and recipient, which importantly does not require recipients to have to log-in or create accounts.

2. Registered Receipt™ privacy compliance proof. Forensic audit-ready record on a message-by-message basis of timestamped proof of email delivery, content delivered plus fact of email encryption privacy compliance.

3. All-in-One outbound messaging services. RMail includes additional security, compliance, and productivity services and settings broadening the applicability of RMail services vis-à-vis others; including RMail’s dynamically adapting email encryption user experience, Registered Email™ certified e-delivery and compliance proof, electronic signature and digital forms services, in-the-moment end user security training, Right Recipient™ sensitive email correct-address verification, specialized Anti-Whaling email impostor protection, SideNote® email context services, Disappearing Ink™ message content rights management, ViewProof™ message content phrase view-detection with legal record, secure file sharing with attachment auto-expiration, and more.

What are three differentiators against Microsoft and Google e-security?

RMail offers unique service benefits:

1. Guaranteed Email Security. Standard Google and Microsoft email encryption is based on opportunistic TLS security. If there is no TLS available, the security offered may consists of adding an alert to the sender that the recipient does not support TLS. RMail, by contrast, provides 100% guaranteed end-to-end secure email encryption for all email recipients automatically, regardless of TLS status, does not require recipient log-ins or accounts, and adds features including one-click encrypted reply and encrypted reply with attached files up to 1GB, among other feature enhancements.

2. Registered Receipt™ privacy compliance proof. Microsoft and Google don’t provide proof of a secure email transmission. RMail, by contrast, provides by default, and for every RMail email transmission, a forensic audit-ready record of timestamped proof of email delivery, proof of content delivered, and proof of message privacy encryption compliance. This proof is critical to demonstrate privacy or e-delivery notice compliance to auditors, or to prove to third parties that if a claim of a breach occurred, the breach did not occur within the responsibility of the sender (transport from sender to initial recipient).

3. No dedicated email security specialist required. RMail automates email security in a way that is simple for customers to configure, provision and manage. There is no requirement for a dedicated email security specialist to manage complex configuration settings and multiple and non-intuitive options, as is the case with Microsoft’s advanced email security offerings. In RMail’s simplest form, a user can install the RMail app, the admin can deploy the RMail app for a user group, or the admin can change the email routing rules.

RMail Pricing

RMail Free is a free ongoing base level of service for periodic use. Cost: $0

RMail 365 includes all main service features for basic users. Cost: $7 per user per month.

RMail Standard includes all main service features, designed for standard business needs. Cost: $15 per user per month.

RMail Price Overview

Per User Plans: RMail license for main features on a per user basis.

Shared Volume Plans: RMail license for a designated volume of messages shared among a designated group of senders, automated system senders, or API automated sending.

Target Markets

Any business user that sends sensitive information, in particular those dealing with client matters (i.e., law firms), private or regulated consumer information (i.e., insurance, banks, investment advisory, health care), transactional, financial, strategic, or personnel related business information (finance, accounting, law, compliance, corporate, and HR departments).


RPost® offers in e-signature and cybersecurity services, specializing in email encryption for privacy and compliance, e-signature automation, legal e-delivery proof, document rights management, and AI-infused services to prevent data leaks and human e-security errors.

The vendor states that more than 25 million users have used RPost’s track, prove, encrypt, e-sign, certify, share, and protect services for more than a decade in more than 100 countries. Their mission is to help customers worldwide communicate and transact electronically in the most secure, compliant, and productive ways possible and to continuously innovate products to support their evolving needs.

RMail Features

  • Supported: Anti Spam
  • Supported: Anti Virus
  • Supported: Email Attachment Protection
  • Supported: Encryption
  • Supported: Reporting/Analytics
  • Supported: Secure Large File Transfers
  • Supported: Whitelisting/Blacklisting

RMail Screenshots

Screenshot of EMail encryptionScreenshot of Encrypted EmailScreenshot of Large File SharingScreenshot of Receipt AuthenticationScreenshot of Registered ReceiptScreenshot of SideNote

RMail Integrations

RMail Competitors

RMail Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsWindows, Linux, Mac
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesEnglish, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish
Supported LanguagesEnglish, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish

Frequently Asked Questions

RMail is RPost’s software-as-a-service solution that enables business users to track and prove email delivery and encrypt sensitive emails. Available as a MS Outlook add-in and for other popular software platforms, RMail works with any email address without any customization required. RMail provides users with a Registered Receipt email record proving delivery status, time of delivery, and exact content.

RMail starts at $7.

DocuSign, Zix Email Threat Protection, and PandaDoc are common alternatives for RMail.

Reviewers rate Implementation Rating highest, with a score of 6.4.

The most common users of RMail are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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