Rosetta Stone Language Learning Software

Rosetta Stone Language Learning Software

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Rosetta Stone Language Learning Software


What is Rosetta Stone Language Learning Software?

Rosetta Stone says it offers innovative, technology-driven language, literacy and brain-fitness solutions are used by millions of individuals and thousands of schools, businesses, government organizations around the world.
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Product Details

What is Rosetta Stone Language Learning Software?

Rosetta Stone says it offers innovative, technology-driven language, literacy and brain-fitness solutions are used by millions of individuals and thousands of schools, businesses, government organizations around the world.

Rosetta Stone Language Learning Software Features

  • Supported: Interactive Software - teaches you to speak, read, write and think in your new language.
  • Supported: Live Online Sessions - Live, 25-minute practice sessions tutored by native speakers.
  • Supported: Games & Community - An exclusive online community filled with language games and other activities.

Rosetta Stone Language Learning Software Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Windows Phone
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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our company is located in QC, which is French and English bilingual. I never learned French before, and also English is not my first language. I thought it would be very hard to learn French by English, but it turns out not. I've been enjoying Rosetta Stone on my phone for more than one year after previously using another app. I've found Rosetta Stone to be head and shoulders above the other apps, I do like they provide animes and cartoons to show you how it works in real life.
  • It provides real pictures, cartoons and illstrations to creat an actual scene.
  • It has different levels of lessions, good for we beginners.
  • Analogies help me understand the word better!
  • Please adjust the UI, the "play" button really needs to be better.
  • Sometimes the exercise freezes, i have to quit and restart again, i'm using iOS15.1
  • Most of the time, the mic is good, but sometimes it can't specify what i'm saying.
To be honest, the software is a bit expensive, especially compared with some free apps. But I think it's worth it. On my end, I need to live and work in a bilingual city, I would need to learn how to use French in real life, and Rosetta Stone provides real conversation, animation, cartoon or illustations to show us how to actually use this language, I really appreciate it! We all know French has a lof of liaison, if I only learnt the grammer from the book, I could barely understand what they are talking about, but Rosetta Stone is good, the speed and liaison matches what people speak in real life, I could understand 40% of talk in French by only learning in Rosetta Stone for 1 year. Maybe I'm not a fast learner but I'm already satisfied! However it has some issues, as I mentioned above, the app needs some UI update, and I need to be really close to my mic so it can record my voice properly.
  • For me, it helps me learn how to use French in real life.
  • Rosetta Stone contains lots of analogies which helps me understand!
  • It also forces me to learn by paying the fee.
  • Positive: It helps me have a better communication with colleagues.
  • Positive: It helps me understand our projects better.
  • Positive: It will potentially add more possibilities to the promotion in the future.
I have been using Duolingo for a few years, I have to admit it is a good app too! But I eventually choose Rosetta Stone. Because Duolingo is only word and grammar focused, while Rosetta Stone is immersion learning for all skills (vocabulary, grammar, and listening). On my end, I think Duolingo is more for the amateur, and Rosetta Stone is for professional lessons.
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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
i have used Rosetta Stone Language Learning Software in my personal and professional career. i first started using the software when i was in the hospitality industry, as a way to learn spanish to communicate not only with our spanish speaking staff, but also our spanish speaking clients. the software really helps you learn another language at your own pace and provides you the tools to succeed
  • gives you a large amount of learning languages to choose from
  • well defined curriculum
  • contains a feature where they can also help you pronuciate the words properly to speak the language better
  • the price is a little expensive. could offer better group discounts for multi users
  • N/A
  • N/A
i think that all organizations, corporate and non corporate should provide this software to their employees. it will not only help organizations as a whole, but will give employees a resource to learn a new language if they want to. i think teachers, corporate offices, banks, post offices, library staff, restaurant staff etc should all have this available to them to learn upon employment
  • ability to use it on many devices
  • truaccent feature where you can learn how to pronounciate properly is a big win
  • the large pool of languages to choose to learn from
  • increases customer base due to employees more well versed in different languages
  • better customer support scores, since we can now tailor to our different clientle
i honestly have not tried or even evaluated any other software besides Rosetta Stone Language Learning Software. i know this is a popular brand and is well reviewed, so i wanted to start with the best. highly recommend
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Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Rosetta Stone is used in my district for World Language classes for middle school and high school students. It offers a learning management platform and offers the capability of students choosing languages more than just what our teachers know and are qualified to teach.
  • Tracks user interaction
  • Customer service availability
  • Accessibility
  • My students get furiously angry with the poor quality of voice recognition.
  • The target language structures, scope and sequence of the program is not comprehensible. The program does not offer explanations for how to properly create phrases nor does the program accept varieties of an expression (so you have to be word for word rote in order to be granted credit). For example, the program would not accept equivalent phrases like "On Wednesdays I run" and "I run on Wednesdays" which would be OK in typical communication. Additionally, the program was initially deemed desirable because students could learn at their own pace, but I never really saw take away learning as a result of using Rosetta Stone but instead students were able to mimic sounds and click the "hint" button for answers to get through modules.
  • Students don't find the curriculum particularly engaging, which may not be as much a reflection on the product but rather how it is being used in it's application at my school.
  • It would be nice if it could run in some sort of "lockdown browser" capacity because I find students open various web tabs for music and google translate just to get through the program. They're more worried about completion than the practice toward learning...and the poor speech recognition will pick up utterances that aren't even close to the target phrase while often not accepting genuine attempts at the phrase, so there isn't a lot of fidelity from students to trying to use the program.
I think that Rosetta Stone would be best suited for someone looking to refresh their language skills after already having learned the language at some point, but has not been a particularly fruitful initial experience to foreign language learning.
  • I do not know what expenses my district has incurred in using this program, but I know that generally user approval is not very high, and for that reason I feel that the use of the program has been very detrimental to our World Language program.
I have used Memrise, Busuu and Duolingo which are similar language learning programs. I would rank any of those above Rosetta Stone. I don't see much "value added" from paying to use Rosetta Stone, and my students get more enjoyment from the other mentioned programs. I believe that comprehensible input is the best approach to language learning which isn't accomplished with solely online instruction.
There is no real accountability to learning since users can click the "show answers" button through the entire program--although I wouldn't recommend getting rid of the "show answers" button either because coming up with the verbatim expressions the program demands would be nearly impossible without being fed the answers.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Rosetta Stone software in our 35 community computer labs across New York State that provide free academic, occupational and computer instructor-led and individual self-paced certification and certificate training courseware to adults ages 17+. The purpose is to enable adults that want to increase their language proficiency in English or any of the 26 language courses offered by Rosetta Stone to do so at our facilities for free.
  • Integrates speaking, listening, reading and writing in teaching the target language.
  • Short 10-30 minute learning sessions.
  • Truly excellent support staff that works with organizations, schools and individual to make to the best use of the program.
  • HUGE resource library of support materials (teaching guides, written tests/quizzes, best practices, etc.) that can be downloaded and used by teachers and students.
  • An online social media platform called The Bridge that provides ongoing support to teachers and administrators that support the use of Rosetta Stone in their organizations, schools and classrooms.
  • One has to have a high speed Internet connection to use Rosetta Stone. Not everyone has that.
Rosetta Stone is well suited in the following cases:
1. If you have a high speed Internet connection.
2. If it is used to supplement an instructor-led language course.
3. If one does not have access to an instructor-led language course but have high speed Internet access.
4. If one is willing to use the program 3-4 days a week.
  • Adding Rosetta Stone to our list of free training/learning resources that adults can access for free from our community computer labs further supports our mission of providing underserved communities in New York State with high quality training that will better prepare them for the workforce or continue their education.
1. The staff conducts ongoing webinars throughout the year (about 1 a month) for teachers and educational administrators on how best to use Rosetta Stone to meet school learning objectives.
2. Support staff can be reached by phone, and email. They respond QUICKLY!! The support staff is extremely professional.
3. The support staff have created, and continually update, thousands of pages of support materials - teaching guides, quizzes, best practices - that users of Rosetta Stone can take advantage of.
Rosetta Stone is a very comprehensive program with several different components. In truth after an initial orientation by a teacher, students (adults or school children) are able to use the software and navigate through its sections.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Rosetta Stone is provided through the Jefferson Parish School District to help English Language Learners (ELLs) be successful in content areas at grade level by helping them to recognize and learn English while becoming comfortable speaking English.

I am the site administrator for Rosetta Stone at my middle school. I work with the teachers and paras along with students to utilize the program to their best advantage.

The program is used in the newcomer class to help jump-start them before they are integrated into the regular education content classes. It is also used in the ELLs intervention classes to help them increase their proficiency with English while they are immersed in English only grade-level content classes.
  • It helps ELLs to identify and spell English words.
  • It helps them to learn the correct pronunciation of English words, so they can be understood by English speakers.
  • It increases their confidence to interact in the content classrooms.
  • One area that would be helpful in the educational application of Rosetta Stone would be to have lessons that promoted content vocabulary for the various subjects the students encounter in their classwork.
  • Another area would be to provide grade-level increased vocabulary, that would help the student to become more familiar with academic language at their grade level.
  • Easier access/wider variety of ways to print out the learner data, so that the cite administrators and teachers are able to provide learner data that reflects the goals of the school/district.
While there are things that Rosetta Stone could do to help the teachers and district with providing educational data, I have seen a tremendous improvement in many beginning ELLs. This program has given them the confidence to move from silence in the classroom to be able to share their thoughts and demonstrate their grasp of the class material.
  • The program has enabled the students who had no English when entering the class to be able to communicate and begin to grasp what is being taught.
  • Students have gone from silent bystanders to valued participants in the classroom.
  • The students who work with fidelity in the program become English proficient with more confidence and more quickly than those who dabble.
In the past, I have tried iReady, Edmentum, and others; however, Rosetta Stone has by and far provided the best success in my classroom with helping the newcomers and beginning English language learners. Most of the other programs did not start close enough to the basics for these students to be able to build the confidence they needed to gain success with the program.
I would have liked to give a 10 but there are some areas where Rosetta Stone could improve that would help those using it in an educational setting. That being said, I have seen such good results in my students that I feel this is a very worthwhile product.

One of my biggest fears going into this new school year was that with all the changes being made to the Leaning English Language Programs in the district we might lose Rosetta Stone as a tool for our ELLs. I'm happy to say that the district also saw the value of this program.
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