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What is RS2?

Rocscience offers RS2, an engineering application for the oil and gas industries that build models of rock and soil, steady-state finite element groundwater seepage analysis, and other analyses.

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Product Demos

ベレッタ by 落合みつを    QUICKRANE QKC710 DEMO #RS2 #crane


Demo cutting - Pentruder RS2 Wall saw at JD Danmark August 2020


QUICKRANE QKC710 DEMO Ver.2 #RS2 #crane


FX6 Auto focus DEMO @RS2,@FX6 #RS2 #crane


Jazler RS2 7.6 Demo (ep1) w/ Viberadio


Live Virtual Demo Using Emlid's Reach RS2 with ReachView 3 and FieldGenius

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What is RS2?

RS2 Technical Details

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We use the RS2 Access It .Net access security control system throughout our entire district. It handles access control to six buildings. It provides access security and allows us to manage when the buildings are completely secure, or when sections are open. It provides access reporting, so we know when and where someone has accessed the building.
  • RS2 gives you a good view of the current status of your doors from the RS2 Access It! application.
  • It allows you to assign permissions to admin users, so you can restrict them to only seeing the doors at their location. You can also restrict the modules they see and whether they can view, edit, and delete.
  • The system allows you to schedule door activities through timezones (i.e., set door x to unlocked from 8:00 am until 8:15 am Monday through Friday) to automate door activities.
  • The Event Listing report is configurable and allows you to see an individual user, groups of users, a single door, groups of doors, a specific flag (i.e., access granted, access denied, timezone activated, etc).
  • You can program macros to set ad hoc door activities.
  • The system allows you to import a building map marking all of the doors with access readers. You can also carry out ad hoc activities from the access readers on the map (i.e., set door to unlocked for x minutes, set door to unlocked until x o'clock, etc).
  • It has flexible inputs that we integrate with other notification systems for doing lock down from a panic button, so all doors lock when the button is activated.
  • The reporting is somewhat customizable, but not easy to work with. Most of the pre-packaged reports have been useless to us.
  • One of the biggest drawbacks is that the schedule does not use a calendar, so if you set and automated event for Monday through Friday, it is every Monday through Friday. There is a way to set a holiday to prevent an automated schedule from running on a certain day, but it is not easy to work with. A calendar view with exceptions would be much better.
  • On rare occasion, if one of the controllers has their network connection briefly disrupted, they do not come back online until we power cycle the controller. The doors still maintain their security, but you cannot make any changes or updates until you power cycle.
RS2 is well suited if you are looking for a system that allows you to control and monitor access to your buildings to keep them secure. It provides good visibility of the current status of doors and also allows you to set alarms to notify you of various events. RS2 also gives you the flexibility to set local administrators that only control doors at their location.
  • It is hard to measure ROI because an access security system does not generate any revenue. It was implemented to secure our buildings and help protect students and staff.
  • It has positively impacted our business from a safety standpoint. It allows us to secure our buildings.
  • RS2 also integrates well with other systems to allow us to lock down our buildings in the event of a severe external threat.
We compared RS2 to the Hirsh Identiv Velocity system. The Velocity system did not allow us to schedule door access easily and was difficult to integrate with other systems. The Velocity management interface was cumbersome and did not allow us the flexibility of scripting door settings. With Velocity it was not easy to monitor or make changes to door status.
Their annual support renewal is very high compared to others and they will not provide any support without the contract. We tend to work through our re-seller for support. They are trained, but still need to contact RS2 support for some issues and even if they open a support case, RS2 will not talk directly with us. They have been able to resolve most issues, but still have not determined why certain controllers do not recover if there is a network disruption.
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