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What is RSign?

RSign, from RPost headquartered in Los Angeles, is presented as an E-Signature solution that the vendor describes as simple but feature-rich, elegantly easy, and affordable.

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RSign has become an indispensable tool for customer service department employees, enabling them to streamline the process of obtaining …
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We choose RSign!

10 out of 10
April 02, 2022
In the Human Resources Department, we work with plenty of legal documentation and personal information, which requires an efficient …
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Product Details

What is RSign?

RSign® is the e-signature platform by RPost®, that aims to make common e-signing simple and automated, while meeting document, form, or workflow scenarios.

RSign specializes in:


· RSign enables users to complete and sign documents using any desktop or mobile web browser in a guided process of signing. RSign boasts a simpler user design, customizable user interface, sharable templates, and real time reporting.

Signature Certificate with Forensic Audit Trail. Records with the authenticatable audit trail.

· RSign® patents provide an authenticatable audit trail embedded in the e-sign record. RSign delivers a Signature Certificate which can serve as a forensic record and can self-authenticate, providing all transmission tracking, content, and timestamps irrespective of recipient systems. The Signature Certificate, an evidence format that is recognized around the globe, may be appended to the agreement that is signed or separately, and it may be imported into systems using the RSign APIs.

Privacy with Encryption and RSign Inbox. E-Signatures that comply with HIPAA and GDPR regulations.

· RSign® comes with multiple levels of security to select from; encrypt the transmission to the recipient and return the signed agreements and forms encrypted, manage decryption password settings, build unique access codes for multi-factor signer authentication.

Enterprise-Grade Features at Affordable Cost. All possible workflow settings simply included.

· RSign includes enterprise-grade features at an affordable cost; which is normally, half the cost of other full-service providers. RSign comes with all the functionality needed at a lower cost and with a friendly customer service.

Automation with Experts to Guide the Way.

RSign® enables users to automate, and RSign teams are presented as flexible, accommodating and knowledgeable.

RSign solves common business challenges:

· Businesses need to obtain recipient signature on sent agreements in a simple, intuitive, fast, and paperless process; one that returns a uniform robust e-record of a signoff. Sending attached to standard email is cumbersome for the recipient. Paper is slow and costly. Fax is often inconvenient.

· Businesses need a uniform, trusted record of electronic signoff; one that can be relied upon as strong evidence should there be a dispute in the future. The e-record must be legally binding and in a uniform format that they can trust without evaluating the evidential weight of each signoff record.

· Many agreements and forms contain sensitive terms, pricing, financial, private consumer, or health information - information that often must remain private. Sending by standard email and receiving signoff by fax is often not private. The sending, filling, and returned record needs privacy options.

· Businesses need expansive features in an enterprise-grade e-signature service at affordable cost, as they expand use across their organization and volumes increase. Businesses can generate more efficiencies with e-signatures if the costs are affordable and predictable.

· Digitizing workflows with e-signatures and forms requires deep knowledge of the business processes needing modernization matched with the art-of-the-possible with e-signature services. Innovation staff need a trusted partner to collaborate with and to adapt e-sign services to specific processes.

· Businesses need to automate processes; automate pre-filling forms with some data, sending for signoff, tracking responses, obtaining the signoff record, and at times, back-filling completed form data into sender systems. Automation maximizes efficiency, controls, and reduces cost and risk.

The vendor's value proposition:

E-Sign Simple Enough that People Actually Enjoy Using, but includes All the Features One Would Need

· RSign® makes e-signatures simple for all staff, to encourage use. More use means more cost savings, administrative time savings, and faster business, with enterprise features.

Legal and Auditable Proof. Assurance, confidence, and peace of mind.

· RSign® users can view and rely on the Signature Certificate for e-sign tracking, a forensic audit trail, and sent and signed content and timestamp information. A record of who signed what when provides confidence that the e-sign process and record will stand up to scrutiny if ever challenged in the future. Legal Proof®.

Private and Secure. Security and authentication for privacy and industry compliance.

· RSign makes e-signing private so that senders can enjoy the benefits of e-signatures even when private transaction data, strategic, health, or protected consumer information is in the agreements or forms. RSign includes a variety of security, authentication, and privacy options to fit any sensitive e-sign situation.

Enterprise Grade and Affordable.

· RSign is designed to provide enterprise-grade features in an affordable offering, making it cost effective to convert almost any document to e-signatures, digital forms, and modernized workflows. Businesses enjoy more cost savings with less paper, mail, postage, administrative time, and a low e-sign service cost. Unlike other providers, RSign also offers automatic renewals with fixed rates that do not increase annually.

Top 5 Benefits, according to the vendor.

1. RSign is Feature-Rich

An important step in selecting an electronic signature solution is to categorize use cases in terms of, for example, quick send for e-signature, sending re-usable forms for fill-and-sign, sending the same document with different pre-filled data for fill-and-sign (whether these are humans sending one-off or automated sending from a system).

RSign aims to make the e-sign experience work well depending on whether a quick ad-hoc e-signature is needed or if there’s a complex form with lots of dependencies. Plus, features that address various security, privacy, compliance, and automation needs depending on the use case.

Feature-richness is most important because, if the process or workflow cannot be accomplished elegantly, the rest hardly matters.

2. RSign is Designed to be Easy

E-Signatures often require a change in human behavior (for senders and/or recipients). Having an elegantly easy solution (due to the wide range of automation features and settings available as per above) makes it easier for admins, senders, and signers to buy into the process change.

3. RSign is Affordable at Scale

When starting with e-signatures, volumes of sends and/or number of users may be small. As more business areas buy-in and more documents and processes are digitized, what may have been a smart initial service provider choice may not be for the future as the business scales. RSign is presented as a service provider that will remain (much) more affordable as users and volume scale, and as advanced feature-needs become more in vogue across the organization.

4. RSign is Friendlier to Work With

E-Signatures are really about modernizing and digitizing documents, user interactions, customer and supplier interactions, employee interactions, and more. Each type of interaction and each type of document or workflow may be better served by unique settings, features, branding, and more. A service provider who is humanly (vs. form or bot) friendly to work with will make it seamless and realistic to be able to maximize e-signature benefits now and far into the future, that offers expert guidance provided by people who care about the user's experience and ability to optimize usage.

5. RSign Continuously Innovates

RSign is presented as a service provider who is uniquely focused on e-signatures (versus a service provider that is part of a private equity-acquisition roll-up or something similar) and with a commitment to continuous innovation in the field.

6. Comfort with Security/Legalities

For users who send sensitive, regulated private content, or work within certain privacy or legal-compliant frameworks, RSign is presented as a provider that specializes in privacy and legalities so users can move more to e-signature and digital forms process across more areas of the business, safely.

Target Markets

RSign is applicable to businesses of all sizes in all industries. Functionally, RSign is most often uses among customer service and sales, human resources, and corporate contracts staff.

While RSign is used most in the insurance, health care, life sciences, financial services, legal, real estate, manufacturing and government sectors, RSign is used across all industries.

RSign Pricing

RSign Free is a free ongoing base level of service for periodic use. Cost: $0

RSign 365 includes all main service features for basic users. Cost: $7 per user per month.

RSign Standard includes all main service features, designed for standard business needs. Cost: $15 per user per month.


RPost® offers e-signature and cybersecurity services, specializing in email encryption for privacy and compliance, e-signature automation, legal e-delivery proof, document rights management, and AI-infused services to prevent data leaks and human e-security errors.

The vendor states that more than 25 million users have enjoyed RPost’s track, prove, encrypt, e-sign, certify, share, and protect services for more than a decade in more than 100 countries.

Their mission is to help customers worldwide communicate and transact electronically in the most secure, compliant, and productive ways possible and to continuously innovate our products to support their evolving needs.

RSign Features

  • Supported: Drag & Drop E-sign Controls
  • Supported: Multiple signing parties
  • Supported: Automated reminder and notifications
  • Supported: Form Field Templates and Rules
  • Supported: Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive Integrations
  • Supported: Real-time Delivery and Signoff of Notices
  • Supported: Robust Forensic Audit Trail in Certified E-sign Records
  • Supported: Optional storage of Signed Document Online in System

RSign Screenshots

Screenshot of RSign EnvelopeScreenshot of RSign eSignatures requestScreenshot of RSign eSignatures PrepareScreenshot of RSign Prepare & SendScreenshot of RSign Sending SettingsScreenshot of RSign Sign DocumentScreenshot of RSign Template Settings

RSign Integrations

RSign Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsWindows, Linux, Mac
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesEnglish, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish
Supported LanguagesEnglish, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish

Frequently Asked Questions

RSign, from RPost headquartered in Los Angeles, is presented as an E-Signature solution that the vendor describes as simple but feature-rich, elegantly easy, and affordable.

RSign starts at $7.

DocuSign, Dropbox Sign, and Adobe Acrobat Sign are common alternatives for RSign.

The most common users of RSign are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

RSign has become an indispensable tool for customer service department employees, enabling them to streamline the process of obtaining signatures on insurance forms. By eliminating the need for printing, scanning, and physical delivery, RSign has saved significant time and paper. With this application, users can easily indicate where signatures are required and securely email the forms to insured individuals. This has not only accelerated the closure of deals but also facilitated global transactions with digital signatures. Particularly during the pandemic, RSign has been invaluable in helping businesses quickly digitize their operations. Organizations new to the esignature space have greatly appreciated RSign's friendly and helpful staff, who have provided crucial assistance.

The software's capabilities have extended beyond customer service departments and have simplified processes across various industries. In senior analyst roles, RSign has simplified the review process for research documents by allowing sequential esigning and efficient approval. The tool effectively addresses document management issues and eliminates the need to rely on previous manual processes. Furthermore, in healthcare settings, RSign has been a time-saver for collecting patients' personal information without the hassle of printing, file organization, and in-person interactions. Human Resources departments have also benefited from RSign's streamlined handling of legal documentation, contracts, onboarding processes, payments, and promotions. Additionally, the software has successfully coordinated thousands of contracts with external partners, offering a reliable solution for digitalizing key processes.

Users have made the following recommendations for RSign:

  1. Use RSign because it is user-friendly and time-saving. It is easy to use and very reliable.

  2. Learn how to create a template in RSign to send agreements for ESign with just a few clicks. This feature is seen as a significant time-saver and enhances efficiency.

  3. Appreciate that RSign is a versatile tool that offers affordability compared to other options. It is perceived as a cost-effective solution for document signing needs.


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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
RSign has helped us with document management issues we have experimented these last few years. Since the day we found this solution, we haven´t even thought of going back the way it used to be before!
  • Templates
  • Analytics
  • Tracking
  • RSign has offered a solution to every need that occured, thanks to their customer services team we haven´t found any negatives to them.
RSign has improved our documentation processes, it has helped us redesign our strategy and has fulfilled all of our expectations during this time.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
RSign has been a time-saver when we needed patients´ to fill out personal information. We require this documentation on a regular basis, and RSign has helped our department work more efficiently when a big amount of information is handled. We no longer need to spend time printing, organizing files, attending patients´, and get to have more time for more important work.
  • Time saver
  • Templates
  • Tracking
  • Intuitive Signing Guide
  • Friendly experience
  • RSign sometimes throws an "error" message when trying to multiple-sign the documents, nothing that the customer success team couldn´t solve for me :)
RSign is great when getting a wet signature gets difficult. It helps saving time and money, and provides the most friendly experience I have seen in a while. It is also easy to use for all parties involved.
April 02, 2022

We choose RSign!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
In the Human Resources Department, we work with plenty of legal documentation and personal information, which requires an efficient working process. We work mainly with contracts, but we also do onboardings, payments, promotions and countless processes. RSign has been the tool we chose, it has been great working with them.
  • Integrations with other platforms
  • Easy drag and drop system
  • Great analytics dashboard
  • Sometimes the analytics dashboard takes its time to sync, but it offers all the information you need at first sight.
We use RSign to offer a better experience to our company, and it has exceeded our expectations.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use RSign in my organization to close deals faster and across the globe with digital signatures.
Especially with the pandemic, my business needed to be completely digitized overnight and RSign was just what we needed, not only because the product is great but because their staff is so friendly and helpful, and we needed A LOT of help since we were new to the esignature space.
  • Esignatures
  • Digitizing forms
  • Bulk signing
  • Custom branding
  • Custom esignature worklfows
  • 2 factor authentication
  • UI
  • Branding
RSign is great if you are looking to start with esignatures because the software is so easy to use and their staff will even digitize your forms and documents for you. But it is also great if you are already using esignatures and are looking for high quality software that is more affordable as your business grows.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
RSign has helped us coordinate thousands of contracts with partners we work with. It has solved many situations, even more through the pandemic, with the arising need to digitalize processes, RSign has offered us the perfect solution to our problems!
  • Templates
  • Tracking
  • Esign
  • We´ve been using RSign for a while now, and we haven´t encountered anything yet!
  • Every time we´ve suggested improvements, the customer success team has heard us and worked hardly to deliver it to us! Excellent team!
Giving the position I work in, there is always a need to sign agreements, send information, and many other situations that RSign has helped us with.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We require signing digital research documents on a regular basis, every week we need approximately 4 to 6 documents reviewed and approved by senior analysts. The process was cumbersome as the signoff from senior analysts is not streamlined and this is where RSign helped. It streamlined the review process among analysts with sequential esigning, one analyst can review and esign the approval and pass [it] onto the next analyst.
  • Making documents that we require use as templates and reuse them with rules.
  • Streamlined the process of esigning when multiple people are involved.
  • Pre-fill, back-fill removed manual work & human error
  • Native mobile version
  • SMS authentication
  • ID verification
RSign is well suited for people to create documents for esignatures in a sample way, and also send documents with [a] complex set of forms and rules [to] get esignatures, where multiple people are involved to esign the documents and place reminders with configurable settings for signers reminding them to esign.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
RSign is used by all the customer service department employees in our organization. In insurance to write any insurance policies there are lots of forms for signature. Before RSign we used to print, mark for signature, scan and then send the forms to insureds. This would take many hours. However, with RSign no printing, scanning is needed. You can indicate where the signatures are needed and email it from the application. It is sent secured. This saves tremendous amount of time and paper.
  • Very easy to use.
  • User friendly
  • Time saver
  • The most useful feature would be if we were able to type within the forms/applications that we upload to RSign to be sent for signature.
RSign is really useful in organizations where many different kinds of forms and applications for signature have to be sent to customers. In the industry where signature time stamp is important.
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