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What is RumbleOn?

RumbleON is an online retailer that allows both consumers and dealers to Buy-Sell-Trade-Finance pre-owned motorcycles in an efficient, fast, transparent, and engaging experience. It specializes in Harley-Davidson, e-commerce, recreational vehicles, acquisition, and motorcycles.RumbleOn is an eCommerce Platform and Automotive Software…

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What is RumbleOn?

RumbleON is an online retailer that allows both consumers and dealers to Buy-Sell-Trade-Finance pre-owned motorcycles in an efficient, fast, transparent, and engaging experience. It specializes in Harley-Davidson, e-commerce, recreational vehicles, acquisition, and…

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Product Details

What is RumbleOn?

RumbleON is an online retailer that allows both consumers and dealers to Buy-Sell-Trade-Finance pre-owned motorcycles in an efficient, fast, transparent, and engaging experience. It specializes in Harley-Davidson, e-commerce, recreational vehicles, acquisition, and motorcycles.

RumbleOn is an eCommerce Platform and Automotive Software that specializes in online motorcycle sales. Cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorsport vehicles such as quads and hot rods can also be sold, purchased, and traded. There are currently more than 78,000 listings on the site for vehicles across the United States.

The platform offers a mobile app that users can access by creating an account or using their login credentials for Facebook or Google. For those using a third-party account to log in, the software pulls, and auto-populates user contact information.

Sellers can either list their vehicles or receive a quote from RumbleOn by entering their VIN.

Those who would rather sell directly to the platform will have to fill out a short form. This will include:

  • Contact information

  • Mileage

  • Vehicle ZIP code

  • Vehicle color

  • A check box for additional options and packages

  • 4 yes or no questions about key possession, damage, smoking, and vehicle ignition

  • Cosmetic, mechanical, and tire ratings from poor to excellent

  • Add between 4 and 25 pictures (including VIN)

According to the vendor, a cash offer should arrive in 30 minutes or less during business hours. Once the offer is accepted, RumbleOn emails the title transfer documentation along with a prepaid shipping label for sellers to sign and return. After the documents are processed, sellers receive their deposit and are contacted to arrange free pick-up of the vehicle. Buyers are charged a flat $299 delivery fee for motorcycles and $499 for automobiles. In most cases, the whole process should be completed within a few days.

Reviews on YouTube and other social media platforms have been mixed. Some independent video producers have been critical of the low offers received for direct sales to the platform. Others found the offer reasonable, recognizing the need for the vendor to make a profit. These reviewers highlighted the value of a fast and haggle-free experience that circumvents private sale costs in time, shipping, meeting buyers, and paperwork.

RumbleOn has received a 3.5 out of 5 on Facebook. Some users complained about low offers on direct sales for their vehicles, with one reviewer claiming “They had an online form to fill out. We filled it out, they sent a text with an offer that was less than 2 1/2 times what all the local lowball dealers were offering.” In negative reviews, the term “low-ball” was frequently used.

Others found the selling process to be quick and convenient: “We got a very fair offer, and the transaction went smoothly. Everyone we talked to was very professional and helpful. Documents were easy to fill out. Would recommend this service to anyone.” Another claimed that “The offer was reasonable and payment was made to me by them within 48 hours. The process was painless in signing all of the required documents for Bill of Sale and transfer of ownership.”

Financing is available for motorcycle buyers. APR financing rates and loan terms will vary depending on credit scores, as indicated in the table below.

Price calculations can be made using two different tabs:

  • “What Can I Afford?” - To calculate the final price of the vehicle, enter the down payment and estimated monthly payment.

  • “What Will I Pay” - By entering the price and down payment, buyers will arrive at the estimated monthly payment.

It should be noted that these values do not include tax, title, and license costs. Interested buyers should also indicate their state of residence, though this will not have an impact on the final price or installment values.

The example below shows a simulation of monthly payments based on the price and down payment of the vehicle for a buyer with an excellent credit score. For a vehicle priced at $10,000 and with a down payment of $1000, monthly payments will work out to around $167 per month over 72 months.

Alternatively, the final price of the motorcycle can be calculated by entering the estimated monthly payment a buyer can pay, the down payment they’re willing to make, and their credit score.

Vehicles come with free delivery and a 90-day guarantee that covers mechanical issues.

Listing on RumbleOn is a four-step process:

  1. Enter your VIN

  2. Provide vehicle details

  3. Upload photos and video

  4. Add a price for your vehicle

Private sellers can add a minimum of 4 and up to 25 photos, along with 1 video (50 MB limit). The images should cover the front, rear, and sides of the vehicle. Dashboard gauges and an odometer reading should also be visible.

Dealers can sign up by clicking on the Dealer Portal link in the upper-right corner of the RumbleOn home page. Dealer accounts have to be created directly through the platform by clicking the “Sign Up Now” button.

Then they will have to fill out a short contact form, as shown below.

Dealer accounts have access to a personalized dashboard with their inventory, invoices, and transaction history. In the RumbleOn marketplace, private buyers and dealers can place bids for listed products, which may have a reserve and buy-now price. Trade-ins can also be accepted through the platform, integrating with dealer inventories on third-party platforms.

RumbleOn Features

RumbleOn offers users enhanced mobile capabilities through their app.

Other key features include analytics to monitor buyer and seller activity as well as inventory changes. Lead generation services are also available, providing dealers with lists of potential customers based on their revealed browsing preferences on the platform. Here is a full list of RumbleOn’s features:

  • Listings of thousands of vehicles available for purchase

  • Saved searches and watch lists

  • Cash offers for individual sellers

  • Financing for motorcycle purchases

  • Dealer portal and marketplace for buying and selling

  • Lead generation for dealer accounts

  • Analytics to monitor dealer inventories and activities

  • Dealer CRM and inventory integrations

  • Mobile app

Live Auction, an upcoming feature that’s still in the pre-launch phase, promises to provide a more entertaining and engaging buying experience. This will include a calendar as well as special events for certain types of vehicles. According to the vendor, it should take participants only minutes to browse, buy, or sell.


Unlike other eCommerce platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce, RumbleOn does not allow users to create their own online storefront. The platform focuses exclusively on connecting buyers and sellers.

Vroom, CarGurus, and Shift are vendors that also provide a platform for buying, selling, or trading vehicles but are heavily focused on cars, trucks, and SUVs. Autotrader has more options when it comes to buying and selling motorcycles.

RumbleOn competes more directly with platforms that specialize in motorcycle sales such as Cycle Trader. Differentiators for RumbleOn include cost, ease of use, and a cleaner search UI with no ads, as shown below.

RumbleOn Search Results
Cycle Trader Search Results
On the other hand, Cycle Trader does offer more knowledge base resources for buyers and sellers to find more information on their own, as seen in the image below. Premium listings are highlighted in buyer searches. Listing volume should also be considered, and Cycle Trader has over 700,000 powersports listings, with 26 million page views, and around 3.8 million unique visitors per month.


RumbleOn integrates with third-party CRMs to provide qualified leads from customers that are browsing vehicles similar to those found in dealer inventories. The virtual inventory also allows sellers to sync listings from their website or database onto RumbleOn’s platform.


Both private and dealer listings are currently free, while customized pricing is provided for dealers interested in inventory analytics and leads generated from RumbleOn users.

Private sellers can consider the cash offer provided by the vendor and compare it to other listings and market benchmarks such as Kelly Blue Book and NADA. It should be noted that RumbleOn uses only the latter as a reference for their offers it gauges the actual value of the car and not an average of listing prices as with KBB.

Other factors such as the vehicle’s age, mileage, and condition are also essential considerations. Dealer listings will be more expensive. This compensates for storage, personnel, and administration costs, as well as profit margins.

In comparison, Cycle Trader charges $14.95 for a single two-week listing, $29.95 for a 6-week listing, and $49.95 for 12 weeks (including premium placement). While these plans come with a cost, lead enrichment and reporting insights are included for free.

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