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What is Sage Estimating?

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Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our client is using Sage Estimating and as their IT managed services provider we support them with their infrastucture and systems. Our client switched to SAGE Estimating as they were using SAGE X3 for their other ERP needs. The biggest issue Sage Estimating solved for them is that all the spreadsheets are in the same format without any errors and probability of users errors with the math formulas as the Estimator is performing it with its database engine.
  • Same format Spreadsheet
  • Ability to adjust by percentages
  • Ability to separate phases into categories
  • Complexity.
  • Is not cloud based
  • More customization would be appreciated
For our client the product is very user friendly which makes it easier for the new comers to be trained and start using it. Interactive tools to for building and then sharing estimates with clients, suppliers and others is very well suited for our needs. Continues updates makes the platform better and better with each itereation.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Sage Estimating is the main estimating creation package currently being used in our firm. It is primarily used within our preconstruction department though our operations employees will sometimes access and have some light use of the software. It may make the software sound lesser but the main reason we use it is to avoid preconstruction managers using plain Excel to build their estimates. In addition to be a much more refined way of creating an estimate the software works in conjunction with Sage 300 CRE Accounting and Project Management in allowing us to transfer estimates from precon phase to construction phase without having to recreate them again.
  • Sage Estimating is very good at providing the users (and eventually clients) with a clean, well broken down estimate of how we have come up with a specific bid amount. It allows consistency among our different precon managers in how they present the final numbers of a bid.
  • The way Sage Estimating presents itself to a precon manager/user allows ease of use from the very start such that someone can build a bid with very little training.
  • The program has a fairly antiquated user interface such that someone working in it may not feel like they are working with advanced software.
  • Sage Estimating has absolutely no remote access capability outside running it in a Citrix/RDP environment so users have to be using a fat/full client vs. any hopes of access on a mobile device.
Sage Estimating is a decent product for companies that have a more mature audience when it comes to their Preconstruction group. People who are familiar with Excel will easily adapt to using this program. One could say it is Excel Plus in some manner as it relates to Construction bidding. Companies that are staffed by more progressive employees will probably find the interface clunky and lack of mobility very limiting.
Sage's support of Estimating is adequate though frankly we rarely need it. Outside of more complex operations such as upgrades and installation problems the program itself is so straightforward that we do not usually have any "issues" and questions that are more about usability can easily be answered in online forums. We trust Sage's capability to answer these questions if needed but rarely use it.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Sage Estimating is used within the project develop team to estimate projects of various types. Our group estimates pipeline installations, compressor station installations, metering facilities and maintenance capital projects. We produce anywhere from 900 to 1000 estimates a year. Our costs ranges from $50K to $500 million.
  • Assemblies & Models are one of the strongest features of Sage Estimating. They take the software far beyond what simple templates can accomplish. The assemblies that the user creates are always up to date with the latest data in the database. They allow you to take off huge amounts of material & labor quickly, giving you the time to focus on analyzing the estimate.
  • The WBS (work breakdown structure) gives the user the ability to sort data in a large variety of ways. Using multiple WBS fields the user can view the estimate in a variety of different ways, allowing for a more complete review.
  • The Sage Helpdesk is always helpful and efficient. They are usually able to resolve any issues in a timely manner. And once the software is up and running properly, it requires very little maintenance.
  • The software works well with Crystal Reports. The user can attach multiple Crystal Reports to the Reports Menu for ease of access. Sage Estimating comes with its own Crystal Report application. The user can use this to create custom reports.
  • The latest SQL version of Sage Estimating represents a welcome step forward from Sage. It is more secure and stable than the older Pervasive version. It allows for the assigning of different roles to the estimators in the organizations, such as admin, Sr Estimator, Jr Estimator. The user can even define their own roles.
  • While the SQL version may represent a step forward from Sage, it is a recent release and still has a few bugs in it. (I’ve contacted Sage with the issues I’ve found and hopefully they are working to resolve them.) For instance, I've found a bug where the Notes column prints twice when I run a report. However there is a simple workaround for this.
  • Though the database contains lots of user fields, it lacks the ability to add custom fields to the database. For instance, a weight field added to the material portion of the database would be very useful.
  • The Sage Helpdesk is always helpful unless they have not encountered the error before. In which case, they struggle a bit.
  • The software works with Crystal Reports, but the Sage helpdesk doesn’t support Crystal Report. I have an issue with my reports latching onto data from old estimates and not letting go. I have developed a work around for this, but it is still a bug that needs to be addressed.
  • I would also like the menus to be customizable.

Sage Estimating was initially created for the construction industry and many of its current users use it to estimate buildings, but it has adapted quite well for the oil and gas industry. If the user is willing to invest the time and energy to develop and maintain their database, I can see it working for any industry.

It is very easy to adjust and adapt the database as estimating methods and project designs change. As an example, our accounting department sometimes changes the way projects are reporting in our accounting software. Because I can go through our 9000 line item database in a couple of days, I am always ahead of the curve and can report my estimates in the format they require.

Robin Peterson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use SAGE Estimating for all of our bids, which number between 500-700 per year. We our markets vary from community to medical. Sage Estimating is a valued tool with in our organization, I have custom built the database to allow our company to bid as needed for best practices.
  • Manage Assemblies
  • Easy sorts for quick references on different phases
  • GREAT WBS structure
  • Easy generation for new bids
  • Interface to other BIM applications
  • Reports are lacking
I have done in-depth analysis on the current estimating products in the market place and Sage has always scored the highest.
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