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What is is a sales forecasting and coaching tool that uses artificial intelligence to make predictions and recommendations based on combined CRM, Email, Calendaring and call log data.

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What is is a sales forecasting and coaching tool that uses artificial intelligence to make predictions and recommendations based on combined CRM, Email, Calendaring and call log data. Technical Details

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December 09, 2018

Love SalesDirector.AI

Scott Tretsky | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I used it to help manage and view my team's pipeline and forecast. allowed them to be "kept honest". We would use during our pipeline and forecast meetings to help manage their book of business throughout the quarter. The easy setup and configuration was an added bonus. Definitely recommended.
  • Pipeline management
  • Sales coaching
  • Forecasting
  • More built in reports and trends
Perfect for the company that is looking to scale their sales team and needs to help manage their productivity from a bottle of funnel prospective.
  • Identify close-able deals quicker
  • Real-time sales coaching
  • No more "happy ears" dependence
Jim Patterson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User is being used by our entire sales organization. It leverages data and activity in Microsoft Exchange (emails and calendars), and Microsoft CRM. provides best practice analysis, alerts, and guidance on all the deals we are pursuing. It helps us not let opportunities or the activities to pursue them, get missed or neglected.
  • Opportunity Analysis - provides objective analysis and feedback based on activity and the depth of the relationships needed to close an opportunity.
  • Forecasting - provides excellent information on committed, upside and pipeline deals, and provides great insight into the health of the deals contained within
  • Integrates - Provides seamless integration, and leverages data from multiple sources to provide its analysis and guidance. Emails, meetings, and contacts are all gotten from Microsoft Exchange, and married with the opportunity information coming from Microsoft CRM. Elements like relationship mapping are added by, and these combined data sets provide insights not easily obtained by these various sources individually.
  • Reporting - An ever growing set of reports that helps sales people and sales managers improve their approaches and performance.
  • None that I need at this time.
It is well suited for any sales organization that is trying to mature its sales process, and continually improve its execution.
  • has contributed to our company improving our hit rate and hitting our quarterly numbers more consistently since we started using.
  • Helps us provide more informed and reliable forecasts
  • Makes our group sales meetings and 1:1 meetings with individual account execs more productive and meaningful
  • Saves management time in compiling data for reporting and sales analysis
  • Add-ins to Microsoft CRM
SalesDirector is more comprehensive and advanced than the add-ins I've tried.
Nelson Greenwood | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is used by primarily by the sales organization. But other department heads such as the CFO and CEO have access to it. It helps us to have a much better understanding of each deal in our opportunity funnel. The insights into each deal help me quickly see if this deal is placed in the correct stage of the sales funnel and/or if the appropriate action is occurring between the sales rep and the prospect.
  • I can easily see if there is communication occurring between the sales rep and the appropriate contacts at the prospect company. I can quickly see if the communication stream is a mutual back and forth conversation or if it is mostly a one-way stream from the rep to the prospect. If it is mostly a one-way conversation, this tells me something isn't right about this opportunity.
  • The system looks at this communication and using AI, it highlights if it interprets any negative sentiment from the prospect allowing the rep or the sales manager to dig deeper into the opportunity and see if they can discover the reason for this negative response and correct it if possible.
  • The software "learns" from previous successful deals we have closed and uses this information to alert us if a deal has been in a particular sales stage for longer than similar deals. And it learns who is the business decision maker or technical decision maker is for previously closed deals and points it out to the rep that they should make contact with this same position in the target company.
  • The software coaches sales reps on actions that should be taken, based on our sales process, at each stage of the sales cycle. And it does so without feeling like its looking over your shoulder, by recommending the rep send a "confirmation of needs" email once the deal is moved into the 30% stage.
  • I don't have enough experience with this or other sales forecasting, sales coaching tools to recommend changes. The interface isn't perhaps the prettiest I have seen, but it gives the user the information in an easy to understand form. And most sales reps hate any new system, and all of ours seemed to be able to use the software and get information about their deals from the software quickly after they started using it.
Any sales director that needs better insight into the strength of the opportunities in the sales pipeline can use the program. And no additional information needs to be entered into SalesDirector. The reps can do what they normally do and SalesDirector will start collecting information from CRM, emails, calendar and call logs to start building an overview of the deal and its likelihood to close in the time frame selected by the rep. Any sales leader that wants to make better sales forecasts or wants to coach their reps to be more effective and successful will benefit from the program.
  • Positive. We have better insights into our deals. We can see when deals are getting bogged down, or when a deal may not close, even before the sales rep recognizes this.
  • It makes it much easier to accurately call your monthly and quarterly forecasts.
  • Our sales managers use it for their weekly one-on-one meetings with their rep and virtually no additional work is required of the rep or manager.
I have looked at a few other products that are somewhat similar to SalesDirector, but I haven't used any.
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