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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 26, 2020

A great investment for your organization if you're up for the challenge

Score 9 out of 10
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Salesforce has the capacity to be a one-stop solution to most of your organization's data tracking needs. The starting point at your organization may be donor management or volunteer management or program management, but it can fast serve all other needs. It is extremely flexible and extensible.
  • Extensibility
  • Flexibility
  • Customization
  • Comprehensiveness
  • Investment
  • Learning Curve
  • Executive Buy-In
It is well suited for organizations that want a long term solution, a one-stop-shop for their entire nonprofit's data and database needs. It requires an internal champion and large buy-in from the staff. It should also be implemented by someone with experience, whether it's someone who's hired on or a consultant hired for the process. It may also require ongoing investment if you want to keep adapting it to your organization's changing needs. It is not recommended for organizations that do not have some budget to invest. It isn't as easy to simply spin up and start using with minimal training.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 20, 2020

Salesforce for Nonprofits helps centralize things.

Score 8 out of 10
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Salesforce for Nonprofits is used in an instance where a data model is needed that is person-focused. Salesforce was developed as a B2B sales tool and, with that, contacts cannot exist without being tied to a company. With Salesforce for Nonprofits, that isn't going to be the case, and there is need to track individuals and their households without knowing where they might work. Salesforce for Nonprofits does that and it allows individual accounts. It also tracks donations vs sales of products or services.
  • Central database
  • Access from anywhere (web-based)
  • Normally a B2B sales tool
  • Workarounds for particular needs
Salesforce for Nonprofits is well suited for an area where there needs to be a large database to hold information and when it is something that will be used by multiple people in different locations, as this is a web-based platform. Salesforce for Nonprofits also does three updates per year so it is continuously growing and improving. It's not directly a person-based system so it does have some workarounds to get over the initial Sales Tool application it was built for.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 18, 2020

Salesforce profits the nonprofits

Score 8 out of 10
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The whole organization uses Salesforce, from lead and contact management to standard campaigns (for emailing purposes), to custom objects. One custom object, in particular, is Prayer Requests. We relate this to both leads and contacts to help us understand where our customers are and what they may be struggling with.
  • Automation.
  • Email campaigns.
  • More free apps from AppExchange.
  • An inexpensive survey tool.
I think Salesforce for Nonprofits is well suited for any non-profit out there. Especially if you're a nonprofit of 10 employees or less because you get Salesforce completely for free for those 10 users. I would say a less appropriate application would be non-profits who don't interact or engage with their customers.
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Tierra Bishop | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 28, 2019

Salesforce for Nonprofits rises above other nonprofit CRMs overall.

Score 8 out of 10
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My organization uses Salesforce for Nonprofits as our only client record management system to track donor/supporter information. We are also in the process of utilizing it as a student CRM. Currently, it is being utilized by the fundraising/marketing team, but will eventually be utilized by the student admin side as well.
  • Salesforce makes it simple to enter and track client data across time.
  • Salesforce for Nonprofits allows organizations to enter and track donation information with customizable options that make it easy to reconcile with internal financial data.
  • Salesforce for Nonprofits provides free resources to connect with other nonprofit/organizational professionals and learn from them; they also provide learning resources on their Trailblazer platform.
  • The main issue I have with Salesforce for Nonprofits is the reports functionality. Salesforce forces you to create "canned" reports to some extent each time and doesn't let you build a report entirely from scratch. For example, when you create a report you have to first determine what "type" of report it is, such as contact or donation report, and then it pre-selects a list of report indicators/data points that you can choose from. I have very often found myself wanting to pull in information from areas/data points that are not available to me based on the report type. This may have been in an effort to make reporting more simple, but it actually creates a lot of frustrations and inability to find the data I need.
  • Salesforce for Nonprofits seems to be contact-based in a lot of ways instead of household-based, but I think users should have the option to choose between the two in various settings within the CRM. For example, in campaigns, the users have to add campaign participants as individual contacts, and you cannot add an entire household or org to the campaign together. You would have to separately look up each person within that household, and add each one manually.
Salesforce for Nonprofits is a decent comprehensive CRM system, better than three others I have used (DonorPerfect, eTapestry/Blackbaud, and Aegis). For the most part, it is user-friendly (once you get past the setup/customization phase, which is actually rather difficult and involved and often requires working with a Salesforce professional) and allows you to visualize your client data in a streamlined way. However, I do think it needs work in its reporting functionality. If reporting was more customizable, I would really love this CRM.
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Courtney Osterfelt | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 24, 2019

Too big for us, but we are growing into it

Score 7 out of 10
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We are using it across our whole organization. We use it to track our youth participants, their families, our volunteers, donations, grants, and corporate partners.
  • It is a very large platform that is compatible with other platforms we use. For example, our online giving platform works very well with Salesforce, every time someone gives online it automatically logs it into Salesforce.
  • Salesforce allows us to track prospective donors and foundations, document what we are learning from them, document our involvement and track when the right time for a big ask is.
  • Salesforce has the ability for us to run large reports about our donors and our campaigns.
  • We are a small non-profit (only 3 full-time staff) with limited resources. It is very difficult to learn how to customize salesforce. It would be helpful if there was more customer service for new folks. The non-profit training program is helpful but it doesn't always address each version of salesforce that organizations have.
  • I could use some tutorials on running basic reports with ease.
  • It is difficult to understand what permissions to give my employees who also use Salesforce. I thought I gave them all the necessary permissions and lately, we are having a hard time logging donations as the title we want to give them. My staff will log a donation, give it a title, and when they hit save it changes the title back to the automated name. I am not sure why and I think it might have to do with her user permissions.
We are a growing non-profit and I anticipate that the size of Salesforce will be very helpful for us in the future. Right now it is challenging for us and we put a lot of energy into understanding what feels like it should take less energy to do. If someone asked me if they should get Salesforce for non-profits and they were a smaller org that does not anticipate growing past $500,000 annual budget, I would advise them to choose a different platform.
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Jared Lyda | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 23, 2019

Salesforce for Nonprofits

Score 9 out of 10
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Salesforce is the backend database for our website. As it is for most organizations, we manage a ton of data and data is super valuable. Being able to aggregate that data and put it in a form where it's easy to understand is super important for us. Keeping track of donors and donor trends is massively helpful as well.
  • Data management
  • Details
  • Customization
  • There is a pretty steep learning curve. Not sure if there is a way around this but maybe if there was training built in.
Salesforce is the #1 CRM for a reason. There isn't much else to say here. It's the industry standard, it's compatible with basically every third-party app you can think of. The problem with this question is that Salesforce does SO much that it's hard to know what it's not well suited for.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 08, 2019

A pretty happy non-profit user

Score 9 out of 10
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We use Salesforce as a database to keep track of donors and participants in all of our events. For us, this makes sure that our information is centralized and easy to update. We often use this to create mailing lists for support letters and promotional pieces. Lastly, we record donations and other payments so that it is easily trackable for our accountant. Salesforce is very important to our organization, the first place we look for information and the easiest way to keep track of the many moving pieces.
  • Lots of connection points. I can associate a contact with an organization, an event and a donation, easily bouncing between them and pulling reports accordingly. Love this!
  • This system has many more features than we will ever actually use but I love that because when we have a new idea or want to try something out we don't have to switch systems, we just have to dig a little deeper into salesforce and they probably have a solution waiting for us already.
  • Salesforce is great at training! I love their trailhead and have used it a lot, especially when I was just getting to know the system. It is easy, fun, informative, and always there to teach me something new. I can also go at my own pace instead of many people's models of training through webinars that are almost always at inconvenient times.
  • Sometimes having so many options and features can be overwhelming for an organization as small as we are. There are days when I wish I could hide pieces or shut them off entirely so that they don't clutter our account.
  • Sometimes the Sales language doesn't translate very well to our non-profit world. While you could argue that we are doing a form of sales we really don't use typical sales verbiage or methods.
I think Salesforce is great any time you want to keep track of a large number of people and how they connect to your organization. This may not be great if you always work with the same 100 people and they are easy to keep a handle on or if you just don't have time to learn a fairly complex database. In that case, you may find a simpler system more worthwhile.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 17, 2019

Salesforce NPSP: Powerful, but not for faint of heart

Score 8 out of 10
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My nonprofit uses Salesforce for Nonprofits (currently NPSP 3, soon to be Lightning) to manage all donor information, including gifts, strategies, cultivation efforts, and more. We also use it on the program side for tracking student attendance, participation in events and programs, partner programs, school partners, and contact info/history. We use reporting to run mailing lists, invitations, and acknowledgment letters. We also use financial reporting to confirm quickbooks through integrations.
  • Broad information collection
  • Numerous integrations to common apps (Mailchimp, QuickBooks, GiveLively, etc.)
  • Not user friendly (Classic NPSP)
  • Reporting is easy once you know what you're doing
It is well suited to nonprofits needing a broad range of functionalities. For example, if you need donor tracking but also student tracking, Salesforce is a great option. You will always have more functions than you will need, but rarely will you be lacking one. For a small nonprofit, I would strongly recommend getting outside help to set up their Salesforce instance to their needs and to minimize any administrative functions needed, as it will take considerable time to manage Salesforce (less of an issue for larger nonprofits that can afford an in-house SF admin). If you do not need much functionality (for example, you just need to track donor information, giving, etc.) I would suggest something like Bloomerang, which is built specifically for nonprofit fundraising.
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Rusty Angell | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 11, 2019

Large churches can reach people with accurate and useable data management!

Score 9 out of 10
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We moved to Salesforce for all of our data and marketing needs as our database was growing increasingly large and we needed a more comprehensive solution. Salesforce is such a robust CRM that it allows us to tailor the entire platform to our use-case. Also, with the power of being the largest CRM, we are able to handle the amount of data we need.
  • Reporting - the ability to create customized reports that allow us to connect with our members is one of the most valuable features!
  • Integrations - Salesforce allows us to integrate apps that are not only built specifically for Salesforce but also connect to other outside apps. This ensures that our data is always up-to-date no matter where it is displayed.
  • Customizations - endless custom fields for our data and the ability to create custom user-facing websites built on our information make for a seamless experience for everyone.
  • Because Salesforce is such a large and powerful system I don't think as much attention has been placed on the user interface experience. I often find myself trying to figure out how to do things simply because the system is so complex.
  • Dashboards are useful but, here again, the simplicity with which to visualize my data is lacking. A more simple data visualization building tool would be helpful.
Simply stated: Salesforce is scaleable. If you're looking for a solution that will grow with your nonprofit then Salesforce is the right one. As your database grows for donors and volunteers you need to be able to build on a structure that can support that growth. From native integrations to additional add-ons, Salesforce is your one-stop-shop for managing all your data so that you can effectively reach your audience.
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Jillian Papa | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 18, 2019

SalesForce is helpful but not designed for researchers

Score 7 out of 10
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My organization currently uses SalesForce in a variety of ways. Our program and field operations team uses it to manage their contacts and organizations that they work with. In particular, it is used to manage grants provided since we are a grant-giving entity, that is a big part of what we do. Our fundraising and development folks use it to track donors and donations from individuals, institutions, corporations, foundations, etc. Our communications folks use it to connect with Pardot to manage communications with our network. It addresses the issue of having all of our customers in one place so that everyone can access and run reports.
  • Stores contact information. It's a CRM tool so it's great at keeping track of your customers.
  • The reports functionality is pretty good. You can easily build reports yourself.
  • It also connects seamlessly to Pardot which manages our communications with our network.
  • You can only export reports into 2 types, excel is one of them and I can't remember the other. But it's crazy that such an advanced platform only has two options to export, it's archaic in that way.
  • The dashboards you can develop are pretty weak. They look like they are from the 1980s.
  • You aren't able to do analysis in SF, you have to have certain addons which usually cost more.
It's good for basic fundraising, customer management, etc. I work in research and program evaluation and it's not great for surveys. We have had to have a few custom objects made to fit our needs and it's just not great. It seems we run into a lot of issues but we kind of had no choice.
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Edward Phillips | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 14, 2019

The perfect tool for nonprofits of all sizes

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Salesforce for Nonprofits as our exclusive CRM tool. Salesforce has provided a dependable/reliable solution for us! We are able to run all donations, campaigns, reporting, customer management, tasks, etc. through Salesforce!
  • Salesforce for Nonprofits has so many great free add-ons that enhance the experience!
  • Salesforce for Nonprofits' reporting tools are incredibly helpful and allow you to analyze your data in a very detailed way.
  • Salesforce for Nonprofits also has a lot of great partnerships, like with our online donation platform so all of that is able to sync automatically which saves us loads of time and money!
  • Within Salesforce for Nonprofits there could be some enhancements around soft credits for when a donor gives through a donor-advised fund.
  • Another enhancement would be how it works between accounts/contacts - this is not always seamless.
Salesforce for Nonprofits is the perfect tool for ALL nonprofits. It allows you to create a sales and customer focus in your fundraising which allows you to advance your mission! It could be less appropriate if you don't have someone that can ensure the accuracy of information on an ongoing basis.
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Kelsie Hamilton | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 14, 2019

One of the best Resource Management Systems out there!

Score 7 out of 10
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Review Source
We are a grantmaking organization. We use Salesforce to track our granting relationships, and eventually, to process the application and payment of the grant. We are a smaller team of 4 and all of us are in Salesforce daily, whether it's inputting notes from a call with a potential grantee, or creating payments for a multi-year grant by our Grants Manager. A special feature we added to our Salesforce is our Trip Planner. All of our grants are international. The Trip Planner allows us to add in site visits, trip details, and the organizations we visited during the trip. Essentially, it addresses relationship tracking, grants, and other data that we need to track as we give annually.
  • Customizable- we travel a lot, so we were able to add in a Trip Planner tab to track.
  • Reports function- at its base, I can get reports very quickly
  • Ease of use- we have a range of ages and experience on our team and it's been a simple process for everyone to be on-boarded.
  • Dashboards- although I've figured them out, only 1 or 2 people on the team actually know how to build and use them. I'm sure that I could use some more help on this.
  • Note taking- we are on a lot of calls with grantees. Logging a call or adding a note can be tedious. Currently, there are no functions to help organize, bullet-point or bold certain sections.
  • Tasks/Notes- they've been pretty much useless to the team. I can see the benefit of them, but they're really clunky to use.
I've used other CRMs and databases for 2-3 other nonprofits I've worked at. Ultimately, Salesforce offers the most dynamic resources and ability to adapt and customize. If you're a team or nonprofit that wants to be more flexible, learn and adapt and use your CRM to lead the way, Salesforce for Nonprofits is the way to go. It is pretty pricey compared to other CRMs, so take that into account. It'd be less appropriate if you want to use Salesforce for only simple tracking and if you're a smaller nonprofit.
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Geoffrey Seiler | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 11, 2019

Salesforce -- Great tool for a Global Organization

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Salesforce to plan and organize our accounts, events, external partners, and record keeping. We additionally use the system to act as the primary contact database for our global organization. Lately, we have implemented the service console to also use Salesforce as our primary customer response tool and to automate certain consistent financial transactions used by our business.
  • Excellent contact management database that allows one to quickly sort, group, and manage different stakeholders and organizations.
  • Service Console provides an easy global solution to transfer customer concerns to the appropriate individual or teams.
  • Reporting features are used to provide consistent updates regarding our events, customer service, and travel.
  • Improved version histories could help prevent miscommunication or revert undesired changes
  • Was difficult to implement across our offices around the globe, and we've had some difficulties in ensuring that all offices are using the tools in the same way.
  • Over-customization makes can make integration with other systems more difficult or impossible.
Salesforce is the industry benchmark for contact management systems for Nonprofits. It's a wonderful tool to be able to manage work, travel, finance, reporting, and contacts for global organizations and national organizations. A diverse and malleable tool, excellent Salesforce administrators can turn this system into the most important tool your organization has. However, you will want to ensure global understanding of the use of various fields and explore the possibility of integrating systems like Oracle prior to over customizing your Salesforce instance.
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Kevin Scally | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 28, 2018

One CRM to Rule Them All

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Salesforce for Nonprofits is used by the marketing and development teams in the US and UK. This is our central donor database, housing all donor information, transaction information, preferences, campaign history, and has numerous integrations with different payment processors and vendors. We also have a custom one page application that powers all online transactions and APIs for telemarketing and face to face fundraising.
  • Dynamic search
  • Integrations with third part apps
  • User management
  • Complex reporting often times out
  • Many features still require developers to build out - would like to see Salesforce create simpler interfaces for non-technical users
  • Limited storage - Salesforce requires you to pay for more storage, which gets very costly
Salesforce for Nonprofits is well suited for nonprofits who want to have the ability to deeply customize how their data is entered and how it is used. Because it's Salesforce, you have a ton of native functionality to work off of, but also can connect with a vast network of developers who can help customize it.

Salesforce for Nonprofits wouldn't be ideal for a small nonprofit that wants a turnkey database / fundraising solution, as it requires other applications to be installed and some customization.
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Jeff Govert | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 27, 2018

How Salesforce Improved our Organization

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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We are using Salesforce to manage our entire organization's flow from sales to project management to mass communications. It makes us more efficient and it is our institutional knowledge.
  • Visibility, we can see at what point any of our projects are at and we can see what was done and when leveraging chatter.
  • Ease of flow, our environment was created to streamline our work flow and it does it. Once one process is completed the system moves the project to the next group/phase.
  • Ease of use. the system is intuitive and we find that the learning curve for new employees is very straight forward. The system walks you through your processes.
  • We occasionally struggle with marketing cloud. It is a very robust tool and does not always seem to work well for our needs. We are working to improve it but it is proving to be a challenging tool.
  • Chatter has worked very well for our organization as it provides a history of all that has happened in the system. We attempted to consolidate all communications in one platform (chatter) but employees are not as comfortable using the solution for everyday communications as it part of our system of record. It does work for social communication but our staff is not comfortable using it.
  • Some of the integrations that we try and do are difficult and fragile at times. There has been improvement but integrations are always a concern.
It is great because you get all the power and functionality you can ever need and at an amazing price point. This can also be a problem as you can get overwhelmed with all the capabilities and get buried in the possibilities. You need a clear plan and clear requirements and stick to them. Once the system is up and running and your users are comfortable then you can look to improvements and changes but only once you have total buy-in.
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Lindsay Solomon | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 01, 2018

Salesforce For Non-Profits is a part of everything Musicians On Call does!

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
Salesforce is a part of everything Musicians On Call does. We manage volunteers, donors, partners, and everyone in between through the Sales Cloud. We have also integrated it with Pardot to streamline our marketing needs as well as use third-party apps like TaskRay to help keep our team on the right track!
  • Customizable to our needs
  • Integrates well with third-party apps
  • The latest Pardot in Lightning integration has been buggy, but we are still able to use Pardot in the native app
  • Some tools need to be moved to Lightning still, but you can always switch back and forth
Salesforce is perfect for any non-profit with an appropriate budget. The 10 licenses donated to non-profits helps, but it will need a bit more investment to get the most out of it. I don't see a reason why any non-profit would go with anything else, to be quite honest.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 21, 2018

Salesforce is Amazing

Score 7 out of 10
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We used it as a CRM solution to track donors and meetings to be able to find possible leads and follow up as needed. We also used it to track gifts and keep organized as new employees started and left the organization. It was our go-to tool for the development process.
  • Keeps track of notes.
  • Helps build a pipeline of potential donors.
  • Makes sure no information is lost during transitions.
  • Was quite hard to put in place.
  • Had some trouble training new staff.
  • Vocabulary and terms varied from our old CRM solution.
There are more robust tools on the market, but Salesforce for Nonprofits is the perfect starting ground for those who do not have a CRM already in place. It takes your team to next level and allows you to know what is going on in the organization at any given time.
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About Salesforce for Nonprofits

Salesforce for Nonprofits, the Nonprofit Cloud, is a nonprofit constituent relationship management platform from Salesforce, which supports constituent engagement, fundraising, and grants. Nonprofit editions contain Salesforce Lightning Edition along with the former Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) combined.

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