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Dérick St-Hilaire | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio is mostly being used by our marketing department to increase our nurturing, sales respond, trials knowledge and to monitor users actions. We are only starting with the solution and are planning many more applications towards mutliple channels and department in the organization. This tool has a lot to offer for multiple department across the organization.
  • Offers multiple features
  • Has something for every department
  • Automation
  • A/B testing and targeted content
  • The reporting isn't clear
  • Difficult to implement
  • Has so many features you can get lost easily
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio has something to offer to every organization. It has features to help your marketing department, your support team, your sales, finance, etc. This solution covers everything and can be used by every companies. The fact that they scale the pricing to your needs and desire makes it personalized to your organization and makes it easier to purchase.
Salesforce relies too much on third parties and these third parties aren't evaluated. It means that when you need help, you must find a partner and don't even know if the quality of that partner is good or bad. I know they are thinking about having their own experts and that would be great. Thankfully their online help is vast!
Score 8 out of 10
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Marketing Cloud by Salesforce is the best email marketing platform to send customized emails. The triggers, notifications, and real-time personalizations work very well. It helps you analyze the prospect and the touchpoints. The machine learning capabilities from Interaction Studio are amazing. It helps in analyzing the customer journey and outbound orchestration. The visualization and reporting with the Marketing Cloud are really simple and cool. With this platform, we have created a lot of leads and positive responses. This is an extremely useful platform for all size businesses.
  • Analyzing the customer journey is really a good help; it helps in revisiting the strategy.
  • Outbound orchestration across all the touchpoints; these are really helpful insights
  • Real-time personalization and machine learning capabilities from Interaction Studio add on value in Marketing Cloud.
  • Too much input from ML distracts you from the existing strategy.
  • Tool expertise is required, not very easy to operate.
With hundreds of features, interaction across email, mobile, advertising, and the web is very smooth. It really helps in analyzing customer touchpoints. It helped us in generating a lot of leads with a timely change in strategy and personalization.
Support is one call away from the user.
Steven Wilson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Alert Logic is currently using Evergage to provide a personalized user experience on our website. We are also utilizing the tool for A/B testing and overall user experience enhancements.
  • Easy to implement A/B tests
  • Tracking a visitors browsing history
  • The ability to create user segments based various criteria (Location, date, time, visits etc...)
  • Build complex front-end campaigns with HTML, Javascript/JQuery and API.
  • The reporting can be confusing at times.
  • More 3rd party integrations would be great.
Evergage is great for A/B testing, web personalization and overall user tracking. I feel like it still needs some help in the reporting and analytics department if this is your only tool for that.
They have always been helpful in answering any question I throw at them. Being able to call and talk to a live person helps tremendously.
Todd Ballowe | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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OnStrategy uses Evergage in our web-based strategic planning application to enhance user experience and present timely in-app notifications for a variety of purposes.
  • User behavior analytics
  • Custom web-based messaging (campaigns)
  • A/B testing
  • The UI is not particularly user-friendly.
  • The HTML/Javascript code editor for campaigns is finicky.
Evergage can be used/implemented successfully in a wide variety of websites/web applications. While they are geared more towards e-commerce, there is room to use Evergage in other scenarios.
Sarah Fisher | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Our marketing and product departments used Evergage and I managed it from the Marketing side. On the product side, it allowed them to track user engagement and serve up targeted messaging to users. On the marketing side, we used it for personalization of our website. They were just getting their Marketo integration ironed out, so we struggled with that in the beginning. Once you get Evergage rolling, it's awesome. But be prepared, you really need some dedicated resources to manage it- it requires building a lot of content and campaigns to be effective. But like any software, you have to put the work in and fully utilize it to see real results.
  • Great customer support. Our account manager was very hands on- I even went to their offices for a training day.
  • Many choices for customization- pop-ups, inline, on-exit,etc.
  • Reporting
  • Marketo integration was very clunky when we first launched Evergage.
  • UI isn't the most intuitive
  • The campaign builder was finicky and a little difficult to use.
Evergage is great for any organization that has the resources and commitment to building out personalization campaigns. Once the content is all rolling to website visitors, it's very effective for fueling leads and engaging customers (especially in-app, if you have a software product). But it's not just sign up and go. Be prepared to do the work.
Ben Alvord | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use Evergage on our corporate website. Management of the platform is centralized on my team, but multiple members of the marketing team generate personalization ideas for us to execute on the site. With Evergage, the key business problems that we address are marketing directly to the key industries that we target as well as the key geographic regions that we target.
  • Geographic targeting - we use Evergage to promote regional events to only those users who close enough geographically to attend the event in question.
  • Industry targeting - we place users into industry segments and present those users with demand generation assets targeted to their specific industry.
  • Account based marketing - Evergage allows us to change elements of our website to specifically target users who are from companies on our targeted account list.
  • The platform is pretty complex. For less technical users, there is a somewhat steep learning curve.
  • There are good tools available for testing, but I still struggle with using them.
As stated before, the platform works very well for regional and industry based targeting. Evergage allows you to bubble up CTAs targeted at the specific user, or you can even just modify content on a webpage to better speak to that user. For instance, the content on our pricing page changes slightly for those users who are in the EU, as opposed to US.
Chris Martin | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use Evergage across nearly all of our websites, including those we build and control for major financial institutions' cardholder loyalty rewards programs. Evergage empowers our Marketing Department. In lieu of a ridiculously complicated CMS system, Evergage puts control that should be in the hands of the Marketing Department actually into the hands of the Marketing Department -- control over the ability to deliver a personalized UX, A/B/n testing, user segmentation, and more. We just could not do a great many things without it, in some cases because a particular use case might simply be technically impossible for our web developers to implement within the existing code base without having to rewrite chunks of code and make significant back-end database changes, etc., -- all very time consuming and always an important resource-related ROI consideration.
  • Evergage plays nicely with most code frameworks and has been very stable. The only situation in which we could not (yet) find a way to use Evergage is in conjunction with Handlebars.js templates.
  • Enterprise-level data security considerations are well-handled by Evergage. Trust me... as a top-level PCI compliant company that builds travel loyalty solutions for major US banks, we have no greater concern than data security.
  • "No flicker" synchronous integration is a VERY important feature Evergage offers -- I'm unsure if any other competitors offer the same as I think Evergage has a patent on this. So when the webpage loads, users don't see the original page contents flash before being replaced with personalized/alternate contents.
  • The powerful user interface is easy-to-use and comes in two flavors: a more traditional CMS-style "admin" view and an on-page WYSIWYG view.
  • Test use cases in the browser prior to going live.
  • It's easy to build and measure A/B/n tests, either as rule-based tests, or as % split testing.
  • I love the ability to create user segments based on "sentence-style" logic structures that incorporates actions, KPIs, even third-party data.
  • Evergage is built to accommodate everyone from non-technical users to coders. Use the WYSIWYG editor to bring things to life, build complex front-end use cases with Javascript/JQuery, or use the API for control from the server side.
  • Documentation could be more robust... I would love to see more detailed how-tos that get more technical than the basic use cases.
  • More out-of-the-box third-party integrations would be nice. I would love to see analytics integration with my favorite Heap Analytics.
We have not yet come across a use case Evergage is not well suited to handle. In fact, its flexibility is such an asset, it may be used in ways that go beyond what it was originally built to accommodate. While we have used Evergage to deliver pop-ups and modals, info bars, callouts, and in-line content swaps on the page, we have also used it to completely rebuild entire website pages with fully responsive CSS and server-side integration via API calls. We have also used it to bridge the attribution gap between website usage and offline (call center) transactions -- something we never could adequately solve prior to using Evergage.
  • Self-taught
Our questions have always been answered and effective solutions provided. In the process, we always seem to learn something new about Evergage that is useful for future use cases.
Melinda Cormier | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use Evergage within the marketing department to create dynamic and personalized web experiences for our website visitors. Our goals vary for each campaign, but we aim to increase engagement across our site using targeted messages that are displayed in a variety of places. We're using the Evergage tool for in-line messages that appear within the page content itself, infobars on both the top and bottom of the site, as well as some non-intrusive pop-up style messages. Each campaign can use different message types and messaging so we often use A/B testing within the campaign setup to track performance and engagement. We design each campaign with the user in mind, to provide helpful relevant content, that also promotes additional engagement whether through an online trial, software download, or other content such as white papers, videos and blogs.
  • The user interface is easy to navigate and understand, as well as their campaign setup tools.
  • Their ability to scrape your website to pull relevant items to be used in dynamic campaigns is incredibly helpful and saves a lot of time.
  • Their support team is fantastic. They always provide fast and easy to understand solutions to our problems or questions.
  • Some of the reporting functionality could use some work, but they are making vast improvements.
  • The catalog user interface for available promotable items could benefit from the ability to customize the viewable columns and add filtering.
  • The amount of time that Evergage considers a user's session to be active could be increased. I find myself having to log back into the tool multiple times throughout the day, as I will leave the tool to check emails and during that time, I get logged out.
Evergage is a great tool for any organization looking to personalize their website visitor experience without replacing their existing web CMS. The tool works along side your existing web content to help promote relevant offers to the right people. Organizations with a lot of content (blogs, white papers, videos, etc.) will probably benefit most from the dynamic campaigns available in Evergage, as it allows you to create campaigns that promote your existing content with a variety of advanced functionality.
The support team has always answered our questions fast and with an easy to understand solution. Regardless of how simple or complex our question is, they provide a helpful and clear answer, that solves our issue every time. I frequently refer back to their email responses, as the insight they provide, specifically for advanced dynamic campaigns, is something we use repeatedly.
Brian Rogers | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Evergage has had a variety of usage. The core of it for me is data - even if we don't actively log in, I know Evergage is going to log the data so I can get it. I'm actually hiring a data analyst (will be on my team but will do analysis across entire company). One of the things I'm going to have them do is get a data dump from Evergage and perform a cluster analysis on the behavior in order to determine our personas.
In regards to messaging, we've dipped our toe but haven't gone completely in the pool yet. We are a product and design first company, so as you can imagine there have been some internal struggles on where in-app messaging should come from. That said I'm excited to say we've finally figured it all out and product is proactively working on ways to create locations in the product for Evergage to drive dynamic content.
  • Cohort reports - I used this to find out our demo plan on our website is in fact a freemium plan! Apparently many people who sign up for our free plan and don't activate still find it valuable enough to use on a regular basis. Very cool!
  • Segmenting - I love the power of Evergage's segment tool. For example, once I learned our demo plan has a core user base using it as a freemium tool, I wanted to know more! Who are they? What do they do? With Evergage I was able to answer both of those questions.
  • Messaging - As I mentioned earlier in this review we're just now really moving forward with our messaging, and the first one is related to the above two bullets! As I was able to identify a "freemium" user base and then learn how they use our product, we're now going to engage them and offer them training via small group demos, and we'll use Evergage to deliver this message at the exact right time - so we can encourage freemium users to do more but not get in front of people who are still demoing the product! So, because of Evergage we identified a segment of users and are going to greatly improve their experience with our product and company.
  • UI - Evergage is very powerful but it can take time to learn. It's definitely worth the effort, but it is something they need to improve.
  • Annotation - I've had a ton of people ask me "What does this event label mean in the product?" so I'm setting up a google doc to share with the company. I would prefer to make it easy for everyone to learn that all right in the app - maybe a description and possibly screen shot if it's a jquery selector.
  • Importing - I do all sorts of analysis on our customers outside of evergage. I wish it was easier to upload a CSV and users or accounts w/ membership on the list or insert new data fields, etc.
  • Account Type - please enable storing account type against both users and accounts, would make segmenting so much stronger. Also need to allow grouping of account types - we have many different plans as we're 10 years old and have legacy accounts still active, so trying to segment on account type is very difficult. We're going pass a separate account type field to both the user and account level to get around this, but it's more engineering time and the less of that the better!
If you want to understand how people use your site or product, then analyze that behavior to determine a real-time engagement strategy, and then engage, Evergage is for you.
David Fallon | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Evergage is a unique product that is being used mainly in marketing automation and web personalization, but also short-term content management and online content testing. In the marketing department, it is used primarily as a channel to distribute marketing campaign content to our website, such as banners, infobars and popups. But, Evergage's software can segment users in real-time based on a variety of factors, so we also use it to target specific offers to segments of our users. In addition, the Evergage WYSIWYG setup allows non-technical marketers to build content for our websites and test content versions against each other. Often, a content test will lead to an element our web developers can prioritize adding to our websites based on how effective Evergage showed the content to be. For instance, after extensively testing infobars through Evergage, we determined they are an effective marketing medium and so we had them built into our website architecture for more extensive use. Finally, Evergage's add on products such as Promote allow us to easily provide web content in real time that would be very difficult to build into our site, such as "trending now" or "recommended favorites" bars on our site.
  • Data gathering and provision. At the last Evergage conference in Boston, presenters made a point of saying that Evergage doesn't want to gather the information but restrict its use to within the Evergage platform; rather, they want it to provide that data for other SaaS platforms to consume and use. This is a powerful distinction, because not only is Evergage a product providing its own capabilities, but it can also help power the capabilities of platforms like email service providers, remarketing programs and analytics programs.
  • Extension of web capabilities outside of a release structure. So, if you want short-term content added to a site that would take weeks for developers to release, Evergage can fill the gap by allowing marketers to build and deploy web campaigns as needed.
  • WYSIWYG and on-page editing browser extension. This can make the complicated process of building a campaign easier for those less-code-friendly marketers. It's not perfect, and knowing even rudimentary HTML/CSS/javascript code would definitely enhance what you can do with Evergage, it is still highly usable without this knowledge and can allow marketers to do technical campaigns without a ton of technical background.
  • Proofing and quality control. Possibly because of all of the capabilities of Evergage, it is easy to accidentally deploy things that break in a website. Marketers are usually very quality-conscious, but those without a development background may not know all the things that can go wrong on a website when they accidentally redefined a CSS class, for instance. Testing a campaign is complicated and requires a split between testing creative and testing the rules that drive the appearance on the website, because if you add the rules and creative together proofers often can't see the content because they violate the rules.
  • Some parts of the product are still being rolled out and bugtested. Fortunately, Evergage's technical support is highly responsive and, when a bug is identified they fix it or provide a workaround quickly. But, as the product is growing we come across bugs occasionally that need someone to troubleshoot and resolve.
  • WYSIWYG limitations. While the WYSIWYG is great, it can also be a crutch that leads to problems. Often, when a non-code-technical person builds a campaign with the WYSIWYG, it produces complicated, repetitive and wasteful code. Then, when a coder needs to expand the campaign, they end up wading through this code trying to make sense of it and clean it up. Sometimes, starting off with code would be easier, but Evergage's automatic indenting and code "helper" software can get in the way as well, inserting spaces where they don't belong or throwing unnecessary errors.
Young/small companies can especially leverage Evergage to expand their web capabilities without a ton of in-house resources. Evergage can also help a developing site seem more "fresh" and cutting edge by giving it capabilities that are currently only available on the big-brand company sites because they have the resources to develop them. For instance, Evergage products can mimic the recommendation engines of large retail sites, or it can provide cool animations or surveys, or it can make elements of the page appear and disappear depending on a person's behavior. With this, even an extremely small startup or non-web savvy company can look as cutting edge as their largest competitors.
Eric Harrington | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Evergage is used by our sales, marketing and on-boarding teams. For sales, it helps us track trial engagement. We're able to score how deep our trial customers are going with TeamSupport. For marketing, we are able to see how well our features are being utilized. For on-boarding, our team can determine how effective the training is, and find opportunities for improvement.

We also utilize the API to pull stats into our TeamSupport account, and monitor engagement scores.
  • Email notifications based on rules are an excellent way to stay proactive about your customer base. Churn is an important metric to manage, and we're able to get email alerts when we see activity trend below a certain level.
  • Feature adoption/feedback provides direction and customer alignment. Knowing what features customer use most, and also which ones they may not allows for some level of self serving decision making, or proactive engagement with all customers, or certain segments.
  • Engagement stats in the early stages of the customer lifecycle streamline new customer on-boarding. It's extremely important that new customers use the software they have purchased, so that the roots can take hold and spread though the organization.
  • I'm actually really pleased with the product. We've been customers before the brand change, and the app/company has come a long way in a short time.
If you run a SaaS business, this is a critical tool. With minimal investment of time and money, you can quickly get very useful insights into how your customers are using your app. Otherwise, you're flying blind and can expect to have rough waters ahead!

The API integration was very easy. We spent less than a week putting the hooks in place, and see production results.
Jacob Carlisle | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We are using Evergage as a way to reduce customer contacts, track errors, solicit feedback and track the effectiveness of our tools. We have a large aging system that requires a lot of developer time to maintain; Evergage allows us to quickly implement changes and test the effectiveness of those changes. We have also recently begun using Evergage as a way to track error messages appearing to our customers. This allows us to gage the impact and scope of a particular error.
  • Build campaigns with little to no developer time.
  • Allows us to easily add self-service to a page or application.
  • Gives us the power to do more than use their campaign builder, it allows us to add our own JavaScript to a page, again without waiting for sprints to end.
  • It can be a bit painful to set up initially. It took us a bit of back and forth with our development teams and Evergage to get it working properly.
  • There are some wonky issues with users, it might just be our setup but it seems like users with "lesser" permissions have trouble logging in.
Evergage is really well suited for environments where development time is hard to come by. We have found it's a great way to test an experience before committing the dev time to building something out. This has also allowed us to track customer actions and flows that Google Analytics has failed to reveal.
Josh Soupir | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use Evergage for real time marketing, personalization, and testing across four websites. It has helped our entire department grow revenue and conversion rates.

We initially signed up for the A/B and multivariate testing capability, but soon discovered the power of the tool. Recommendations and real time marketing have become a huge part of our marketing strategy.
  • Evergage is agile and easy to use, even with little coding experience.
  • The segmenting tool allows for pinpoint campaign targeting.
  • Recommendations provide an easy way to increase revenue.
  • Implement more integrations with other providers.
  • Add additional info to the reports to make them more robust.
  • Get small bugs in the UI fixed.
Evergage is well suited for anything you need accomplished quickly and effectively. If you diagnose an issue or opportunity on your site, you can often kick a campaign off within a half hour. It has helped us avoid customer issues many times.

It isn't great for testing huge site changes like redesigning your product pages.
Josh Thompson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Litmus uses Evergage to pull in data about how our customers are using our application.
We use this data to get predictive information about churn (or churn possibility) and to see how tweaks we've made to our application are being received by our customers.
It's used primarily within the customer success team, though we report to the rest of the company with data provided by Evergage.
The business problem addressed is "what do our users do inside our application?"
  • Individual-level data. We can see exactly what the individual user has done what inside our application.
  • In-app messaging, based on very selective criteria. We can pop up notifications about billing and account expiration.
  • I've had problems logging into my account before. I'm asked to updated my chrome extensions, but... they're up to date, and I get the same error no matter what browser I use. This is (presumably) quite easy to fix, and is not a problem with Evergage itself, just some problems logging in.
  • Evergage is a lot to use, but hard to become proficient and knowledgeable in. I feel like I am only scratching the surface of its potential.
SaaS companies seem like a strong market. I'm not an expert enough (yet) in evergage to extrapolate into other businesses its use, though on the surface it seems like many companies would benefit from this kind of insight into their users.
Nicole Stratford | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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We mainly use the pop up feature. We have several messages for different users driving them to sign up for our newsletter, view an article, take part in a live event, or to deliver a client goal.
  • Gives non- tech users the ability to create messages and pop ups that would otherwise need to know how to write code.
  • Captures segments of users than can be used for messages and for tracking.
  • Customer experience manager always prompt in getting back to us.
  • Weekly training service offered.
  • Were offered extra support and the ability to get pro service (although we have not gotten access to this yet) due to several emerge issues described on next page.
  • Rotation and priority feature does not work together. First we had the rotation feature and were told excellent news that we ALSO have ability to prioritize. However, this was not true. The rotation feature actually turned off when priority became available. Nobody told this to us and our users were getting multiple messages one after an other. I sent in several tickets to support and they kept on sending responses like " I am sorry I can not seem to replicate the issue." It took months and getting our customer experience manager involved to have Evergage tell us the reason was because we can not use both features together. All of our staff got multiple messages so I am not sure why support could not find the issue during testing. Now Evergage turned rotation back on for us but we are not able to use the priority feature. It seems odd that we can not use both.
  • Actions did not work due to old mapping. I created several actions and realized the messages were not being shown on the current pages. I had to shut down all of my campaigns and I was then told it was due to having old mapping. I think the mapping should be looked out closely for clients and should be remapped frequently to avoid the issues I had.
  • I would like to see a master campaign rule feature. I have so many campaigns and I can not prioritize easily and put into the system mechanisms that will effect all my campaigns. I guess priority was going to try and solve that but we can not use it.
  • The front end user interface is is sometimes buggy. The move to back and move to front button does not work for me or my associate. We end up creating messages in Photoshop and placing them as images but I imagine this is not ideal to members who don't use Photoshop.
  • The support used to be very very fast and efficient last year. In the past year several months I have seen messages not get answers or issues not getting enough attention. It seems due to the growth of Evergage that the support area needs more engineers.
For us it's really about the pop up messages. The inline and call outs are great features but we haven't taken advantage of all it has to offer yet.
Ajmal Kohgadai | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We use Evergage to personalize our website. We personalize it by industry, geography, and behavior. Evergage helps us optimize and improve website conversion rate by providing the right offer to the visitor tailored to his industry or behavior signals.
  • Evergage has great reporting
  • Evergage integrates with a lot of our other marketing analytics tools
  • Evergage is relatively easy to use, and doesn't require technical know-how
  • Evergage can improve its ability to segment different audiences and combine segments to create cross-segment audience
  • With Evergage, you're limited to using Chrome. If for any reason, Chrome isn't working, then Evergage won't be of much use if you need the visual editor.
Evergage is a great b2c tool, but with a bit of creativity and experimentation, it can also serve well for a b2b company.
Raymond Walker | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We use Evergage to add personalization to our static website. We are also using it to perform A/B and Multivariate testing. It was easy to implement and gives us great insight into our customers.
  • Recommendations based on purchases and website visits.
  • Great insights on our customers.
  • Solid A/B testing tool.
  • It takes some creativity to craft more difficult tests.
  • Reporting is always improving, but still has lots of room for improved usability.
  • Backend management of tests and site changes can be cumbersome.
Evergage is great if you are just starting a testing organization. It is simple to implement and quickly powerful. It has a great suite of tools. Evergage may not be right if you don't have staff to support it.
Israel Kloss | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Evergage fills a space in the analytics market like no other product I've tried.

As an analytics expert, I've tried many different products and I really push products to their breaking point because I know JavaScript and Apache Server features and configurations that many analytics systems simply replicate.

While many people will not have the demanding requirements that I have for Evergage, I really have put it through the paces and pushed the support team to get me top-notch data exports for our predictive analytics projects. And you know what? They have delivered.

After two years of using the product at two companies (I requested it at my latest job and got it), they just keep adding critical features like: UTM tracking, custom variables, custom event support, API enhancements, improved online support and the ability to export both events-based and user-based tracking (without the annoying TOS Google Analytics is now requiring for tracking by userID).

They've even recently added the ability to "bucket" into segments by event occurrence. This is huge for our A/B testing and multivariate analysis of the numerous "personas" and "affinities" that we know about our users/visitors by ID.

Oh and did I mention that they generate unique user IDs for all anonymous visitors and they will overwrite that system ID and use the user ID you indicate when you know the visitor's user ID and configure Evergage to use it? For customer analysis and sales optimization, this is irreplaceable.

Basically, I'm now an Evergage fanboy (or "net promoter") but I actually have no affiliation with the company.

  • Accurate data measurements
  • Tremendous marketing segmentation capabilities
  • Amazing API
  • Strong cross-platform integration with numerous major (and minor) products
  • Powerful user insights
  • Easy data exporting
  • UI is poor
  • Data visualization needs a complete overhaul
  • Need to add landing page and visitor city data to their CSV data exports
We're pushing Evergage to it's limit to tag and segment visitors by numerous person (and factor analysis) requirements and it's performing beautifully. It's a newer analytics product so I have been impressed by their ability to really add the features I want as an analytics professional without getting sidetracked by unimportant features. Not sure if they are getting customer's feature requests, but if not, their intuition for the "next thing to add" is amazing.
Score 8 out of 10
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We use Evergage across our multiple retail websites to deliver personalized recommendations. Evergage provides customer product recommendations on various pages of our sites -- from product detail pages to search and checkout.
We also use it to populate personalized recommendations in emails. Showing the customer products they are interested in, or that have some relevance to their previous purchasing or browsing behavior, delivers a much higher ROI than showing static items to all.
  • Easy 'zone' placement can be integrated into mast any platform quickly.
  • Recommendations given are relevant and useful to the customer.
  • Creative assistance is an issue with both timeliness and a lack of communication.
  • They could be much more pro-active in suggesting new features to use.
Well suited for any online retailer looking to deliver personalized recommendations to increase conversions and/or average order size.
It's pricey, so not well suited to smaller companies. Also would not make sense for those with a shallow product selection. The beauty lies in bringing out the most relevant products to the customer -- which really only makes sense if you have a deep selection.
Jackie Megnin | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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As a resort that offers so many products and has hundreds of pages of content, we use Evergage's personalization capabilities to serve relevant content to customers to enhance the user experience.
  • Real-time personalization
  • A/B Testing
  • A responsive and helpful support team
  • Addressing responsive needs without enlisting the help of Evergage support team
Evergage allows us to target our 4 key personas that require a different voice and content in order to drive KPIs. Evergage also allowed us to identify new personas and quickly set up these segments to serve relevant content.
Elise Beck | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Evergage to serve our customers targeted messages about new product features and enhancements within our software. It helps us promote general awareness and increase adoption of many of our features.
  • Targeting! Evergage has so many ways to segment and target our customers.
  • I like that Evergage allows us to monitor how our customers are interacting with our software (what features they use most/least). It helps us make sure our targeting is smart!
  • I aso like the Evergage selector tool. It makes it easy to make sure we're tracking the right things correctly.
  • When I'm editing a campaign, it can be really slow to load which is frustrating.
  • I wish there was more training. It's hard to stay on top of all that Evergage can do.
  • This is partially our own fault- but our mapping in Evergage is very complicated and sometimes I feel like the targeting isn't totally accurate because of it.
I think Evergage is really awesome at serving up targeted messages. It's also great at collecting data and making sure that the targeting is really perfected, but sometimes I feel like the data collected by Evergage isn't the most reliable and it'd be better to leverage our actual database to understand customer interaction with our app.
Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
We use Evergage to provide personalized experiences on our website. We also use it for A/B testing as well as for the visitor cloud, which enables us to track user sessions back to the individual.
  • Customize a webpage based on the visitor’s history
  • Alter parts of the site to optimize for conversions
  • Track a user’s browsing history
  • Reporting interface is confusing
  • Not as easy to make design changes as we’d like
  • Hard to set up conversion goals on a global level
Good for websites that have complicated user journeys. Helpful for websites with varying conversion paths. Not good if you don’t have technical expertise.
Chad Mirmelli | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
Our product marketing team is the main engine behind the use of Evergage, but our customer success department (which falls under sales) is also using the platform to engage with long term and large clients.
  • Provides helpful analytics for tracking user activities
  • Provides customizable in-app messaging for gaining customers attention
  • Useful A/B testing tools for implementing new UX/UI changes
  • A bit more hand-holding on setup for campaigns
Consider how much hands on customization a client will be doing, and the amount of time the key point of contact will have to work on Evergage.
Rob Sherman | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Evergage is currently being used by our customer service department and will be expanding to our marketing department. Evergage is deployed on an internal SAAS subscription application and we have plans to extend it elsewhere. We're primarily using this solution to gain insight and transparency into our user engagement for accounts and the users within the accounts. We're able to get detailed information about how our customers are using our application which can be used to tailor customer onboarding experiences, find unspoken issues clients may be having and identify those customers that are fully engaged. We're able to integrate this information into Salesforce so our sales front-line and our customer service (which also use Salesforce) has relevant information at their fingertips. Besides a tracking and reporting kind of transparency, Evergage has an amazing ability to highly target and segment users and provide in-app messaging at the right moment. It's these kinds of messaging opportunities that promote better overall engagement.
  • Little to no IT resources needed. We choose Evergage because of their strength in how their product works. IT has very little daily support of this product which makes it an ideal solution to put in the hands of non-IT people to grow and manage it's use.
  • Excellent support. Getting setup with Evergage and fully utilizing it takes time but they have outstanding support. Good dedicated people and an ever-growing knowledgebase that is extremely helpful and well illustrated. I can't ask for more from an IT perspective because my non-IT users have at least 3 avenues of support from Evergage before involving me.
  • Simplicity of design. Evergage is always improving their user experience and greatly simplifying what users have to do in order to do highly powerful and complex things. The segmenting tools are dead simple and creating a messaging campaign (in browser, and directly on your site) is really easy.
  • Integration and API are big strengths as well. It already integrates with SalesForce, NetSuite and a few others right out of the box to make that easy to get or integrate information across platforms. What struck me as amazing is that Evergage has a great REST api so you can push a lot of custom data to them and really use them as a complete engagement platform.
  • One of Evergage's best features is it's ability for non-technical people, through a Chrome-Browser plug-in, to create a user-interface message within (or popup) on a website. The type of message is super flexible, it can be intrusive, or subtle, you decide. I love this feature but it could still use a bit more work in trying to make it easier for non-technical people to use it. The learning curve on this feature is tough but really rewarding if someone on your team is comfortable doing it. I feel like it needs a "Basic" and "Advanced" mode.
  • I'd like to see more customization available on the Evergage homepage dashboard. It's a bit locked down but it would be nice to setup and see other measurements there.
  • One thing I'd like to see is the ability to create some custom reporting at the account and user level so I could export to PDF / Excel for use in meetings or empower our customer service people through client conversations.
I think Evergage is extremely well suited for certain scenarios. One outstanding scenario would be a subscription product with a user-base, and you're unsure of your user adoption or, how your users are interacting with your product, it's features, where and what they click on. Another great scenario would be If you want to also trigger messages based on what targeted users do on your site. They have a very powerful segmenting tool and in-app messaging tool to deliver rich media messages (plain text to video or both) to highly targeted users. Evergage is also very well suited for a public facing website where you are trying to build lead generation and you want to measure the success of your funneling because you'll be able to see how far along users are getting and can even target returning users. Evergage has built themselves a wonderful tool for marketing users trying to push anonymous users into qualified leads through a public site, and for user adoption and growth on a private logged-in site.
There are many support options with Evergage. They have a really great knowledgebase and support system. I can try to find the answer on my own 24/7. I can submit a ticket for support and have had very fast response times, often times with links, to-do steps, illustrations / screen shots. We're given contacts for different people within Evergage to reach out to for additional help if needed. Recently we've been given a dedicate account manager to help us directly and give us escalation options if needed. I keep seeing improvement in support and am really happy about that.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Evergage is primarily used by the marketing department. We use it for onsite messaging, and A/B site testing. It helps us increase conversion rate and with lead generation.
  • Evergage has a great user interface that is easy to use for those of us who do not have a coding background.
  • Evergage has the best support of any tool I have ever used in my 10 years as a marketer.
  • Evergage continually updates their product based on the feedback of its current users.
  • Evergage could have better data exports.
  • Evergage Audience analytics could be in a better format and showcase similarities in a more visual format.
Evergage is a great on-site testing and recommendation tool. Not only does it help with A/B testing on the site, it also helps easily personalize a site for your audiences. I think it works well with smaller marketing teams as their support is like having a personal Evergage analyst to help keep you on track and complete projects that may be above your Evergage knowledge.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage + MyBuys) Scorecard Summary

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage + MyBuys)?

Evergage and MyBuys is now Salesforce Interaction Studio.

The vendor states that their cloud-based platform is designed to empower marketers to increase engagement conversions of website visitors and users through real-time personalization based on deep behavioral analytics...without the need for developers. The Interaction Studio RTIM solution boasts powerful real-time segmentation and sophisticated AI to determine and deliver contextually relevant experiences that inspire customers to take action.

Salesforce says companies use Interaction Studio to tailor interactions with customers and prospects to increase loyalty, engagement, and conversions. Using real-time cross-channel personalization and machine learning capabilities, Interaction Studio adds to Marketing Cloud’s customer data, audience segmentation, and engagement platform.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage + MyBuys) Features

  • Supported: Behavioral Tracking
  • Supported: Segmentation
  • Supported: Targeting/Personalization
  • Supported: Recommendations
  • Supported: Testing
  • Supported: Analytics/Attribution

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage + MyBuys) Downloadables

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage + MyBuys) Competitors

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage + MyBuys) Pricing

Starting Price: $199

More Pricing Information

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage + MyBuys) Technical Details

Deployment TypesSaaS
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, 6178772514
Supported CountriesUnited States
Supported LanguagesEnglish

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage + MyBuys)?

Companies use Interaction Studio to tailor interactions with customers and prospects to increase loyalty, engagement, and conversions. Using real-time cross-channel personalization and machine learning capabilities, Interaction Studio adds to Marketing Cloud’s robust customer data, audience segmentation, and engagement platform.

How much does Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage + MyBuys) cost?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage + MyBuys) starts at $199.

What are Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage + MyBuys)'s top competitors?

Adobe Target, Kibo Personalization (Monetate), and Qubit are common alternatives for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage + MyBuys).

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage + MyBuys)'s best feature?

Reviewers rate Availability highest, with a score of 10.

Who uses Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage + MyBuys)?

The most common users of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage + MyBuys) are from Mid-size Companies and the Computer Software industry.