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Most Helpful Review

Mon Oct 29 2012 12:01:18 GMT-0500 (CDT)

October 29, 2012 - There is a clear step function increase in the measurable output of sales in each country it rolls out in. It’s different depending on country. There is an order of a 50-70% increase in direct attributable revenue to marketing plays, i.e. the conversion rate of the identified plays is 50-70% higher. Since marketing provides a portion of sales leads, the overall lift in sales productivity is 2-15%.

Overall Satisfaction with salesPRISM

Overall salesPRISM Rating : 9 of 10

It’s been a huge advantage to them to be global at such an early stage of their development. They keep improving the product from level of customer interaction. They are a little overstretched but I think they’ll grow into it.

salesPRISM Pros

  • Ease of use. It is a no brainer for our sales teams. They go through just 10 minutes of training. It is very prescriptive and clear. There is a minimal amount of flipping to get through what they need to. Everything is just on one screen.
  • Integration to The level of integration today is moderate. It integrates opportunity to opportunity. As soon as a sales person converts, it flows.
  • They are highly responsive as a vendor. If there’s a field that we want to add, they will adapt the product for us very quickly.
  • The model for professional services (fee based) is very flexible. It’s as much as you need. They advocate high service level for ramping new regions, and are very flexible with feet on the ground and helping out.

salesPRISM Cons

  • Reporting integration has been a challenge. There are mismatches and different filtering on data. We are always trouble shooting the reports. We get different things in to Lattice. In general reporting is not very flexible – it’s too canned.
  • We have always had capacity and bandwidth challenges – latency – when ramping up in new countries. Lattice have been able to flex by adding server capacity. For example, we had situations in Brazil and China where it took 45 seconds for button clicks. We had rolled out to 100s of sales people and there was mass level of complaining. I don’t think they’ll make that mistake again.
  • Lattice are talking about deeper integration with Marketing Automation platforms like Eloqua. The vision is however very rudimentary right now. The vision is not valuable yet.

ROI on salesPRISM purchase

  • There is a clear step function increase in the measurable output of sales in each country it rolls out in. It’s different depending on country. There is an order of a 50-70% increase in direct attributable revenue to marketing plays, i.e. the conversion rate of the identified plays is 50-70% higher. Since marketing provides a portion of sales leads, the overall lift in sales productivity is 2-15%.
  • We have not done a global ROI analysis – each country is looking at it. In America, ROI is probably 4-5x.
  • There are parallel paths from marketing to sales. Sales plays through lattice which are more outbound call plays. In these the rep often has to find the contact. We tell rep to call this account, but not necessarily a specific identified person. Most of it is to house accounts. Calls plays fall into different categories – retention, growth acquisition/Greenfield (where we have something very modest installed but less than 10% of potential). Leads are specific individuals who raise their hand and request follow-up. They go through a different path to Lattice.
  • I think it works best when there are a couple of factors present: 1) Where we have a relationship business, where sales does know who to call, they just need help prioritizing between accounts; 2) It works very well as you get to medium to small segment of customer business, where you have one rep that covers at least 100 accounts and up to 500. It really helps them prioritize. In strategic account territories (with very finite numbers of accounts), they don’t need as much help, though they still find the value in the 3rd party data.

Likelihood to Renew salesPRISM : 8 of 10

It is a significant investment and there’s always budget risk. It’s definitely a high return, however if funding gets cut to the bare bones, it will not be the last thing to go. Marketing is the one investing in lattice, and there are competing investment priorities.

Using salesPRISM

salesPRISM Users and Roles

4000 - Rolled out globally to sales team.

salesPRISM Support Headcount Required

4.5 - We have one full time person in each region of the world – Americas, EMEA, Asian Pacific – it’s not enough – we should have more. There’s also a project manager and a half time IT person.

Key salesPRISM Use Cases

  • At a very basic level Lattice Engines prioritizes the outbound call plan for sales teams.
  • It targets both inside and outside reps, but is more directed towards inside sales.

Evaluating salesPRISM and Competitors

Products Replaced by salesPRISM

We did not have a specific software package per se for this purpose but had configured to do a little bit of what Lattice does. - We had developed a custom module/tab in called Sales Plays for calling plays. It was very rudimentary. It gave reps a list of accounts to call with some information. There was no intelligence behind it. Intelligence had to happen offline outside of We used a variety of analytical frameworks depending on the goal of the play. Ranged from things as simple as a list of accounts with warranty expiration, to a range of propensity targets that our BI team theorized would be good targets.

salesPRISM Implementation

salesPRISM Implementation Rating and Lessons : 7 of 10

While the training is very easy, we had to do a lot of heavy lifting to really scale it. It’s been a bit of all hands on deck. We have had the marketing team walk the sales floor to get training to happen. Our challenge was having the bandwidth, however once it’s done it’s done.

salesPRISM Implementation Details / Implementation Partner

  • Vendor implemented
  • Implemented in-house

salesPRISM Training

Methods Used for salesPRISM Training

Online training

Additional salesPRISM Customization

We have customized page layouts to make them specific to our company required data – non-standard in product, naming conventions specific to our company. It was very easy. They did it all.

salesPRISM Support

Overall Support Rating for salesPRISM : 9 of 10

It's very good. They are very responsive. They aren’t pushy on providing too much. They are very transparent about what you’re getting and paying for.

salesPRISM Premium Support

Yes - They offer a graded support level. Every quarter you can change support level.

Using salesPRISM

salesPRISM Usability Rating : 7 of 10

It is very easy to use. Sales people really like the interface. For marketing not as easy to use due to the reporting. It’s a little bit difficult.

It’s not very set-up for marketing users who need a full on view of all sales users. It’s not like where you have marketing admin access and can create dummy profiles and dummy accounts. It’s really designed for just a sales rep and their account set.

salesPRISM Reliability

salesPRISM Availability Rating : 10 of 10

We have not had any outages.

salesPRISM Performance Rating : 7 of 10

Because of the international latency challenges described earlier.

Integrating salesPRISM

Systems Integrated with salesPRISM

Our own custom order management system as we do not store order history in This integration was a multi-year effort. – easier to achieve, but still not without challenges

Relationship with Lattice Engines

Key Negotiation Points

We’re still negotiating as we keep bringing business units together. They were negotiating with each region individually and we’re trying to collapse. We’re blazing a trail on a graded cost structure.
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The Lattice team, pre and post sales, was great - absolutely dedicated to high levels of service and continuous improvement. We had a great team mentality to win.


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Overall, very happy with this product. Used by our top reps with great success. Proven ROI. Lattice is always open to integrating new data sources to make the analytics even more accurate.


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I recommend using the tool regularly to colleagues. If you have a gap or have a weak pipeline, I always recommend starting prospecting activities with SalesPRISM.

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4.5 out of 0 - 5

Increased efficiency and less pre-sales preparation. The predictive model gave me the tools I needed automatically.