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Most Helpful Review

Wed Oct 16 2013 16:48:51 GMT-0500 (CDT)

October 16, 2013 - The Lattice team, pre and post sales, was great - absolutely dedicated to high levels of service and continuous improvement. We had a great team mentality to win.

Overall Satisfaction

Overall salesPRISM Rating : 9 of 10

Lattice is a great team - they get in bed with you to WIN.

salesPRISM Pros

  • As I mentioned, the software identified high potential customers and focused our reps on better opportunities.
  • It increased the velocity of sales of our new reps substantially. They spent much less time prospecting and much more time discussing real solutions with our customers

salesPRISM Cons

The product performed fine - at times change management was difficult. That said, The Lattice team did a great job supporting us through this change.

ROI on salesPRISM purchase

We were looking for >20% ROI overall and >$300,000 in incremental revenue in the first 5 months of implementation. We blew past the $$ target. I left CCH before we had meaningful ROI results.

Likelihood to Renew salesPRISM : 10 of 10

In my new position I will certainly be calling the team from Lattice to help me identify high potential clients and drive the change through the sales force that is needed.

Product Usage

salesPRISM Support Headcount Required

3 - We had three DB specialists managing the BI component and a working team of several product managers and sales and marketing leaders that met weekly to review the results with sales teams. Suggestions from this group would be provided to Lattice.

Key salesPRISM Use Cases

  • We used Lattice engine to identify customers with a higher likelihood to purchase our products based on rich transaction history. With 100s of products, Lattice was much more effective in mining our transaction history and zeroing in on customers with high potential
  • We found that the product also really helped us make our NEW sales reps much more productive more quickly. Their prospecting focused on high likelihood to close customers

Evaluation and Selection

Products Replaced by salesPRISM

This was a greenfield installation. We believed in the power of predictive analytics. - N/A


salesPRISM Implementation Rating and Lessons : 10 of 10

The implementation hit the milestones we established. Lattice was VERY committed to helping us make sure what we committed back to the organization was met.

salesPRISM Implementation Details / Implementation Partner

Vendor implemented
We worked with Lattice to get the data collected and structured - they were with us every step. Once the data was ready we passed it over to Lattice and they ran with it.


Methods Used for salesPRISM Training

  • Online training
  • In-person training

salesPRISM In-Person Training Rating : 10 of 10

Please see my answers to the previous question. We had very good feedback from our product management, strategy and sales leadership and reps regarding our training.

salesPRISM Online Training Rating : 10 of 10

Our sales teams really enjoyed the in-person training sessions. Ongoing support was also available to them. We had weekly follow-up meetings with sales leadership and the Lattice team was always there to help course correct us when we got off track.

Additional salesPRISM Customization

I don't believe there was much customization. Our data needed massaging and structuring but once that was done the rest was pretty much standard fare.


Overall Support Rating for salesPRISM : 10 of 10

The Lattice team really became part of our project. They did a great job leading us when needed and also supporting us at all hours weekdays and weekends.

salesPRISM Premium Support

Yes - We paid for ongoing support because we decided that it was in our best interests to have predictive analytics experts on our team. The incremental costs were worth it.


salesPRISM Usability Rating : 10 of 10

The product is part of a service. The team from Lattice did a great job of supporting us and of delivering the results we set out to attain. They became an integral part of our success.


salesPRISM Availability Rating : 10 of 10

The product didn't go down.

salesPRISM Performance Rating : 10 of 10

The Lattice team kept the timelines we agreed to and pushed the envelop to deliver ahead of time when we needed it.


Systems Integrated with salesPRISM

  • The intent was to integrate with Salesforce - I left CCH before that integration took place.
  • Our own in-house systems that fed the data to Lattice.
Please see the answers above

Future salesPRISM Integration Plans

We had customer service transaction databases that we wanted to integrate with but I'm not sure that happened after I left the firm.

Vendor Relationship

Key Negotiation Points

Confidential - I can't speak to terms, however, Lattice was very flexible in the number of plays they gave us.
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January 14, 2014

 74 |   0 |  0
4 out of 0 - 5

I recommend using the tool regularly to colleagues. If you have a gap or have a weak pipeline, I always recommend starting prospecting activities with SalesPRISM.

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November 15, 2013

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 36 |   0 |  0
4.5 out of 0 - 5

Increased efficiency and less pre-sales preparation. The predictive model gave me the tools I needed automatically.

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October 16, 2013

 114 |   0 |  0
4.5 out of 0 - 5

The Lattice team, pre and post sales, was great - absolutely dedicated to high levels of service and continuous improvement. We had a great team mentality to win.

Read Christian Wolfe's Full Review
October 2, 2013

 74 |   0 |  0
4.5 out of 0 - 5

Overall, very happy with this product. Used by our top reps with great success. Proven ROI. Lattice is always open to integrating new data sources to make the analytics even more accurate.

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October 29, 2012

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 253 |   2 |  0
4.5 out of 0 - 5

There is a clear step function increase in the measurable output of sales in each country it rolls out in. It’s different depending on country. There is an order of a 50-70% increase in direct attributable revenue to marketing plays, i.e. the conversion rate of the identified plays is 50-70%...

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