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Dorea Zalesak profile photo
Dorea ZalesakInside Sales Commercial Account Manager (Print & Personal Systems) | 10,001+ employees

8 of 10  |  1/14/2014
  • Prospecting Prioritization - helps predict what companies may be great prospects for sales based on trends and outside information.
  • Central location for information - compiles custom fields to easily see things like purchase history, contacts, and news articles in one place, so it limits my time spend researching before cold calling.
  • Integration with - integrates into our CRM tool so I can make notes on conversations, create opportunities right out of the tool, and also assign follow up items seamlessly.
Prism is really as good as the information that is fed into it. We have had issues with contacts being recognized between Prism and Salesforce, but it was due to he information we loaded. I would love to see more competitive information, though I think that is something we need to work on internally.
I recommend using the tool regularly to colleagues. If you have a gap or have a weak pipeline, I always recommend starting prospecting activities with salesPRISM. The toll helps focus on large opportunities with a high likelihood to purchase, and its integration with helps our reps find the right contact and get a snapshot of the company history quickly, so they can get more calls out in less time.
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Authenticated ReviewerAccount Manager in Sales | Information Technology and Services | 10,001+ employees

9 of 10  |  11/15/2013
  • UI is very simple and easy to navigate.
  • The ramp up time for use on the product was extremely quick.
Speed and fluidity of the product. When updating pick list values it sometimes took 5 or 6 seconds to validate before moving on to the next step.
Review if your company has enough data to provide salesPRISM predictive analysis.
Christian Wolfe profile photo
Christian WolfeVP Business Intelligence & Strategy | Computer Software | 1001-5000 employees

9 of 10  |  10/16/2013
  • As I mentioned, the software identified high potential customers and focused our reps on better opportunities.
  • It increased the velocity of sales of our new reps substantially. They spent much less time prospecting and much more time discussing real solutions with our customers
The product performed fine - at times change management was difficult. That said, The Lattice team did a great job supporting us through this change.
Lattice is a great team - they get in bed with you to WIN.
Matt Sullivan profile photo
Matt Sullivan | 10,001+ employees

9 of 10  |  10/2/2013
salesPRISM is provides a great way to target accounts that are likely to buy that product. By identifiying key account attributes you can narrow down a large potential pool of account candidates to an exact one for reps and marketing to target.
The UI is not user friendly and does not fit incredibly well into SFDC. That said, with some use, it gets easier. Columns of key data presented on the accounts should be more standardized and sort from largest to smallest.
Overall, very happy with this product. Used by our top reps with great success. Proven ROI. Lattice is always open to integrating new data sources to make the analytics even more accurate. Saves us a great deal of time and probably money if we had to do this ourselves. Lattice is doing good work by VMware. Thanks guys!
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Authenticated ReviewerDirector in Marketing | Computer Hardware | 10,001+ employees

9 of 10  |  10/29/2012
  • Ease of use. It is a no brainer for our sales teams. They go through just 10 minutes of training. It is very prescriptive and clear. There is a minimal amount of flipping to get through what they need to. Everything is just on one screen.
  • Integration to The level of integration today is moderate. It integrates opportunity to opportunity. As soon as a sales person converts, it flows.
  • They are highly responsive as a vendor. If there’s a field that we want to add, they will adapt the product for us very quickly.
  • The model for professional services (fee based) is very flexible. It’s as much as you need. They advocate high service level for ramping new regions, and are very flexible with feet on the ground and helping out.
  • Reporting integration has been a challenge. There are mismatches and different filtering on data. We are always trouble shooting the reports. We get different things in to Lattice. In general reporting is not very flexible – it’s too canned.
  • We have always had capacity and bandwidth challenges – latency – when ramping up in new countries. Lattice have been able to flex by adding server capacity. For example, we had situations in Brazil and China where it took 45 seconds for button clicks. We had rolled out to 100s of sales people and there was mass level of complaining. I don’t think they’ll make that mistake again.
  • Lattice are talking about deeper integration with Marketing Automation platforms like Eloqua. The vision is however very rudimentary right now. The vision is not valuable yet.
It’s been a huge advantage to them to be global at such an early stage of their development. They keep improving the product from level of customer interaction. They are a little overstretched but I think they’ll grow into it.

salesPRISM Description

Lattice salesPRISM enables sales forces to better prioritize leads based on their likelihood to buy. It assembles a complete 360 degree view of prospects with rich information from the Lattice Data Cloud. It then delivers intelligent, dynamic sales plays to reps that explain what products a lead is likely to buy and what talking points to use to get the deal done. It integrates directly within the CRM system Sales is already using.

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SalesPRISM and Salesforce Integration

SalesPRISM is a very popular BI tool for sales teams, and Salesforce is one of the most widely used enterprise CRM tools. So if you're already a Salesforce user and evaluating SalesPRISM (or an existing SalesPRISM user and evaluating Salesforce) these reviews can be invaluable for knowing what worked and what didn't, what to anticipate and how best to prepare. For more specific details, click through to read the whole review.