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Edward McCallister | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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In our company, it is extremely important to have access control and to be able to manage the login of all the services and platforms that we use for business purposes. I believe that SAP Access Control has been an essential software for us, since all our employees in our company can have guaranteed access to all company services without the need to put labor information at risk, in addition, SAP Access Control allows us to enhance , optimize and have a wide administration of access control of the users who work for us.<br><br>SAP Access Control is implemented in all sectors of our company, but it is being managed by our technological sector in order to have a good configuration of the automation of the processed data, in addition, to be able to detect and solve all kinds of risks that occur. in accessing SAP and third party systems. SAP Access Control offers us a broad visualization of the problems that can arise during the login and that can be tragic to comply with the business processes. I am very happy with the ability that SAP Access Control has had to help me maintain a totally secure login and to help me to have a broad compliance with the activities of my employees.
  • I love the highly automated way SAP Access Control has to monitor my employees' access to any of the platforms we use at our company. SAP Access Control has an automatic monitoring which is able to tell me exactly the gaps in the login, what problems the employees are having during the login and also gives me an instant solution to the problem. This function is very important, it detects gaps in a matter of seconds without having to do anything at all.
  • SAP Access Control adds much more streamlined security for all my employees' login. All keys are encrypted and have an encryption code that is impossible to break. Adding additional security to my employees 'logins is extremely important, it maintains job security and allows my employees business data to be kept secure at all times.
  • Every time my employees try to access a platform that we use in our company, an alert will be sent to my SAP Access Control interface, in order to authorize the login. This feature is amazing, as it adds as a second-pass authorization to be able to maintain a comprehensive login and to be successful in data protection.
  • I wish SAP Access Control had greater ease when using this platform for the first time. It is true that the SAP Access Control functions are very effective and do not have any type of errors during their application to control the login, but learning how to use the functions is quite a challenge, since it is somewhat complicated . I hope that SAP Access Control integrates new manuals or courses to learn how to use the platform.
SAP Access Control offers a job guarantee that many companies wish they had. Obviously I would recommend this platform to anyone, SAP Access Control is a very advanced service to control the login of the services used in a company, it has a very good work structure and helps employees to have a login with automated encryption. SAP Access Control is a platform a bit difficult to use, it is not easy to make the configurations so that you have a good protection of the users' passwords, however, I would recommend that the person who is thinking of using it in your company, hire a team in charge to make the implementation and its use easier in the short, medium and long term. It is a worthwhile platform, it protects all employee data and adds extra security to the login, in addition, it monitors employee activity with applications integrated to SAP.
December 30, 2020

SAP Access Management

Goldy Verma | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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SAP Access Control is used to manage user access to SAP systems and LDAP. This tool ensures compliant user provisioning for SAP systems and also acts as a PAM (privilege access management) tool. With some front-end customization, this tool has the capability to cover most of the business requirements related to access management.
  • Access risk analysis
  • Access request management
  • Business role management
  • It still uses the webdynpro for the front end. All webdynpro applications should be migrated to Fiori for a better user experience.
  • Some functionalities can't manage in mass way. I.E. building derive roles/multiple single roles,
  • Interface with LDAP is not efficient.
  • For managing access for SAP systems.
  • In combination with SAP IDM/ third party IAM systems for ensuring compliant user provisioning (CUP)
  • For designing and building SOD conflict-free SAP roles.
  • Setting up a flexible workflow for managing access orders.
  • For privilege access management /fire fighter functionality.
Score 10 out of 10
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SAP Access Control is being used across our company as a whole. My department (sales) uses this software as an add on to Oracle. SAP Access Control allows Human Resources (HR) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to work together in performing a risk analysis and also to carry out periodic reviews for compliance.
  • Safeguards private company information.
  • Helps every department of our organization to prevent and detect risks.
  • Help reduce data access from unauthorized users.
  • Process/ Workflow Automation.
  • Requires a great deal of SAP knowledge and takes time to learn.
  • Best if you have SAP experts to assist with setup and maintenance.
This software enable easy configuration and management of users. SAP Access Control has helped to maintain segregation of duties across different domains within SAP. It is very appropriate for Human Resources and Sales to connect with. There is an ease of use in receiving and forwarding expenses and credits among different employees.
SAP provides a great deal of customer support. I highly recommend investing in this software. I am impressed daily by how much easier SAP Access Control makes different parts of my job role more efficient. SAP's technology is constantly evolving and upgrading. It is nice to grow with a product that is continually making work processes easier and better in the long run.
February 14, 2020

SAP Access Control

Score 7 out of 10
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We use SAP Access Control across the whole organization. It makes user management simple and cost effective. Role management, user management, risk analysis and workflow management are very simple. It can be integrated with IDM and SAP NetWeaver for more cost-effective user management. You can manage business roles and emergency access management easily with SAP Access Control. BRFplus and MSMP functionality make user request/role assignment request approval easier and more convenient.
  • ARA: Access Risk Analysis with global and customized rule set.
  • Emergency access management with well-organized reason code facility for audit.
  • Role development is not that convenient.
  • Initial configuration more complicated.
If your organization has 5 or 10 SAP systems then it would be better to use centralize SAP AC/GRC to manage everything together. With a one-time effort all systems can be managed. SAP AC can be connected to HR and Active Directory to pull user data automatically instead of creating everything manually. For end-user usages this tool is more user friendly also. You can also use other add-on services like Process Control and Global Trade Services. The newer version AC 12 tool can be well integrated with S/4HANA for complete access control management.
This product fulfills all our requirements. We can use this for user management, role management, risk analysis, business role management, workflow management. Initial configuration takes a lot of effort. Otherwise it's a great product for the end user. SAP Access Control tool performance needs improvement, sometimes it slows down the processing time for requests.
Luis Cruz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We are using SAP Access Control on a company with about 800 users. The main problem to solve is to assign privileges to users according to their job function, keeping the segregation of duties well managed. The aim is to cover all the organization operations in five countries. The business problem SAP Access Control deals with is fraud due to excessive access privilege. When you look at about 2000 transactions available on SAP, to select the right ones to every employee is a daunting task. Those transactions you select for every employee get registered on SAP Access Control and this allows the required monitoring to keep from changes on the original design. The changes can occur accidentally or intentionally, either way, they are controlled through SAP Access Control.
  • Segregation of duties is the first thing. SAP Access Control allows to declare couple of transactions that can not be assigned together because they represent an action and an authorization for the action. Using these Segregation of Duties rules allows SAP Access Control to report on users that do not comply with a given rule.
  • Workflow for access management is second. The provision of new users, new roles or the changes made to roles can be streamlined on the application. This allows the implementation of effective and efficient procedures to meet all access requests.
  • Monitoring on super user activities. Using SAP Access Control, we can remove to IT personnel all the super user privileges. If the occasion arises and someone for the IT department requires super user privileges to solve or troubleshoot a problem, a special role is assigned temporally to him. SAP Access Control keeps a log of the activities performed during the time the IT user works with the in the temporary role, allowing complete monitoring on super user activities.
  • SAP products in general are not user friendly. SAP Access Control is no exception to this. Even though the use of the Netweaver interface is a big improvement on user interaction, the presentation of big amounts of data could be improved (list of roles, information of values assigned to authorization object fields, and the like).
  • Regarding functionality on Access Control, the product is about complete; I cannot think of anything else to add to it.
SAP Access Control is suitable for organizations with more than 100 users. At this user amount it begins to get difficult to keep track of the roles assigned to every user and the satisfaction of segregation of duties rules on every role assigned. If the number of users extends the hundreds, the cost of assurance of the right privileges assigned to every user rises exponentially. Failure to implement a solution like SAP Access Control in an organization will result in the execution of fraud cases. If a company is not managing access privileges with a tool like SAP Access Control, I suggest keeping a record of loss events related to excessive privileges. This record will justify investment in the product.
Score 8 out of 10
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SAP access control is being used in our organization to manage user access and mitigate related risks.
  • Data access certification
  • Automation of user access
  • Emergency access monitoring
  • The learning curve can be a bit steep
SAP Access Control is great for organizations that have a large number of users requiring varying levels of access. It is less appropriate for very small companies with few users.

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SAP Access control streamlines the process of managing and validating user access to applications and data with minimal support from IT.

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