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Xavier Martinez Balart | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 22, 2020

SAP Ariba need to improve integration

Score 8 out of 10
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We are a group of companies, and SAP Ariba is used in all the purchase process in all of them. We have a department that organises the purchases for all the companies. Before implementation, we had several applications for the process, and we had problems with the integration between these applications. With SAP Ariba we have substituted them for a unique application, where providers and internal users can manage the purchases for all the organization.
  • Web design. You need only a browser for accessing from public internet or inside the company
  • Processes are well defined for every case
  • Scalabitity
  • APIs for integration with legacy systems
  • More integration with other SAP functionalities
  • Ariba documentation must be more detailed
We needed integration with our legacy systems. We needed to send and receive files to/from them. SAP Ariba doesn't have any functionality to upload or download information. If you want to upload/download some information to SAP Ariba, you must use the API's functionality. But these APIs are not easy to use. They take a long time to be executed and in some cases, the documentation of them is not easy to find. You need SAP help to get your development working. It is not so easy as SAP S/4.
We needed several interactions with them to get information about API integrations. They don't understand our business requirements (we thought these requirements were obvious but it seems that not). They gave us information that did not meet the requirements and we had to start over again. Finally, we got the right information.
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John Bevilacqua | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 21, 2020

SAP Ariba Procurement Review

Score 9 out of 10
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We use Ariba in conjunction with our client, Panasonic, who uses Ariba as part of their procurement operation. The application is being used primarily by our billing department, but other members access and use the application. The application provides information with regards to purchase order status, payment status, and whether other information is required.
  • Updated Purchase order status.
  • Updated payment status.
  • Update regarding information which is missing.
  • More information capacity.
  • Items missing are not always plainly obvious to viewer.
  • Processing is not always in real time.
The Ariba program is part of an overall procurement operation at Panasonic. It appears to address their needs with regards to purchase order processing, approval, and payment. The program is not always flexible or capable when information elements are missing or not inputted properly. Report tracking is not always comprehensive.
The support is both on a self service and external type. We have not used the external type as yet. The self service support appears to be good. We are fortunate in that we have not needed to utilize on a frequent basis. The program does provide input and rejection when items are not correctly input.
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Kavita Thakur | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 04, 2020

Amazing Software!

Score 8 out of 10
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We use SAP Ariba Procurement for making payments to our vendors. It's easy to make payments, pull reports and manage vendors and payment effectively
  • Contract and payment management
  • Customized reports
  • Sometimes its a bit difficult to navigate
  • SAP Ariba Procurement is not fit to be used for direct purchasing PO document transactions.
Sap Ariba Procurement is suitable for making payments, managing contracts, etc.
We only have internal support for SAP Ariba Procurement. I don't think I have ever connected directly with the SAP Ariba Procurement team outside our company.
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Prashant Choudhary | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 19, 2019

Ariba the hub for imroving procurement efficiency and sales aggregation, and technical prowess

Score 9 out of 10
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Ariba was referred to us by a client as they liked our services as an aggregator. It was then that I got to experience Ariba. It is a really good software for procurement, it eases the work of the purchase department in any firm across many fields. As a sales rep you can easily see what items need to be quoted to the client, and as a purchase guy you can monitor unquoted inquiries by vendor and notify them to do the same within specified time frame. This is a good console for vendor and quote management for the procurement team, it simplifies the work and facilitates ease of work flow monitoring and awarding the work to best quotation as per the procurement managers needs, it has good analytics and insights as well for a procurement department.
  • Eases work of monitoring quotes pendency.
  • Facilitates ease of comparison between different vendor quotes.
  • Ease of invoicing and Purchase Order creation.
  • Good platform to keep track of all work flow stages of procurement, as in which order is in which stage and compare delivery pendency.
  • Difficulty for unskilled employ to use, when I first used it , I needed to be guided.
  • Complexity in structure for use.
  • Secrecy of data I feel is a point, for example I as a sales person can monitor all pending orders from my clients or open for quote items, even if they are unrelated to my firm. I suppose there must be some option to correct that from the client end in order to prevent loss of privacy, thereby I think it's a bit complex to use.
Ariba is well suited when procurement is a day-to-day activity for large manufacturing and mining firms. Most of our clients that use this are from the same sector, we have clients like Vedanta, Hindustan Zinc and Zawar Mines, who have us as an aggregator and vendor, we provide services of aggregator for their existing vendors and provide in-house materials as well. In the case of a large conglomerate this product works sufficiently well, also it eases the work flows of both vendor and the client throughout the quoting - negotiation - ordering - invoicing - delivery process.
There were quite a number of times where I had login issues with the site for no reason at all, there are sometimes bugs on the home screen that you have to refresh the web page to get rid of, Ariba support needs to up their game, for this is a software being employed in big leagues and has to be developed to stay worthy of it.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 27, 2019

SAP Ariba - The Future for Procurement

Score 8 out of 10
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SAP Ariba has been implemented in our organization to replace the existing SRM Module used for Procurement - managing vendors, suppliers, and invoices.
  • Provides a standard solution.
  • Cloud-based.
  • Can be expensive.
  • Needs user training to use the application.
The benefit needs to be evaluated - on how much benefit would implementing Ariba provide. It helps in simplifying the complex processes - supplier and vendor management in a big company. It's not suitable for smaller companies having simple processes in place.
SAP has been helping our organization to move towards Ariba and has been providing immense support.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 28, 2019

P2P with Ariba Procurement

Score 8 out of 10
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Ariba Procurement is used for end to end, Procure-to-Pay process in our organization. This tool is used by the whole organization. Before, we had a manual purchase order process which was tedious. After the implementation of Ariba, the approval process has been smoothly and effortlessly managed with quick turnaround time. Orders get approved, processed and placed within no time.
  • Paperless purchase order process
  • Approval hierarchy can be managed with ease
  • RFX process which is complex in nature can be managed smoothly
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis can be done in Ariba
  • Ariba tool allows global pricing for all the products
  • Make it simpler for suppliers to participate in eSourcing
  • Reporting can be enhanced
  • Ariba can be more user-friendly
  • Price needs to be economical

For a complete RFX process which involves multiple vendors/suppliers which requires various hierarchy approvals. then Ariba Procurement is the right choice. Ariba Procurement helps to place orders from multiple businesses within the organization with a smooth approval process. Allows processing of paperless purchase orders.

Ariba is not suitable for purchasing products in small companies. There are also opportunities to enhance the reporting in Ariba Procurement.

Ariba Procurement integrates buyer and seller module process for the entire organization. Searching a product, placing an order and tracking the invoice is fully automated. It's the best tool for e-sourcing and vendor management.
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Prabhjyot Singh | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 26, 2018

"Ariba Is The Complete Contracting Lifecycle Management Software"

Score 9 out of 10
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Ariba Procurement is the best Software which is currently used in most of the organizations like Accenture, BMS, etc. It is an end to end solution starting from PRF to Contracts and then procurement and PO's. SAP Ariba is a cloud-based tool and also accepted worldwide. It can also be integrated with any existing ERP tool or back-office system as it extends their functionality and allows users to share processes and collaborate with trading partners towards a more competitive business commerce. With Ariba Procurement, users now have a simple, smart, and open way to connect all systems and stakeholders through the powerful global Ariba Network. Being part of this network enables users to reduce costs, mitigate risks, and get products to the market thanks to comprehensive solutions such as the integration of sourcing and product design teams, item cost tracking, contract compliance enhancement, supply availability tracking and assessment, and reduction of excess inventory, among many others.
  • It supports strategic solutions such as request for information (RFI), request for proposal (RFP), and request for quotation (RFQ) as well as e-auction services.
  • A cloud-based spend management software solution designed to help companies control spending and achieve goals.
  • It helps in selection and ordering, purchase order approval and delivery and billing.
  • While using the tool, we also have the need for client support or supporting our end users. I personally believe the customer support experience should be better.
  • Should have more features like working on all different browsers like Firefox and IE more efficiently.
  • Reporting functionality should be increased and have easy access.
  • Access to the system after getting approval.
Ariba Procurement is an end to end product cloud-based product. With this tool, we can collaborate and share internally, collaborate and share with suppliers on a single platform, track events and get alerts – this feature is useful for risk management. On the other hand, there is no hesitation to recommend this product.
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Adriana Paez | TrustRadius Reviewer
May 01, 2018

Ariba Procurement reviewed by an SME

Score 9 out of 10
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Ariba Procurement has been used across the whole organization, with a few exceptions of certain countries where we have Joint Ventures.
  • Ariba Procurement consolidates the Procure to Pay process
  • Ariba Procurement provides great spend visibility
  • Ariba Procurement has good reporting features and is user-friendly enough that end-users can run reports and exports these reports to Excel
  • Ariba Procurement allows vendors to enter their own invoices.
  • Ariba Procurement could be more user-friendly. Currently, it requires at least 1-hour to train external users to enter their own invoices in the system.
  • Ariba Procurement could improve on the eSourcing module, making it simpler for suppliers to gain access and participate in the events.
  • Ariba Procurement could improve the SAP > Ariba communication. Certain actions done in SAP are not communicated back to Ariba.
  • The Credit Memo process could improve. When credits are created (CM-CWT) they are reflected in Ariba, but SAP does not fund the actual order.

Ariba is well suited for all indirect types of spending.

For direct spend, however, such as logistics, Ariba Procurement does not offer enough of the required fields. It seems that Ariba Procurement cannot offer solutions to match the complexities of the direct spend or the solutions offered require customization, which can be costly. The SAP support is very costly.

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Sachin Aggarwal | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 20, 2017

Overview of SAP Ariba Benefits

Score 7 out of 10
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SAP Ariba is an online solution catered to delivering a cloud-based procurement platform for the needs of both buyers and suppliers. It is touted as one of the world’s leading business commerce networks where businesses of all sizes can connect to their trading partners anywhere, at any time, and from any application or device to buy, sell, and manage their cash more efficiently than before.

SAP Ariba combines industry-leading cloud-based applications with the world’s largest Internet-based trading community to help companies discover and collaborate with a global network of partners. Companies around the world use the software to simplify inter-enterprise commerce and enhance the results that they deliver.

  • Dynamic discounting
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Supply chain collaboration
  • Too costly
  • Quite slow
SAP Ariba offers to give management solutions and expertise that reveals everything about a company’s spending habits and uses that knowledge to help users negotiate better deals. Users are also connected to a diverse network of high-quality suppliers who can lower costs for goods and services while minimizing risks while ensuring compliance. There is also the financial chain management which utilizes new capabilities, intelligence, and global reach to transform liabilities into strategic assets.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 31, 2018

What you should know about Ariba Software

Score 7 out of 10
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Ariba software is used by the recruitment department in my organization for recruiting new personnel for various positions as the need arises. Ariba is used in identifying suppliers who are market leaders in quality, service, and cost to ensure market transparency. My company uses the software to receives bids on our clients' products. This bids have a deadline. We are to then gather all necessary documentations and take note of the commercial costing site where we run our pricing once completed the bids will be returned back via the same platform. We also communicate with client while using this tool.
  • Cost Reduction: Definitely this goes well as you are able to get different suppliers with different pricing and you can now select what pricing best suits your present needs.
  • Supplier management: Different suppliers can be easily manage from one tool.
  • Suppliers enjoy visibility of the recruitment bidding process. One can also save the time to respond to online emails by using the platform to communicate with clients.
  • The system we use is not user friendly, you need a detailed tutorial to understand the processes better.
  • Once the network is not so great, it can take a while trying to upload a document to the cloud.
  • User interface
Well suited for meeting deadlines, if you chose to participate. Suitable for negotiating better pricing using by comparing average pricing from suppliers for a particular product. It also ensures supplier compliance to company preferred terms reconciling PO, invoice, PO, receipt & contract. It also reduces supply chain operation costs. Rather than spend resources in putting together the suppliers' needs everything can be controlled online.
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About SAP Ariba Procurement

SAP Ariba's Procurement capabilities are to provide innovations in guided buying and spot buy, plus supplier and catalog enablement, and integration with Ariba Network – which the vendor states is more than 4.6 million connected companies strong and growing.
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