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Dawood Khan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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SAP HANA Cloud is being used by our organization as an upgrade to SAP HANA for centralized data storage over cloud to increase the performance and assurance of high security. It is more efficient for processing live data. It helps in eliminating the cost of hardware and operating systems. It helps us by automating the installations, patches, and backups. It is highly scalable to always meet the change in needs.
  • Performance in data processing improved significantly
  • Installations, patches, and backups are automated
  • Hardware and operating system are no longer our headache
  • Processes live data more efficiently
  • Highly secure cloud database solution
  • Data migration to cloud from on-premises database is not easy
  • Remote connectivity with other databases is only possible through SDI; not possible through SDA
  • High-cost solution
I recommend SAP HANA Cloud for significant improvements in performance for data processing and assuring the highest security. It processes live data very efficiently. The cost of hardware, an operating system, and as specialist have been eliminated. The installations, patches, and backups are no more managed by us.
Ghulam Mustafa | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Our organization is widely using SAP HANA Cloud as an incrementing step to switch from SAP HANA for data centralization on [the] cloud to improve performance, increase accessibility and assure security management. It processes live data very efficiently. It eliminates the cost of server hardware and operating system licensing. The automation helps us in reducing the server management efforts like the backups, installations, and patches. The scalability makes it more competent to [...] always fit [our] needs.
  • Automatically manage backup, installation and patches
  • Live data processing is almost real-time
  • Cost of server hardware completely eliminated
  • Cost of operating system licensing eliminated
  • Assurance of secure cloud environment
  • Cost is high
  • Not easy to migrate data between cloud and on-premises setups
  • SDI based remote connectivity supported only to other databases
  • SDA based remote connectivity not supported
I recommend [...] SAP HANA Cloud [after] witnessing the enhanced performance, real-time processing of live data, and secured cloud environment. It can efficiently process live data in real-time. It will definitely eliminate the cost of server hardware and operating system licensing completely. It will require no specialist to manage [the] server. It automates backup, installations, and patches.
Score 9 out of 10
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SAP HANA cloud is being used by a specific department. Although many people are getting benefited from SAP HANA cloud in our organization. We have to maintain a large amount of data that belongs to our clients and the safety of that data is very important for us. Thus SAP HANA cloud provides high-level security for our data
  • SAP HANA cloud is more reliable as compare to others.
  • In my opinion SAP HANA cloud is very ease to use
  • This cloud is very cost efficient.
  • Some times SAP HANA cloud is very slow and i think it should be improve
  • Some times it difficult to access the cloud because of internet speed
  • In my view SAP HANA should improves accessibility
Safety of data is very most important for any organization. Also, its accessibility is another most important factor for different businesses. So till now SAP HANA cloud meet our all requirement effectively from safety to accessibility. Also, SAP HANA cloud perform very well to satisfy out other requirement.
April 01, 2021

SAP HANA Cloud Review

Score 8 out of 10
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SAP HANA Cloud is being used across the whole organization for our client(s). It is helping our client solve the following major problems;
  1. Scaling and improvising on business agility
    1. As the company grows, its data also needs to keep up with the growth, and SAP HANA Cloud does provide tremendous help in keeping up with it.
    2. It helps in both flexibility of data and with the agility with which it can scale.
  2. Helps in combining unstructured and specialized data types.
    1. Our clients use various IoT devices to help in their growth of the business, SAP HANA Cloud helps in ease of handling these specialized data types.
    2. Our clients basically combines the data from all multiple sources of information and data, IoTs, manual entries, automated data flow, etc. for their analysis and that too without duplication!
  • Unstructured and specialized data types from multiple sources.
  • Scaling and improving business.
  • Ability to expand volumes of data.
  • Collecting the right data and providing analytics.
  • Pricing model is not well defined and is particularly complex.
  • Amount of information on the differences between Neo and Cloud foundry is not well defined.
  • No clear information on licensing, in case of additional add-ons.
  • Scope of cross platform integration is limited.
SAP HANA Cloud platform allows for use of AI, ML and RPA to automate processing of data by extracting it from various sources and presenting it in a well structured format for ease of interpretation.

Our client has multiple sources of data and documentation; SAP HANA Cloud allows us to automate extraction process of data and structuring it into a presentable format which enables the business analytics to predict growth opportunities and helps in improvising the various day-to-day business processes.

One our other clients uses the chatbot facility to automate granting of roles, transaction codes, Fiori tiles, etc. We developed a custom application which can automate this process without any errors and human intervention and to provide a quick turn around time for access issues.
Score 10 out of 10
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SAP HANA Cloud is being used in our organization to support our Danish retail client. Also, being an existing customer and using SAP HANA, opting for SAP HANA Cloud provided more flexibility and extended features than our on-premises database solution. It includes all the essential core benefits of SAP HANA plus the cloud optimizations.
  • Provides significant processing performance due to multi-model hybrid transactions
  • No additional efforts needed for backups, software patches, and Installations
  • No need to manage OS and hardware, as it will be handled by SAP
  • Efficient processing of live data for improved decision making
  • More secure and hassle-free cloud database solution as a service
  • Migration of client data to cloud is not an easy task
  • Required cloud trainings (high cost) for resources to handle project deliverables
SAP HANA Cloud has been very beneficial to our client, as it has significantly improved the performance of the system. Also accessing the data efficiently and processing it to help us make critical decisions resulted in smooth and structured business. The high complexity and difficulties pertaining to maintaining an on-premises database solution has greatly been reduced.
January 07, 2021

My SAP HANA Cloud Review

Score 10 out of 10
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SAP HANA just entered its 10th year since its initial release. Undeniably this solution changed how databases are used by businesses for good. With SAP HANA Cloud offering, SAP is opened up more possibilities in the cloud. Due to the distributed nature of our business and recent acquisitions, some departments are using PeopleSoft and Oracle ERP systems. However, a large portion of our business is using SAP HANA Cloud directly or indirectly.
  • Enables high-speed, anytime access to data.
  • Helps reduce data duplication with virtualization and SAP HANA smart data access.
  • Easy to scale up and down, fully manageable as a service.
  • This is a fairly rich platform. Some customization needs may feel restrictive.
  • Licensing costs, consultation costs are very high. Find the right use cases to justify high costs.
Well suited for -
  1. Large organizations willing to invest heavily in the next-gen solution.
  2. Able to source the talent capable of driving implementation along the right path.
Less appropriate for -
  1. Use cases that don't need high performance, fast reporting.
  2. Organizations where IT is still evolving or catching up to the latest tech. Deferred implementations are better than poor implementations.
Score 8 out of 10
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We have used SAP HANA Cloud (and its on-premises counterpart) in a number of different ways. First, it has been the database we've implemented along with SAP Analytics Cloud. We've also used it as the database for our custom applications deployed into client landscapes. We've found it very useful when trying to deploy a cloud solution to have access to the speed, intelligence, and power of SAP HANA Cloud but without managing the database from a landscape perspective.
  • SAP HANA Cloud is pretty flexible when it comes to requirements and pretty easy to upgrade or scale up as needed.
  • SAP HANA Cloud has all the benefits of SAP HANA including being an in-memory database.
  • SAP HANA Cloud is the foundational data layer for most (if not all) of SAPs Cloud offerings and will be supported and built out for years to come.
  • SAP HANA Cloud is a database as a service and has some growth and maturity to go through before it is as powerful as the on-premises HANA database.
  • As a cloud tool, it has some of the drawbacks of the cloud around governance and ownership of data, which may not be ideal for some situations and some clients due to legal/regulatory regimes.
When a client comes to me and needs a database solution for an SAP Cloud project, SAP HANA Cloud is often the right choice. It comes with native SAP integration capabilities and robust SAP Cloud Application support. When choosing a database for a non-SAP project or an on-premises project, SAP HANA Cloud probably isn't the one I would recommend.
Score 8 out of 10
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I am currently really excited about the SAP HANA Cloud. We use it mainly in the area of SAP HANA Smart Data Access and Smart Data Integration. With these features, external databases or sources can be easily integrated into our landscape. The remote tables thus look like local tables to the developers.
  • Performance
  • Flexibility
  • Connection to 3rd party sources
  • Latency depends on your cloud provider
  • Not suitable for material flow use cases
  • You need experienced database engineers
As already mentioned, the cloud solution cannot be used for material flow. SAP itself advises against this. The material flow is so time-critical that you have to use local hosting. For all other use cases, the SAP HANA cloud can be used. This includes, for example, the conventional sales processes, but also, for example, the area of analytics.
Score 8 out of 10
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SAP HANA Cloud is being used as a database for our enterprise applications since it offers on-the-go cloud storage, different processing models, and the power of analytical processing in real time. It helps connect to on-premises systems also, which offers an advantage to the traditional users who have yet to make their move to cloud.
  • Deal with different deployments; cloud or hybrid deployment (on-premise, others)
  • Real-time analytics processing using the power of HANA
  • Pay per usage without the need to own infrastructrure
  • Great performance in processing
  • More information is needed on how archival data would work
  • More technical blogs are required to learn and implement
Well suited for hybrid scenarios and people looking to start their cloud journey. Does not require a specific Infrastructure cost; available pay per use.

Not suited where full-scale, on-premises implementation is already in place and lot of custom development is already done. Unless there is strategy being planned for innovation to try out the cloud first, before going full scale, this is not appropriate.
Dick Groenhof | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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We are currenty reviewing SAP HANA Cloud as a solution to advise our customers in their journey to migrate their environments to the cloud. To be able to do this we're conducting a deep dive into the SAP HANA Cloud offering, so that we know what the benefits are in comparison to other HANA cloud and on-premise offerings.
  • It's the way to go for the foreseeable future if SAP HANA is your platform of choice
  • We like the features currently available, but are anxiously awaiting for more on-prem features to make it over to the offering
  • Multi-Cloud deployment options is a huge benefit
  • Remote source connections through SDA to other databases like SQL Server and Oracle are no longer possible. The only way to go would be through SDI, which isn't as optimized and might require additional license costs.
  • If you currently use features like dynamic tiering or R server integration, you need to really look if this is the offering for you at this point in time.
  • The flexibility of downsizing, which is a big advantage of working in the cloud, is at this moment not available (yet).
One of the advantages of SAP HANA Cloud is that it can easily be used to extend your current on-premise HANA system. We haven't tested it yet in a large scale project for instance as the database for an S/4 HANA implementation. This requires further investigation at this time.
As we haven't used the support for SAP HANA Cloud yet, we can't really comment on this. The documentation however has helped us a lot.

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What is SAP HANA Cloud?

The vendor states users can improve data practices, make better decisions, and find new efficiencies with SAP HANA Cloud, a fully managed in-memory cloud database-as-a-service (DbaaS). Build data solutions with modern architectures and gain business-ready insights in real time. As the data foundation for SAP’s Business Technology Platform, the SAP HANA Cloud database offers the power of SAP HANA in the cloud.

SAP HANA Cloud Features

  • Supported: One source of business data and truth
  • Supported: Storage options based on your needs
  • Supported: On-demand data with high performance

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