SAP Lumira Discovery is SAP’s data visualization and discovery application. It facilitates data discovery, visualization, and analysis by assisting users with creation of dashboards, infographics, presentations, data facets, tag clouds, and more.SAP Lumira Still Not Ready for PrimetimeIn our MIS program, students use a number of tools to learn about enterprise systems, ERP, Data Warehouses, and analytics. The student use at least three Data visualization programs so they can compare and judge which one they like and why. They start with Lumira and other SAP programs like BeX and WebI. These are cumbersome to use and not as fully developed as other software/systems they will use. They run their businesses using SAP software and then extract the data to visualize it, from procurement to inventory to sell to financial statement data.,SAP has built in features you would expect from a data visualization package, like easy import from other SAP systems. SAP has most of the typical charts that you would expect in order to visualize your data. SAP allows you to have multiple charts on one visualization for your data.,SAP is not as intuitive as other visualization software and you have to find an expert to show you how to do some of the simplest things. SAP is still working on the package so it is in constant change, and it makes 'learning' the software more difficult than it needs to be. SAP keeps renaming, re-merging, un-merging its systems so the 'Roadmap' they are so famous for is only valid for about 6 months!,3,,4,2,Tableau Desktop, Tableau Public, Microsoft Power BI,,3,They need to integrate it better with some non-SAP systems as any organization of a decent size will have non-sap systems that are not going to go into the SAP ERP, Database, or Data Warehouse. They need to have better story boarding or story telling features like their competition has.,Using it to see the basic descriptive analytics of what has been going on in the business, no matter the functional area in the past 24-36 months. Using it to preform the basic diagnostic analytics to try and determine why the data in the business is the way it, trying to determine the root cause for declines, or slow downs, etc.. Trying to integrate it with Predictive Analytics so we can try to see what will happen in the future, now what happened in the past.,None!,The simplest of charts are pretty easy to use, once you get the data into it and in the right format. The default colors are pretty easy to use. The default fonts are pretty easy to use.,Trying to wrangle the data into the system so it is in the right format to get the most from your visualizations is hard and cumbersome. Trying to use color pallets and custom color schemes not already defaulted in the system is better now, but in earlier versions were frustrating. Trying to integrate with Predicitve Analytics, the next logical step after creating visualizations is not simple.,2SAP Lumira, great product, great access to customer base. Still not making strides mainly for lack of data connectivity and usability.We are SAP PartnerEdge partners. We develop data and visual extensions to extend the functionality of out-of-the box functionality. Currently we offer vSQL and vOLAP data access extensions. Both vSQL and vOLAP provide a visual interface to generate queries without having to know the SQL syntax.,Data access to disparate data sources. Data mashup. Ability to explore the data on desktop and schedule the scenarios on the server side to refresh the data real-time. Trusted data.,Extensive mobile device support. Add wow factors to data visualizations. Performance improvements. Native data acquisition capabilities. More SDK support to extend it.,7,Tableau Desktop and QlikView,Tableau Desktop, QlikView, MicroStrategy Analytics,4,5,10,5,Clean separation of data and meta-data from scenarios Version control and ACL on scenarios More server side support Interchangeability with Design Studio for more granular control over customized reports or dashboards where self-serve cannot accomplish the goals.,Heat maps between physicians, census and population health management SaaS based vertical BI solutions for SMB markets Provide an automated migration tool from Xcelsius dashboards to Lumira,Custom visualization template Re-usable query components with the help of data access extensions from Tassio Inc. Exploit Geofencing and extensive Geo mapping capabilities,No,Price Vendor Reputation Existing Relationship with the Vendor,Price vs Capabilities. Also vendor's commitment to support the missing features. We believe in SAP and their commitment to meet their customer needs. More than anything else, their products support more trusted data sources and security realms than any other stand-alone third-party tool. They changed their culture upside down to nurture the partner eco-system to extend the current product capabilities and make them more usable.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was a major issue with the implementation,Enterprise wide installation of desktop software from IT perspective Challenges in upgrading individual desktop version Publishing to Lumira Server for BIP,6,Online training Self-taught,6,6,Yes, it is designed and built to be self-serve tool. Yes because it is used for data exploration, the knowledge on the tool is necessary but we feel the most of the experience is required on interpreting the data rather than using the tool. Any savvy user be able to use the tool right away.,2,Having a corporate template would create a consistent look and feel of all reports and scenarios. The best practice would be to follow the corporate brand guidelines and incorporate their own digital assets as much of as possible instead of coming up with individual taste. When these scenarios are distributed across the organization, they should have the same look and feel and meeting their style guides.,Some - we have done small customizations to the interface,Yes - we have added extensive custom code,The users often ask to reuse the queries that they use to acquire the data from non-SAP supported data sources. There must be a way to store them in the user preferences to keep re-using them. Also one of the recommended ways to save the Lumira files are to separate the data with meta data.,Yes,8,No,When we are working on our data access extension, we needed help from their engineering team on newer version of their SDK which is totally a re-write of this interface. Our extension that was developed using older version is a throw away because it would not work with newer version. The fundamental design philosophy was changed to use HTML based user interface vs supporting any programming language. We chose Java for our older version, we wanted to leverage the existing code base to make it to work with newer version of SDK. Their engineering team helped us a lot to get Java based user interface working with newer implementation of SDK.,Acquiring data from BW Acquiring data from CSV Merging different data sets after acquisition Creating hierarchies, drilldown reports,Data acquisition from MS SSAS until we found the solution from Tassio Data acquisition from MS Access until we found the solution from Tassio Distribute the scenarios, the data is stored along with scenarios Interoperability with design studio,Yes,6,6,9,7,Lumira server for BIP Lumira server for teams Design Studio,Design Studio Predictive Analytics Lumira for Cloud Analytics,File import/export API (e.g. SOAP or REST) Javascript widgets ETL tools,5,SDK must be updated to expose much more functionality than what we have today. It has limited functionality that is exposed which limits the level integration that can be done. In order to meet everybody's needs, SAP need to spend more time to give more powers to end-users to customize anyway they want, add more functionality to suit their needs.,8,8,The pricing for Lumira. Initially we thought that Lumira licenses were free for us since we are already SAP customer. We had to negotiate volume pricing and also the license model for Lumira is rather straight forward than ECC pricing model. SAP sales team understands this, and aggressive about this tools adoption.,I think SAP sales team will work with every customer to make Lumira more widespread adoption. They will work on the pricing as long as there is commitment from customer side to evaluate and provide enough feedback on the product that is not market tested and proven. Start small and make one department successful with it before making the enterprise wide installation.,Yes,S4HANA BW Improvements Performance Enhancements,usability design studio convergence advanced geo mapping,Yes,YesSAP Lumira from SAP HANA for RightOnWe use Lumira to provide visualizations of our patented predictive analytics coming from SAP HANA in order to identify how much is tied up in excess inventory and what changes to MRP settings can release it.,Strong charts and graphs but also visualizations such as heat maps Ability to add calculated measures, KPIs, and conditional formating Ease in linking to HANA Ability to create standard reports and presentations than can be easily refreshed,More ability to share with Non-Lumira users outside of creating PDFs,10,,SAP HANA, SAP HANA Cloud Platform, SAP Predictive Analytics,10,8,Data preparation Data visualization Story creation,Sharing to Non-Lumira users,Yes,10Lumira ReviewOur organization uses SAP Lumira to develop dashboards and infographics for educational and reporting purposes.,It is very intuitive to use. Visualizations allow the user to drill-down.,No gauge visualization present in the default standard version. Takes very long to load. It is a memory hog. It needs to recommend the best chart for the available data.,8,Microsoft Power BI,Microsoft Power BI, SAP Crystal Reports,8,7,1,,Overall dashboard design for the entire organization.,Dashboard design for board meetings and hovering for details and explanation as needed Story boards and infographics for educational purposes Enhanced visualizations,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation,Look for the amount of visualizations that come standard with the product and if anyone in the organization has used it before and is available to support.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,No,6,No,During decision making to purchase the product,Date difference Conditional Formatting,If and nested if statement,Yes, but I don't use it,6Simple yet powerful toolIt is being used by myself along with CMO. I'm involved in business development activities apart from my Engineering based commitments. We use it for visualization and analysis of our company's business, there by helping in decision making. As we primarily work on Machine learning and data analytics application, it helps in that regard as well.,Dashboard creation is very easy and does not require much coding expertise. Very easy to use and user friendly Excellent data analytics tool bundled with awesome visualization features Continuous updates with significant improvements to the tool,The flexibility in sharing Lumira output lags behind its competitors No option to retrieve data directly from a website using OData service (URL) Variable manipulation is not allowed much unlike Tableau,7,,Tableau Online,10,9,2,2,Use it for training or teaching freshers, as it helps in visualization,Easy comparisons and analysis from the graph, for better visualization Data explorations for presentations forecasting and cost analysis,Use this product as stand alone using excel as database it's quick and can create story boards in minutes solving issues with productivity This was used to do an initial data exploration for a seminar,No,Product Usability Product Reputation Analyst Reports Third-party Reviews,System and memory requirements Connection speed with servers GUI user friendliness,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled,8,7,No,Data Explorations Draw graphs visualize and analyze Creating different charts and diagrams are easy and finally preparing story board and exporting it to pdf,The overall tool should give more tool box visible on design area also there should be flooring tool box options available Connections to other system takes much time at least in my case Charts are grouped with drop downs which creates confusion for user that where are the other charts?,8Great for Extracting and Visualizing Massive DataSince I am involved with academia at a large research university, SAP Lumira turned out to be an excellent platform for providing visual insights to generic Excel data. In fact, we are encouraging our students to utilize this software for extracting relevant information from large sets of data.,This software is absolutely amazing because it is very easy to navigate, and the results are quite informative as they provide visual insights to generic databases. I used it to create multiple visual aids depicting the countries of origin of our graduate students, which helped us evaluate the effectiveness of international recruiting efforts. Finally, I utilized Lumira to prepare informative visual deliverable materials in order to illustrate the grade distribution among minority students.,I wish the ZIP code mapping was incorporated in Lumira.,10,Tableau Desktop,Tableau Desktop,10,Incorporating data from various sources was excellent The results turned out to be informative,Yes, but I don't use it,9
SAP Lumira Discovery
439 Ratings
Score 7.5 out of 101
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SAP Lumira Discovery Reviews

SAP Lumira Discovery
439 Ratings
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Score 7.5 out of 101

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Score 3 out of 10
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SAP does a lot of usability testing, but it seems like no one is really listening to those sessions. The product engineers don't think much of their users, even the ones who volunteer for their usability testing as none of the major headaches that are pointed out don't seem to ever be addressed.
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Score 7 out of 10
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Any visualization tool must provide greater and easy access to corporate varied data sources, ability to provide an easy data acquisition mechanisms both at design and run-time. Another feature is support of variety of devices, form factors and equally good performance to visualize the data. Aslo the ability to protect organization's sensitive data. I don't think Lumira is strong in any of the above mentioned areas.
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Score 7 out of 10
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The SAP Lumira is easy to install and learn. Lumira is a perfect tool for the end-users as it is easy to use and the built-in functions can manipulate data as well. Lumira has a lot in store for the developers as well. It is a power-packed tool.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Customizable dashboards (88)
Drill-down analysis (91)
Formatting capabilities (94)
Report sharing and collaboration (89)
Publish to Web (73)
Publish to PDF (85)
Report Delivery Scheduling (58)
Pre-built visualization formats (heatmaps, scatter plots etc.) (93)
Location Analytics / Geographic Visualization (86)
Predictive Analytics (74)

About SAP Lumira Discovery

SAP Lumira Discovery is a data visualization software solution that helps business users take full advantage of the massive amounts of data that is available to their business by using data analysis and data visualization capabilities. The data available in all major data sources (like MS Excel, csv, txt, and diverse database formats) can be put together in grids and graphs to create presentations, dashboards, infographics or business reports. The vendor says that its solution helps users go beyond spreadsheets and basic data presentations – all with drag and drop and point and click actions.

SAP Lumira Discovery Features

BI Platform Features
Does not have featureAdministration via Windows App
Does not have featureAdministration via MacOS App
Does not have featureAdministration via Web Interface
Has featureLive Connection to External Data
Has featureSnapshot of External Data
Does not have featureIn-memory data model
Has featureOLAP (Pre-processed cube representation)
Has featureROLAP (SQL-layer querying)
Has featureMulti-Data Source Reporting (Blending)
Does not have featureData warehouse / dictionary layer
Does not have featureETL Capability
Does not have featureETL Scheduler
Supported Data Sources Features
Has featureMS Excel Workbooks
Has featureText Files (CSV, etc)
Has featureOracle
Has featureMS SQL Server
Has featureIBM DB2
Has featurePostgres
Has featureMySQL
Has featureODBC
Does not have featureCloudera Hadoop
Has featureHortonworks Hadoop
Does not have featureEMC Greenplum
Has featureIBM Netezza
Has featureHP Vertica
Does not have featureParAccel
Has featureSAP Hana
Has featureTeradata
Does not have featureSage 500
Has featureSalesforce
Has featureSAP
Does not have featureGoogle Analytics
BI Standard Reporting Features
Does not have featurePixel Perfect reports
Has featureCustomizable dashboards
Does not have featureReport Formatting Templates
Ad-hoc Reporting Features
Has featureDrill-down analysis
Has featureFormatting capabilities
Does not have featurePredictive modeling
Does not have featureIntegration with R or other statistical packages
Has featureReport sharing and collaboration
Report Output and Scheduling Features
Has featurePublish to Web
Has featurePublish to PDF
Does not have featureOutput Raw Supporting Data
Does not have featureReport Versioning
Does not have featureReport Delivery Scheduling
Does not have featureDelivery to Remote Servers
Data Discovery and Visualization Features
Has featurePre-built visualization formats (heatmaps, scatter plots etc.)
Has featureLocation Analytics / Geographic Visualization
Does not have featurePredictive Analytics
Does not have featureSupport for Machine Learning models
Does not have featurePattern Recognition and Data Mining
Does not have featureIntegration with R or other statistical packages
Access Control and Security Features
Does not have featureMulti-User Support (named login)
Does not have featureRole-Based Security Model
Does not have featureMultiple Access Permission Levels (Create, Read, Delete)
Does not have featureReport-Level Access Control
Does not have featureTable-Level Access Control (BI-layer)
Does not have featureField-Level Access Control (BI-layer)
Does not have featureSingle Sign-On (SSO)
Mobile Capabilities Features
Does not have featureResponsive Design for Web Access
Does not have featureDedicated iOS Application
Does not have featureDedicated Android Application
Does not have featureDashboard / Report / Visualization Interactivity on Mobile
Application Program Interfaces (APIs) / Embedding Features
Does not have featureREST API
Does not have featureJavascript API
Does not have featureiFrames
Does not have featureJava API
Does not have featureThemeable User Interface (UI)
Does not have featureCustomizable Platform (Open Source)
Additional Features
Has featureAcquire and enrich data, big and small, from any source
Has featureVisualize and explore any amount of data in real time without sacrificing performance or security
Has featureExport reports, dashboards, presentations and infographics to pdf format for easy sharing

SAP Lumira Discovery Screenshots

SAP Lumira Discovery Competitors


Has featureFree Trial Available?Yes
Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
Entry-level set up fee?No
EditionPricing DetailsTerms
SAP Lumira, standard edition$185per user

SAP Lumira Discovery Support Options

 Free VersionPaid Version
Live Chat
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SAP Lumira Discovery Technical Details

Deployment Types:On-premise
Operating Systems: Windows
Mobile Application:No
Supported Languages: Chinese (Simplified), Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish.