SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence

SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence

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SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence


What is SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence?

SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence is a manufacturing operations analytics application.
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What is SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence?

SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence is a manufacturing operations analytics application.

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Score 7 out of 10
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We started using SAP MII as an integration tool between SAP ERP and IoT in conjunction with SAP Plant Connectivity. It was only used by our development department and used to investigate the feasibility of creating dashboards for shop floor users. The objective was to have IoT devices in a warehouse send tag value with MQTT to an interactive dashboard developed in SAP MII.
  • Dashboard creation was made easy through the use of the integrated drag-and-drop SSCE (Self Service Composition Environment).
  • The sample SVG files help with creating custom animated SVG objects.
  • A wide range of KPIs can be integrated to trigger alerts and alarms.
  • Using the plant connector and setting up a proper stable connection proved challenging.
  • Defining the tags and subscription aliases in the workbench took a lot of time.
  • Documentation is somewhat outdated and difficult to come by.
SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence as a stand-alone platform seems to be quite powerful with a wide range of capabilities and integration options. The integration itself proved to be challenging which was mentioned before. We also had some issues with delays in data queries which resulted in delays of the visual representation on the SSCE dashboards.
  • Provided a tool to visualize data points on the interactive dashboards.
  • Provided a platform to integrate IoT through MQTT with SAP ERP.
  • Provided valuable feedback through the use of KPIs.
SAP MII is a robust platform for data visualization and data integration. It isn't very intuitive and has the shortcomings explained throughout the review. It still uses old Java versions which is incompatible with updated versions. The SAP ME and SAP CP provide cloud-based solutions that seem to provide a more innovative approach.
Documentation on some of our implementations was lacking. As an example, creating the query that reads the tag is explained through the documentation but this only explains very specific data models. Other models are not explained and take time to debug. Customer support was willing to help and an official note was created after we found some issues with the integration tools.
Score 7 out of 10
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We implement SAP MII into our client's landscape as well as integrate it within our own use cases and applications. Mainly, we have been experimenting with dashboard functionality and integrating it with generated OPC data for R&D purposes. MII has allowed us to, at a glance, review and monitor our simulated manufacturing environment and to learn about the technology for future uses.
  • MII is particularly good at providing and customizing dashboards for quick analysis of industrial IoT data.
  • MII also has built-in analysis functionality to make more sense of all the IoT data being streamed.
  • MII (and ME) are particularly effective at identifying outliers and problems with equipment/processes before they cause delays or other cascading issues. This allows for effective preventative maintenance.
  • SAP MII is contained within SAP ME and that can complicate the landscape.
  • As with other SAP technologies, the documentation is stored in disparate systems (support, help, notes etc).
SAP MII is great at what it's meant to do. It provides insight into the industrial IoT data being generated by a plant/factory and can even provide intelligent analysis as well. However, it is a bit niche and really only needs to be implemented if your use case requires those specific services.
  • SAP MII is a more robust, feature-rich solution than any in-house application would be.
  • Our experiments have granted us the skills necessary to help our clients with their own industrial IoT journey.
We required a bit of support setting this product up and as always the representative was both knowledgeable and helpful. The landscape we had (ME, PCo, ERP, MII, SolMan) made it a little more complicated and they were very good at finding the answers we needed. They also replied in a timely fashion. We have not needed any further support.
Slack, Smartsheet, Microsoft Visual Studio Code, Amazon WorkSpaces (VDI)
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