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Formerly SAP Sybase IQ


What is SAP IQ?

SAP IQ (formerly SAP Sybase IQ) is a columnar relational database management system (RDBMS) optimized for Big Data analytics.

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What is SAP IQ?

SAP IQ (formerly SAP Sybase IQ) is a columnar relational database management system (RDBMS) optimized for Big Data analytics.

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Product Demos

RDP Demo IQ Setup


SAP iQ Gaming™ Social Media Demo


Step 4 - Editing .bashrc and creating a SAP IQ / SYBASE IQ Demo Database

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Product Details

What is SAP IQ?

SAP® IQ software aims to deliver speed and power for extreme-scale enterprise data warehousing and analytics. According to the vendor, its column-oriented, grid-based massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture and patented data compression and indexing technologies enable companies to exploit the value of huge amounts of data at the speed of business.

SAP IQ Features

  • Supported: Create a unified data store for all data types
  • Supported: Accelerate data loading
  • Supported: Reduce costs and improve performance

SAP IQ Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Zhann Goloborodko | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
SAP IQ is currently our bid data database. We have several schemas with billions of rows, and both Oracle and Sybase were a bit slower than we liked. Moving our Data to SAP IQ showed a distinct increase in performance when doing bulk inserts and aggregates of data. We only began implementing SAP IQ about a year ago, and in the first six months, we tested it more than used it. For the past six months, we have been using it and are happy with the results.
  • Inserting millions of rows of data takes seconds.
  • Aggregating billions of rows of data is insanely fast (compared to Oracle, Sybase, and SQL Server).
  • Installation, specifically licensing, is a pain.
  • Connectivity is a bit tricky given that the SQL Anywhere drivers aren't native anywhere.
If you are loading massive datasets or aggregating huge relational datasets, SAP IQ is incredible. Loading 10 million rows in seconds is incredibly impressive.
  • Previous reports that took hours to run now execute in minutes, and sometimes seconds.
  • Loads that were taking hours are now taking only a few minutes.
When dealing with row by row inserts, or developing front ends, all three databases above far exceed SAP IQ's performance. It struggles when trying to do individual small transactions.

When doing massive bulk transactions, or extensive queries, SAP IQ outperforms all three by factors greater than 10.
SAP IQ support is top-notch. I prefer starting all my SAP IQ support tickets with their Instant Messenger, where the majority of our issues are resolved. If it makes it to their ticketing system, they are very prompt at responding and very knowledgeable in the platform.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use this columnar relational database software in the business for the purpose of having a data warehouse and also a data mart that would store business data and enable users to run leverage these for intelligent and informed business decisions on a day to day basis. This is the main database that supports our data warehouse.
  • Superior performance in getting results for query
  • Ability to scale up as data size/volume increase
  • In memory solution and hence enhanced speed
  • Initial set up can be more intuitive
  • More documentation to help users who are ramping up on learning curve to get used to this product
Does data compression very well, produces query results very quickly, ability to scale up as data volume/size grow in an organization, row level versioning is in memory and hence the speed. It is a very stable product for large enterprises. More detailed documentation on how to use this product in the initial stages would be really welcome.
  • A great database for data warehousing, data mart
  • Ability to run large queries and get results in a quick time frame
SAP IQ is perhaps an under-marketed product in the sense that it is able to scale up very well and perform much faster and more efficiently than other products such as Oracle - when we ran multiple large queries on both Sybase IQ and Oracle, we found that that results were much faster in Sybase IQ and this gave the confidence to go for this product.
Eirik Toft | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use it to warehouse data to log every customer action and call that flows through our network. It's also referenced for customer billing and is replicated across. We do have a mandated requirement to keep this data available for 7 years.

IQ itself solves the big issue of warehousing large amounts of data.
  • It recovers nicely and with minimal downtime.
  • It works well on the Linux OS.
  • It's easy for our DBA to work with and maintain.
  • The pricing schedule is a bit expensive and cumbersome.
  • Licensing for a virtual machine is difficult to understand.
It is very well suited for large warehousing applications. It is less suited for databases that need to do computational work.
  • The ROI over a number of years has been good. Seeing as how we use it for billing, it has an obvious ROI to us.
  • As they have been modifying their licensing structure, it's been difficult to keep up and understand how they work.
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