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What is Schoolmint Hero?

Hero is student behavior management software for K-12 schools and districts, from Schoolmint. Hero's goal is to enable consistent redirection of negative behavior, reinforcement of positive behavior and communication between educators, students, parents, and administrators across classrooms school and district-wide....
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Do you need a Hero?

8 out of 10
August 02, 2019
Hero is being used within our entire school. All of the teachers use Hero to track and positively manage and reinforce student behavior. …
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HERO is my Hero!

10 out of 10
November 06, 2018
Right now, Hero should be used across the entire school campus by at least all of our classroom teachers. We're struggling this year …
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10 out of 10
October 30, 2018
Hero is being used at my school as a positive behavior system. The entire school is implementing Hero, from the administrators down to the …
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10 out of 10
October 18, 2018
At my middle school, we use HERO as a positive behavior tool. Students receive points for coming to class on time, showing character …
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10 out of 10
October 17, 2018
It is used to help with attendance and reward students for great classroom behavior. A majority of our teachers are using this product on …
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Product Details

What is Schoolmint Hero?

Hero is student behavior management software for K-12 schools and districts, from Schoolmint. Hero's goal is to enable consistent redirection of negative behavior, reinforcement of positive behavior and communication between educators, students, parents, and administrators across classrooms school and district-wide. Features include positive behavior tracking tools, referral and tardy management, school event management, behavior analytics data, etc.

Schoolmint Hero Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Cecilia Liang | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Hero has made tracking basic behaviors like tardies and uniform violations super easy. The phone app, in particular, makes this process fast and easy.
  • Tracking basic behaviors.
  • Rewarding students in the moment with points.
  • Phone app makes scanning student IDs very fast, which saves time for instruction.
  • Sometimes the phone app freezes on an iPhone, and I have to close out of it before scanning another ID.
  • I also wish there was a way to export all rosters into an Excel file under the behavior tracking tab.
Hero is well suited for charter school systems with smaller classes. It is less appropriate for large public schools where the app freezes might make tracking behaviors overwhelming.
  • Hero has made pulling behavior reports very easy for Deans of Students.
  • Hero has also made tracking teacher actions with it very easy. We can see which teachers gave which particular demerit.
There is one big issue I want to see resolved, which is when we pull student behavior histories, it does not readily show which teacher gave which demerit. This, if solved, would greatly improve the app.
I have not personally reached out for improvement, but I hear that customer service is quick.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Hero is used through our entire school for multiple purposes. It is for tardy tracking, positive points, point banking and spending at our school store, and detention tracking.
  • Behavior tracking.
  • Detention management.
  • PBIS Community.
  • There aren't many areas where I would suggest improvement. They are responsive, helpful, have a great community help forum, and the interface is pretty user friendly.
Hero is used school wide as a part of the PBIS programming. It allows us to track behaviors, tardies, detentions, and teacher comments all in one place. There is an option for printing passes for students with a separate machine that plugs into phones and computers and makes it all even more convenient. Positive points can be coded for different purposes including special codes for school wide initiatives.
  • Unsure. The financial impact of this product is with administration.
The app is still a little difficult to use which is the only reason I'd give the 9/10.
Their support team is quick and responsive. They offer webinars and direct chats for any help you may need or want.
The only product like Hero I've used is LiveSchool. In LiveSchool you have to create classes yourself, it does not track negative behaviors or detentions. In Hero students still only earn positive points, but there's an interface to allow students to see consequences for things like skipping class without having an impact on buying items from the school store.
October 18, 2018


Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
At my middle school, we use HERO as a positive behavior tool. Students receive points for coming to class on time, showing character traits, doing what's right and being in uniform. It has increased positive behavior and reduced issues at school. Students can turn those points in and receive prizes.
  • Students receive points for being on time, therefore they are never late.
  • Students receive points for being in uniform, therfore we know who is a part of our campus.
  • Sometimes HERO does not update students who have left the school or who have entered. So teachers have to input manually. That can be improved.
HERO is well suited for students because it provides extrinsic motivation. It also helps adults because Homeroom HERO offers prizes as well.
  • HERO has had a positive ROI because negative behavior has decreased.
Have not used any other product.
They are teachers
We have a positive behavior team
  • Attendance
  • Uniforms
  • ID's
  • To give rewards
  • Acknowledge positive behavior
  • Use it for incentives
It is a great product
  • Product Usability
We used it last year
  • Implemented in-house
  • Staff was not able to login
It is a contract with a school
I had to reset my password and they did it fast
They respond.
  • Giving points to students
  • Sometimes I can not login
It is easy to use
October 16, 2018

Tardy Elimination Hero

James Harris | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Hero is being used site-wide at our High School. I estimate teacher participation varies from week to week between 70-99%. I estimate because I am not an admin and do not have access to site-wide data.
  • tracks positive student behavior site-wide. This is good because I think a lot of students feel they are ignored as teachers focus on the "problem kids". Hero makes it easy to acknowledge the students for doing what they are supposed to do on a daily basis.
  • tracks tardies sitewide. by pairing this with daily tardy sweeps it keeps kids from slipping through the cracks. Kids can't learn if they are not in class. This makes them acknowledge the impact/cost of being late to class.
  • by tracking all of this sitewide, admin is able to look for patterns and encourage more teachers to use a positive reward system. Also gives teachers access to a positive reward system without the cost and effort of maintaining a false economy (points, teacher "bucks" etc) and stocking rewards
  • prints a pass for tardy students so we know they have checked in. Downside, special printers and special paper required for them.
  • for me, it really comes down to making it easier to award points. On the desktop website for awarding Hero points, they need to streamline the process for awarding points. Currently, it requires one click too many in my opinion.
  • on the desktop website, more options for awarding points eg: 1. double points option. 2. on the class page make it possible to reselect the previous selection... like when you award a point to everyone present for being on time, make it possible to reselect that group. 3. A seating chart option would be super cool also.
  • on the mobile app, add the behavior tracking by class option from the desktop website. I know that would probably be a lot of pinching and scrolling and zooming for most but still be cool to have that option. My Galaxy Note would probably be big enough to make it worthwhile.
I work at a public high school that had a big tardy problem. Some said this would not work at our age group but we jumped in with both feet and have seen amazing and undeniable results that anyone could see who was on campus before implementation. This is good for organizations that want to acknowledge the ones who are doing what they are supposed to do while still taking care of the problems. Could possibly even be used for a business to enable managers to promote desirable behaviors such as early to work, good customer service, specific target behaviors ex "always ask if they want their receipt" etc.
  • increased number of students in class on time
  • decreased number of students in the quad or hallways after the tardy bell
  • increased number of teachers offering rewards for positive behavior
  • created school-wide behavior data and enabled tracking of it
  • increased teacher use of positive tier 1 behavior interventions
  • honestly, if they sucked, I would say so and still get my points for writing the review. I already aired my one gripe which is making it easier to award points. Currently, that is a bit time consuming but the results make it worthwhile.
I really have not used a program like Hero to compare it to, sorry
  • giving points continues to be one step too many with a class full of students.
mediocre. good for giving individual students a point. Not good for walking around and giving points to multiple students.
again. for the day to day usage, adding points is a bit of a chore but I keep doing it because the students respond.
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