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What is Schoox?

Schoox provides employee talent development, from new hire training to manager development programs, deliver the right content and courses to every employee in a social platform that keeps them engaged.
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Easy to use

8 out of 10
July 12, 2017
We are using Schoox for all of our new hire employee training. We use it for all positions - kitchen staff, front of house staff, and …
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Brief Info

8 out of 10
June 30, 2017
HotSchedules Train helps our employees to learn more about our company, job descriptions and other facts that are pertinent to their …
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What is Schoox?

Schoox provides employee talent development, from new hire training to manager development programs, deliver the right content and courses to every employee in a social platform that keeps them engaged.

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Clarifi™ Talent Development by HotSchedules
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Product Details

What is Schoox?

Schoox provides employee talent development, from new hire training to manager development programs, deliver the right content and courses to every employee in a social platform that keeps them engaged.

Schoox Features

  • Supported: Build your own branded online training academy with curricula specific to your company
  • Supported: Upload your own training material and convert virtually any file type (DOC, PPT, PDF, all video files)
  • Supported: Access your library from anywhere via mobile device
  • Supported: Create custom content for your corporate library
  • Supported: Customize and assign access to courses based on user location and roles
  • Supported: Import public training courses into your academy

Schoox Video

Clarifi Talent Development by HotSchedules is an easy-to-use content, learning and performance management system that handles everything from new hire and manager training, to compliance tracking and everyday shift work, plus it develops internal talent to keep them on the rig...
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Schoox Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android

Frequently Asked Questions

Schoox provides employee talent development, from new hire training to manager development programs, deliver the right content and courses to every employee in a social platform that keeps them engaged.

Cornerstone OnDemand and Wisetail LMS are common alternatives for Schoox.

Reviewers rate Assignments highest, with a score of 9.3.

The most common users of Schoox are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).
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Julia Radovan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Schoox serves as a resource for in-house training and development. Schoox is a repository for training/orientation and professional development programs. They may then be accessible by everyone in the team for further education. It is possible to keep track of which courses have been finished and which ones need to be completed using Schoox, an online platform. It is also used to track tests that indicate students' comprehension of the course material.
  • Effective tests may be created quickly and easily thanks to the use of this template.
  • For uploading documents or adding connections to websites, it is easy to use.
  • There are already a slew of useful training films included.
  • The website was upgraded, but it's hard to navigate. None existed.
  • I believe you can't duplicate tests between classes. If I wish to use an exam from one course in another, I must make it again.
  • Most of the videos are confusing. They should be concise. Too many distract employees.
Schoox is an excellent platform for storing internal learning modules that contain training for new workers as well as trainings for current employees. Access to the modules that are most relevant to each individual can be gained by everybody. In addition, Schoox records and stores numerous meetings and learnings for future study.
Abdullah Aktürk | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
At school I used Schoox to help them transform perceptions of learning and talent development from a traditional compliance checklist to a holistic business growth process. Schoox has been a talent development platform for me. Schoox helped solve business problems with intelligent data flow, holistic approach, Disruptive Design and Integration with third-party apps. Schoox was greeted with interest by other teachers at the school.
  • Employee performance data can drive personalized course recommendations, learning path recommendations for career advancement, or succession planning recommendations.
  • By providing educational content and enabling employees and administrators to collaborate within the platform, it improves the school's knowledge sharing capabilities and increases development opportunities.
  • With Schoox, data from different modules flows automatically and intelligently throughout the entire system, creating surprising and innovative synergies.
  • Suggestions can be added to make content preparation easier.
  • schoox user theme may contain more customizable elements.
  • A longer time can be set for the demo.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Schoox is used as an internal learning library. Training/orientation modules, as well as professional development, are uploaded to Schoox. They are then easily accessed by all teammates for continued learning. Schoox is a platform that we can use to track and review which modules have been completed and which ones need to be completed. We also use Schoox to track quizzes that demonstrate our understanding of the learning topics.
  • Schoox organizes learning modules in an efficient way
  • It allows us to track what we've completed and what needs to be done.
  • It stores all information in an easy and accessible platform.
  • Schoox can be hard to navigate at times.
As noted in a previous comment, Schoox is great for housing internal learning modules that include training for new employees as well as trainings for ongoing employees. It allows all to access what modules are important to them and are easily accessed by all. Additionally, many meetings and learnings are recorded and stored in Schoox for future review.
Steven Bedient | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Train is being used currently with our service team for the new staff member training classes. We are developing our own customized training program for all departments as soon as we have the time to record training videos. Will be a huge asset as we progress forward with our custom training programs at all locations.
  • Ease of use for new employees. It is fluid and easy to navigate.
  • Ability to recap and review throughout training. It is simple to revisit different videos if training questions persist.
  • Customization testing is great. It is easy to customize and update testing to keep up with an ever changing restaurant landscape.
  • Test question answers are hard to program because of so many variables in answer typing/spelling.
  • Programming is not fast because of having to jump around so many different tabs to navigate the site.
  • Would like to see a more streamlined site in general.
Teaching someone who has no idea about working in the industry is so easy with video tools. We can customize exactly what we want them to see before they get out on shift and begin picking up on bad habits when they assume it is just how it works. This is the best parts of it!
July 21, 2017

HS Train review

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using HS Schoox to provide training to all employees within the restaurant. I've created a training program with lectures and step by step guides to assist with menu and wine knowledge for FOH employees, and kitchen safety and prep knowledge for BOH employees. Each course ends with tests to ensure that all employees understand their roles and company policies and procedures.
  • Makes it easy to create effective tests, great template for creating questions
  • User friendly for uploading documents or attaching links to websites
  • Already comes with a lot of great videos for training that can be used
  • This was recently updated I believe, but navigating the website can be difficult. There was no back button
  • As far as I can tell you can't copy tests into different courses. So if I want to use a test I've already created in a different course I have to make it again
  • While some of the videos are great, most of them are too convoluted. They should be short and sweet, to the point. Once they get too long you lose the employee's focus
It is well suited for a lot of knowledge that requires study, things that need to be learned on paper. For example if I want my employees to learn my menu front and back it's great for having them go through and study it, and then I can quiz them afterwards and make sure they understand it to the extent I want them to. It can't replace on the job training though, some things have to be taught in person
Eddie Dugger | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use it for all of our training for managers and hourly team members.
  • Detailed testing for each dept
  • Accountability for tests not taken from a tracking standpoint
  • And rewards points to employees who have taken the tests
  • Once a test is written it is very hard to change the percentage needed to pass the test.
Very well suited again for all tests needed for training
July 14, 2017

Graffiti Schoox

Brian Silvernell | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The platform is for the entire organization. This provides an ongoing training toolbox for the brand.

  • Training video uploads
  • Tracking and validation
  • Ease of use
  • Attach to the HotSchedules app
On the job reference and training. It is always accessible to team and trainer in real time.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use HotSchedules Train consistently at all of our field locations as well as in our home office. Of course, it's used by our training department. It's also used by management in the field to train up new crew members. But we also use it to constantly improve the knowledge of our seasoned team members. There's no shortage to how many courses, exams, curricula, etc., that you can upload. It addresses the problem of inconsistent training. Every crew member has access to the same and, more importantly, correct training. There's no risk of one trainer showing a shortcut or another one showing a new trainee how to do it "their way." There is one way to do a task and the trainee is learning the corporate approved method. This ensures successful training. Successful training of all crew members leads to a successful location.
  • The ease of uploading documents or slideshows or videos for new training courses. This is the most important part of training, the content. [It's] Personalized to our company's needs to make us as successful as we can.
  • The ability to track every enrolled person's progress. It has date and time stamps, percentage complete, etc. You can also set deadlines that they must complete by. This is a plus for fast paced companies that need precise updates at all times.
  • The support team for HotSchedules Train is amazing. I speak to a real person every single time. They are in a positive and upbeat mood every single time. They have solved my problem almost every single time. The only time they didn't solve my problem was because it was a function that didn't exist yet. I get a follow up email that summarizes our discussion, in case I did not take proper notes. This team is a serious wealth of information and problem solving.
  • Ease of access. You can access this tool anywhere, anytime, from any piece of technology. In the office we use it on our desktops. In the field they use tablets and cell phones. All processes work.
  • There is a functionality that I thought existed but does not. The ability to copy old training and paste it into a new course. This would help because we personalize training based off location, but the bulk of the training stays the same. To be able to start with a fresh slate with no student stats in the course would be beneficial. Right now you can copy and paste into the same course. I want to be able to start a new course with documents already uploaded and exams already made. Then I could make minor tweaks and push out immediately.
  • I have trouble understanding the organization of where to find courses. I find myself clicking the "content" tab, then the "me" tab, and finally the "training" tab. I would want a little more clarity in those descriptive words.
  • I would want to see some improvement in the ease of getting to the course dashboard. Once the course is made and assigned, that's the most important area that we go to. Right now it's multiple screens to get there. Perhaps if, once the course is made and assigned, the button jumped to the top of the first screen once you hit "manage course" that would be great.
  • I would be interested in seeing a side by side of how courses translate from a desktop view to a tablet or smart phone view. So after (or during) the course being built, showing what it looks like to remote users.
  • The ability to send a reminder text about a course, as opposed to a reminder email. People all communicate in different ways. This would bridge the gap to those that primarily use texting.
We have special locations that work differently and I have recommended this to them. Even for locations set up differently, it still applies. Because everything can be personalized to fit the need of the user. These locations have become so adept at it that they have become admins themselves so they can implement their ideas immediately. I have yet to come across a scenario where this is not appropriate.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use HotSchedules Train to provide video-based training to our 250 employees. We have a very high turnover at the University because we only hire student employees and HotSchedules Train helps us streamline the process of getting new employees up to speed and more comfortable on their first day.
  • It is very user-friendly. I can always find what I'm looking for even if I've never utilized that particular feature before.
  • The UI is well designed. I particularly like how it can be customized for your specific company.
  • Integration with HotSchedules is a serious benefit. All of our employees are already in the system so I don't have to worry about adding them individually.
  • I would like the ability to upload videos in higher resolution.
  • I have experienced difficulty assigning training packages to specific employees. Many times employees don't receive a notification.
  • I would like the ability to add more question types on exams.
I think that HotSchedules Train is well suited for an industry where the tasks assigned to employees are fairly straightforward like in a restaurant setting. If your company is already utilizing HotSchedules as a scheduling platform than it's a no-brainer.
July 12, 2017

Easy to use

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using Schoox for all of our new hire employee training. We use it for all positions - kitchen staff, front of house staff, and management. It allows us to stay consistent in training, making sure we are teaching all aspects that need to be taught and also holding our new employees accountable by checking their status on completion.
  • Organized
  • Easy to use - there are helpful tools that help the creator make certain courses and it's easy for staff to also troubleshoot.
  • Neat concept - tailor made to fit any company's needs.
  • Perhaps have a separate section for free courses instead of the main dashboard.
Great for general concept training but obviously not helpful for handson training.
Jack Woznick | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Currently HotSchedules Train powered by Schoox is being utilized by our entire organization. We currently have 6 restaurants in our group and every single employee is on Schoox. Schoox will be used 100% for our new hire training program for all positions (server, host, bartender, line cook, prep cook, dishwasher, managers). The number one business problem that Schoox addresses is consistency. With Schoox, we can nearly guarantee that every single new hire is seeing all of the material because it can be tracked, and quite easily I may add.
  • Ease of use - this product is so easy to use! Building courses, curriculum, tracking, etc.
  • Tracking - we FINALLY have a way to track tests and completion of courses! An absolute LIFESAVER.
  • Accessibility - it seamlessly works on all platforms (iPads, computers, cell phones).
  • Syncing - I have run into some errors with employees not syncing over from HotSchedules.
It's super convenient for our new bartenders to take the certification course for Responsible Alcohol Service. The preloaded courses have worked great as well. We change seasonal tap beers quite often, so uploading videos about breweries/new beers is easy for our staff. Any important training initiatives are easy to roll out as well.
July 05, 2017

SchooX Review

Shae DeZego | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
HotSchedules Train is used by our entire organization. This is the system we use to train everyone in our company from hourly team members, to general managers and minor additions to our menu or a new system being implemented in our company. We use almost every aspect of this training tool minus a few. It is my job to create and upload our training into the system as well as maintain its accuracy.
  • Testing: The testing that HotSchedules Train provides is great because it allows you to create your own questions and answers providing multiple different types of questions.
  • Organized: The organization of this training system is very well put together. Being able to break down your training into curricula, course, lecture, on the job training. The system also allows you to create different categories for different curricula.
  • Reporting: At Hickory Tavern we are big into the reporting this system offers. We can view reporting any way we would like to. By location, job code, individual, course, curricula, you name it. This makes it easy for the training department to see where our training lacks.
  • User accounts: HotSchedules Train has each user in the system by first and last name which is a great tool but this becomes a problem when you have more than one person in your company with the same first and last name. Maybe they should identify by email instead of name so accounts of users with the same name do not merge together.
  • Copying Course or Test: Throughout the system you see the option to copy a course or a test but then the only place you can "paste" is within that same course or test. If I am creating two different courses or test that are similar it would be easy to use this function if it were designed a little better. Instead to "copy" a quiz you need to add all questions to a pool. In order to "copy" a course you would need to just create a new one from scratch.

Most of the time customer care is great when helping with troubleshooting. I think maybe extended training is necessary for the customer care team though because I have sent emails or been on the phone with people in that department that it became obvious to me that I knew more about the system than they did. I have also called into customer care before to ask for help and it was a Hotschedules representative that answered (not Schoox in particular) and they had no idea what Schoox was. If they are not trained in troubleshooting that system they should at least know what it is and who to transfer me to for help.

Other than the small issues with customer care not living up to expectations Schoox has been a wonderful tool for us as well as a major paper saver! We used to print all of our training and send it to all of our locations for training. We now have 27 locations with about 120 team members in each location, that is a lot of paper. Thanks for that Schoox!

June 30, 2017

Brief Info

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
HotSchedules Train helps our employees to learn more about our company, job descriptions and other facts that are pertinent to their position. This helps them to learn important information on their own time and test them on how much they have retained.
  • Remote training
  • Accessible
  • Training Hub
  • Hard to cater to the computer illiterate employees
  • Accessibility for some employees
  • Not everyone is inclined to learn and retain information
It helps our employees to learn about our company on their own time and are tested based on the information they have learned.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Schoox to train all hourly employees and sometimes salaried. It is a great program and very user-friendly. It has great tracking and reporting abilities that make it easy to hold employees accountable.
  • Great tool to create courses and quizzes to train your staff. It has the ability to upload videos, web links, PDF files and more.
  • Has a function where you can track everyone's process in training. Very nice tool when you have 20 + locations.
  • As an admin you can control and build your entire program to your liking. You control permissions, access levels, managing your company's staff and more.
  • If you have a lot of courses, it can sometimes get lost if you don't organize it.
  • Having to wait 24 hours for Hotschedules to connect with Schoox is a pain.
  • Sometimes the automatic rules don't work. I have to manually add members to the program at least twice a week (having multiple locations turns can turn into manually adding 10 + employees a week).
Schoox it great for when you want to teach a course and make sure everyone in your company is participating. For example, I release a new menu and want to send out a course and quiz to teach our staff. I can easily create a course and assign it to those who need to participate which I can track and view their progress. You can look up percentages, quizzing and reward certificates.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
At Silver City Restaurant & Alehouse, we use Schoox to not only train both the Front of the House, and Kitchen staff, but to also ensure what's communicated to them is consistent, and clearly understood amongst everyone. Schoox also addresses the issue of tracking whether or not an employee has been trained in a particular position, new menu item, or any other new material.
  • Schoox is easy to use. Creating, editing, and assigning courses is easy, and saves time.
  • Progress can be converted to an Excel sheet. Easy to edit, and post for staff to see.
  • Schoox provides the administrator the freedom to customize training courses to the needs of the organization.
  • Uploading a PDF can sometimes be challenging no matter the size of the file being uploaded.
  • Question formats on quizzes don't all work the same between mobile devices, and desktops.
Schoox is well suited to communicate information and ensure staff has seen the information.
Cindy Bates PHR CHT | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Right now we are using Schoox for all of our FOH training. All servers and support staff go through their checklists and testing from orientation through training completion. We then do all menu testing and new feature training through Schoox. It has made the accountability of completion much easier.
  • Across the board, we can see where things have been completed and in what locations they are not being completed. We can see an overview of what scores are on testing which allows us to see where our training may be lacking.
  • When we have a new roll out such as a new drink, we send out a video to all on how the drink is made and the correct garnish.
  • We send out general notices on Schoox as well. So, for example, we are rolling out a new wellness program. We send out new notices for opportunities for taking advantage of the program.
  • We wish that we could print out the test so that people who are not computer savvy could take it in the written form.
  • Would like to have a feature where if the test is not passed by a certain date they cannot clock in without an over ride.
  • Would like to add picture to the title of new training class.
Great for our younger staff especially the millennials. Tough for our older managers and staff that did not grow up with computers.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use HotSchedules across our entire organization. Helps out with time management, labor reports, and online training. HotSchedules gave us the ability to map out our days, weeks, and months to assure that we are setup for success for every section of our company. It's an essential part of our work flow.
  • The ability to release and pick up shifts. Helps out a ton in the aspect of communicating between managers and employees in terms of picking up or dropping shifts.
  • The Schoox Training Program. You're able to setup your own online curricula. Love the ability to have a pre-training for new employees and employees that are getting promoted.
  • The ability to see your labor in certain sections of the bar. You can really fine tone how much you're spending on labor!
  • Wish Schoox had the ability to block out shifts for those who haven't completed their online curriculum.
  • I wish Hot Schedules could have some type of cross platform. We run 3 different venues so it would be nice if employees didn't have to create multiple accounts to access their schedule. Logging in and out of multiple accounts can be a tedious process especially if you forget one of your passwords to your accounts.
  • I wish the HotSchedules had more manager functionality for editing the schedule or approving shifts. You can get the full website on your phone, but it's a little hard to work with.
The most amazing part of Hot Schedules for me is the training powered by Schoox program! We run a group of college bars so we constantly have new employees that have never been in the service industry before. I've created my own curricula for all the different positions we have at the bar. The ability to train a new employee online before they start the physical training is AMAZING! Our employees are way more efficient in the aspect of sales, and customer service!
June 26, 2017

Schoox - EASY!

Richard Fletcher | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Schoox mainly to administer testing and assessment, measure competency and track training completion for our restaurant leadership roles.
  • It is extremely easy to build simple courses and tests using SMEs and not professional developers.
  • The UI is extremely easy to use and the help files and support documentation allow one to complete work within Schoox without needing much training.
  • The integration with our HRIS system was very easy to do.
  • I wish there were an easier way to set up dashboards for regional trainer reporting.
  • Not all of the features work well on mobile devices (e.g. polls).
  • I would like to have access to more administrative features on the mobile app.
Schoox is very well suited for a training team that has limited training or expertise on setting up an LMS. It is fairly full featured and easy to set up and use.
June 23, 2017

Why Schoox!

Eric Palmer | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Schoox has cut training time for both back-of-the-house and front-of-the-house while increasing service standards and brand knowledge. Schoox allows me to confirm that the knowledge/classroom portion of our training is being completed with all our new team members prior to starting their first solo shift. This format is ideal for most of our team members, they love using a tablet, iPad or smartphone as the source of communication/training.
  • The reporting feature is great for follow-up.
  • The training allows communication via text or video.
  • I like that you can use the courses across different curriculums.
  • I don't like the fact that you can not add content to a course without it changing existing team members' scores to incomplete. I want to add (not replace) a video or document and it only affects future team members, not existing ones.
  • I wish that assigned curriculums were easier for new team members to identify. People get confused from what is assigned/required and want is available (extra course or curriculums available to everyone but not required).
Nothing can replace on the job training but Schoox is great for reviewing standards prior to follow-shifts. Helps us control the message (of standards) to all individuals in an entertaining way.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use HotSchedules Train powered by Schoox, for all our employees to be able to take some required training. One of the uses is for our employee orientation. We are a small business, in the pas, we would hold an orientation with an owner/manager being the facilitator to one (or ideally) a few new employees. A problem we found was coordinating the training with multiple new hires and coordination with an owner/manager. Now we have our entire orientation on HotSchedules Train powered by Schoox, which enables a more flexible scheduling of the employee. It also frees up the owner/manager to handle other parts of the business on a daily basis. Another use is for our menu test. Now everything is digital and scored right through HotSchedules Train powered by Schoox. In both cases a huge time saver for management.
  • You are able to create your own content for your employees. We predominantly use our own created content. This helps us customize to our specific needs. It also enables us to update items that may have changed without starting over.
  • You are able to track completion rate. This helps to hold our employees accountable to the trainings that still need to be completed.
  • You are able to see all your employees scores. This way you can see what an average passing score is for the employees.
  • Employees earn a score as the complete modules. This tracks/ranks the employees which creates a spirit of competition between them.
  • Be helpful if you could assign multiple training to multiple employees at the same time.
  • The Leader Board which gives some friendly competition could be placed in a more visible spot on the Home Page of HotSchedules Train powered by Schoox.
  • A way to link outside training that are State required.
HotSchedules Train powered by Schoox helps our small business out immensely. By keeping us efficient and saving us time. I only see it being less appropriate for areas where you need a lot more hands-on training. Although you would still be able to at least track completion and pass/no pass of those hands-on trainings.
Sean Stephenson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We currently use it for training our managers and supervisors. We plan to implement it across to the hourly crew next year after we iron out the kinks. We started using Schoox because of its affordability and ease of use. Schoox does not do everything that we want but does a lot of it. We wanted to remove paper training and be able to have a place to house all of the quizzes and "scorecards" for their employment. The next stage is to build videos.
  • Ease of use - have all the manuals in one place. Quizzing is graded right away and the manager knows where they stand. Very easy to build in the platform.
  • Reporting/Recording of history - I can look at a snapshot of any manager who has used Schoox and see how they are doing at any time. Also keeps a record of the past performance.
  • On the Job Training - allows for our managers and trainers to sign off on performance, give a ranking and put in notes.
  • Currently, in order to review quiz questions with a manager taking the quiz, you need to go to the computer to review. You cannot review using a mobile device. This is very inconvenient.
  • The On the Job Training is very useful. However, currently, I cannot connect it with a workgroup manual. It has to be at the bottom of the course. Since the way I use it is teaching about a certain workgroup.
  • Scrolling - I wish we didn't have to scroll through a manual or use the arrows at the top to get to a certain section in a manual. It takes a lot of time. I have some manuals that are more than 70 pages and to get to the last page is a pain.
We really like Schoox - for its cost and ease of use. The areas that Schoox needs improvement, that I mentioned earlier, if they were to be improved I would be more likely to recommend. Well suited for us with regards to training managers. We can give them an iPad and they have everything they need. With the hourly crew level, it will be challenging - do we give them iPads too - use their phones? Not sure yet.

The use of videos is where I see us really benefitting from the use of Schoox. We can create videos of recipes being made, cocktails being made, a server folding a napkin, a busser clearing a table etc.
Bo Harris | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use it to train our hourly staff for serving, hosting and cooking.
  • Provides a good structure for outlining training.
  • Takes advantage of employees using mobile devices to train and uses far less paper.
  • Allows for editing materials relatively easy to keep things up to date.
  • Signing up employees to your curricula and courses is awkward because it is based on email which is not used very much by the younger generation.
  • Monitoring as a manager is not efficient. I have to spend a lot of time clicking into individual courses to see progress.
  • There isn't much structure for a role of trainer that is built in. You can manipulate the system to make it work, but it should just be a checkbox to make someone a trainer.
  • Lack of reporting. Ideally as a manager, I would like to get an email report summarizing what my new employee accomplished in training each day. I would like my trainer to be required to put in a few comments and make sure everything that the employee was supposed to do that day is completed.
  • No connection to scheduling - The badges they earn for passing a curriculum should show up next to their name in the scheduler for HotSchedules.
  • No timeline - It would be nice to be able to layout a basic timeline and connect courses to those days. For example, a server trains for 5 days and on day 3 I want her to complete a food quiz, the system should group the courses so that is possible.
  • No WYSIWYG editor. I would rather build the training materials for reading in the schoox rather than have to maintain a library of files somewhere else.
  • There should be a separate log in or landing page for setting up and designing the courses. The current layout is very clunky and very slow to work with. If you are working with a couple hundred courses, it gets very time consuming to click through all the hoops to get to what you want. Someone needs to study how managers actually interact with the system when setting it up. I'd love to give you some designs if you are interested.
  • For companies with multiple concepts, the first thing that Schoox should ask when logging in is 'Which Concept do you want to work with' then proceed forward only showing files, courses and curricula related to that concept. This would help shorten lists and make things easier to understand for employees that are new.
It is a great start at converting to online training, but I can see so much more potential for it to help overcome the problems in the restaurant industry.
Score 8 out of 10
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Our restaurant is currently establishing a training curriculum for all positions in our company. As a growing business it was important for us to be able to streamline our training and maintain consistency through all locations. With Schoox we are able to customize our training to our brand specificly and periodically add new lessons for staff and monitor their progress. This allows us to make sure our staff is always maintaining the highest of standards.
  • You are able to track your staffs' progress with their training.
  • You can periodically add new lessons to specific employees if you see there is an area where they need work.
  • When training new employees, management can keep notes on their profile and all other managers can access at any time.
  • It can be difficult in the beginning to figure out where you need to go for certain tasks in the beginning
I feel that in a restaurant setting this is a very good training platform. I find that it is especially good for younger people as it is set up in a way that is similar to social media which is appealing to the younger generations and makes them more likely to actually complete the training. The app makes it especially convenient.
Robert Kinsella | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We are using HotSchedules Train across the entire company. We manage 19 locations and 10 different concepts. We use Train for our new hire training for all positions, both hourly and manager, in the restaurants as well as continuing education for those that want to learn more. Train allows us to deliver a consistent message to our employees as well as quickly updating that message as necessary.
  • Using the App for training as well as On the Job Training (OJT) checklists. Our trainees and trainers can work from a shared checklist on all the key training areas to make sure everything is covered.
  • Creating courses and curricula is very simple. The ability to pull websites into the training course has made managing the course data very simple for us.
  • The reporting page is very simple to navigate and looking up the progress of a trainee takes seconds.
  • Auto-assigning courses and curricula to new hires has made it very simple to begin training at the store level. No new procedures for the managers to learn to get a new employee started. Jobs pull right from the POS and the necessary courses are assigned based on the job.
  • Looking up an individual employee's progress on line is very simple and intuitive. But finding the right report for training is not and can take lots of time to find what you are looking for.
  • The mobile app needs to have more of the social features like the Leader Board and creating a new message.
  • We have 9 different concepts in our training academy, I would like to be able to restrict the courses and curricula to those that only apply to specific concepts. Similar to how the content can be assigned to different units.
Multi-unit restaurants can benefit from HotSchedules Train because it allows you to deliver a consistent message to all new employees. This becomes more and more important the larger you get. It also gives you a tool to quickly implement any new changes and get those details to your stores as well as confirm that the information has been viewed. Small chains or individual units may find the extra work to set up the training very time consuming, but once you have the training material organized, setting up the courses is very simple. If you use HotSchedules, then HotSchedules Train is the next step.
Score 7 out of 10
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Schoox is being used as the main training tool in our restaurants. It is used across all departments and job roles (except administrative and director levels) in the restaurants. The main business problem that it addresses is the difficulty of consistent training as an organization is growing. We believe consistent training is the only way for a business to not lose it's "soul".
  • The ability to maintain a streamlined message
  • integration with hotschedules, specifically with importing and managing users based on job codes
  • Automated features for getting information to new hires and new roles
  • Clunky interface, not as intuitive as other competitors
  • Curricula and courses differentiation is often confusing to new users
  • Strange conversion of certain PDFs
  • We'd love to see the ability to customize our academy a bit more to make it more on brand
Schoox is very well suited for a growing company. The main benefit of Schoox is the ability to get a more consistent messaging out to new hires, new roles, and continuing training for employees.

I don't believe that Schoox would be well suited for a smaller company because 1) the cost/price associated 2) with a smaller team keeping the message consistent is much easier
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