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What is ScreenFlow?

Telestream in Nevada City offers ScreenFlow, a video editing and screen recording application for Mac boasting a range of editing tools, graphics and effects, and easy video sharing.
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What is ScreenFlow?

Telestream in Nevada City offers ScreenFlow, a video editing and screen recording application for Mac boasting a range of editing tools, graphics and effects, and easy video sharing.

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What is Camtasia?

Camtasia from TechSmith is a tool for making screen and video recordings.

What is Loom?

Loom is a screen recorder for Chrome, Mac, Windows, and iOS from the company of the same name in San Francisco, presented as quick to install, easy to use, and boasting a functional free edition.

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Product Details

What is ScreenFlow?

Telestream in Nevada City offers ScreenFlow, a video editing and screen recording application for Mac boasting a range of editing tools, graphics and effects, and easy video sharing.

ScreenFlow Technical Details

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Frequently Asked Questions

Telestream in Nevada City offers ScreenFlow, a video editing and screen recording application for Mac boasting a range of editing tools, graphics and effects, and easy video sharing.

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 9.

The most common users of ScreenFlow are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees) and the Marketing & Advertising industry.
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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have been using screenflow within my team to develop our learning management system for new employees. We use screenflow to record the audio/screen capture portion of the videos that will be implemented within the LMS as a training course for new employees. We also use screenflow to record quick how to videos on other platforms that we use within the company.
  • Makes recorded screen captures quick and easy
  • Allows you to edit the videos that you recorded directly in the application
  • Allows you to export to MP3
  • The quality of the recordings is great
  • You have to use specific keys to stop recording and if you forget them you have to close out the application to stop recording.
  • It's a fairly basic software, it would be nice to see them add new functionality, but they haven't done much to improve it over the years.
It's awesome for recordings that will be used for courses, trainings, marketing videos, how to videos, etc. It's perfect for small businesses or entrepreneurs. It's easy for anyone to get started using the software. I trained my coworker on the software in less than 5 minutes. I have used it as an entrepreneur and as an employee.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Screenflow is a great tool for demonstrating software and for recording webinar-like presentations that easily be emailed to clients or posted to YouTube. It is a very intuitive and versatile video editor. It includes the capability to simultaneously record multiple sources - onscreen activity on your computer, smartphone and/or tablets, and a webcam. This all works together seamlessly, so viewers can see me talking as I demonstrate software or show my presentation slides.
  • Ease of use - the interface is very intuitive
  • Versatility - the ability to simultaneously record from multiple sources
  • Easy to export - the finished product can be saved as a file, emailed, or posted to online platforms like YouTube
  • It works only on the Mac OS platform, not on PC
  • There is no iOS version; it must be used on a Mac OS laptop or desktop
This is an exceptional product for anyone looking to make, edit and distribute videos demonstrating software or making webinar-like videos for presenting your ideas. If you work on a Mac, this is a great, easy to learn app. Unfortunately, it is currently not available for PC or for tablets like the iPad.
Jonathan Teixeira | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use ScreenFlow to create and edit videos. We use it to record our screen(s), camera, and sound (mics and system sounds) all at once. That's where it really shines and makes our jobs easier. We also use it for editing simple videos using the timeline-based editor, which is easy to use.
  • Multi-device recording
  • Easy editing
  • Intuitive interface
  • Export options
  • Publishing options
  • Built-in tools
Screenflow is perfect if you're looking to screen record. You can record your screen(s), camera, and get audio from both a microphone and whatever sounds your computer is making, too. We've used it to record presentations, video chat interviews, and simple 'talking head' videos. If you're looking for a real-deal, big-time video editor, it might not be the best choice, but it's still pretty good.
November 20, 2019

My Screen Recording App

Jeff Mendelson, MBA | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
screenflow is the easiest screen recording software for the Mac. It simply works and editing videos on it is super easy. I use this to record actions that I am doing that ultimately become part of our standard operating procedures (SOPs). Furthermore, it's very easy to make visual walk-throughs to demonstrate concepts for clients and staff alike.
  • Screen recording.
  • Exporting/uploading directly to YouTube/Vimeo, etc.
  • Video editing with annotations.
  • Frequent and nagging updates.
  • When updating, I don't necessarily see the tactical advantage of why I paid for the upgrade.
I record all of my screen walk-throughs, demonstrations, and webinars with screenflow. I also really like the tools like making callouts, audio filtering, etc. I found the interface to edit the videos to be much more straightforward than other traditional tools like Adobe Premier, Rush and even Final Cut Pro.
It works well and fits into my workflow. The tools are much easier and straightforward to work with. Other video editing tools like Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro are simply too complicated for this type of task.
Michael Anderson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
My video team uses screenflow to record screen capture video and audio for videos that we make for clients as well as internal training.
  • Screenflow easily records your desktop video and/or audio, with functionality that works even across multi-monitor setups.
  • The program has really incredible features for basic cutting and editing of the capture within screenflow once it is done.
  • The program has an impressive amount of options for expecting different formats of video and audio. I'm most impressed by the lossless audio and uncompressed video formats that give the best possible quality for importing into video projects.
  • Better customization and more tools during recording would both be helpful.
If you need to capture computer video or audio for work or personal use, screenflow is the best option I've found. My experience with it is only on Mac systems, so I can't speak for any PC functionality it may or may not have.
I have not had to deal with support for Screenflow yet.
Jake Schlingman | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Screenflow is used in a few different ways throughout the company to make various videos. I have used it to make educational videos for both customers and for internal staff as well in both my previous and current positions. In my previous position I made video content as trainings for our services department as well as customer facing video trainings. In my current position, I use Screenflow to make video walkthroughs of new features so that customer and services team members understand how the new features work.
  • Video capture is awesome and it separates out audio and video
  • Fixing mistakes is easy
  • Easy to trim videos
  • Easy to stitch together different types of media and sources for audio and video
  • Easy to perform highlights and animations
  • It can be hard to learn if you don't have someone to show you how to do it.
  • It's only available on Mac (I'd love to be able to use it on my home computer which is a Windows machine when working from home).
It is great at doing screen recordings and making videos. It's also able to simultaneously capture webcam input as well if that is something you want to include.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use screenflow to record, cut, and add text and motion to videos that are used in our GTM efforts. We have also used Screenflow to produce training content videos. This software has been a user-friendly and affordable answer to video editing software for our marketing efforts. I would recommend this without hesitation. The only issue is that it is MAC only.
  • Simple ways to cut and layer clips when telling a story.
  • Very easy to use motion tools to allow for zoom in/out when cutting video.
  • Great transition options especially when using it with text.
  • Needs to be designed for use on WIndows so we can use this tool more broadly across teams.
It's a fantastic tool to capture on-screen tutorials or product marketing videos.
Dr. C. Michael Sturgeon | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I personally use it to assist in my work at Lee University. As I work with students and want to give the "how to" types of instructions that they can follow (i.e. SPSS, Stats with Excel etc) the convenience of providing a video for them to watch saves time for meeting face to face. It solves the problem of students being in another state and/or the problem of face to face meetings being consumed with "how to" instructions. This makes my time spent more efficient and productive. I work with students doing research, so I can share my techniques of finding the materials they seek without meeting in person. Once again, that becomes a time-saver. I first began using it when I started using an iMac as my desktop computer. Now I have two licenses so that I have it on my MacBook Pro in order to do recordings on the spot over the weekend.
  • Allows me to add text easily on top of the video for more thorough explanations that can be read AS viewers listen to the instructional videos.
  • I can highlight my cursor and dim the background. This is useful to #1 - keep the viewer from missing where you are "clicking" when you give instructions and #2 - to keep the rest of the screen viewed from being a distraction.
  • It exports the video fast and at high quality. This is a strength because viewers of today want to see crisp clear videos - otherwise they often leave the video. . The second reason is that I do not have time to allow my computer to be busy exporting for two hours (as other products have done) - Screenflow exports a 40minutes video in approximately 12 minutes at 1080o resolution.
  • It is user-friendly ... minimalist style interface. There are not hundreds of options (I could go to another application if I wanted that). I have five major options - each with about 5 - 7 sub-options. On average, I need two of the primary buttons and make the adjustments in the sub-option. This ia great because I then can avoid having to look up a YouTube video to figure out how to accomplish X. I would dare say it is the most intuitive interfaces I have ever seen on an application of this type.
  • Pricing is reasonable and updates are even more reasonable. I have only had to pay "extra" when the upgrade was a major one. Users get many upgrades at no cost and those that cost are at an upgrade price which is very inexpensive. This is good for the simple reason that funds are tight. We all face that issue once and again. For my department - it is a tight budget on a consistent basis. It isn't terribly difficult to get the funds for this because the price is so reasonable.
  • I would like to see hint names pop-up when I roll over an icon for a particular function. This is one thing I felt that I had to learn on my own.
  • Some of the uses of functions were not completely obvious - though I find the application as a whole quite intuitive, there are some "unknowns" - especially if I skip a few months using it (which is seldom) but it has happened. The suggestion is to make it better understood.
  • When I want to add other media - I then discover that not all media types are accepted. If a list of media extensions (i.e. mov, avi, mk4 -- mp3, flac, etc) were listed it would help avoid frustrations when preparations are made to "mix the various types.
  • Transitions at minimal. When I right-click on the video track and just want to select fade-in fade-out option, they do not always work - the reason isn't given therefore I have to go without. If the reason is given, I can possibly "fix" the issue at hand.
When training others to use a software application, I find this is amazingly helpful to accomplish using screenflow. The application allows me to video what I am doing in the application while explaining it in details. There are other uses of course, one that I found was to capture myself talking through students' research papers/thesis and explain where changes need to be made. Of course, MS Word has the tracking changes option and a professor can go through sentence by sentence - the downfall of this is that students #1 - do not always understand what is being suggested as we all cut back on words when typed out versus spoken. #2 - students do not always read the added comments thoroughly. Viewers watch the video and listen to a voice quicker than reading remarks. The viewing and voice, in my opinion, are the greatest part of the end product provided to viewers. This tool can assist anyone's work that trains it industry or educational fields.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use Screenflow to make all of my SaaS onboarding and tutorial videos, as well as videos showing our product for our YouTube channel. I'm just one person but it allows me to make professional quality videos that look like much more than they are!
  • It's the best solution that exists for narrating something you're doing on the computer
  • Super simple to use
  • Excellent green screen support
  • The on-screen text options are limited and inferior to competitors
  • Transitions aren't as easy to use as they could be. They need to be modified in the preferences pane, which is strange.
  • Green screen settings can be fiddly; but this is really splitting hairs. It's hard to tell what's their fault and what's mine.
Screenflow is at its best when you need to be on camera and be showing your computer screen at the same time. For that application, there's really nothing better. It's still fantastic if you're doing screen narration only. The only situation where another tool might be better is if you're just using your camera and not the computer screen.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Screenflow is being used by a single department, and not across the business as a whole. The main issue screenflow addresses is that it solves the issue of screen capture of video, including embedded audio sources.
  • screenflow is simple to use.
  • screenflow captures embedded audio from internet video perfectly.
  • The video quality is very good.
  • I believe screenflow is gearing itself towards being some sort of an Adobe replacement (Premiere Pro), and it doesn’t really fit that bill well.
  • The software functions well as a video editor program for novice editors, but it lacks the deep customization and functions of Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • If you are using it for a screen capture application, it’s great for that. If you’re trying to replace Premiere Pro and use it as a video editor, you are probably going to be disappointed.
  • The price point of $100 was a bit steep for something that is essentially a screen capture program.
Screenflow is excellent for those times when you need to pull video from an internet source, such as a news website where video downloads are inaccessible.
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