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Secured Signing

Secured Signing


What is Secured Signing?

Secured Signing is an electronic signature software offering from SecuredSigning. It includes features such as capturing graphical signatures and individually sign a document.

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Secured Signing has revolutionized the way businesses handle remote transactions and sales processes. Users have found that the software …
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What is Secured Signing?

Secured Signing is an electronic signature software offering from SecuredSigning. It includes features such as capturing graphical signatures and individually sign a document.

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What is Notarize?

Notarize is an on-demand remote electronic notary service that allows anyone to legally notarize a document online.

What is DocuSign?

DocuSign supports transactions with document sharing and electronic signature, as well as automated and guided data collection and entry, record updating across disparate systems and payment collection upon agreement, as well as analytics and reporting.

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Product Details

What is Secured Signing?

Secured Signing Technical Details

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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
We use Secured Signing wherever possible when we need to sign a document ourselves, whether as part of an agreement with others, or just to sign our own document. It's a very fast and affordable way to sign with a lot of security and validation built in.
  • The smart tag functionality is excellent. You can place the tags wherever a signatory is needed and the system reads the tag, so you don't have to place it yourself or complete the details.
  • Integration with Office 365 is very handy.
  • Having the document emailed automatically to every signatory along with a full record of every step in the signing process is really helpful.
  • The ability to bulk upload a spreadsheet of signing parties and manage a mass signing is very cool.
  • We don't have particularly complex requirements and it does everything we need, plus has many other more advanced features.
I think it's an excellent day to day solution, at a very reasonable price. It works particularly well when paired with our document automation solutions, as we can automatically create the relevant "smart tags" for each party as part of building the signing blocks in the document. This means the document (or a whole package of documents) can be uploaded into Secured Signing and it can just read the tags, meaning they are effectively ready to send.
  • Digital signing is simply one of the highest return on investment things you can do. It costs next to nothing compared to the cost of printing, signing, scanning, emailing, chasing multiple parties multiple times, printing and compiling counterparts, re-scanning, and saving that you'd otherwise do.
I haven't looked in detail at alternatives, as Secured Signing does everything we have needed it to, at a very reasonable price point.
Grant Millar | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I've used Secured Signing as a way to get documents signed more efficiently and to avoid the need to print/post/scan documents. It's also a way of tracking who opened and signed the document using their tracking method (date, time, email address, IP address used, etc.) which is great for having an audit trail.
  • Easy to add signature fields.
  • Easy to upload documents.
  • Secure audit history.
  • No need for an app - can sign through a browser.
  • Once you upload a document, it counts as using one of the documents - even if you don't sign it or send it for signing.
  • Pay per signature instead of a subscription based option (which is good if you don't use it often, though).
  • The date and time is stamped onto the signature (also a positive, depending on how you look at it - I just don't like how it looks).
If you need any documents digitally signed, it's a perfect solution and is legally binding. We used it for signing all documents that didn't require a wet signature. It's a perfect solution as well if you're working remotely and can't get paperwork done in person. I would also suggest it to those who are looking for an option to have documents signed electronically instead of using paper.
  • No more printing.
  • No more posting.
  • Everything gets completed and returned in real time.
I prefer SignNow, to be honest. It's cheap on a monthly basis, is easier to use, and when I make mistakes uploading an incorrect file, I'm not going to lose one of the document uploads I've paid for (given this is the pricing model with Secured Signing). Secured Signing is a good option if you want to get video verification, though - I think it may have more advanced features than the competition, so still well worth considering.
Phil Astley | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
When Inland Revenue finally caught up well over a decade after our 2002 Act recognising digital signatures, I looked at options and was surprised to find that a Kiwi product compared more than favourably with others on the world stage.

Work is so much faster now we are now a paperless office, having done away with inconvenient paperwork. This was particularly important to us as we are a cloud-only accountant (client support via TeamViewer is a key aspect of our work) so clients are around the country.

Support was excellent as we got familiar with the product - which has continually advanced since we first saw it. We asked colleagues for their advice - most are still paper-based, but those who had tried bigger players had met with less success than we have had.
  • Once clients have reviewed a draft document, we submit it to SecuredSigning, who emails the client(s) links to "sign". At the end of the process, we each receive a digitally signed copy.
  • We see no deficiencies in the product. Even the new anti-money laundering etc rules seem to be catered for. The few things we did wish were there have all been added as the product has developed.
Anywhere signatures are required this serves well - except where signatories do not have their own unique email address.
  • The cost is generally cheaper than post, and the delays in obtaining signatures is now an unpleasant memory.
I didn't really dig into this but looked briefly at Adobe and DocuSign. Talking with other users put me off - until we found SecuredSigning.
We don't need in-house support.
  • Signing engagement letters
  • Signing questionnaires
  • Signing accounts
  • Signing tax returns
  • It's replacing signing - very basic.
  • No idea what the future holds.
Wouldn't want to go back, and no one else offers a better service and support.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Third-party Reviews
Once IRD accepted digital signatures, our first client to use it had just relocated to Hawaii. We looked briefly at two major players, and while either would have sufficed, we were fortunate to come across this. Our clients in Hawaii became guinea pigs with the free trial, and we have never regretted our decision.
We wouldn't change a thing.
  • Implemented in-house
Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled
The product itself was simple - adjusting to a paperless office has been a bigger issue.
  • Reorganising digital storage so everything is simple.
Training users (and ourselves) to think differently is the challenge - but given most users are not as familar with the computer systems which run their accounting software, that's not new.
Usually quick and responsive - even with a newby.
I don't know if it was exceptional support - but they credited my account when I had failed to understand something.
  • There really is only one - we upload a file, and it comes back digitally signed. They offer various enhancements, but we don't need most of them. I recently had to use the sequential (rather than parallel) signing process so a specific user signed last.
  • Difficult or cumbersome aren't really words that come to mind re SecuredSigning.
Yes, but I don't use it
There is so little to it - it just works.
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