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SecureLink Enterprise Access

SecureLink Enterprise Access


What is SecureLink Enterprise Access?

SecureLink is a platform for remote support in regulated industries. Enterprise software vendors use SecureLink to deliver remote support and services. Hospitals, banks, casinos and other regulated entities use SecureLink to authenticate, control and audit remote access for…

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SecureLink is a versatile solution that caters to various user needs and use cases. Users have praised the product for its ease of use, …
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What is SecureLink Enterprise Access?

SecureLink is a platform for remote support in regulated industries. Enterprise software vendors use SecureLink to deliver remote support and services. Hospitals, banks, casinos and other regulated entities use SecureLink to authenticate, control and audit remote access for their vendors,…

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Product Details

What is SecureLink Enterprise Access?

SecureLink Enterprise Access is an enterprise-grade remote access platform designed specifically to secure the greatest point of risk in working with third parties: connectivity to an organization’s critical assets. Enterprise Access provides a secure connection for third parties to systems, servers, data, and applications. It ensures that each user has minimal, controlled access, lessening the chance of a third-party breach, and provides control, visibility, and peace of mind over third-parties’ access. Enterprise Access allows users to:

SecureLink Enterprise Access Features

  • Supported: Third-party identity management
  • Supported: Zero trust network access
  • Supported: Remote access for any TCP/UDP-based protocol
  • Supported: Fine-grained access controls
  • Supported: Credential management
  • Supported: Session monitoring
  • Supported: Attended support

SecureLink Enterprise Access Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsWindows, Linux, Mac
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

SecureLink is a versatile solution that caters to various user needs and use cases. Users have praised the product for its ease of use, reliability, and strong security features. One of the key use cases of SecureLink is remote access to servers and applications. With SecureLink, users can establish secure connections to servers, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access sensitive information. This feature is particularly useful for software companies that need to support their customers or organizations that require secure vendor access.

Another important use case of SecureLink is controlling access for contractors and vendors. The software allows organizations to easily onboard new vendors while maintaining strict control over who can access their systems. This solves the problem of unauthorized individuals gaining entry to sensitive assets. Moreover, SecureLink provides an audit trail of vendor activities, enhancing accountability and security.

SecureLink has also proven instrumental in facilitating remote work during the pandemic. By offering a secure and reliable connection, users have seamlessly transitioned to remote work without compromising productivity or compromising the security of client servers.

Additionally, the software excels in providing secure remote desktop connectivity and troubleshooting. Users appreciate the ability to connect to multiple servers simultaneously within a single application, streamlining their workflow and saving time.

Overall, SecureLink offers a range of valuable use cases, including secure remote access, controlling vendor access, enabling remote work, and simplifying troubleshooting processes. Its intuitive interface and robust security features make it a preferred choice for organizations looking for efficient and secure server connectivity solutions.

Excellent Customer Service: Users have consistently praised SecureLink for its excellent customer service. Many users have stated that the support team is responsive and provides quick assistance with any issues that arise.

Easy to Use and Navigate: The ease of use and intuitive interface of SecureLink have been highly appreciated by users. They find the platform easy to set up, navigate, and understand. The simple and clear organization of the platform makes it effortless for users to find what they need.

Secure Remote Access: The ability to allow vendors to access servers in a protected manner has been highlighted as a valuable feature by many users. This capability not only helps businesses meet regulations but also enables them to react quickly. Users feel completely secure due to the encryption provided by SecureLink, making it an essential tool for performing their job and accessing client environments.

Pricey: Some users have found SecureLink to be expensive compared to other services, which has led them to consider switching to more cost-effective alternatives. They felt that the price of SecureLink was too high considering the application's unreliability, especially for their company size.

Limited features: Several reviewers have mentioned that SecureLink lacks certain features in comparison to other similar services, making it less versatile and comprehensive for their needs. This limitation has caused some users to seek alternative solutions that offer a wider range of functionalities.

Unreliable remote access: Many users have experienced issues with the remote access feature of SecureLink, reporting that it is unreliable and often difficult to establish a connection. This has caused frustration and hindered productivity for both individuals and their coworkers. Users have also faced authentication failures while trying to connect remotely, further exacerbating the problem.

Users recommend thoroughly examining all costs associated with the new licensing model of SecureLink and accurately estimating ongoing costs and internet bandwidth requirements. It is important to carefully analyze and evaluate the pricing structure, as well as any additional fees or charges that may be incurred. Accurate estimation of factors such as maintenance, updates, and support fees is advised to calculate the total cost of ownership. Additionally, organizations should evaluate their internet bandwidth requirements by considering factors like the number of users, data transfer volumes, and concurrent connections to ensure a seamless experience with SecureLink.

Attribute Ratings


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Matthew Behrens | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Securelink meets the needs of my organization for Privileged Access Management. I have successfully rolled this out to all external vendors, and their access to our production environment. I have found that the product is very easy and intuitive to understand how to use. I'm also in the process of rolling this out to the internal employees so we can have a bit more control around the production environment. I'm currently at about 15% for the internal roll out.
  • Intuitive. It's been so easy to use and set up. I can set up a vendor, they get the email on how to log in with a link to the site, and they can figure out what to do, for the most part.
  • I like the fact that they are still relatively small as an organization. I have strong communication channels with the support staff and they are extremely responsive to any questions I have.
  • It's a well thought of product.
  • Java based. Always an issue. I know they are working on this and it will be Javaless if we need it. I know that Java can cause issues across the board and I understand the need of it, but it does not make it any better when there are Java issues.
  • Stronger integration with the Active Directory. Currently its only read-only, which is good and bad.
  • I would love to see an App. I know they are working on this as well.
It does exactly what it needs to. The only times I've had serious issues with rolling out to a vendor is when they have a "contractual agreement" to only use their solution. Almost every vendor that I've worked with and shown this product to has been skeptical for the first 5 minutes and fully converted to liking the ease of use of the product by 10 minutes.
  • I've found that Securelink allows me to get a vendor access to an application for support purposes much faster than a provisioned VPN account and the red tape around this. I can set up a vendor to access an application suite in a half hour and it will be more secure than regular provisioning.
  • The ROI is yet to be seen on this, but it certainly makes Compliance, Internal Audit, and Legal very happy, which helps everybody.
  • Internally, there is much more push back and it has been problematic. For a tech, to have to log in to a server and navigate to a system is considered cumbersome, when before all they had to do was open up Putty or RDP to a server to get in. The only way to combat this is to force them to use Securelink by removing rights. Near impossible for the domain admins.
I've used WebEx and a few other products like that, but never as an enterprise class solution. Securelink is one of those systems that just seems to make sense when you look at it. Honestly, I stopped my research after i saw this product.
In my opinion you need two people to provide proper support. Someone that understands the setup and has the proper rights in the infrastructure to set this up with the proper knowledge of why and then someone that can follow a scripted procedure to provide some form of support administration when someone has locked or disabled an account. I believe that to set up a new Vendor or a new Application you need fairly intimate knowledge of the organization. A solid Sysadmin type person is probably best to lead the charge for new vendors/applications. Your service desk people would be fine for approving accounts and so forth.
The only thing that keeps this from being a 10 is that I'm not the sole decision maker. If I was, it would be a 10. Who knows if Oracle is going to produce an overpriced option that does not work well that I'll be forced to move to.
  • Vendor implemented
The employees at Securelink have always been responsive and seem to be invested in the success of my company. They truly understand what their product means to us so if there is a problem, they are always willing to help. In the rare event that something is found on their end, they will be proactive and reach out to someone to help and get something on calendar for a fix.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our entire organization uses securelink to safely and securely access our on-premise client servers for support and implementation. We also connect directly to client PC's for troubleshooting our product in their environment.
  • Easy to setup on a client PC or server for access
  • Organizes client connections by gatekeeper so it is easy to find what you need
  • File transfer option is great for uploading files to client servers
  • JAVA updates can sometimes break the securelink connection. Securelink needs to do a better job of updating the product to work with new JAVA updates.
  • Internet Explorer updates can sometimes break the securelink connection. Securelink needs to do a better job of updating the product to work with new versions of IE.
If you need to connect to other servers and PC's then securelink will give you the access you need.
  • Better customer service
  • Increased employee efficiency in connecting to client servers
  • Any securelink problems cause us to be unable to help our clients with issues and we are at a standstill until Securelink is repaired
Securelink seems to work better than LogMein for a large enterprise group. Our company has over 10,000 different connections and securelink manages them well.
We are happy using securelink to access our client environments
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