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What is SecurID?

SecurID, a company and solution suite from RSA, is an identity and access management suite supporting access management, authentication, and identity governance.
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Solve Identity Challenges with the RSA® SecurID® Suite
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Identity Management

Identity management software manages information about the identity of software users and controls access to corporate resources

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Product Details

What is SecurID?

SecurID, a company and solution suite from RSA, is an identity and access management suite supporting access management, authentication, and identity governance.

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Solve Identity Challenges with the RSA® SecurID® Suite

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Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
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Frequently Asked Questions

SecurID, a company and solution suite from RSA, is an identity and access management suite supporting access management, authentication, and identity governance.

SecurID starts at $2.

Reviewers rate Multi-Factor Authentication highest, with a score of 9.

The most common users of SecurID are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees).
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RSA SecurID is being used by my associated department (Engineering) and to the best of my knowledge is used by the entire organization for the same purpose. It is used to be able to get a secure token to connect to a VPN client and access the private organizational network. Working in a FDA regulated healthcare facility, security and safety is of utmost importance. Only softwares approved by the organization through a validation procedure are used on office machines. RSA SecurID is one that is approved through the procedure and is working well for me. It is pretty easy to setup and use and haven't faced any particular problems with it.
  • UI is concise and simple. Required buttons are right in front and avoid any ambiguity. Surprised at how minimal of the screen space it uses.
  • Fast! Never had a problem in waiting for a pin number to be generated. Even has a copy button cause well more often than not you will be using that function.
  • From a security point of view each pin generated times out in 60 seconds, which is good in my opinion.
  • Setup was also pretty easy. As a software developer understanding new software is not a personal challenge. However from a unbiased perspective it is pretty straight forward for even people who are not as good with technology.
  • Maybe the token name displayed can be modified a little bit. Although it may not be done that often, hovering over it and waiting for it to appear is a minor nuance.`
  • Add an option of dynamically resizing the GUI. No major flaws come to mind.
In a corporate setting I feel this is pretty useful. It's quick and easy to setup and does what its supposed to using as little effort from the user as possible. However there aren't any obvious links to how it works and what it does (through the software itself I mean) which might be more beneficial for someone in a small business setting without the resources and contacts to validate the workings of the software easily.
  • Can connect to the private organizational network easily using RSA SecurID.
Haven't used other competitor products to give an opinion on the matter.
Most important function of the RSA SecurID is providing authentication for the VPN client to connect to the private network at the organization. Since most of the software and network features are heavily restricted, having to go through a procedure to connect to the network is necessary. It is important that this procedure not take an unrealistic time frame to be performed. SecurID is quick, easy to setup and easy to use.
As the facility is not that huge, there are currently three technicians available to help with any problem with SecurID. However the support provided is only local, and there are a plethora of support technicians available through the company portal which connects to the national support group for the company that provides support for all employees in the region.
  • Provide authentication for VPN clients.
  • Create a token based on a user-defined PIN number.
  • Setup registration using company credentials.
  • Support for any softwares failures.
  • Couple SecurID with version control for software to prevent unauthorized modification of code.
  • Couple SecurID with cloud system to prevent any unwanted or accidental deletion of data.
Long story short, does the job. Can use company credentials to setup and access the account for SecurID. Easy to setup and implement. Doesn't have a high learning curve.
  • Setup using your company's username and credentials.
  • GUI is very straight forward and responsive. Did not notice any lag whatsoever.
  • If you need to see the token number you have to hover over it and wait for a second or two to be able to see it. Could include option of dynamically resizing the window to be able to see it without the hovering. Minor inconvenience.
Using it very frequently, it's important that its straight forward and I do not have to go through unnecessary hoops to achieve something seemingly simple. Can setup using the company credentials and do not have to setup up a separate account. Setup was fast and easy. GUI is very straight forward and quick.
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