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What is SeekOut?

SeekOut is a people-first platform that helps organizations hire, grow, and retain great talent. They aim to empower companies with a clear picture of their current and future talent by combining internal and external data backed by actionable analytics.
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Good for startups!

7 out of 10
August 23, 2022
I use it to find candidates on a daily basis. Business problem is that many candidates' emails are not available on open source so I use …
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How SeekOut Differs From Its Competitors

Comprehensive Profiles

They have allowed us to identify candidates from under-represented groups and engage them with substantive opporotunities that would otherwise not be.
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Comprehensive Profiles

The way profiles are shown makes it very easy to identify potential candidates very easily as it displays the person's best skills and qualifications at a glance. This reduces recruiting times and SLAs by half and lets us focus on getting the right talent to our managers quicker than before.
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Comprehensive Profiles

The profiles almost always match the keywords and filters that I am using and looking for. This helps me find the perfect candidates that I need and helps shorten the filling time. This also helps me identify diverse candidates which helps expand the number of candidates we have in the pipeline.
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Comprehensive Profiles

They have not really impacted the recruiting process because the profiles are not accurate most of the time and are not as comprehensive as advertised. Most times you see a candidate you like, there is no contact information, or if there is, it's not accurate, and an email bounces back. More times …
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Comprehensive Profiles

I think the profiles we find are great, although I will say I don't think the searching functions, other than DEI, are that groundbreaking. It is great that the team can find profiles aggregated through sites other than LinkedIn, but it doesn't feel much different than LinkedIn's functionality in …
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Comprehensive Profiles

The profile's details are comprehensive to the exact information that is available on LinkedIn, so it helps a lot for me to have confidence in SeekOut data.
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Comprehensive Profiles

So far with my short time using SeekOut, I was able to get 1 candidate to an offer status, but it was declined, I have been able to communicate with several others, receiving responses from passive candidates, which is great! The passive response today could be hires in the future!
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Comprehensive Profiles

I love the fact that you can source for candidates from multiple platforms/networks, manage projects, find contact details and create messaging campaigns on one unique tool. The diversity filter is great too. The insights are very helpful. Excellent sourcing tools for Veterans and D&I Recruitment. …
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Comprehensive Profiles

Profiles are somewhat comprehensive, sometimes the data is outdated (linkedin profiles, dates of employment). AI Matching isn't always a high percentage - I'm getting somewhere around 45-50% match. This means I'm constantly thumbs downing candidate profiles and it doesn't increase the percentage …
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Comprehensive Profiles

Comprehensive profiles mean we spend less time searching for information on candidates as SeekOut provides all social links and contact info.
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Comprehensive Profiles

I feel that using Boolean strings is the best way to get qualified candidates from SeekOut. It takes time to go through them all, but I know that the people I reach out to and hopefully talk to are all potential hires.
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Comprehensive Profiles

The profiles provided by SeekOut are a nice summary of each person with the contact info included in one place, so it's useful and well-organized/aesthetic.
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Comprehensive Profiles

For tech talent, the additional detail on a candidate has been a phenomenal value add. There is also a clear benefit to being able to connect directly with underrepresented groups. In both of these areas, their profile info shines out from what is available elsewhere. For diversity, in particular, …
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Comprehensive Profiles

It has helped us find candidates we normally were not finding with our Linkedin searches. The profiles are still only as good as the input you provide the tool.
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Comprehensive Profiles

The candidate profiles are easy to read and yet filled with the exact information I need to know whether I want to move forward with that candidate and conduct an outreach.
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Comprehensive Profiles

Made a crucial hire through SeekOut recently - sourced the candidate from there, took her through the process with such engagement. A tough net new role was placed in not much time (just over a month) cuz of SeekOut
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Comprehensive Profiles

The profiles from SeekOut seem to match up well with what we can find on LinkedIn. The benefit is that, unlike LinkedIn, what we see isn’t dependent on network connections. The ability to focus on diversity has helped us quickly find unique talent that would otherwise take us much longer to …
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Comprehensive Profiles

It's made us faster, it's helped to build a more diverse pipeline, and it's allowed us to build talent maps to understand the current market.
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Comprehensive Profiles

Its been very helpful to have a full candidate profile including contact information and links to the candidates' various online profiles such as Github. This has made it easier for us to share a full overview of a candidate's experience with a hiring manager at a glance- for example, we might not …
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Comprehensive Profiles

The biggest complaint my organization has about SeekOut is the candidate profiles not always being up to date, and needing to click a link to open another web page for the candidate's LinkedIn page to be able to verify if the information is up to date. This aspect makes the product slow down …
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Comprehensive Profiles

Scoring helps. Again, using SeekOut is not as beneficial or organized as other UR platforms. SeekOut also lacks an event space that we would need and use to engage with candidates in the university space. not being able to message candidates directly on SeekOut is also a headache. would only use …
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Comprehensive Profiles

This is hit or miss, I have looked up myself with wrong information. I do find this common in any sourcing platform and CRM.

Could use some work
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What is SeekOut?

SeekOut is a people-first platform that helps organizations hire, grow, and retain great talent. They aim to empower companies with a clear picture of their current and future talent by combining internal and external data backed by actionable analytics.

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What is SeekOut?

SeekOut headquartered in Bellevue offers their AI-powered recruitment analytics and talent search software to help with candidate search and sourcing, candidate engagement, public source talent pool management, and diversity hiring.

SeekOut Features

Talent Intelligence Features

  • Supported: Continuous AI Model Training
  • Supported: Existing Skills Mapping/Lanscaping
  • Supported: Anonymous Screening/Profile Masking
  • Supported: Bias-Mitigating Algorithms
  • Supported: Diversity Reporting
  • Supported: AI-Based Role Definition
  • Supported: Candidate Modelling
  • Supported: Talent Rediscovery
  • Supported: Automated Candidate Evaluation/Scoring
  • Supported: Internal Mobility Recommendations
  • Supported: At-Risk Talent Scoring
  • Supported: ATS Integrations

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SeekOut Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
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Frequently Asked Questions

SeekOut is a people-first platform that helps organizations hire, grow, and retain great talent. They aim to empower companies with a clear picture of their current and future talent by combining internal and external data backed by actionable analytics.

Linkedin Recruiter, hireEZ, and Entelo are common alternatives for SeekOut.

Reviewers rate Diversity Reporting highest, with a score of 7.8.

The most common users of SeekOut are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees).
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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Sourcing diverse candidate fields have been hard to do with other tools but SeekOut makes it incredibly easy!
  • Easy to use, very user friendly
  • Boolean search strings
  • Diversity fields
  • Better syncs with ATS
  • Email functionality specifically form fields for personalization.
Very well suited for a lot of professional services recruiting, specifically for diverse sourcing. It provides a different queue of candidates than LinkedIn and the search fields are more varied. Less ideal for hourly workers/industry-type roles.
We have two people in-house that partner with SeekOut CSMs and they do a great job of monitoring everything.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I like to use this App for searching for new talent and specific professional profiles that are fit and qualified for the different positions that I source for. This tool helps to pinpoint the right type of professional for hard to fill positions. It is a versatile tool which shows valuable info at a glance.
  • Finding talent with a specific set of skills
  • Using the tool as a talent database
  • Details all the information of the individual very well
  • The ability to provide a resume of the candidate
  • Having an instant messaging system within the tool
  • Giving the ability to promote your jobs on the tool
It is well suited on any level of Talent Acquisition as it is a way to build a talent portfolio and to have you own specialized projects at hand for when needed. Maybe this tool would not be useful in areas such as payroll or finance as these other areas do not focus on seeking for talent.
From my personal experience, customer support is very responsive and professional and tries to resolve issues very quickly. The other day I had an issue with contact information for a candidate, so I reached out to customer support and they immediately responded and started researching to get to the solution, in a few minutes I got the issue resolved and the info provided.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I'm in recruiting, so I use SeekOut to find talent. It's also extremely helpful when it comes to getting candidate info (phone numbers, email, etc.). I use it heavily with finding diverse talent, using the diversity filters. That is a feature no other recruiting search engine I have used has.
  • Clarity
  • Diversity
  • Finding info
  • More accurate diverse filters
  • Location not being limited to miles
  • Less clutter on side bar
SeekOut is well suited for finding new talent for roles that I am working to fill. It is imperative to do these searches. Scenarios, where it is less appropriate, maybe for roles I already have internal candidates for, or do not need an engine to help me on the search.
I have not personally used support, but I see the frequent emails from the support team offering help and providing clarity on new features, etc. So I think the support is very good and always available if needed. I also know there are videos to help guide so that's helpful too.
Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use SeekOut to find candidates for positions that do not attract applicants. Typically these roles are hard to fill, especially for Registered Nurses across the country. SeekOut addresses problems of finding highly qualified talent for positions in states where the company is newly expanding, and word of mouth is non-existent.
  • Wide range of candidates.
  • Cloning profiles of candidates that are a match.
  • Searching multiple recruiting platforms with 1 search.
  • Missing contact information.
  • Inaccurate salary information.
  • Radius is often off when doing a search.
  • AI for duplicate searches is not always accurate.
It's nice to do quick searches when you want to get a high amount of candidates to review from multiple sources, rather than searching LinkedIn, Indeed, CareerBuilder, etc., all separately. It is less appropriate when doing high-level searches for executive candidates, as they are typically active on LinkedIn, and SeekOut information is not always accurate.
Our representative from SeekOut is not well versed in the system, lacks the ability to train us on the actual system, and does not fully understand our questions since he doesn't know the answers. During training we were supposed to learn the system itself, but instead were trained on how to do a simple Boolean search - which all recruiters know how to do if you have been in recruiting.
Score 3 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use it as a tool to source candidates for open roles. The greatest need is being able to find candidates of a variety of different working backgrounds and skillsets, as opposed to those candidates you can just find on Linkedin Recruiter. The scope is every single role that is open at Etsy, especially those within the technical and product spaces, so it's quite broad.
  • Aggregate candidates.
  • Provide automation.
  • Provide filters.
  • Cross-referencing LinkedIn accounts with candidate profiles (many are incorrect).
  • Cross referencing emails with candidate profiles (many are incorrect).
  • Automation isn't user friendly (can't select sending messages on week days as opposed to weekends).
  • Location filters don’t always work (i.e. seeing people from UK in a USA search).
  • Not user friendly- Can’t add a candidate to a campaign directly from search page.
  • Reporting- Can’t say someone has responded manually (i.e. if they put time on my Calendly but don’t actually physically respond to the email).
I think SeekOut is useful when you want to find more candidates than what is just offered through Linkedin Recruiter (i.e. searching via GitHub). I also think it's a good way to track (in a basic way) who you've reached out to and who you haven't, especially when coordinating with other teammates. That said, I think if you're looking for a strong sourcing tool that aleviates all of your headaches, makes automation simple, and allows for good tracking, SeekOut is probably not the most ideal tool.
Feel very neutral on this - they clearly like to receive feedback which is great, but not quite sure how quickly they like to implement changes or even consider them seriously. The support is definitely helpful and they wish to help out their customers, but it does feel like more Band-Aids are put over large issues that need more focus and work.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use it primarily to find diversity, equity & inclusive candidates, under-represented minority candidates, and their contact details.
  • Finding DEI candidates.
  • Finding URM candidates.
  • Finding contact details.
  • Exchange of data well with other ATS/ Sourcing sites like LinkedIn and Beamery.
  • LinkedIn data needs to be more updated.
It is well suited to find DEI and URM candidates and also to find contact details of candidates.
Whenever I sought help, I was provided the help on same day.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use SeekOut to source candidates with specific background and skills. It helps me pulls out unique candidates that I have not seen on other searches. I love the search capabilities within SeekOut. The Boolean function provides a lot of advanced searching techniques and the pre-made Power Filters take out some of the extra work needed to identify candidates. SeekOut has several pre-designed filters that make life easier to get very specific searches to be spot on with our needs with multiple candidates identified.
  • Next level Boolean customization!
  • Ability to search for contact information.
  • "Sourcing maps" that are more robust than LinkedIn breakdowns.
  • Not all contact information is correct.
  • I'd like to do messaging within the website as LinkedIn does.
I love the search capabilities within SeekOut. It makes my life much easier finding qualified candidates. I can search on multiple sources and not just LinkedIn (i.e. GitHub is a great addition to the tool). I also like that I can filter by different Inclusion criteria. SeekOut provides a lot of helpful and useful information when it comes to the candidate search for my roles. It's a great tool for diverse talent as well. I also like that is super user-friendly. This is the cornerstone of a good product!
SeekOut does a good job of providing information for me.
Rienette Anderson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use SeekOut to source candidates for renewable energy positions, It finds candidates fairly quickly and works in tandem well with Linkedin Recruiter seat, I just started using so far 1 to 2 times a week for sourcing efforts.
  • It has great filters for narrowing down specific searches.
  • The Excel sheet provided with the links to LinkedIn are great.
  • With the right search it provides a good amount of people to contact.
  • Messaging candidates from the site would use, I didn't have LinkedIn the Recruiter seat at one point, and contacting candidates was very limited with just the emails provided
I am enjoy using SeekOut, so far I have not had a lot of success, I have had one candidate go to offer but he declined, but I am connecting with people without too much trouble and time, so I feel that is successful.
I am enjoying the candidates it is pulling up that are a good fit for my role.
August 23, 2022

SeekOut review

Syed Sandhani ✅ | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Best tool has useful features. The algorithms are good. We mainly focus for Diversity hiring, this tool is bit useful. Used for tech hiring, got some great outcomes. SeekOut has super filters with a limit of 5, it should increase. I use it for niche hiring most of the cases.
  • Power Filters
  • Features
  • Gender filter
  • Algorithms
  • Power filters limit
  • Gender diverse, some times male profiles appears
  • Product and Service companies filter
The ability to locate and track down top tech talent that have clearances. Seek out has been a huge help. Our overall experience with SeekOut is extremely positive. And their Customer Service is outstanding. My only other complaint is that sometimes profiles appear in searches claiming that they contain a specific mandatory keyword, when in fact upon opening the profile the keyword is nowhere to be found.
SeekOut is a product that has done their background research on what the talent acquisition marketplace needed. They listened and made the improvements the market requested. Now as the organization has evolved, SeekOut is not anticipating and leading in innovation in this key software segment. Specifically, what I like about SeekOut is the ability to aggregate data from LinkedIn Public Profiles with other social sites like GitHub. I am particularly enjoying the SeekOut expert and other features that facilitate original research on target talent.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use SeekOut to build a more diverse pipeline of candidates and finding passive candidates for harder to fill roles. Utilizing messaging to start campaigns has been a great way to customize and personalize my messaging from the platform. It's important for our pipelines to meet specific guidelines and SeekOut is helping to do that by surfacing candidates from underrepresented communities.
  • Surfacing diverse candidates.
  • Search capabilities.
  • Campaign management.
  • Blind mode!
  • LinkedIn integration.
  • AI matching sometimes can not work as well as I hope.
  • More insights and data showcased.
SeekOut is definitely suited for organizations looking to uncover talent from diverse backgrounds and not having to spend all your time in LinkedIn or Job Boards. Specifically keeping bias out of the rooms with hiring managers is key and this tool does such a great job of that. I'd say the tool isn't suited for orgs just looking to source or browse resumes. SeekOut does require effort so if your just looking for a Job Board this isn't for you.
Support is always there - in the chat - very responsive and helpful, kind. Provide an understanding of what they're doing and why they actioned the way they did.
August 23, 2022

Good for startups!

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use it to find candidates on a daily basis. Business problem is that many candidates' emails are not available on open source so I use SeekOut to find these email addresses for the candidates and contact them with this email that I find on SeekOut.
  • User interface.
  • Directory for candidates.
  • Search functions.
  • Email addresses are not corrrct.
  • Need to find and map more candidates in APAC.
  • Integration with ATS.
Good to find certain levels of candidates. Bad to find senior candidates as they cannot scrape the net for their emails.
I have not heard much from the account managers on how to optimise my usage for SeekOut.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
SeekOut is my go-to sourcing tool. Before meeting with hiring managers, I use SeekOut to pull insight reports. This data allows us to make a proactive sourcing plan for requisitions based on the talent market data. Once I start sourcing on a requisition, SeekOut is my first place to source to ensure a strong DEI pipeline of candidates. The SeekOut team is great at making power filters for our specific needs to target companies in our niche. The advanced boolean tools ensure fast and accurate results.
  • Enables us to find DEI pipelines quickly.
  • Detailed search filter and boolean fields enable accurate and targeted searches.
  • On searches where there are more than 1500 results, you are unable to view profiles past 1500, and it is not easy to remove these results from searches.
SeekOut is an easy-to-use, powerful sourcing tool. It enables you to have talent market data ready to share with hiring teams quickly. The search filters enable you to find ideal candidates that may be hard to find on other platforms like LinkedIn. The contact information is very accurate for drip campaigns. Support from SeekOut is fantastic! They are always willing to build power filters and answer questions on searches quickly.
The team at SeekOut responds to chat messages very quickly. They also have an expertly written documentation database. Support always goes above and beyond to answer any specific questions or issues I run into. It been so helpful in building power filters for my searches and truly wants us to get the best results possible with SeekOut.
Cristy Dubois | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I am an IT recruiter. I use SeekOut daily to source for IT candidates in Project Management, Software Development, Business and Data Analytics, and technical support. We have multiple openings at all times, so I try to get as many qualified candidates as I can get.
  • Campaigns
  • Cloning
  • Insights into companies.
  • Obtaining good results from boolean strings.
  • Options for declining a candidate - a lot of times, we decline a candidate based on their previous tenure - that isn't an option that is available at the moment, so we have to choose others all the time, which does not help with future algorithms. It would be nice to have a Tenure option when declining a candidate.
  • Dice has an option for alerts when we set up a search. I get daily emails from them with a list of new candidates based on my search criteria. Does SeekOut have that same functionality?
  • If a campaign is paused, it does not state the reason for pausing the campaign - it would be nice to know why a campaign is paused - even if it is just a hover feature that provides a general reason.
Overall, I love the tool - I like that it provides email and phone number information. When I export a PDF and upload the person's profile into our ATS, that information also transfers (a feature not available with LinkedIn). I wish there were a way to choose a location by state - right now, we have to choose specific cities OR do a nationwide search, but we have the option to exclude certain states or time zones. We only recruit within the central and eastern time zones, so having a way to filter out the pacific time zone, for example, would be really helpful.
We have a new contact Allie Obanion. She has already scheduled several SeekOut pieces of training with our group. Looking forward to working with her, and I appreciate her taking the time to provide us with extra training. I also try to take advantage of the training videos as much as possible.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are a recruiting team, so we use it for sourcing potential job candidates and their contact info.
  • Search algorithm.
  • Search filters/power filters.
  • Campaigning.
  • Finding people who are actively Open To Work/job seeking.
  • Email formatting could be better.
  • Resume downloads lack detail (assuming the candidate has expanded on employment experience etc., on their profile).
Having access to people's contact info is excellent for cadence reach out. The US Authorization power filter is great - I don't know that it's always accurate, but it's a nice filter to have. The cloning/AI matching features are also very nice.
Our account managers have been great. Very communicative.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We implemented SeekOut to allow us to more easily identify and connect with underrepresented talent at a global level. Typical search platforms such as Linkedin only allowed us to analyze markets based on Gender, and SeekOut allowed us to look at the diverse makeup of individual markets or roles. It also pulls multiple channels into its database.
  • Diversity filters allow us to segment talent pools quickly.
  • Talent pool analysis helps us to get a picture of what talent sits in each market.
  • SeekOut works better in the US than in Europe. We often found the mix of the information returned as well as the number of candidates was limited.
  • SeekOut shines for tech-related roles but has opportunities elsewhere. It could also do with adding more channels that are not tech focussed on pulling from.
  • Integrations with Gem and Greenhouse could work more smoothly.
  • Customer support teams, whilst engaged, were not able to effectively influence adoption rates.
If you are a US-based company with a focus on improving diversity in your organization, I feel SeekOut is the standout option in the market. For a global brand, as we are, it doesn't shine so much in other regions. It is also a better tool for tech companies than those who hire from other areas.
Whilst I found the CSMs present, their recommendations didn't necessarily lead to tangible results. I also found their push to upsell tiresome at times.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Using SeekOut has allowed our team to focus more of their time on finding new candidates while our SeekOut campaigns run in the background to help us connect with the candidates we identify. It has made us much more efficient and increased our productivity.
  • Automated reachout campaigns.
  • AI Matching
  • Phone numbers and email addresses
  • We really have not had anything major, most of the time if we have something. We work with our contact at SeekOut and they have been able to implement our requests, mainly around power filters and things like that.
SeekOut has allowed us to find new candidates that we have not been able to find with the other tools that we use for sourcing. It has been a great compliment and addition to our toolbox.
SeekOut has done well providing us training, but sometimes issues we have logged have not always been follow up on so we have had to circle back for updates.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
In the healthcare/healthcare insurance space, I have used SeekOut on everything from an ICU RN, Pathology Manager, to an Epic Analyst and OnBase Solutions Engineer. This tool fits whatever niche industry I need help sourcing in. I have hired RNs, Quality Data Managers, Lab Managers, IT professionals, and other professional roles.
  • Job title searches
  • Industry-specific targeted searches
  • The ability to "clone" that perfect candidate.
  • Text campaigns would be lovely, but I understand the regulatory issues.
I recruit in the healthcare/hospital/insurance space and it rocks all the way around!!!
SeekOut team is so easy to work with and the turnaround time is amazing!
August 18, 2022

Sourcing Mastered

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
For recruitment for a variety of roles, growth mode of company. Majority sales oriented positions.
  • Cloning / AI matching to profiles of interest
  • Relevant / quality profiles
  • Some sense of tracking through projects
  • More tailored tracking across different users to avoid too much outreach to same candidates
  • Stronger integrations (with things like LinkedIn, Greenhouse)
Well suited for finding a high volume of qualified profiles
Lots of different filters to narrow in on for specific searches
LinkedIn profiles easily accessible (this is my preffered form of outreach)

Messaging function can use some work - dont see much response, tough to get emails, etc.
Plus tracking across diff projets/team members
Evan our CSM is awesome - always available for questions and takes us through step by step scenarios to ensure we are utilizing the program as best we can
August 18, 2022

Seek out SeekOut!

Blake Jackson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are focused on increasing the diversity of our top of funnel pipeline and SeekOut is instrumental in helping with that. We also use SeekOut to focus on hiring candidates from traditionally marginalized groups at the leadership level. Lastly, SeekOut’s talent insights are helpful in the research we do at the beginning of a search.
  • Power filters for Boolean strings
  • Quickly filter based on race/ethnicity and gender
  • AI based on your job description
  • Integrating with LinkedIn
  • Having a seamless flow with other HR tech and our ATS
SeekOut is very helpful with creating in depth filters to source for diversity. It’s also helpful to create very long and detailed Boolean strings that would break within other platforms. Also, with their support, we are able to create custom filters based on targeted company backgrounds that typically perform well in our org. The downside is that it requires some workarounds to avoid sourcing the same candidates in SeekOut who have already been approached via LinkedIn.
The SeekOut team is phenomenal. They’re incredibly helpful and invested in our success using the platform. They will happily build custom power filters which is a huge lift from our team. They are always available to provide assistance or advice on how to either craft a search or to help gain adoption within the team.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
SeekOut has allowed us to create talent insight reports, find candidates who are not on Linkedin, and build up diverse pipelines that create an inclusive work environment. This is a great tool for scraping LI, GitHub, and other social media sources. I use it regularly to actively source candidates for the roles that I am working on.
  • Helps identify diverse talent
  • Finds talent you can't find on Linkedin
  • Great for finding contact info
  • User friendly - intuitive, easy interface
  • Easier ways to export talent
  • Better integration with LI
SeekOut has helped me on a ton of hard-to-fill roles where I struggled to identify talent. I love the AI functionality and the way that it serves up candidates. It's helped me influence hiring managers and find candidates who have been excellent for my organization.
N/A, I've never used it
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using SeekOut as a tool for sourcing candidates. It is helpful to us as a way of aggregating results from a variety of places such as LinkedIn & GitHub and enables us to be able to find candidates we could not find with LinkedIn alone. This is particularly helpful with tech sourcing and it also allows up to be able to find contact information for these individuals
  • Finding contact information
  • Finding candidates from multiple sources
  • Lots of options of different filters/searches
  • There's almost too much on one page- it can be tricky to find/utilize all of the filters correctly
  • It takes a little while to get to grips with all of the different capabilities- though our customer success manager has been super helpful with training
I think SeekOut is well suited for recruiting/ sourcing teams who are quite experienced - there is a lot of capability within the product that more junior / less experienced recruiters & sourcers would probably miss. Sometimes it can be a little tricky to remove results where you have already messaged the candidate via LinkedIn when not sourced via SeekOut- it would be good if there was a way this duplication could be avoided
Our CSM was very helpful, even offering 1:1 training for recruiters/ sourcers as needed
Martin G. Choquette | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We use SeekOut to create pipelines of passive candidates that we then connect with. SeekOut is mainly used by the Tech talent team for sourcing purposes but we do have the ad-hoc request for more "corporate" type of candidates from the other parts of the business. As the Manager of Talent Sourcing, I also use SeekOut for market research.
  • Targeting specific groups
  • Skills section is very good
  • Targeting job titles and variants
  • Targeting a specific geographic region
  • Diversity field works great
  • The "years of experience" section (from 0 to 20) could be improved
We use SeekOut primarily as a tool for sourcing and it excels in this.
Great support the few times I had to deal with it. Issues solved in minutes.
Score 10 out of 10
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I use the SeekOut platform to connect with viable candidates for my companies open positions. I also use it for analytics to present to upper management on candidates flow. The business problem it addresses is finding more viable candidates than any other platform to fill our open positions.
  • Finding candidates that wouldn't come up in a general LinkedIn search
  • The AI tool is useful to find similar candidates
  • The analytics tool is useful to know where to search for candidates
  • The customer support is amazing
  • I don't have any at this time as I'm still learning about all of the amazing tools.
They have an AI tool that I believe is accurate and this helps when replacing former employees.
There hasn't been a time I've reached out for help or to schedule a training with my recruiting team that I wasn't supported immediately.
Score 6 out of 10
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We use SeekOut to help diversify our sourcing capabilities as well as to aid specifically in our targeted DEI talent acquisition efforts. Seekout's sourcing functions geared towards DEI sourcing - blinded profiles, targeted searches - have been helpful for our goals. We also utilize its talent mapping functions as we kick off pipelines.
  • Diversity Sourcing
  • Talent population statistics
  • AI searches
  • Content of candidate profiles
  • Up to date candidate profiles
  • Quicker review of profile content on one page
SeekOut works well for me for targeted sourcing like DEI campaigns and for understanding the makeup of the talent market. As an efficient and effective first-line tool for sourcing, it could still use some work.
SeekOut support staff are readily available to answer questions and provide trainings for the product
Score 5 out of 10
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I wish that SeekOut would move away from LI and become it's own. For early careers, SeekOut is not as viable as Handshake, RippleMatch, WayUP, etc. SeekOut relies too much on boolean strings, and the cap on how many filters you can use in a search is undesirable. Also, we are unable to use the messaging feature meaning we have to manually email individuals to reach out.
  • diverse filters
  • grad year filters
  • data
  • do not cap your filters
  • eliminate boolean string need
  • be more automated
We have trouble with early careers in particular. At the intern level, students are less likely to be active in a LI profile vs signing on with Handshake (where their school is likely partnered) OR RippleMatch (automated features). Using boolean strings for UR is not ideal due to the high volume of candidates.
Customer service has been great, support is always there. However, this tool just works better for experienced hires vs interns and new grads. we have not used it long enough to determine ROI. I highly suggest adding an intern/new grad feature if you want to compete in the university space.
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