TrustRadius tool for strategic prospectingSeismic is being used across the organization mostly through the sales marketing departments. Prior to using Seismic, I wasn't able to uncover if a prospect read the literature I sent over. Seismic's review summaries help me strategically follow up with prospects.,LiveSend session summaries are very helpful in assessing a prospect's level of interest I like being able to add multiple documents into the same LiveSend link I'm able to work more efficiently because I'm able to keep my top pieces of collateral together by organizing my Seismic cart I love that I can change the document name, and I like that I can customize my LiveSends to change the name and session time,It would be nice to see better integration between Seismic and Outlook. I feel like I have to restart my computer in order to attach Seismic to an email or feel like I'm constantly updating my computer for Seismic updates.,9,I am not in a position with my company, Blackbaud, where I can assess the ROI impact.,WordPress,Calabrio ONEStreamlining the Sales and Prospecting ProcessSeismic is being used to organize all of the sales collateral for our organization, allowing us to quickly search and identify the most relevant pieces to share with our clients no matter the situation. We have the ability to filter by product, by market, view both internal and external facing documents and highlight favorite pieces to be shared with our customers and prospects. This helps not only with outreach, but also provides us with great internal resources so we can always be improving our knowledge about our solutions and offerings.,Seismic has been great at keeping collateral organized so that it can be filtered and searched quickly for the best possible outcome for our customers and prospects. The easy to navigate interface is user-friendly and presents a great look for the organization as well. Seismic's integration within Salesforce and Outlook means that I don't have to waste time going outside of the programs I already use to find what I need, which saves me time and helps me work more efficiently. The ability to save favorite pieces and view recently used collateral allows me to quickly flow between what has been most effective for me recently, allowing me to save time and energy.,Honestly, in my role, Seismic has been exactly what I need. I haven't hit any significant snags or issues with the system, and I have never had any issues finding exactly what collateral was needed for the current situation.,9,I have been able to consistently generate interest in our various products using Seismic organized collateral, and the sort and search functions again have allowed me to maximize the relevance of those documents to the specific scenario. With the LiveSend feature, I have been able to drive conversations from the get-go on what matters most to a customer or prospect during the sales process. This eliminates wasted time and has helped me close more consistently.,, Microsoft 365 Business, Jabber, Calabrio ONESeismic is great!Our entire Business Development and Sales dept uses Seismic. It helps us gauge interest on the receiving end. We can see how long they spend viewing the literature that we send.,It is an easy, fast way to get people good information on our products. We can see if they open the link and how much time they spend viewing each page of the document. It's integrated with Microsoft Outlook and is easy to use.,Not much bad to say about it. If someone forwards your email to 20 people and all of them click on the link, you will get a notification saying the original recipient is opening it from 20 different places(sometimes around the country).,10,It is only positive.,,Jabber, Microsoft 365 Business, Salesforce Commerce CloudSeismic: the simple to use enterprise continuumSeismic is the central collateral used by the entire population in the organization to share sensitive content from presentation to product document, sales content to training content. All the important announcements by the CEO are first sourced through Seismic for the internal employees.,Sorting option and searching algorithm inside Seismic to reach the right content required. Wild card usage to reduce the time of reach. Entry dashboard which particularly helps in consolidation as per the roles and access privilege. Use of the graphics and caching to check the relevant content before downloading.,Provide mobile app capability for both iOS and Android. The sorting algorithm could be improved suiting to lower bandwidth standards in remote locations. User space could be provided to pick the favourite document and list them separately. Capability to choose search criteria and later when the new documents are loaded globally, this can alert the user based on the search criteria if the documents have arrived.,10,It reduces my time to fetch/prepare the right content for my everyday field job. Since this is one source for the entire company, I don’t need to download and then share important content to my colleagues across the globe. Because of its deduplication capabilities, a lot of space savings has been achieved and spending on a continuum is optimized.,Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive and Google Drive,Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, DropboxSeismic is a solid document collaboration toolWe are using Seismic for all marketing content management and then for the individual sellers to market to their prospects.,Analytics tracking for the seller of when the prospect opened content, how long they read it, what they read. I use it also to send quotes to better understand my buyers' interest level. Aggregation of marketing assets for easy finding.,Adding more than one item to your workspace at one-time. There could be some navigational improvements to reduce clicks.,10,I've gained better insight into my prospects interest level. I've been able to send well-curated content that resonates with my customer. I no longer have to keep a tab of favorite documents that could become old over time.,,Outreach, Adobe Sign (formerly EchoSign)Seismic is a great tool to house your marketing contentSeismic is being used across the entire organization. Seismic allows us to store, share, and update all of our marketing materials, presentations, and insights in one place. It also allows users from other departments to access these materials and share them with clients via LiveSend or Outlook plug-in.,Has automatic updates through shared slides. A shared slide can be accessed by all users. Once you update the shared slide at the master level, that update flows through everywhere that the shared slides exist. Tracking through the Seismic Outlook plugin. You can attach materials from Seismic to your Outlook email. The sender of the email will be able to see individual user activity in Seismic. Seismic Outlook plugin. You can add multiple recipients to your email. The Seismic Outlook plugin will recognize that the email contains a Seismic link, and offers you the option to send “Individual Emails” or a “Group Email.” This is great if you don't want your email to look like a mass send.,Customer support. There are power users at our firm. However, there is no one at Seismic we can contact when our power users don't have the answers. LiveSend. We have run into issues when sending multiple assets. The email template needs a refresh. As a content manager, figuring out how to tag content so it shows up where you want it to can be confusing. Updating files. The update is not immediate, it takes anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes for a piece to get updated to production.,8,Positive impact. Being able to do automatic updates through shared slides has increased efficiency and decreased errors in our materials. Positive impact. More automation is on the way, which will free up our time to spend on the distribution of content.,Marketo, MS SharePoint, Cascade ServerBest Target Prospects with SeismicSeismic is used by the Sales and Marketing departments at my organization. It is a great tool to identify prospect interest, verify a contact is still responsive, track certain areas of interest and thus allows us to best target a conversation to result in quality leads and opportunities. The feedback from Seismic tracking is extremely helpful because it allows us to know if someone is actively reading literature and which areas they find most interesting, so we can immediately act while it is still fresh in their minds. The variety of how long a contact can look at the literature, the customization of the HTML display text and the ability to easily find your predictive content all lead to a succinct, helpful and personal email to prospective contacts. It is extremely easy to find content based on category and to easily access the literature that you send out the most frequently. It has saved me and others so much time from manually finding, copying and pasting links that aren't live and don't give any feedback.,Customization of HTML text: allows literature to be integrated seamlessly into the email so that it doesn't appear sales-y and aggressive. Customization of the length that the live link can last: allows us to determine how long we want the contact to be able to view the literature based on our timeline. Feedback from specific pages: this is extremely important as it shows us the features that the contact found the most interesting and allows us to best strategically target the contact.,The predictive content section could be a little more intuitive so that it didn't require any manipulation.,10,Seismic has been positive in identifying which contacts or accounts will actually lead to quality leads and opportunities.,Marketo,Geopointe, ZoomInfo, HunterSeismic can simplify your life while bringing positive seismic changes to your workplace!Seismic is used across the firm from our marketing team to the consultant relations, relationship management, and sales teams. The system allows us to easily create presentation books that are used for client reviews or for new prospects.,User-friendly interface that is easy to navigate Creation of books can be easily customized by a click of a button The system is fast and does not take a lot of time to produce the final product,It would be great to have the option to select a range of photos that can easily be swapped in and out of slides for further customization At times there seem to be issues on the back end of the system where certain data does not pull in correctly The ability to reorder slides directly in the system prior to producing the deck would be nice,10,The product has enabled individuals at the firm to be more productive and less reliant on others. Seismic has also been used as a data warehouse to store documents that the firm can access easily. The tool provides us with the ability to upload different presentations in different currencies to streamline our sales efforts across different regions.,,Salesforce App CloudSeismic is easy to use and super convenientSeismic provides a library of all our marketing literature and enables me to easily attach it to emails to customers.,Ease of use. Good organization of content. Multiple ways to provide content to customers.,We use a different name for Seismic internally. It would be good if it was consistent. Organization capability is great but sometimes we don't organize info in Seismic very well. Outgoing emails from Seismic should be formatted to look like emails going out of Outlook with our branding.,10,Improves customer relationships.,Salesforce App CloudSeismic: Great Opportunity Poorly ExecutedSeismic is used as a content engagement tool as a centralized way to store all content, that can be dynamically sent out and customized to customers without losing the consistency, brand look and feel across each variation. Currently owned by Product Marketing, but is leveraged by all of Sales and Marketing.,Tracks the opens and closes of content when sent to contacts outside of our organization Centralizes content in a way that is reusable but not completely static,The predictive content is not actually predictive at all, but instead is a rules based set of XML that we as the company using Seismic have to create ourselves. Really should leverage engagement metrics, sales cycles, and user stages to determine the content next best to share. Professional Services are a pain to work with, and try to charge for every engagement, even when simply trying to create dynamic charts on their platform that was originally described as something the tool should do out of the box.,3,It has reduced redundancies and out-of-date content being shared and reused sporadically across the organization There is a consistent brand design with minimal variations tailored to the client With time and effort, we are able to track engagement and ultimately evaluate whether or not the use of Seismic is contributing to Sales and profit.,,Salesforce Community Cloud, Marketo, Tableau DesktopSeismic makes a seisable impact!Seismic is currently used across our entire sales organization, as well as within sales enablement.,Seismic is a one stop shop for all of my sales enablement needs to help enrich my pipeline Seismic creates a unified language among sales and sales enablement so our internal messaging is consistent Seismic's Salesforce integration is seamless, so my searching for and sending of information is a breeze,UI could do with some retooling, but that might just be our internal view,8,Some of the functionality of Seismic has directly impacted time to close by having the right resources right when I need them I have been able to enrich many conversations just by looking up enablement materials in Seismic, which has led to larger deal size Having an all-in-one place for enablement helps me to be more efficient, which gives me the time to focus on highest priority KPI's,,Outreach, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, DiscoverOrgSeismic will shift your content delivery to top gear!Seismic is being used across the whole organization. We use the platform to streamline business processes around content creation. This varies from consulting materials to agreements and legal notices. It allows us to provide libraries of consulting content in one place that our associates can search easily and compile customized materials significantly faster than they could without Seismic.,Seismic allows for one location to store all relevant content so that associates are not having to spend as much time searching for what they need. Seismic provides the ability to fully customize content such that one template can serve many needs with the simple ability to answer questions that drive the customization in the content. This customization can range from simple to quite complex depending on your level of expertise with the tool. Seismic provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to organizing your content and how to make the experience of accessing that content unique to the needs of each user in the system.,The administrative tools for building LiveDocs in the system (customized content templates) are tedious, cumbersome, and inflexible. There are not a lot of customization options for the design of the LiveForm used to gather the user's inputs. The tools are built using outdated technology (Silverlight) and are very error prone when trying to do anything more than the most basic of functionality. The sort order of documents/folders in the DocCenter is not flexible. For example, documents within a folder are always sorted alphanumerically but folders are always at the top of the list regardless of the name. Let's say we want to put 5 documents in a folder and then at the bottom of the list we'd like to have a folder titled "Other", that can't be done. The folder will always float to the top of the list, this is frustrating from a design perspective. The built-in document usage reporting is difficult to use for our purposes.,10,I don't know that I can provide exact numbers, but the product certainly has helped to reduce the number of hours required to compile consulting materials that are meaningful to our clients. Seismic has helped us make sure that the most up to date content is what's being used by our teams.,Vertafore Agency Platform, RFP365, Replicon TimeAttendSeismic will Rock your world - Sales Asset Management that works!Currenly Seismic is being used by our field sales team (AE, SE, SDRs) but we are considering it for intranet use, as other groups always want access to the curated content in Seismic. It is our single source of truth for content. When I started there were silos of content, a lot of outdated content, same/different versions of files in different places, causing a loss of sales productivity and limiting their use of content throughout their sales process. Seismic has allowed us to consolidate the different Silos, point to other sources of content (our youtube videos for example) and allow the field to find relevant content easily, and increase the use of content (with tracking of usage by the field, and out to their customers).,Creating Dynamic Folders - Different users look for content in different ways, Seismic supports this with Dynamic folders. It's a filter you define to present a folder, for example, case studies and have it dynamically create folders by use case, product, industry, etc... This same case study could also live in other folders such as a product folder showing all of the content sorted by type without having duplicate files, as its all a virtual dynamic folder. Search - VERY strong search to find content with filtering that allows the user to quickly get to the content they need by type, industry, product, use case, competitor, etc... full indexing, but a way to sort out all the results gives the field access to exactly what they want if they prefer to search. SalesForce integration - providing content recommendations based on opportunities, so the field doesn't have to guess what they should be using. The system can recommend content based on defined fields such as sales stage, product, competitor, industry, and highlight content when they need it. Such as case studies in the same industry during early opp stages, a test plan during the pilot stage, or a contract at the negotiation stage. This allows them to get recommendations from us as they progress through the sales cycle LiveSend and Analytics - The field can send content (or multiple pieces of content) and see if the customer opened it and for how long. Like their own personal Marketo. This is great when you meet with a group of customers and can see which of them opened and how long they read it, helping the rep see who their likely champion is. From a content management/marketing perspective we can also understand what is being used, in what deals, in wins or losses, how often its accessed, allowing us to create better content, and avoid creating things that are not used.,The front end and mobile app are very dynamic, however, the backend is in need of an update. They spent a lot of time making the front end work well in any browser and mobile, but the back end where the admins work leverages older technology. Better that they updated the front end for all the end users and they say they are in the process of updating it. Flexibility on the landing pages - would be nice to have sub-landing pages. They support multiple profile pages (which is great - for different roles), but would be nice to have subpages support a tile layout like the homepage too.,9,Increased content usage - this is hard to quantify the improvement as we had no way to measure before, but the field is definitely finding and using content more. They also know when to use it. No wasted time trying to find "the right version" in multiple places. More as we continue the roll-out and usage, but in my past company were I implemented it, we say increases in early stage conversions.,,Salesforce CPQ (formerly SteelBrick), G Suite, Salesforce Lightning, Microsoft Office 365The search features are terrible.There is a lot of marketing/sales content floating around the org internally. We needed a single place we could keep all of it. That was the idea behind using Seismic. So, instead of just asking your neighbor if they have the content you're looking for, or sending an email out to the org, we could just search within the Seismic platform and get what we needed.,The platform seems very stable. It's very easy to download and share content.,The search features within Seismic are absolutely terrible. We type in what we're looking for and the results are not relevant. My team can rarely if ever find the documents we're looking for. It makes Seismic completely useless and I have just reverted back to my old system of saving documents on my computer or within my email. My system is not a perfect system but it's much better than what Seismic has to offer. It is so bad that our Head of Operations announced last week they took off the majority of the content last week. The hope was that with less content it will be easier to find what's there. I still don't plan to use it because so far it has just been a waste of my time.,1,So far it hasn't added any value for me. I think the leaders of our org are trying to salvage it so that it will be of some use to us. We'll see if they are successful but so far I think it's been a giant waste of money. In my opinion whatever my company put into Seismic was wasted time, money, and effort.,,ZoomInfo, ToutApp, RapportiveSeismic Rocks!!Seismic is used across the organization, primarily by Sales, Marketing and Product, to ensure a single repository for customer facing selling guides, marketing material, product updates, training content, process reference guides and other valuable customer-facing and customer-supporting information. It is used as a mechanism to ensure accurate and timely content is shared across the organization and available through simple search and categorization capabilities.,Killer functionality to aid in quickly and easily searching and finding content Ability to easily send content directly to customers and track their engagement Ability to sync Seismic activity to Marketing Automation and Activity Management tools,The back end administration is a little cumbersome and confusing,10,Improved response rate to Marketing Campaigns Reduced number of outdated or expired documents,,Salesforce Community Cloud, Gainsight, Apttus Configure Price Quote, D&B Hoovers (formerly Avention), LinkedIn Sales Navigator, ClearStory Data, Mintigo, Oracle Eloqua, Marketo, PardotSeismic Document RepositoryWe use Seismic to house all our digital content, both internal and client facing. This may include marketing collateral, slide decks, battle cards, or general sales supporting material. It's used across our entire organization. It solves the problem of having multiple documents located on multiple shared repositories. Seismic organizing all our docs and indexes them for easy access.,Allows all documents and resources to be searchable Allows the organization to control which versions of documents are released internally Allow end users to view and interact with the documents prior to downloading locally,The UI/UX is not very intuitive and could use a usability update It's often very slow in returning search results Users sometimes have difficulty finding particular documents if they aren't tagged correctly,5,Centralized repository for all documents Streamlines process of building customized proposals for sales executives,Salesforce App Cloud, Chrome Remote Desktop, Microsoft ExchangeSeismic Review - great tool for collaborating, sharing and building internal and external materialsSeismic is being used in sales and basically all other departments that touch sales (ie customer success, marketing). It provides our company with a single source of reference for any external or internal documentation. This includes presentations, one pagers, whitepapers, etc. It also allows us to send resources directly from the platform to our customers.,Documents are customizable and easy to send directly to customers from the platform itself. Saves time by preventing you from having to figure out how to edit on your own and then save and send from your email. Our company used to have internal and external documention housed across multiple platforms. Seismic solves this problem and condenses all our materials into one easy place. More visibility across the sales org and supporting orgs (marketing, customer success) as to what other groups are using and working on.,The gmail integration is nice to have but doesn't always work like it should... There's still confusion (at least internally) on where to find certain documents as the search functionality doesn't always pull up what I'm looking for.,8,Biggest ROI is how much time we've all saved in searching for materials and customizing them. Having all internal and external marketing and training materials in one place has kept us from searching through various sources or creating them ourselves. The Workspace area of Seismic is a great place for my team to create our own folders and collaborate on materials we're building or using. We didn't have a place like that before...was often disorganized in google docs.,googledocs,LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Outreach, Tableau ServerSeismic Review - Tracking is Great, Functionality and UI almost thereSeismic is being used across the sales and product marketing organizations. It's being used to address the challenge of where to find relevant and updated content that we can use for both internal and external communication and sharing.,Seismic is great at housing all documents in a place where they can be found. Seismic's integration with Gmail has helped to enable easy sharing from places where I spend my time, my inbox being one of them. Seismic's live docs feature can be extremely helpful in building out personalized white papers and proposals, especially helpful in complex deals.,Seismic's search functionality and UI feels like it's lacking and could be improved. The Gmail integration has had its fair share of issues and hasn't quite been seamless. The use cases between some of the features still seem a bit confusing, even after sitting through how-to's.,7,Since this is still a relatively new product within our organization, I have limited examples of this, and can't quote any hard numbers with any kind of confidence. I will say that it's nice to know that customers are at least clicking into and looking at attachments and can provide triggers for reaching out to them.,Jive,Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Photoshop, Slack, LinkedIn Sales NavigatorProvides critical customization my sales team needs!Seismic is being used by both the sales and marketing teams at my organization (approx. 50 users). We integrate the tool into Salesforce to enable one-stop shopping of all company content and collateral, as well as easily customize materials for prospects. It also allows the marketing team to manage version control much more effectively.,Incredibly granular customization of materials, but managed in a way that is still really easy for sales to access Integration with Salesforce and Outlook - huge when trying to push sales to find everything they need in one location Intuitive and straight-forward user experience for sales reps,Onboarding Self-service training and support,8,Our sales team is incredibly happy to have all of the most up-to-date content they need at their fingertips,MS SharePoint,Tableau Desktop,, Anaplan,Sell-side contracts,Vendor implemented,No,Change management was a major issue with the implementation
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43 Ratings
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About Seismic

Seismic is a recognized leader in sales and marketing enablement. The vendor's value proposition is that their solution equips global sales teams with the knowledge, messaging, and automatically personalized content proven to be the most effective for any buyer interaction. Additionally, the vendor says powerful content intelligence and analytics enable marketers to prove and improve their impact on the bottom line, revealing what is really driving revenue and what needs to be adjusted. This according to the vendor, results in global enterprises including IBM, American Express, PayPal, and Quest Diagnostics achieving better win rates, larger deals, and higher customer retention.

Seismic is headquartered in San Diego with additional offices in North America, Europe, and Australia.

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Has featureRobust integration capabilities with Salesforce, Outlook, marketing automation platforms, and more
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