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Site Search 360

Site Search 360


What is Site Search 360?

Site Search 360 is a search engine for all user types, powering B2B and B2C websites, content-rich sites such as blogs and online libraries, as well as eCommerce stores. Speed and reliability: The vendor states the service response time is…

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Users of Site Search 360 have found that the product significantly improves their website's built-in search functionality. With this tool, …
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How to successfully implement semantic search on your website or online store


Site Search 360 - Search made simple

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Product Details

What is Site Search 360?

  • Site Search 360 is a search engine for all user types, powering B2B and B2C websites, content-rich sites such as blogs and online libraries, as well as eCommerce stores.
  • Speed and reliability: The vendor states the service response time is usually between 10 and 100ms (~20ms on average) per request.
  • Flexible crawler: Site Search 360 can crawl as much or as little as desired.
  • Ease of implementation: The user only needs to add one snippet of code to add site search to a website. The Site Search 360 support team also helps users to onboard.
  • Customizable search UI and UX:
    - Tailor the look, feel and functionality of a search, starting with the search bar,
    - improve content visibility by managing search suggestions and results,
    and use its analytical tools to discover the intention behind every search
  • Semantic Search: Semantic search lets users find what they want, not just what they type. It also provides synonym and hypernym recognition to enable users to find what they're looking for in no time. Site Search 360 offers multiple search refinement options, and smart tools for mitigating typos and variant spellings.
  • Voice search: Website visitors can enjoy a seamless and speedy voice-activated search experience.
  • Mobile ready: When visitors use a screen smaller than 600px wide, mobile mode is activated automatically, helping them get the best search experience.
  • Search Designer: The search platform includes a design wizard, the Search Designer. It allows non-technical users to tailor the search experience and make changes to the search interface, and also to preview them in real-time .
  • Results Manager: Site Search 360 is built with proprietary AI-based algorithms that can be set up to automatically optimize and prioritize search results for goals such as conversion and revenue. Its result management features include the ability to promote results based on product or content tags and attributes (e.g., availability, regional preferences, association with promotions, etc.). Results on the search preview can be customized to include special offerings on relevant complimentary products and bundles. Result mappings grant users control over the search behavior in response to specific search queries entered by site visitors. It allows the user to customize and display desired results for specific queries.
  • Cross-domain Search: Index content from different sites into one index, so that visitors can search across domains from a single search box. This feature benefits companies with content published across multiple online domains.
  • Site Search 360 is integrable into Google Analytics and/or the data layer of Google Tag Manager.
  • Site Search 360 Analytics: The software comes with a search analytics dashboard for tracking searchers behaviors and to help optimize searches, merchandizing and marketing strategies. The dashboard provides an instant overview of which search queries come up, what search queries do not have matching results, which search suggestions and results yield the most interactions and conversions, and the evolution of these metrics over time.
  • No coding skills required and a number of integrations available (WordPress, etc).

Site Search 360 Features

  • Supported: FLEXIBLE CRAWLER: Out-of-the-box Crawler, Log Retention, Alert System, FAQ Extraction and Google Analytics Extraction
  • Supported: MULTIPLE INDEXING SOURCES: JavaScript Crawling, Sitemap Indexing, YouTube Video Indexing, DOC, PPT, XLS Document Indexing, Manual Indexing (URL)
  • Supported: SEMANTIC SEARCH: Site Search 360 offers multiple search refinement options, and smart tools for mitigating typos, variant spellings, and managing custom synonyms. Its machine learning based semantic search engine goes beyond basic functionalities of understanding synonyms and adapting units of measurement. Its algorithms are designed to understand the intent behind search queries and to add tags for context and apply them to product data. As a result of this, the search engine is able to deliver results for complex natural language queries accurately and with high relevance. While most search tools nowadays can handle variations such as rubble = cinder, block = concrete, Site Search 360 can also understand queries like “outdoor wood panels” or “long planks”.
  • Supported: CATEGORIES & FACETED SEARCH: Filters, Smart Sorting and Data Structuring
  • Supported: VOICE SEARCH: Site Search 360 enables search via natural language text and voice. Its search app lets you easily configure voice search through a no-code Search Designer interface accessible through its Design and publish function.
  • Supported: SUPPORT: Customer Support, Sitemap support, Full Dictionary Support
  • Supported: LANGUAGES: The list of languages which Site Search 360 natively supports is constantly growing. At present we support 19 languages: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.
  • Supported: SEARCH DESIGNER: It allows users to preview search, tweak suggestions and results as well as the search interface without interfering with the live environment.
  • Supported: RESULT MANAGER: Complete Results Control - Site Search 360 lets users customize suggestions and search results to manually recommend/highlight specific articles or products for a given time period.
  • Supported: RANKING STRATEGY (eCommerce only): It uses machine learning algorithms to optimize search result ranking over time by automatically promoting the most popular results to the top.
  • Supported: FEATURE MAP: Site Search 360 include a map of all of its features to help tailor the search.
  • Supported: SEARCH SECURE CONTENT: All content is searchable, even password-protected areas. It supports username/password and cookie-based authentication.
  • Supported: SEARCH PREVIEW: Preview a search directly in the Site Search 360 app, without interfering with the live site environment.
  • Supported: API Access (higher plans only): Its API lets users index pages via URL, a JSON object, or directly from a content management system. It also empowers users to retrieve search results and autocomplete suggestions.
  • Supported: AUTOCOMPLETE
  • Supported: RESULT MAPPINGS
  • Supported: RANKING STRATEGY (eCommerce only)
  • Supported: PDF IMAGES

Site Search 360 Screenshots

Screenshot of Site Search 360 search bar is fully customizable to best suit your website theme.Screenshot of Site Search 360 query, autocomplete and smart suggestions organized in result groups for a more efficient and user-friendly searchScreenshot of Site Search 360 query and search results page preview with neatly organized results and highlighted data points for a smoother navigation.Screenshot of Smart filtersScreenshot of Intuitive dashboard with insightful analyticsScreenshot of As you type suggestions and resultsScreenshot of Mobile friendly search layoutScreenshot of Result mappings with easy drag and drop to promote your top results and change the appearance of your search results page as you want.

Site Search 360 Videos

Site Search 360 is a search engine for websites, a replacement for Google Custom Search, built-in search engines, or any other search plugin
Customer testimonial - An online library, Slaegtsforskernes Bibliotek, has teamed up with Site Search 360 on the successful development of its site search function so that all of its 18,000 titles and 2.5 million pages are now easily searchable online.
A live session on how to implement semantic search on a website or online store. Learn about: - What semantic search is and how to get started with it - The difference between semantic search and built-in search on website platforms - Guiding buyers' journeys with custom se...
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Site Search 360 Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Mobile Web
Supported CountriesWorldwide
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Czech, Romanian, Hungarian, Greek, Turkish.
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Users of Site Search 360 have found that the product significantly improves their website's built-in search functionality. With this tool, users can provide their website visitors with the ability to find any page instantly. Customers have also successfully implemented efficient text-based searches on their websites with the help of Site Search 360 and their development team. This product allows customers to search their video and course libraries by keyword, publish date, topic, and more, reducing the likelihood of churn. Additionally, Site Search 360 facilitates global search on websites and offers specific search and display options for recipe, news, and calendar databases. Users have also benefited from Site Search 360's assistance with various features like result mappings, article number fixtures, pictures, and recommendations on their online shops.

Site Search 360 has enabled users to implement search functionality for campsites and cities on their websites, making it easy for visitors to find relevant content. By using Site Search 360, users have been able to increase website satisfaction as visitors are able to quickly find the content they want. The product also allows users to provide site visitors with a search function that keeps them on the page and avoids leading them offsite with ads. Customers have praised the responsiveness and support provided by the Site Search 360 team in implementing and maintaining the tool. Moreover, Site Search 360 has been instrumental in helping users find content on large and complex websites covering a wide range of topics.

Further use cases include enhanced search experiences for finding books, indexing capabilities for specific content on WordPress and HubSpot sites, excellent customer service from the Site Search 360 team, improved user experiences on websites with a large number of pages, cost-effective pricing options, professional-looking search solutions that eliminate the need for ads, seamless integration with various file types including PDFs and Word documents, simplified management of SQL site search without significant code changes, customization options for search terms and results, quick implementation process for quick results, and valuable insights on visitor search behavior. Users highly recommend Site Search 360 for its user-friendliness, professional features, and the ability to create custom searches without external ads.

Quick and Easy Setup: Many users have found that Site Search 360 is quick to set up and customize to their specific needs. They appreciate the ease of setting up the search engine without much hassle or technical knowledge required.

Highly Customizable: Several reviewers have mentioned that they find Site Search 360 highly customizable, allowing them to tailor it according to their organization's unique requirements. The ability to customize features like Results Mapping and Dictionary Entries has been particularly helpful for users in acronym-heavy organizations.

Responsive Technical Support: Users have consistently praised the technical support provided by Site Search 360. They mention that the support team is easy to access with quick responses and turnaround times. Reviewers appreciate the assistance they receive from the support team, especially when it comes to answering questions and providing solutions for additional requirements.

Cumbersome Search Process: Many users have found it cumbersome and confusing to switch to a new page for their search, which has hindered their user experience. This issue was mentioned by several reviewers.

Lack of Instructions for New Features: Users expressed frustration with the lack of a guide or instructions for navigating new features after an update, making it difficult for them to fully utilize and understand the changes. Some reviewers specifically highlighted this concern.

Limited Customization Options: Some users mentioned that customizing the look and feel of the product required additional work, indicating that more flexibility in customization options would be beneficial.

Users commonly recommend the following features and aspects of Site Search 360:

The support and staff of Site Search 360 are highly praised by users. They have been described as incredible and kind, suggesting that the company provides excellent customer service.

Users frequently recommend using Site Search 360 as a search option. This implies that the search functionality provided by the platform is effective and meets users' needs.

Good search results are attributed to proper indexing and linking by users who consider these aspects essential for optimal performance. This indicates that Site Search 360 offers robust indexing capabilities and helps ensure relevant search results.

The ease of implementation and customization is also highly recommended by users. They find it convenient to integrate Site Search 360 into their websites and tailor it to their specific requirements.

Overall, based on user reviews, Site Search 360 appears to be worth considering due to its exceptional support, reliable search functionality, focus on indexing, and customization options.

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