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ServiceNow DevOps

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ServiceNow DevOps


What is ServiceNow DevOps?

ServiceNow DevOps is designed to reduce friction between IT operations and development. This DevOps tool allows businesses to minimize risk while scaling DevOps initiatives.
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What is ServiceNow DevOps?

ServiceNow DevOps is designed to reduce friction between IT operations and development. This DevOps tool allows businesses to minimize risk while scaling DevOps initiatives.

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What is ServiceNow DevOps?

ServiceNow DevOps is designed to reduce friction between IT operations and development. This DevOps tool allows businesses to minimize risk while scaling DevOps initiatives.

ServiceNow DevOps Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
ServiceNow DevOps is an IT service management tool. It has good searching capabilities, it lets us create custom reports. It is a very user-friendly tool to be used in IT offices. It provides a dashboard for each user. ServiceNow DevOps in our sector especially manages problems, incidents, changes, etc. is excellent for assigning works and getting approvals, it is flexible in creating tickets, it does not require a lot of information, and it gives an alert very quickly when a ticket is created.IT also helps in organizing changes and understanding impacts. It has become very easy to search for any information with ServiceNow DevOps. It is also good for keeping a record of activities going on. We can manage all tasks at once using this very tool. Overall it's a great tool.
  • It helps us create tickets with no efforts, and that too very quickly.
  • It keeps a track of all the activities.
  • We can manage all tasks in a single platform using ServiceNow DevOps.
  • it does incident management, change management .
  • It has a simple and dashboard for every user.
  • It runs a little slow Sometimes.
  • I face a bit of issues in searching tickets.
  • Initial setup requires time.
ServiceNow DevOps is suitable for IT companies that are medium to large, It is great when it comes to keeping a track of all the activities, it takes a very little amount of time for creating tickets, with a small amount of information. It is a good tool for incident management, and change management. It will be less suitable for small-scale companies.
  • Incident management.
  • Tracking activities.
  • Creating tickets.
  • It has made easy to keep record of all work.
  • It has consumed less time for creating tickets.
  • It has done change management and incident management.
ServiceNow DevOps is easier to use and understand, and we can manage everything in comparatively less amount of time. It's very user-friendly. Tracking activities and ticket creation is a lot better in ServiceNow DevOps
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
DevOps application collects data across lifecycle activities so that any team can have a clear picture about end-to-end processes like planning, developing, building, deploying, and operating in a safer environment. Since we were segregating all the network based on users and multiple teams had to be involved in getting up to speed hence the service now DevOps tool helped us to plan and execute all the operations effectively. The application can also automatically create tickets for our support Teams to work on it.
  • Plan develop, build, test, deploy and operate any applications in a safer environment.
  • Evaluating and monitoring improvements
  • Connects with third party and existing applications
  • None
Well suited to plan and apply any applications using the DevOps technology. The application keeps track of all the different stages of an application built and provides adequate support.
  • Automatically monitor and improving recommendations
  • Automatic creation of tickets
  • N/A
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
ServiceNow is used by our business to handle general IT requests or issues, such as printing issues, software updates, or access problems. It's used as well as help with onboarding and off-boarding the team members and their assigned equipment. It's a helpful place to keep all requests of hardware and software in one easy space.
  • Ease of navigation.
  • Space to add a good level of detail.
  • No drop-down option is available to click when requesting specific software or hardware.
ServiceNow DevOps has been useful when handling onboarding processes as it has allowed me to track each request easily and reference it to our IT team when appropriate. It's an easy-to-navigate service tool that has a no-frills look to it and does exactly what our team needs it to do. The form that needs to be filled out on the ServiceNow DevOps page when onboarding a person is very self-explanatory which makes it a speedy process, but it has led to a small amount of user error (wrong supervisor assigned) which may have been a human error and not the system.
  • Provides a great framework for requests.
  • Keeps requestor up to date.
  • Cohesive and efficient communication.
I think both pieces of software have their positives and negatives. In some ways I preferred ATOS as it had a lot more complex options for selecting what you were looking for, however, I found it more difficult to navigate. ServiceNow DevOps has felt a lot cleaner to move around in my experience and has all the options I need.
April 26, 2022

ServiceNow DevOps

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use ServiceNow DevOps as a ticketing system and a repository for all the company's knowledge base.
  • Knowledge base is central to all internal and external.
  • Easy to add articles to the KB.
  • The ticketing system is central to all internal and external.
  • The ticketing system is easy to use.
  • The ticketing system makes it easy to ticketing data for analysis.
  • Consider images for help articles in storage. This is discouraged because of space.
It is well suited for our organization because we are moving to self-service internally and externally. ServiceNow DevOps provides a central place for our internal and external clients as a KB or repository of information. It acts in the same way for ticketing. We can also segment our users since some of them have different regulations with which they operate. It is convenient and easy to upload articles and make them immediately available to users.
  • The KB.
  • Ticketing
  • ROI
  • Increased the NPR score.
  • Central locale for information and troubleshooting.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
ServiceNow DevOps is used to open tickets related to IT Production support. Also, generic tickets to handle requests between different IT functions (i.e. between Networking and Engineering). Change requests to promote development changes from Non Production to Production environments were also handled with ServiceNow DevOps. I was able to submit all kinds of tickets within the software and also approve certain tickets that were specifically directed to my IT team
  • Change Requests tickets
  • Production support tickets
  • Tickets among different business units or within IT functions to request work to be done
  • I'd like to see more interaction with email. Once a ticket is closed I'd like to have an email come to me automatically and just be able to click on something to effectively close the ticket in ServiceNow DevOps after providing closing details
  • I'd like in certain exceptions to be able to open tickets with time in past.
When it comes to tickets, I can't think of a scenario where ServiceNow DevOps is not well suited. We recently purchased an agile software to handle work tickets from there but not sure if ServiceNow could effectively monitor/track tickets adapted to Agile methodology.
  • Ticketing system
  • Change Control scheduling
  • email integration
  • It increased coordination between teams when handling Production support tickets
  • It increased the speed to react and handle Production support tickets
As mentioned previously, not sure if ServiceNow DevOps can handle tickets in an agile methodology, where everything is setup based on Sprints, stories and the whole agile terminology. We use OpsGenie to setup shifts for Production support teams, OpsGenie alerts people through a mobile app about production issues as well as to whom is Oncall support for multiple teams. Not sure this functionality is there in ServiceNow DevOps. For now those 3 applications are handling different functions in our company and would be difficult for me to compare them
OpsGenie, Atlassian JIRA Align (formerly AgileCraft), Aprimo, Microsoft SharePoint
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