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Shared Contacts for Gmail

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Shared Contacts for Gmail


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Bug free, easy to use

8 out of 10
June 12, 2021
As part of one of our organization's big acquisitions, we inherited a business unit that is a majority Google shop. Amongst the various …
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Contact made EASIER.

10 out of 10
May 28, 2021
Shared Contacts [for Gmail] is a company wide used system. It allows an easier access to all information and supports with the …
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Product Details

What is Shared Contacts for Gmail?

Shared Contacts for Gmail enables Google Workspace (G-Suite) & Gmail users to create, manage, share team address books (labels) from anywhere (Gmail, Google Contacts, Mobile phones etc.).

Define access permissions exactly like you would do with a Google Doc:

  • View Only
  • Edit
  • Delete permission
  • Re-share
  • Transfer of ownership

Access contacts shared from anywhere in a workspace (Gmail, Google Contacts, Calendar, Mobile phones etc.).

  • See the relevant information of senders and recipients when you compose or receive an email (like with a CRM):
  • Email, Phone, Company, Job Title
  • Notes added to the contact
  • Previous interactions you had with this contact

Shared Contacts for Gmail aims to boost productivity of all Gmail and Google Workspace, previously known as G Suite, users, by providing a solution to a huge problem that Gmail and Google Workspace do not solve: i.e. the ability to share contacts and contact groups. The vendor states it helps users become more effective while collaborating in real-time.

Shared Contacts for Gmail is built to enhance Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Drive, Calendar, your mobile contacts app etc. to include contact sharing features without need to use a third party tool.

It offers a 15-Day Free Trial [no CC required] to try and see how it can help teams.

Shared Contacts for Gmail Features

  • Supported: Create shared address books from everywhere
  • Supported: Define access permissions in your organization
  • Supported: Share contacts from your mailbox
  • Supported: Share and synchronize contacts from Google Contacts
  • Supported: Unlimited sharing of contacts and contact groups
  • Supported: Mobile/Tablet & Outlook sync
  • Supported: Permissions Management
  • Supported: Live Chat and Email Support
  • Supported: Sharing with external domains
  • Supported: Instant Synchronization
  • Supported: Advanced logging and security features
  • Supported: Unlimited Contact Backup
  • Supported: Web App, Gmail Add-on and Chrome Extension

Shared Contacts for Gmail Screenshots

Easily set the access permissions while sharing your Google ContactsSync your shared contacts with just a clickShare contacts with ease

Shared Contacts for Gmail Video

How to share Gmail and Google contacts Gmail/G Suite/Android - Shared Contacts for Gmail®

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Shared Contacts for Gmail Technical Details

Deployment TypesSaaS
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android
Supported CountriesGlobal
Supported LanguagesFrench, English, German


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Score 10 out of 10
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We use it all throughout our Gmail Interface. It allows us as a company to send contacts and documents to each other in an efficient manner. The problem that it addresses is that we don't have to input so much information from Excel Spreadsheets and it helps us cut back and save time doing the things that matter to us.
  • Send Contacts with Ease.
  • Input Contacts seamlessly
  • Integrates well with all of Gmail
  • It's not free
  • Have to make sure it is turned on
  • Personal Contacts and Business Contacts get merged sometimes
Needing to find someone's name in your organization and there are 10 people with the same first name. It allows you to find the contact you're looking for with ease. Also, sharing a contact with another contact has never been easier. Allows for viewing documents that much more simpler too.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Shared [Contacts] for Gmail is being used across the whole organization. In our case, relying heavily in remote working dynamics, having access wherever we are to our contacts is very important. Having the ability to share them with our team and keep track of our closest clients makes our works easier in terms of reach and contact.
  • Synchronize different devices
  • Keeping track of names, numbers and emails
  • Ability to share contacts
  • Disruptive interface
  • Clunky at the moment of inputting the contacts
  • Doesn't have offline features
Shared Contacts for Gmail is well suited for organizations that generate and coordinate long term partnerships and that have a big remote working component as a main form or working. It is less appropriate with organizations dedicated to sales and performance based ways of working. I would recommend it for medium size organizations.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
As part of one of our organization's big acquisitions, we inherited a business unit that is a majority Google shop. Amongst the various categories of Google platforms that we started using via this business unit, there was a major gap in the way contacts, contact lists, and distribution lists could be not only shared within this business unit, but also with other business units outside of this newly acquired business. Add to this the security and compliance element. Shared Contacts for Gmail basically filled this gap in an outstanding fashion!
  • Helps manage contact lists and distribution lists.
  • Eliminates the need for the use of an additional platform, like a CRM, to manage contacts.
  • Makes it easier to share contacts with a targeted audience with the flexibility to be selective about who the data is being shared with.
  • Sometimes it is challenging to import / export lists with certain legacy flavors of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange
  • Same with certain versions of iOS as well. Versions older than Catalina did have issues with expansions of Group Lists
  • If you are an all-Google shop, where most of your document management is using Google, having this app is imperative
  • Conversely, if you have a future roadmap of moving to Microsoft Office 365, then you are better off without it
  • Especially great when used with Google Drive
  • Not great for business users who predominantly use iOS-based platforms
  • Easy to build custom groups and lists that are dedicated for a subset of business users within your organization
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Shared Contacts [for Gmail] is a company wide used system. It allows an easier access to all information and supports with the transparency-oriented company policy. As well provides a look at the full directory, which impacts in the fastness of the communication.
Asking a workmate for someone else information is a thing of the past, you just write their name and the information populates right in front of you. Its easy, reliable and fast.
And it auto populates updates, which is an amazing thing.
  • Fast
  • Easy
  • User Friendly
  • Accurate
  • Automatic
  • Updates (old emails show up after erased)
  • AI recognition
  • Doubled emails.
When working with several people at the same time, being able to access the full directory [with Shared Contracts for Gmail] makes things 100% easier. Provides a faster look at the company wide directory and grants access to contact whoever is needed.

Now if its a company like mine; merged between two, sometimes it becomes a little complicated, due to the fact that it doesn't recognize some email domains (outlook based) and can cause problems sometimes when sending emails (you get an undeliverable email response, and sometimes the emails do get send and other they don't). And they won't pop-out as easy as a recommendation. First you would get the gmail based email and then the 'outsider' email.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
The thing I like most about Gmail shared contact is that it helps organizations to exchange contacts from inside the system. You can easily connect a client to the party and share their contact details with others while you deal with them. You can also create several groups within which you can share info. This is especially valuable for a large corporation with large numbers of employees. You will have everyone's contact details at the side without having to look it up for shared contacts.
  • It has helped us save a considerable time.
  • A simple way to share your connection with other Gmail users.
  • It provided us with a centralized contact list that anyone could use instantaneously.
  • The ability to share connections encourage you to have everyone's contact information at your fingertips without having to look them up.
  • The security system can be frustrating at times.
  • At times, it can be little slow.
  • Duplicate records issue.
It's well-designed to address a major issue with Google contacts. It has helped us save a significant amount of time. Our greatest problem has been getting a single address book for all of our internal and external connections that everyone on our team could use. This app quickly fixed the problem without requiring us to make any changes to our existing setup. They've taken a very simple, missed element in Google contact, namely messages sharing, and taken it to a whole new stage.
Score 10 out of 10
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Currently, we are starting to use shared contacts amongst our management team for maintenance list and team member information. We plan to create additional shared contact lists amongst our teams and Department Leaders to make working within their departments more efficient.
  • You can easily create a group i.e. Maintenance and share that with anyone that you would like to have access to the maintenance groups contact information.
  • You can give permissions to some people or not which will allow them to make changes to the contacts. This can help to keep the information up-to-date for everyone.
  • This has made sharing contacts and organizing our information so much easier!
  • I have been looking for a way to share our contacts within our organization for a while now. This process really improves how we were doing it within Google Sheets.
  • My only negative is that it has taken so long for it to be functional within Google.
Shared contacts are great for companies that need to organize contacts within their organization. For example: if you have multiple vendors and they have multiple sales representatives, then sharing them with all people involved with inventory is great. Or, if you have a large facility and need to organize your outside maintenance team, this is a great way to do it. You can also share groups within your family or friends to keep birthdays up-to-date etc. However, if you are looking for a way to organize contacts for future business and to keep track of contacts and notes and share them within your team. I am not sure that this system is robust enough for that.