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What is Shopmonkey?

Shopmonkey is a cloud-based, all-in-one auto repair shop management platform that allows shop owners to streamline their workflows and better understand their business. Shopmonkey is designed to modernize the entire auto repair shop process from customer service, to parts inventory,…

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Shopmonkey is a comprehensive operations system used by automotive repair shops to streamline their workflow and enhance customer …
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Product Details

What is Shopmonkey?

Shopmonkey is a cloud-based, all-in-one auto repair shop management platform that allows shop owners to streamline their workflows and better understand their business. Shopmonkey is designed to modernize the entire auto repair shop process from customer service, to parts inventory, to workflow management, and more. It’s used across the full spectrum of auto repair service specialities including general auto, tire and wrap and detail.

Its capabilities span:

Digital Estimates
  • Built-In Parts & Labor Lookups - Access parts and labor guides within any estimate.
  • License Plate & VIN Scan - Automatically import vehicle data using our mobile app’s license plate and VIN scanning technology, or look up by year, make, or model.
  • Canned Services - Use pre-built jobs and pricing for quick estimate creation.

Customer Communication
  • Two-Way Text & Email - Connect with customers right within Shopmonkey for contactless communication.
  • Digital Estimate Approvals - Spend less time on the phone and start work faster with e-signatures for estimate approvals, letting customers agree to services from anywhere.
  • Online Payments - Take digital payments and streamline pickups by encouraging customers to pay online.

Track Inventory & Parts
  • Real-Time Inventory Tracking - Always know stock status with automatic inventory updates when adding parts to estimates.
  • Low Inventory Alerts - Track what’s on hand and receive alerts when inventory is low.

Payment Processing
  • Simple, Online Payments - Text and email invoices to customers, allowing them to pay from anywhere.
  • In-Person Payments - Accept chip cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay using our WisePOS E.
  • Fraud Protection - Protect payment data with end-to-end encryption.

  • Drag-And-Drop Workflow - Move any job through a shop from start to finish with just a click
  • Customizable Job Cards & Labels - Tailor the workflow to fit your needs with modifiable milestones, add notes, or use Tags to mark VIPs, pick up times, and more so everyone’s on the same page.
  • Scheduling - Schedule jobs to fit a shop’s capacity.

Technician Management
  • Mobile App - The mobile app syncs with the web app, so teams can stay on the same page.
  • Fast Vehicle Check-In - Use the VIN and License plate scanner to check-in vehicles.
  • Digital Vehicle Inspections (DVI) - Streamline inspections with customizable templates and add photos, videos, and notes.
  • Notes & Comments - Add customer comments, notes, and customizable labels so everyone is on the same page.

Team Management
  • Add Multiple Users - Invite service writers, technicians and others to your shop with multiple user licenses.
  • Assign Jobs - Get technicians started right within work orders and view all upcoming jobs with the built-in calendar.
  • Set Permissions - Control what each employee can see and do with customizable access to just the tools and data they need.
  • Mobile App For Techs - Check in vehicles, perform digital inspections, track progress on jobs, and more. Learn more about the mobile app.

  • End Of Day Report - View key operational metrics including sales, performance, order, and payment summaries along with the most profitable line items.
  • All Payments Report - Audit all payments received to ensure accuracy in each transaction and quickly complete your deposit slip at the end of the day.
  • All Invoices Report - Audit invoices to catch invoicing errors and stay up-to-date on how techs are progressing through their assigned work.

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Shopmonkey Integrations

Shopmonkey Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Shopmonkey is a comprehensive operations system used by automotive repair shops to streamline their workflow and enhance customer communication. Users have found that the software provides a much-improved workflow compared to traditional paper-based methods. The integration of AWS cloud storage enables customers to stay updated with real-time photos and videos of the work done on their vehicles, while also ensuring that all messages are logged for future reference. This feature simplifies the documentation process and improves accountability.

One of the key use cases of Shopmonkey is its ability to facilitate seamless communication with customers and obtain their authorization through the system. This simplifies the documentation process and eliminates any confusion or miscommunication. Users have reported that most questions can be answered by using the search function within the software, and any issues that arise are quickly resolved by the responsive Shopmonkey support team.

With features like complete customer management, time tracking on jobs, scheduling, and authorization, Shopmonkey serves as a one-stop solution for front-end management in automotive repair businesses. It effectively tackles the problem of poor communication and unmet expectations by providing a professional, efficient, and clear interface for customers. Customers appreciate the transparency and lack of hidden surprises on their invoices.

The consolidation of various systems into one platform has been highly valued by users. They have experienced improved organization and streamlined processes within their shops. The fast-moving screen and moving lines feature further enhance productivity for users.

Shopmonkey helps users complete all tasks required to fulfill a vehicle order efficiently. With easy lookup of estimates, tracking of all work by customers, and visibility into spending, users gain confidence in running their entire business effectively.

Integration with Quickbooks is highly appreciated by users as it saves time on accounting tasks and reduces paperwork. By providing better organization and eliminating manual reminders, Shopmonkey simplifies work order creation.

Users find it time-saving to communicate with customers through the messaging hub within Shopmonkey. The ability to track job progress, store service agreements, and photos of the work done is highly convenient. Streamlined recommended maintenance and quick parts lookup within the software further enhance its usability.

The tracking of sales and cost breakdowns has proven helpful for tax purposes, allowing users to manage their finances more effectively. Some users have automated follow-up emails using webhooks, enhancing their customer communication.

The Shopmonkey team has been highly responsive in resolving any problems faced by users. Their prompt support ensures a smooth experience while using the software.

Overall, Shopmonkey has proven to be a valuable tool for tracking overall shop operations, improving communication with clients, and

User-Friendly Interface: Reviewers have consistently mentioned that Shopmonkey is very user-friendly and easy to learn. Many users appreciate the intuitive and well-formatted user interface, which makes it easy to navigate and perform various tasks such as running reports, recording payments, and communicating with customers.

Versatile Platform: Users find Shopmonkey to be a versatile and convenient platform for all their business needs. They can do everything from writing estimates to completing purchase orders in one place. This saves time and increases revenue. The software offers CRM, project management, parts inventory, parts ordering, quoting, invoicing, payments, customer messaging, and appointment management features.

Excellent Customer Service: The fast and helpful customer support provided by Shopmonkey has been highly praised by users. They find the customer service team to be responsive and knowledgeable. Users appreciate the individual attention they receive from each person they speak with. Some reviewers even mention specific members of the Shopmonkey support team for their helpfulness.

Difficult Interface: Users have expressed frustration with the cluttered interface of Shopmonkey, making it difficult to navigate. Many new users find it especially challenging, resulting in a steep learning curve.

Unresponsive Customer Support: Several users have reported that the customer support team is unresponsive and fails to address their queries promptly. This lack of timely assistance can be frustrating for users who are experiencing issues or need help with the software.

High Pricing and Delayed Payments: Some users feel that the pricing of Shopmonkey is high compared to other merchant services. They also mentioned that the time it takes for payments to reach their bank is longer than other options, which can be inconvenient for businesses relying on prompt cash flow.

Users commonly recommend Shopmonkey for the following reasons:

Efficient business management: Users praise Shopmonkey for its ability to streamline business operations and improve efficiency. They find it to be the best software for running their businesses smoothly.

Excellent customer support: Customers highly recommend Shopmonkey for its exceptional customer support team. They advise others to take advantage of a trial and schedule a meeting with the support team, highlighting the helpfulness and expertise of the staff.

User-friendly interface and features: Users appreciate Shopmonkey's user-friendly interface, which contributes to a well-organized workflow. The software offers accurate reporting, easy integration, and customization options, making it a preferred choice for managing inventory, customer lists, jobs, and employee tracking.

These recommendations highlight Shopmonkey's ability to simplify work processes, improve organization, and provide an excellent customer-facing experience. Users also emphasize its affordability, ease of use, and constant evolution as key advantages of the software.

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