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What is SiliconExpert?

SiliconExpert Technologies headquartered in Cambridge offers a bill of materials management suite, providing part search, and product cost management.

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This product provides a comprehensive solution for asset usage and control, ensuring a complete and accurate view of an item throughout …
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What is SiliconExpert?

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This product provides a comprehensive solution for asset usage and control, ensuring a complete and accurate view of an item throughout its lifecycle. Users have praised its robustness and scalability, as well as its integration with ERP systems for real-time reporting. It has proven to be particularly valuable for financial control, offering customization options that suit the unique operations of different companies. Project management is also made easier with this product, as it provides a clear and organized view of product parts and resource usage. Additionally, it solves the challenge of materials management by seamlessly integrating with ERP systems. The product's excellent reporting capabilities have been highly appreciated by management and audit teams, who rely on it for meeting compliance requirements and analyzing data. Its ability to forecast supply chain risks has also been beneficial for companies operating in volatile environments. Moreover, the product supports efficient product development and management cycles, especially for companies serving multiple clients and developing their own products. Integration with workflow systems streamlines and automates processes, making it an indispensable tool for optimizing productivity. Overall, this product has addressed key challenges faced by various industries, such as managing bill of materials, generating insightful reports, meeting audit demands, and ensuring compliance with regulations.


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Anurag Chaudhary | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
This programme, which was part of our ERP system, solves the bill of materials. It can also generate useful reports for management issues and audit demands. There are several methods for data export that are highly valuable to end users.
  • I appreciate how the products are created and adjusted. For diverse enterprises, there is a simple interface and ease. Reports and exports for a set of BOMs are additional useful features.
  • Easy to learn.
  • UI is neat & clean.
  • Perhaps there aren't many flaws, but the entire software occasionally crashes for a short period of time, which isn't very often. It would be beneficial to have some extra materials options, such as additional fields in the general overview for better visualization.
Great suited for BOM management between purchase & engineering departments.
  • BOM management.
  • ERP integration.
  • Less time to market.
  • Increased productivity.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
In my organization, we have our own products as well as we help our clients to build one for them in our own premises just by requesting business models and related information. So that's the sole business we do. Most likely we have more clients than our own products. So in every situation, product development and management cycles are required and it's not possible that we can have experts or suitable experts each and every while. Though to answer this problem we integrated our workflow with the SiliconExpert and started using this powerful weapon against this problem.
  • Price estimations for products and services.
  • Tracking management system.
  • Analytics and insight generator.
  • Standard deviation of finalized values can be improved.
  • User interface can be more expressive.
  • A lot more customizations required so AI still have room to handle it.
Well Suited scenario is we do not have to rely on numerous experts having vast horizon of industrial expertise to estimate the products and services. We have this AL/ML solution in place which can look after us without much interaction or manual support.

Not well-suited scenarios are:
If any service or product can have a complex structure, a hyper metadata set needs to be generalized before estimation with the inputs from the open-source platform data so in this case estimation process need a lot of interventions, customization and still, we get a large deviation. That is not a good thing for any business to work on. We might end up with an entirely different cost than one which is estimated from this software.
  • No matter experts are required for price estimation of products or services.
  • Insight generation and analytics cooperation.
  • Supply chain management.
  • It helps in the whole product development cycle, so a lot of man-efforts are saved and hence it saved money as well.
  • Major to very minor Supply chain risks can be easily predicted, which is a much-required thing.
  • Dynamic reports generations and circulation with mail alerts.
SiliconExpert has wide variety o supports and suggestions which are required in each and every step of the product development lifecycle. So it's a complete solution to bring support for the entire product lifecycle and a relief to us. Managing, tracking, generalizing reports, generating, and sending timely alerts are some of the beautiful features which stack up to make SiliconExpert a best choice.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Primarily helped manage our compliance regulations. Made sure all our products were up to date on reporting requirements as well as any risk for compliance issues. Also allowed me to forecast any supply chain risk.
  • Compliance check.
  • Detecting and avoiding counterfeit.
  • Forecasting supply chain risks.
  • Maybe put a little more investment into the UI of the software.
  • More customizable dashboards.
Mostly appropriate in areas where you have to deal with compliance laws and regulations regarding products. This software helps a lot on that end. Not as useful if you do not have any product lines that are in jeopardy of compliance or supply chain issues.
  • Compliance and risk reporting.
  • Supply chain management risk areas.
  • Help us cut the time in half in checking these things when the tool does it for us.
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