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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 07, 2018

Excellent solution for large scale learning rollout

Score 8 out of 10
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I began my career providing standard desktop training in an instructor-led environment. That became cumbersome. Clients needed custom solutions that addressed specific issues or rollouts as they came up. There were learners in different locations, cities and countries. Using SilkRoad Learning, managers can customize courses, require learning benchmarks, and track progress. Learners can start, stop, and progress at their own pace. It addressed the challenges around live training events.
  • No coding necessary to create content.
  • Learning units can be re-used to accommodate new hires.
  • Really helps with compliance audits.
  • More topics - though this will happen over time.
  • More awareness of the product availability. I am just learning about this now.
  • Dedicated customer service rep for key learning people at the organization to contact.
SilkRoad Learning is well suited for training across multiple job functions, locations, and workday environments. It's able to be completed on many hardware platforms, in any location. I was able to access from phone, iPad, or laptop. Lessons could be done in an airport waiting for a flight - or on vacation. Learning is a continuous process and this meets you where you are.
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Kevin Wright, CPLP | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 20, 2017

A GreenLight worth stopping for

Score 9 out of 10
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We use GreenLight at McLeod Health to manage all employee training initiatives across our healthcare system. This includes a combination of e-learning modules and instructor-led courses for 8,000+ employees. Using GreenLight as our Learning Management System (LMS) allows us to deliver mandatory training qualifications to meet regulatory requirements as well as optional training opportunities for employee growth and development.
  • GreenLight allows us to deliver training to employees based on the role they serve in the organization (nurses, physicians, clerical staff, etc.).
  • GreenLight allows for customized reporting to meet the needs of various stakeholders.
  • GreenLight allows us to deliver content to all employees for self-paced learning.
  • Need the ability to better manage training requirements and qualifications by allowing to exclude employees by Job, Job Category, Org Unit or Student Group.
  • Custom reporting capabilities need improvement. While the custom reporting feature is functional, the process to create a custom report can be difficult and cumbersome.
  • Importing SCORM and AICC content through the interface is very time consuming if you need to add several courses. Need a bulk import tool instead of having to manually upload each course.
GreenLight is well suited for delivery of e-learning modules to meet the training requirements of our organization. The system works well to deliver modules to employees at all of our locations and the reporting feature allows for easy tracking of training compliance.
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Bryan Dobson | TrustRadius Reviewer
May 12, 2016

Green light for Greenlight

Score 7 out of 10
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GreenLight is being used across the entire organization to administer annual training updates such as harassment training as well as job specific training. We also need to do annual PHI and compliance trainings that are now administered through the Greenlight training system. Our HR and compliance departments are able to administer and monitor these trainings.
  • Quizes to ensure completions and reading comprehension.
  • Easy to embed videos for more dynamic trainings.
  • Easy to import PowerPoint deck slides.
  • Not easy to create animations and transitions, making courses pretty boring.
  • The organization of building courses is confusing.
  • The structure of the courses is pretty bland.
It works for all types of trainings, but its quizzes are one of the best features.
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Stephen Tsorvas | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 22, 2015

Give GreenLight the Green Light!

Score 8 out of 10
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GreenLight is our company's Learning Management System, used throughout the organization. It is used to set up and track live classroom, virtual, and online training events. It is fully web enabled, so only a web browser is needed to access the site. The features we are using include the Training Calendar, Catalog, Reports, History, References, Learning Plans, and Qualifications.
  • Set up of training events and activities - the site is pretty intuitive, after taking the hosted admin training, I was able to get right to work and set up my training activities and events. If I ever need help, good support is just a phone call away.
  • Set up of eCourses - the GreenLight LMS is fully SCORM compliant, so I can set up and publish advanced eCourses on the site. It is easy to assign and track completion of these courses as well. It also includes a functional course creation tool, that can be used to manually set up scorm compliant eLearning.
  • Qualifications and clusters - a really great feature is the ability to group together eCourses and activities as part of a larger curriculum, assign them to students, and track the progress through to completion.
  • Set up of students - I like the fact that I can upload data from a csv file - this saves a great deal of time when updating the information online.
  • I would like to see the ability for students to enroll in multiple events. (An event is a training activity that takes place at a certain date, time and location). Currently, students can only enroll in one event (or "instance") of an activity. Sometimes, students need to be able to enroll in multiple sessions of the same course. But, when a training activity is set up with multiple events, the system only allows for one enrollment per training activity. In order to allow multiple enrollments, they have to be setup as individual activities and events. But this then becomes very difficult to set up, and also to track completion from an activity standpoint.
  • The ability to search for and download training documents (job aids, help cards, performance support) in the Media bank. Currently, these are only accessible under "Training References", which are not searchable (yet). But there should be a way to set these up in the catalog, as training documents, which can be linked to, searched for, and downloaded on demand.
  • Make the training documents in the Media Bank (or Training References) searchable for students. Currently they can be grouped, but it's not possible to search through and locate a specific document. An admin is able to loacte them by searching, but not a student.
  • Provide "deep links" to training documents in the Media Bank (or Training References) in GreenLight. So when a user clicks on a link, they are directed to sign in, and brought directly to a page to download the requested document
  • Provide "deep links" to training eCourses, Activities and Events in GreenLight, so when a user clicks on a link, they are directed to sign in, and brought directly to a page to enroll in the requested course.
  • Add html links to training catalog entries, so we can link out to other sites for additional information. (This used to be functional, but was removed due to security issues, resulting in many, many broken links in our catalog entries).
  • Allow managers to assign qualifications and clusters to students. Currently, they can only assign individual courses
It is very well suited as a web based LMS. They have excellent customer service and support. Ask about the reporting features - these are challenging in many LMS applications. The training they provided for administrators is also very good. Overall a great company, and they are constantly working to improve the product.
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Donna Ingram | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 08, 2015

GreenLight Newbie

Score 8 out of 10
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GreenLight is used by the Corporate Training department to direct trainings to all employees. At this time, we use it for mostly compliance trainings, but are implementing other trainings in the near future. It helps to track the completion of compliance trainings for auditing purposes. The field employees like the ease of use.
  • Greenlight allows our field employees to have all the necessary instructional manuals and forms at an easy reach without having to print everything.
  • Greenlight keeps good track of annual re-certifications and sends them out on time.
  • The notifications make it easy to communicate with the field.
  • Greenlight allows detailed customization from the admin side.
  • Our company purchased GreenLight along with Red Carpet and Open Hire about a year ago. GreenLight went live for us January 2014. I have been making all student, org chart, and any other changes or additions manually as we have not had our payroll processing system integrated with GreenLight. This has been very difficult as we have over 3100 employees. UPDATE: The integration from our payroll system to Greenlight went live on September 17, 2014. I had to make some adjustments to the way some qualifications were assigned, but there were no issues with any training going out.
  • The integration team has been eager to help, but sometimes a little incompetent in the knowledge necessary to make the integration happen as quickly as possible.
  • I had only two weeks to learn GreenLight before we went live. I need a little extra help with things at times, and the support team is very slow to respond and slower in solving the issues. UPDATE: The support team is always there for me when I call now. They are very knowledgeable in helping me make things happen in Greenlight. My only issue is that they do not have full knowledge of the integration side and that causes some problems in advising me.
Verify that all Silkroad products are compatible with your payroll processing program. We were assured our version of ADP was compatible for imports from Red Carpet and found out later down the road that it is not. This affects the Greenlight side in that the new hire files must be moved manually to ADP once entered into Red Carpet. This causes a delay (sometimes 3-5 days) in the creation of the Greenlight training account for the new hire. Our new field employees must have completed certain of our compliance training courses before they can make any transactions in the centers.

The questions regarding how to implement in the system are answered quickly and efficiently. If there is an issue with the technical side or integrations it takes forever to get results and after much escalating.
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Charles Maxcy | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 16, 2015

Think about stopping on GreenLight

Score 8 out of 10
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Verified User
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Currently GreenLight is deployed across the entire company. All employees are assigned courses within the LMS which allows us to reach 80+ locations across 5 states. This software allows us to leverage training content and standardize delivery.
  • GreenLight is very good at keeping track of employee requirements through the use of qualifications. It is the backbone of how courses, classes, requirements and activities are assigned and monitored.
  • The content objects (development) portion of GreenLight is robust. It allows you to mix various content objects from different sources. For instance if you import a SCORM ecourse, an AICC ecourse and want to add an HTML page as an introduction, the software will allow you to combine all seamlessly into one course. In addition, the navigation and sequencing tools offer considerable functionality.
  • The reporting feature of this software is very good (but not best of class). The number of standard reports is fairly extensive and cover most needs. Having the ability to output files for further analysis and manipulation in Excel takes care of a number of areas where the standard reports fall short.
  • Initially when we went with GreenLight, I created a list of things I did not like about the software. I recently reviewed the list and only one or two of the more minor issues remain.There have been a number of improvements made to the software over the past 5 years as they continue to make improvements.
  • The notification portion of the software is one of the weaker areas. There are numerous triggers, however, there isn't enough flexibility in the system to allow for broad customization. The notification triggers generally affect everything that meets the criteria and the only way to make an exception is to turn off notifications for that instance. It would be nice to have the ability to create customized messages for individual elements of a qualification.
  • There hasn't been a way, until recently, to have one qualification contain both certification and recertification requirements. If an employee comes into the company and certifies as a driver we would like that employee to have a different path to recertify the next year. There is a way to do this now but it's not elegant.
  • The course catalog in the employee portal is lacking. Instead of a list you must begin typing the title. If you don't know how to search for things you may not find it especially if you don't know what it's called or exactly what you are looking to find.
  • A few years ago the supervisor/manager functions were moved to the student portal. This was a good thing because managers no longer had to log into a separate admin portal. The downside was that the manager's view is not intuitive and therefore needs some maturity in design to make it more user friendly.
GreenLight works well with tracking compliance training. During the selection process I would ask pointed questions about support. Our implementation went well (Dave M. did an excellent job) and the technical help is very good, however, it appears they are understaffed.
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Tara Thomas | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 13, 2015

Greenlight Reveiw

Score 5 out of 10
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GreenLight was used for training across the organization. It acted as a repository for training materials and certifications.
  • Ease of Use
  • Comprehensive
  • Friendly appearance
  • Admin portal had some limitations
  • Lacked some customization abilities
How many users are there to manage? How much training material is there to upload?
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 10, 2017

Your Green Light to Success

Score 10 out of 10
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GreenLight helps our organization manage and administer certification and compliance exams to our workforce. We have supported groups of several thousand in managing their certification drives quickly and easily in a central place that is easily trackable. Additionally, we've used GreenLight to provide metrics to our certifying boards to be able to then prove our compliance.
  • Easily managed assignment lists and course structure.
  • Easy implementation of logical progression curve of additional courses.
  • Simple deadline and requirement gathering.
  • The UI is a little out of date and not as user-friendly or intuitive as could be desired.
  • The uploading of documents and document management could use some work. Changing versions of documentation can be time-consuming.
I'm a huge fan of GreenLight and what it provides our training department. We frequently need to have candidates with large numbers of certifications and have all of those on file. Setting up GreenLight courses to confirm those certifications and to administer continuing education helps us manage hundreds of items.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 10, 2015

Greenlight- A Versatile 400lb Gorilla

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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GreenLight is used by Brooks Rehabilitation primarily for mandatory compliance throughout the entire organization. It is also used for course sign ups for in class training sessions as well as clinical courses for our employees needing to stay current on their state licenses.
  • Course compliance for health care providers. GreenLight provides a very user friendly, effective interface and tracking system for courses that are either mandatory for company compliance or licensure.
  • Tracking sign ups for in-class training. GreenLight provides an excellent format for users to sign up for in session trainings. A sign-in sheet can be printed, the course can be limited to certain user groups, assessments can be done to track attendance and courses can be entered after the fact.
  • Course building structure. GreenLight provides a very robust environment to create and customize courses however you'd like.
  • The words that are used in GreenLight are ridiculous. I know they've said they will update this but it has yet to be done. Words like 'intervention' and 'stem' leave me scratching my head.
  • The learning curve is HUGE. They have made strides in this area with an improved support site, but when you're first learning it, it feels like you're trying to climb Mt. Everest. This does speak to all the LMS offers, but I think some things take too many steps to accomplish.
  • Training events are not instructor friendly. You can set them up and easily make them available for users to find, but something as small as the instructor being able to click a button and send an email to everyone that signed up should be in there. There's no function for contact.
Without having any experience with any other LMS' I can't really say completely. If the person is looking for a full featured system for courses or a place for users to sign up for training sessions, GreenLight is perfect. But getting to a place of knowledge where you're comfortable creating those scenarios is a very long road.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 12, 2014

Mediocre LMS

Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
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GreenLight is being used by our entire company, as well as our sister company, which is an international company. We have worked together on the rollout and implementation of the system over the last year or so. It is utilized to push training to all areas of the company to ensure that all employees are receiving standardized training.
  • The interface is attractive, which helps to keep our learners' attention.
  • I like that you can create modules within GreenLight, as well as upload those created with third party programs, such as Adobe Captivate or Lectora.
  • It's great that it interacts with our payroll system and other SilkRoad programs, which makes for a seamless experience.
  • Pushing reports to users (managers) is very much lacking. Even more upsetting, support doesn't seem to know how to make this functionality work.
  • SilkRoad contracts with third-party vendors to assist with the rollout process. The quality is varying. I would rather they do their own implementation training.
If your company has any specific needs that are at all varied from what is "typical," then you need to ask about this on the front end. GreenLight's support is very slow (think: 1 month for a response), and it can get very frustrating if you have to deviate from their norm.
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About SilkRoad Learning

SilkRoad Learning (formerly GreenLight) is a web-based learning management system (LMS). SilkRoad Learning is a scalable no-code platform for identifying and addressing skills gaps and maintaining regulatory compliance. The platform also offers in-the-field skills updating, as well as ecommerce and mobile support. SR Learning can also integrate with the Onboarding, Reporting, and Performance offerings from SilkRoad, and can import 3rd party content.

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