SilkRoad Onboarding is a component of the SilkRoad Life Suite platform. It includes functionality for onboarding, including electronic offer support, retention during Mergers & Acquisitions, and offboarding personnel. It is optimized for enterprise organizations.Streamline Onboarding with RedCarpet - Great for Mid to Large-Size OrganizationsPolk State has selected Red Carpet to be the onboarding and offboarding portal for its employees across the entire organization. We are phasing the rollout of this product, first by starting with our full-time employees. We will then begin to utilize it with our part-time employees (though we built both simultaneously during the development phase). We are also using a basic offboarding process, but plan to expand both the onboarding and offboarding features over time. This product has helped improve efficiency, created consistency in the process, provided reporting and accountability, as well as greatly improved the candidate's experience.,Employee Task Management: Red Carpet provides a customized welcome portal and system for task management, based upon each employee's location, role, department, etc. It allows the organization to build chronological tasks to complete on the front end, which seamlessly flows through as each are completed. Streamlined Process: During the development process, it causes the employer to re-think its current onboarding process, forms, reason and timing for completing tasks, etc. This results in not only creation of electronic forms, but also an improved overall process. Monitors workflow: Through visible tasks/colors on the back end, as well as reporting features, HR administrators and Managers/Supervisors can easily see where each employee is in their new hire process. Quickly view what tasks remain incomplete, as well as if an individual/team is causing a delay in the process.,Creation and changes to eForms require completion of a detailed spreadsheet (which can be cumbersome and complicated), also with potential costs associated. It would be ideal to be able to make the form (or potential changes) in Word and forward to the team for creation or change. The task workflow and dependency/hierarchy tree can be confusing. Visually it is not appealing or easy to look at and understand, which also caused more time during the development phase. Seems that it could be more user-friendly. Significant number of fields and specifications required to create each task, notification, etc. This should be simplified. Notifications, document library and other features are not user-friendly. Hard to remember how to get to the correct notification, form/document and then edit, create, etc. Needs to be simplified.,8,Though we do not have official metrics yet since we are relatively new users, we have noticed that employees are sent the link even prior to their start date and are able to complete all but a couple required "on site" tasks even prior to their first day. That is a HUGE improvement! Previously we did not have an official onboarding or orientation program. We have now consolidated and streamlined the process so that it is all electronic, with the exception of benefits. Our previous, undocumented process caused delays, missed tasks, and frustrated new hires that took weeks to ramp up. We now are seeing candidates onboard within 2 days, having all of their required materials, login credentials, equipment and completed documents by Day 1. Our Teams/Task Managers are also easily able to see what they are responsible for completing and can check it off once it's done. Everyone is held accountable and the tasks are easily managed and completed on time. This has provided a great improvement to our level of customer service.,,,2,Vendor implemented Implemented in-house Professional services company,Yes,Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled,Revisions/creation of new forms to be used electronically (eForms) and documenting on the required spreadsheet. Follow through and communication issues with vendor/external implementation contact. Internal delays as well due to changing priorities. Understanding the capabilities of the eForms, routing, information/data flow, etc.,4,Onboarding status and I-9 monitoring views Create new tasks in Event Create/edit teams responsible for tasks Create timing/notification of tasks,Create task/group dependencies (knowing whether they should be individual or grouped). Linking, associating, moving, numbering/ordering, etc. is not the easiest feature to grasp.,No,8
SilkRoad Onboarding (formerly RedCarpet)
22 Ratings
Score 7.8 out of 101
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SilkRoad Onboarding Reviews

SilkRoad Onboarding
22 Ratings
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Score 7.8 out of 101

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SilkRoad's training/demo video was viewed well prior to beginning implementation. HR Team did not remember details and the video was not sufficient enough to understand all of the features within the system in order to communicate needs to the vendor/implementation expert. Implementation should have been walked through, step by step, by the vendor and each section of their required spreadsheet and the development of the portal should have been explained in depth.
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About SilkRoad Onboarding

SilkRoad Onboarding is a component of the SilkRoad Life Suite platform designed for enterprise-level organizations. Onboarding features 3 core component areas-

  • Offers- these features automate the offer workflow for streamlining the signing process. It also digitizes the signing process, and intends to be integratable with third-party applicant tracking systems and onboarding solutions.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions- Onboarding emphasizes capabilities to manage mergers and acquisitions process. In particular, SilkRoad advertising retention during transition and maintaining compliance paperwork.

  • Offboarding- SilkRoad Onboarding also includes functionality to offboard personnel, including automating paperwork and the broader offboarding workflow. The module is intended to help maintain morale while retaining assets and limiting liability. The module also triggers succession plans to replace offboarding personnel.

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