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What is SimplePractice?

SimplePractice is a practice management platform, made specifically for small business owners in the health and wellness space. SimplePractice’s feature set includes secure messaging, customizable paperless intake forms, a template library, free appointment reminders (SMS, email, & voice), electronic claim…

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SimplePractice is a versatile software that has been praised by users for its numerous use cases and benefits. Users have found that the …
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Product Details

What is SimplePractice?

SimplePractice is a practice management platform, made specifically for small business owners in the health and wellness space. SimplePractice’s feature set includes secure messaging, customizable paperless intake forms, a template library, free appointment reminders (SMS, email, & voice), electronic claim filing, billing and invoicing, a beautiful client portal with online appointment booking, and more.

SimplePractice Features

  • Supported: Completely Paperless Intake
  • Supported: Online Booking
  • Supported: Appointment Reminders
  • Supported: Secure Messaging
  • Supported: Billing and Invoicing
  • Supported: Therapy Notes
  • Supported: Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
  • Supported: Calendar Sync
  • Supported: Insurance Claims
  • Supported: HIPAA Compliant

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SimplePractice Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported LanguagesEnglish
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

SimplePractice is a versatile software that has been praised by users for its numerous use cases and benefits. Users have found that the software provides a secure and HIPAA-compliant setting for delivering client-centered care, ensuring the confidentiality and security of clinical documentation. The product offers a wealth of information, tools, and resources to assist with business management, making it a valuable investment for therapists in private practice. It streamlines tasks such as electronic health record management, claim submission, and payment processing, saving time and increasing efficiency. Users appreciate the software's features such as telehealth capabilities, HIPAA forms, and an easy-to-maintain calendar/schedule. Additionally, SimplePractice eliminates the need for manual emailing and scanning, simplifying the intake process and improving overall efficiency.

With SimplePractice, users can easily track client billing, appointment history, progress notes, and tax tracking in one centralized location. The software allows for efficient completion of documentation, simplifying note-taking processes. It also supports billing through different insurance portals, solving a common difficulty faced by many mental health professionals. Users find the software useful for various tasks such as note taking, HIPAA compliance, appointment reminders, claim creation, and tax tracking. The ability to store documents, contacts, session notes, and more in one place is highly valued by users who appreciate the organization and convenience provided by SimplePractice. Additionally, the mobile app is appreciated by users who can access information on-the-go. From online scheduling to managing client paperwork and accounting needs, SimplePractice serves as a comprehensive practice management tool that has been widely recommended by mental health professionals across various disciplines.

Quick and efficient claims management: Users appreciate the ability to quickly and efficiently submit and manage claims. Many reviewers have mentioned that they can easily submit claims within minutes and receive prompt notifications for any errors or resubmissions needed. This feature streamlines the billing process and reduces administrative burdens.

Fast payment processing through electronic claims submission: The electronic claims submission feature is highly valued by users as it ensures quick payments. Several reviewers have mentioned that this feature saves time and allows for a smoother cash flow in their practices.

Simplified billing with integrated credit card processing: Users find the collections process to be minimal thanks to the integration of credit card processing within the system. Some users have mentioned that this integration simplifies billing operations, eliminating the need for external payment processors.

Failures causing loss of access to client information: Several users have experienced failures on Simple Practice's end, resulting in the unfortunate loss of access to important client information.

Difficulty entering business debit card information and unhelpful guidance from customer service: Numerous users have encountered difficulties when trying to enter new business debit card information, and they have expressed frustration with the unhelpful guidance provided by customer service representatives.

Lack of prioritization for client emergencies and absence of compensation for issues caused: Many users feel that Simple Practice does not prioritize client emergencies adequately and fails to provide any form of compensation for the issues these emergencies may cause.

Attribute Ratings


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Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use it as our EHR in a nutrition practice.
  • Easy client interface
  • Telehealth
  • invoicing is terrible, in my opinion.
  • setting practice defaults
  • customized team access permissions
  • inability to have more than one service with the same CPT code, I've found.
  • inability to show clients just a list of insurances we accept, I've found.
  • only 1 telehealth location despite there now being 2 telehealth place of service codes, I've found.
  • inability to create default telehealth place of service codes and modifiers specific to each insurance, I've found.
  • reports are lacking. I cannot pull a report to see what clients we have with a certain insurance, what percent of claims are from various insurance companies, how many sessions on average my clinicians are having with their clients, and so many more, I've found.
  • scheduler and biller permissions are inadequate to do those jobs, I believe.
  • Pricing is too high, I believe.
  • insurance eligibility checks are a joke and why in the world are they 5 cents each? Talk about nickel and dimming in my opinion.
  • Too many workarounds, in my opinion.
  • widget scheduling cannot be customized, like cannot have people choose service first, then clinician. Must first choose clinician. Also cannot re-order list of providers in it, I've found.
  • No cancellation emails were sent to clients, I found. Why?
I think it's a good choice for solo providers who bill insurance. If you have employees or are self-pay, go elsewhere, in my opinion.
  • Insurance billing
  • online
  • Well I switched to it because I wanted to do my own billing but over time i had to hire a biller anyway because the admin side of things is so time consuming. Lots of clicks and inefficient workarounds, I've discovered.
Also Kalix, Practice Better, Practice Q (formerly Intake Q), Healthie, Jane, etc.

I'm hoping to switch to Practice Q soon.
Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), QuickBooks Online, Gusto
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
SimplePractice was used to manage client appointments, notes, and accounting. Also was helpful with sending out monthly superbills and appointment reminders. All employees were able to utilize all features under one joint account. It addresses the problem of having excessive paperwork and file cabinets with limited accessibility, especially within the digital age.
  • Intake paperwork formatting
  • Calendar interface and ease of use
  • Automated features such as appointment reminders
  • Not being able to add 2 therapists to a client
  • Having a steep learning curve to figure out where all the features were located
  • Increased pricing with forced features that I did not plan to ever use
  • Not having IvyPay as a payment option
  • Only having one way calendar sync
This is the first EHR platform I used. It is very professionally done with an aesthetically pleasing interface and has broad functionality. I would recommend it to a colleague who is a single practitioner with a small solo practice. I would not, however, recommend it to a group practice owner as I have found many alternatives that are just as good for a noticeable pricing difference with SimplePractice’s new fee structure.
  • Electronic notes
  • Automated superbills
  • Automated appointment reminders
  • Calendar sync (even though one way)
  • The electronic paperwork has established me as a professional in the modern age
  • It has allowed me to streamline parts of my group practice
  • It has helped me stay organized and keep up with things to be done
I ultimately ended up leaving SimplePractice for TherapyMate in March with the price increase. My reasoning was, that even though the interface is not as aesthetically pleasing, TherapyMate had all of the features I needed in my EHR system at dramatic savings per month. There were of course some pros and cons I had to weigh out for both of them, but ultimately the price of TherapyMate superseded any pros for SimplePractice.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use Simple Practice to schedule all of my athlete sessions. My billing goes automatically and seamlessly through the software system. I take all of my notes on each athlete during each session. It has an app that I have on my phone where I can view everything from wherever I am at.
  • Scheduling.
  • Billing.
  • Would like more usability on the app.
I have been able to use Simple Practice exactly the way that I intended to and would highly recommend to anyone else, especially those in my profession where other programs are not created specifically for the profession. I've been able to customize everything to exactly what I need in my business.
  • Not overly expensive to use.
  • No drawbacks.
I have not had to contact support which is nice. If I have a question, I am typically able to find the answer within the help section.
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