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What is Sinch?

Sinch (formerly CLX Communications) offers a range of SMS messaging services, including the former mBlox, which was acquired in 2016 and serves as a component of Sinch messaging services

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What is Sinch?

Sinch (formerly CLX Communications) offers a range of SMS messaging services, including the former mBlox, which was acquired in 2016 and serves as a component of Sinch messaging services

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Product Demos

PJ's Sinch Sock System Demo


Yodazone demo #IoT mobile hackthon Tessel+sinch+pubnub


Sinch App - The Ultimate Temporary Workforce Solution

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Sinch Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Since mobile messages are one of the widely accepted and rapidly responded means of communication, Sinch helps us to reach our thousands of employees with a single script. To maintain compliance in our organsation, we have regular training/sessions which are to be done before deadlines without fail. To make sure this happens, we send out SMS notifications to our employees on a periodic basis and it has proven very effective. The rate of missing on trainings have fallen hugely and now Sinch is helping us to maintain that compliance state throughout our organisation.
  • We have tied our training deadlines w.r.t. the employees and their completion status. In case the status is false, Since will keep on sending reminder SMSs on their mobile phones periodically and therefore, informs the employee to complete training well before the deadline.
  • Apart from this, we also send upcoming Holidays, Salary credits, and much more notifications to our employees which keep them informed at all times.
  • I feel that Sinch does not have very well customer support and documentation. Despite having a strong and durable platform, Sinch brings on a very huge learning curve as very limited knowledge articles are provided on their website. Since this is a new tool, there are very limited online communities/ forums supporting this tool and hence, a newbie will definitely struggle in deploying/ using Sinch in my opinion.
Sinch is well suited if you believe communication is the solution to 99% of problems in this world. Lack of communication builds issues that can easily be avoided with clear and transparent communication. Emails/ in-app notifications, the not immediate and always causes a delay since it depends on the user's internet connection. On the other hand, SMS is a service, which reaches every individual immediately and without fail. Therefore, Sinch shall be utilised by every company to make sure immediate communication is enabled.
  • SMS service
  • Durable APIs which support tons of languages
  • Positive return on investment
None, this was our very first SMS service platform and it is doing great. Despite a huge learning curve, this platform has made its position and now serving all of our employees.
Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
My entire experience with sinch has been nothing but a disaster. I signed up and started filling out my profile information and there were some errors I was getting. On top of that my billing was all wrong. It took nearly an entire month, 3 phone calls, and numerous emails in order to finally get a response from my account manager. All this wasted time and effort also cost me and my company money with the project we were working on. Then once things finally did start moving, I was told I needed to wait an additional 6 weeks in order to see if I would even be able to use this service. No guarantees, no guidance, no assistance on how to ensure the vetting process could work in my favor. So in the end after 4 months of waiting, I would then have to wait another 6 weeks, and I HOPE things worked in my favor. I don't recommend using this company if you value support and customer service.
  • In my opinion, nothing
  • customer service
  • efficiency
  • consumer confidence
  • response time
In my experience, none
  • text message emergence system
  • total negative. lost time. lost money. high stress. no reward
using smoke signals at this point would be better than SINCH
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Sinch to service our short codes that we use with our clients. They offer great service & support, plus the performance has always remained really high. They offer additional services that we don't use, so my experience is only with their short code management solution, but they do that really well. I've been working with them since they were mBlox and they haven't lost their touch.
  • Performance
  • Support
  • SMS
  • Pricing
[Sinch is] a great SMS aggregator offering full performance with short code messaging. They are very helpful with the certification process and their after launch production support is extremely good too, even going above and beyond after hours in the rare situations where it could be required. My only area of concern is pricing as I've seem some competitive pricing from other service providers that are quite popular too.
  • SMS
  • Aggregation
  • Short codes
  • N/A
  • Service Provider for clients
I've only used one other company, Syniverse, as an SMS Aggregator. That was when I worked for a different company more than 10 years ago, so I don't really have much to compare to Sinch.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We used mBlox (CLX) to procure short and long code numbers for our customers in the Americas (including vanity codes). We also used mBlox to get carrier certifications to activate routes and enhance message delivery. Those long and short codes were used for marketing purposes to deliver SMS messages to recipient's cell phones as well as to get replies back.
  • Short and long code procurement and management.
  • Certification of long and short codes.
  • Route management.
  • Improved UI for easier navigation to the owned short codes and status of their certification.
  • List of carrier requirements for certification (i.e. keywords).
  • Language and character do's and don't's for specific routes.
We use mBlox for short and long code procurement. The service allows easy process to get a code for your specific needs. They also offer multiple routes depending on the needs and pricing and help with the carrier certification in all regions. We got a number of codes to send SMS messages and integrated those codes with our marketing platform.
  • Ease of use - straightforward purchasing process and setup.
  • Satisfied customers - reliable routes and service for text messaging.
  • Integration with our marketing platform made the use of codes easy.
We considered LANCK telecom but we didn't see guaranteed results in certain regions as well as price wise some of the carriers were getting too expensive. Procurement and certification were of some other concerns and mBlox has a very friendly UI and helpful stuff to navigate the SMS messaging space.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use mBlox to provide high availability, scalable SMS solutions to small, medium, and enterprise level businesses. The value mBlox brings is immense due to the high availability, and quality of their support. We use mBlox as a backend vendor to drive features and products in our application. mBlox solves the problem of reliability, and scalability for us. Their team is also flexible to work with.
  • mBlox has top tier support, with 24/7/365 availability.
  • mBlox engineers have industry knowledge that allows tuning and optimizing to each of the carriers they interconnect with.
  • mBlox's service implementation team has industry knowledge which helps shortcode programs get approved by the carriers quickly.
  • Honestly, mBlox is spot on in terms of support, I can't think of anything they should improve on.
mBlox is well suited for people trying to interconnect with top tier aggregators for SMS and MMS services. mBlox offers shortcode services at this time, not longcode services. mBlox would be less suited for individuals trying to test the waters with a low barrier to entry and commitment.
  • mBlox's cost structure has had a positive effect on our ROI.
  • mBlox is able to provide affordable top tier service.
mBlox compares in SLA and QoS to other top tier aggregators. We interconnect with several vendors who provide wholesale enterprise level SMS and MMS services like mBlox, and they all compare around the same. Quality of service is key, and we've found them to be no greater, and no worse than their competitors.
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