Skype (the personal edition) is a free web meeting, video conferencing, and VoIP software. The free version includes audio and video Skype-to-Skype calls, ability to call mobile phones and landlines, paid international calling, and conference calling capabilities for up to 25 people. has grown a lot, but is still a little outclassed by Teams and ZoomSkype is included with the university's Office 365 subscription, and all Active Directory users can access and be contacted via Skype. We sometimes use it for within- and between-department communication, especially for quick instant messaging. Skype is, of course, one of the original household names in videoconferencing, etc., but we don't use it much for that on a daily basis.,Skype for Business has grown quite a lot since its days as Microsoft Lync and is now quite nicely integrated with almost facets of Windows and Office (and other Microsoft stuff). It's nice for inter-office communication when everyone's using Active Directory and has Skype for Business running. Skype for Business works well even on non-Windows and/or non-university machines (e.g. personal computers).,Skype in general, including the Business version, can be pretty clunky, and surprisingly resource-hungry, especially when it's always running, and on machines with lower specs. This resource hungriness can be worth it for quick IMs to other members of the same organization, but I really have a hard time recommending Skype over something like Zoom for videoconferencing. Video communication with others in the same organization just doesn't always seem to work very well, even on the same network.,7,Skype has allowed us to communicate quickly and easily across departments. Unfortunately, has proven to be confusing and unused by some users. Users' non-use of Skype can be pretty detrimental to the performance of some lower-powered machines especially.,Microsoft Teams and Zoom,7,Microsoft Teams, Heroku Platform, Canva, Canvas, OneNoteGreat Video Conferencing and MoreSkype is used to communicate within the office. Whether we require a simple quick instant message, a phone call, or a video call, Skype provides the means to reliably relay information. With Skype being installed on all of the computers and providing each employee with an account, it means that we can create an interoffice communication network when emails are not sufficient enough. Skype saves time by providing an instant connection between employees so that they can address any problem with a quick conversation.,Solid desktop application. Good mobile application. Array of features. High-quality video and voice.,Configuration of Skype is particular. If you have multiple input devices, it can be cumbersome to set up the correct one. Sometimes it is not desired to launch Skype, but it is enabled by default. You have to change your settings to disable Skype.,8,Skype improves interoffice communication, reducing the amount of wasted time that comes with a large number of emails. Skype is intuitive and requires little overhead, making the implementation seamless. Skype's high-quality video and audio make calls flow better with little dropped data.,Google Hangouts,9,Microsoft 365 Business, Perforce, Visual Studio IDESkype is simply sensational!Skype is being used to communicate internally with coworkers as opposed to email or getting up to talk to someone. It is used by all departments across the organization and it makes it easy to communicate when a quick response is needed especially with remote employees.,Offers immediate sending and receiving of messages between coworkers. This is very easy to use for remote employees vs picking up the phone to answer a simple question. It makes it easy to see if employees are busy in a meeting, free, or idle in order to see if they are ready and available to chat.,It is very straight forward and easy to use, I am not sure if it can get any easier! It would be nice to have an easier way to set up group chats on Skype.,9,I am not sure what we pay for Skype, so it would be hard for me to put an ROI on it. Some people have started using Teams as well as Skype as it has more features, so it is not convenient to have to log onto both. It has been great to communicate with remote folks.,Microsoft Teams,8,Wrike, Lead411, ZoomInfoUseful for client communication around the worldWe are a small (but growing pretty quickly) legal services organization that uses a variety of communication platforms, including Skype, to communicate with our partners, pro bono attorneys, board members, and clients around the world. Every department uses Skype for different reasons, but I would say it is most heavily used by the direct services department, which provides legal aid. It is a way for us to communicate across different time zones.,Many people are familiar with Skype and used to how it operates as opposed to some other platforms that aren't as popular. Audio and visual is usually high quality, although this does depend largely on the internet connection on both ends. Easy to initiate calls with contacts once they have been added.,It seems like the user interface changes fairly often and that can be confusing to adjust to if you don't use it super regularly. When the internet connection isn't good, audio and especially visual loses quality or becomes laggy. Not super clear how to troubleshoot or contact support when you need to fix a call issue really quickly.,7,Reliable way to communicate with clients, coworkers, donors, board members, etc. Sometimes it is confusing when a newer version comes out and we can't always intuitively figure out how to do something – scheduled calls are sometimes delayed, which can be problematic. More advanced options are helpful, such as recording calls if some participants can't make it.,,5,Google Hangouts, Zoom, BlueJeansUsed to be the best, but competition is growing stronger and better.We have been using Skype mostly to communicate with people outside of the organization. It has been the default communication tool we have had for years. Audio and video work great together to be able to hold efficient virtual team meetings. It has also been a way for us to know who is currently online and who is not available.,Video chat. It's smooth and the technology has been well perfected over the years. It's fast. It loads and logs in instantly. Very easy to use. No steep learning curve required.,Too much RAM usage. It is eating up all of our computer's resources. There is a considerable lag for older computers doing a screen share. Cannot handle a lot of users simultaneously doing a video chat.,6,I have communicated with clients and closed deals using Skype. It is absolutely free. No need to pay for anything to be able to communicate with people from around the world.,Slack and Zoom,7,Slack, ZoomSkype is a solid performerWe use Skype from our desktop computers. It enables us to communicate with clients and prospective clients without using personal cell phones or landline phones.,Voice quality is excellent as compared to some other VOIP services. Allows for recording and tracking of calls. Maintains phonebook.,Updates should be sent as proactive emails. Messaging is a little awkward. Need the ability to change Skype name on the fly.,10,Effective communications tool for little money. Good quality voice. Puts business in a positive light with clients.,,10,Cloudwords, TechExcel DevSuite, GoToMyPCExcellent free phone/video calling tool for global meetingsI use Skype to communicate with global clients.,User-friendliness _ It''s pretty easy to navigate. Quality - Call quality is always good and I never have trouble hearing even when my calls are across the globe.,I don't use it often, so sometimes it's difficult to find the buttons I'm looking for when I sign-in.,8,It makes it easier to communicate with more potential clients (if they prefer Skype, I'll defer to them, which often helps me get their business).,Zoom Video Webinar, GoToMeeting and BlueJeans,10,Zoom Video Webinar, BlueJeansSkype is an average quality product but does its job when it comes to messaging and making audio/video callsI work for a corporation with over 25000 employees worldwide. There are multiple locations, different time zones. We use Skype to communicate with each other. It especially works great for communicating with employees abroad. Skype is definitely better than using emails. We definitely prefer Skype to emails because we don't have to sound formal and we can communicate fast.,Fast Reliable Easy to use Emojis,Glitchy Boring interface No customization No GIFs (like Slack) Window is large even when manually minimized. At work, I'd prefer something minimalistic.,4,It allows employees to communicate with each other fast and efficiently. It allows casual tone. It allows adding emotions (emojis) when messaging a person, which makes it a better experience.,Slack, WhatsUp Gold and Cisco Webex Calling,4,Slack, Cisco Webex Calling, BlueJeans, AsanaThe best video calling software for businessWe use Skype when one or more team members are working remotely, away on holiday, or on a business trip out of the university in order to conduct meetings by audio or video calls. This has proved very effective in being able to have discussions and address issues when not everybody can be present in the department at the same time.,Conference calling, i.e. more connections than 1 to 1. Screen sharing - displaying to the other user(s) what is visible on your screen. Leaving messages in case of no answer.,Improving stability of connections, especially with more users, is about the only thing to be improved in my opinion.,8,It helps to make progress on objectives without having to wait for face-to-face meetings, so this is a positive ROI only. Screen sharing helps this further because you can actually see exactly what the other person is talking about. Can't think of any way Skype could have a negative impact on ROI.,,5,MATLAB, Wolfram Mathematica, OneDriveSkype ReviewSkype is being used by multiple departments within the organization. The main use for Skype is communication between team members and for internal conversations among teams. It's convenient and quick to find and contact partners within the teams and company.,Chat interface is very simple and easy to work with. Video call quality is usually stable, with minor failures. Easily integrates with the company Outlook mailing list, where all team members are easily found.,Group chat is not that flexible, so it's not able to compete with similar tools like Slack for example. Performance is not amazing, it may be slow at times. Although the interface is simple, it has room for improvement since it looks outdated.,7,Positive - Easy to search for and find colleagues. Negative - Because of the rigid interface, sometimes I have to switch to another tool to take more complex audio calls. Scheduling is not flexible and I am not able to set future calls in email invites.,Slack and BlueJeans,9,BlueJeans, Slack, BackstageA great tool for collaborationWe use skype for internal communication. It is primarily used for communications between teams to send instant messages. It is also used for discussing issues while doing the integration for end-to-end testing by making use of screen sharing. When using screen share, it is easier to find bugs/defects in the code which helps a lot.,It's a good communication tool. Instant messaging. Screen sharing and collaboration.,Loading time. Sometimes the application freezes. While using the system remotely, it takes longer to restart the app.,7,Improved communication. Increased our team's collaboration. Made it easier to find bugs and resolve issues.,Amazon Chime,8,Amazon Chime, SalesOutlook CRM, Skype for Business (formerly Lync)Skype lives up to the hype!Our company does not do a lot of web conferencing so Skype has worked out really well for us and it's free. We use it for sales meetings for the most part as we all tend to be in different places and sometimes need to be able to show someone something and not just tell them about it. The other most common usage for us would be when a new client wants to put a face to the name.,Super easy to use. Download the app and you're ready to go. We use the group video chat feature the most. quite often when having a sales meeting we have one person at home, another out in the field, maybe another at a doctor appointment, and then another in the office, and almost always one is driving. This allows us all to participate, get valuable information from each other right when you need to. I had a really big meeting once and was on my way to the meeting when there was a huge accident on the freeway and I was stuck! Traffic was stopped, no way to get over or get off the freeway. So I called my prospective client and let him know what was happening and asked him if he minded doing a meeting over Skype. Long story short, I got the account. Eventually, I made it there in person to complete our meeting, but thanks to Skype I was able to save the deal.,Like anything really great, it slows down your computer. I'm not a techy person, but my guess is it uses a lot of space on the computer. I have heard their firewalls are not the best and that people have hacked other peoples passwords and such, but personally I have not had this happen. At one time I had trouble using it in quite a few areas around town, but that has improved.,10,Well we use the regular Skype and it's free, so the ROI is there. It has helped me close sales and get campaigns up and running quickly so it has definitely given me a return.,,10,Join.meSky's not the limit with Skype!We use Skype for day-to-day conversations. Since we have offices in various remote locations across the country, it helps us connect easier and faster. Also very easy to use to set up an audio and/or video conversation if we need to talk which avoids having to remember a lot of phone numbers and extensions. Very efficient in that regards.,Quick video call Send documents Group conversations,Audio is an issue for me every time I organize an audio call. I have to go in my settings and specify my audio output which is very annoying Personally, I am one that loves to use emojis to build rapport and I find the app is very limited in that aspect Not too sure if the possibility is there to record a session via Skype meeting but that would be great Group conversations with split screens so people can work in teams,8,Improved communication amongst the team. Simple and efficient for meeting requests for a less savvy person. Efficiency in knowing when someone can be disturbed or not.,Skype for Business (formerly Lync) and Zoom,7,Zoom, Adobe Connect, Webex MeetingsSkype or hype?Skype for business is being used across our organization. We are at varying maturity levels of feature utilization with a roadmap to expand the Skype for Business use to include more features in the near future. We utilize Skype for Business for meetings and general collaboration internally and externally with partners and peers.,Easy to use. Fast. Agile.,It crashes, especially on mobile. Sync between mobile and desktop can be problematic.,7,I am not involved in the ROI space. Time savings and ease of use.,Webex Meetings,7,Webex Meetings, GoToMeeting, ZoomUsing Skype as a business, does it meet the needs?We mainly use Skype for: Internal video calls and screen sharing.Easy and affordable tool for foreign calls (you can purchase a small credit for every user, so he can make foreign calls from everywhere at affordable prices).Get a local phone number for customers (but it is not perfect, see cons).,Voice quality is good Multi-platform (PC, tablet, phone) Easy to use,All attendees of the call must have an account. Screen sharing in the standard version doesn't have enough options (you might want to share only a specific window). You must log in to Skype if you want to check if you have a voice mail (getting an email alert would be a good solution).,8,Local phone number is important for customers service and support, but the lack of voicemail email notification is a con. Easy and affordable foreign calls are very important when you travel or need to stay in touch with your partners/customers abroad (in different countries). Skype is not the solution for demos and external calls since you can't just share a link to the call.,Zoom, Skype for Business (formerly Lync) and Google Hangouts,6,Microsoft 365 Business, Skype for Business (formerly Lync), ZoomGood for the moneySkype is used to interview parents and potential employees for the school. We use it in place of FaceTime for professional reasons. It allows us to meet parents who are coming from abroad to our school. It addresses the distance issue for potential students where they can already e-meet their teachers before even starting school.,It is a mobile application that can be used for voice and video calls which we use often. It allows for file sharing between callers. It allows the admissions staff to conduct one-on-one assessments.,I am not confident that it is a secure app, as I use it effectively in business. It is difficult to see if things are archived or fully deleted. It does not allow us to do large conference type calls, especially video. You can't do screen-sharing unless it exists and I haven't figured it out yet.,9,We've had constituents who do not know how to use the application which has not been as effective as it should. It helps connect faster when you are in need of a response or a quick live conference, especially with Google hangouts not working. The on-boarding of new students/parents/staff has been a lot quicker and effective since interviews can be done via skype.,Google Hangouts,2,Google Hangouts, GoToMeetingGreat screen sharing tool!We use Skype on a regular basis to interact, chat and set meetings with our clients. We often have connection issues, but overall Skype mainly serves us well.,Document and content sharing Screen sharing Multiple participants meetings,Group activities 4G connection and video,7,It definitely saves me time when sharing presentations with clients.,Zoom,8,ZoomFavorite Telecommunications ApplicationWe use it across our department because we prefer the quality of Skype compared to Google Hangouts.,Video calls. Instant messaging. Screensharing.,Privacy - There is no security offered in knowing that your calls are 100% private. Customization - It would be nice to be able to change the UI for companies.,9,Affordably host remote usability studies, instead of investing in expensive or subpar software. Creates better collaboration which encourages swifter work.,Google Hangouts and Cisco Webex Calling,10,Sketch, Pendo Systems Machine Learning PlatformGood budget option for collaborative meetingsWe use Skype to collaborate with research team members and collaborators who work in various parts of the country. Skype allows us to talk in person (either via video chat or audio only), and the screen sharing capability of Skype allows us to show and discuss results easily. Because Skype is free, we are able to meet whenever we want with collaborators while keeping costs to a minimum.,Easy to install for MacOS or Windows and user account setup is intuitive. In the newest version of Skype, you can make the window showing the other person very small. This feature is nice, because I can quickly look something up on my computer and still see the person I am talking to. The chat capability of Skype is also handy if you need to quickly send someone a bit of code or a website link.,I find the new interface of Skype very unintuitive compared to previous versions. Every time I am talking with someone I end up clicking on icons until I find the chat area or the screen sharing option. In newer versions of Skype, I've had many issues with audio feedback being slow or interrupted, despite the fact that I have high speed internet. This is extremely annoying if you are trying to discuss difficult and complex topics. Sometimes the video option randomly doesn't work, and I also find it difficult to add people to your Skype phonebook if you don't know their exact Skype username.,6,Because Skype is free, it has had a positive impact on our business objectives. This year we had several budget constraints, and Skype allowed us to conduct important meetings with stakeholders for free. Since the video / audio quality of Skype is not always very good, it impacts the efficiency of meetings. Meetings end up lasting longer if calls are dropped or if the audio cuts out repeatedly. Time lost on a Skype call equates to less research productivity, which negatively impacts the objectives of our research team. The real-time screen sharing in Skype allows for members of my research team to quickly see results from collaborators in different institutions. Seeing results (either in plots or slide shows) rather then hearing about them is much more meaningful and helps us build on the work of our collaborators. This positively impacts our research.,Zoom,Zoom Video Webinar, Adobe Acrobat DC, Google DriveAn All Around Good Communications ToolWe use Skype to communicate externally with other peer organizations. Notably we have also used Skype to communicate with job applicants in other countries. As a large organization I am sure that other offices are using Skype on campus. Skype fills a void for a reliable face to face communication platform that makes it feel like you are having a casual conversation with others without the need to be present. In a previous role I used Skype's chat or instant messaging features but no longer use that functionality. It worked well when I used it but it is my understanding they have beefed up this functionality.,It does video calling very well. You can share files easily over the platform. The chat / instant messaging feature was robust. It's very accessible. Users on many platforms can use it. It is reliable. I have not had issues with uptime or charshing.,I think that often people are confused on what usage or functions will cost them money to use. Everyone is concerned about security and safety these days. I don't conduct secret business over Skype but I've heard there may be some concerns about this issue if you are thinking of using it for sensitive information. Chat history gets deleted after a certain point so if keeping years long records is something that you are looking to do consider saving chunks off from time to time.,10,My department does not use Skype in a way that would be seen as generating a return on investment but for what the product does it is a good value. It really closes the distance gap in working with offices that are far away. Conference calls can be so soul crushing, this is a much better option. The only negative impact is that it is not the only video conferencing tool that I use. Given that it is not as strong of a multi user platform I can't say that it may cover every need that every office would have.,Google Hangouts,, WebEx Meetings and GoToMeeting,, Google Hangouts, WebEx Meetings,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Prior Experience with the Product,I think we had a really solid selection process. We brainstormed different products for video communications and then did some Google searching as well to see what might exist that we had not heard of. After we got the list together I went out and wrote up a summary of the pros and cons of each one. We met back after that and talked through the prospects and landed on using a mix of Skype, Google Hangouts, and GoToMeeting depending on the situation.Increasing Meaningful and Stable Connections with SkypeSkype is being used by the entire University. We did not use Skype when I first began at UNT, but over time, all phones were digitized and linked through Skype on our computers. Skype helps our employees to be more efficient during the work day by reducing the amount of time it takes to contact other employees, schedule meetings, or determine someone's availability.,Outlook Calendar Integration - Skype is connected to my Outlook Calendar and shows my availability to other users through the instant message function and also sends meeting reminders to the screen of my office phone. This allows me to keep track of my schedule but also allows my colleagues to know if I am available or not, how long I have been away, and when I will return. Phone and Video Conference calls - Skype was my go-to for video conference calls even before my company purchased it for all our users. Now I get the added bonus of all the business functions and Outlook integration. I could start a single user video call in seconds and initiate it through the instant message function. Group conference calls are also now made easier through Skype. We don't all need to register for additional systems or accounts, like Google, to be able to facilitate a conference call. Skype Missed Calls and Voicemail - One of my favorite things about Skype is the missed call and voicemail notifications I receive through my email. I am much more likely to notice missed calls and actually listen to voicemails. I no longer have to call in to my phone to listen to voicemail, I can check it quickly as I empty my email inbox. Skype Rolodex - Looking up phone numbers for my colleagues across campus used to be very time consuming if their numbers were not on our website. through Skype, I can look up anyone's phone number and place a call in a matter of seconds.,Speed Dial - When using the speed dial function through my phone, which is determined by my favorites in Skype messenger, there is an occasional error in the call. Even though I am using the speed dial for phone, the call will register for the recipient through their computer and they cannot answer on their landline. I then have to hang up and manually dial their number. Video Call Quality - While the ease of setting up a conference call is there, the quality of the video calls could still be improved. The audio runs without issue but the quality of the video can still become grainy, pixellated, or frozen. User Name Incongruity - The list of contacts on Skype messenger is not congruent in the way it lists users. Some users are listed by email, some are listed by a user name, and some are listed by last name and first name. This is not a glaring issue, but I am not familiar with some user names, which results in having to do a manual look up for some people. It would be easier if they were all able to be listed by first and last name.,9,Faster Client Response - Because I am able to check my missed calls and voicemails through my email with Skype, I end up with a faster responses rate to my clients both in and out of the office. I check my messages with my email and return calls faster than before I had Skype. It also makes it quick and easy to check my voicemail through email on my cell phone while away from the office. I no longer have to call into my office landline to check messages! Quicker Client Connection - One of the most common occurrences in our business is that one employee will need to make referrals for a student or client to another employee in our organization. In the past these referrals have been cumbersome and have not always led to eventual connection of the client to another employee. We would send them across campus to another office in hopes that the employee was available, or with an email or phone number and hope that they took the initiative to reach out. With the instant messenger and the video call function, we are able to contact employees across campus immediately so that clients can talk face to face with with their point of referral. More Efficient Business Model - This is a goal of our organization for the upcoming year. Skype has already helped us to progress in this goal by reducing the amount of time spent on unnecessary communications and processes. In the past, at a business with thousands of employees, we were forced to look up internal phone numbers on our website or through the phone roster. Now, I can look up phone numbers and email addresses through Skype messenger almost instantly, in addition to being able to send an instant message. I can also view other employees' schedules and availability through Skype messenger, instead of having to comb through Outlook. This helps me schedule calls and meetings more quickly than I have been able to before I started using Skype.,Google Hangouts,Skype for Business (formerly Lync), Polycom RealPresence Group Series, Google HangoutsWhen you need to connect, but can’t in person.I use Skype to contact and work with other artists when they don’t have Apple products. I use it for interviews when a job far away needs to interview me face to face. I also use it for contacting my family who live far away.,I think it is a great too for connecting with family and building professional relationships. I think it is a tool that provides convenience because you can skype whenever is suitable for you. I think it is easily accessible to call and connect. I like that the Skype can be free depending on your needs. Useful to connect to all no matter what system they use Sndroid, PC, or Mac.,I’ve definitely have had connection and picture issues with the software even when the internet was good. I don’t like that some calls were dropped or interrupted at random. If someone does have an Apple product, it is faster and easier to use Facetime, as no logging in is required.,9,The Skype interviews I have had were successful and there weren’t any issues connecting. Still finding calls to sometimes have bad connection that interferes with getting to the conversation. I wish paid features weren’t highly encouraged while I’m connecting with family.,,MailChimpSkype is awesome for personal useWe use it for easy meetings with people who are in remote locations via Skype. Some of our departments use it for meetings. However, when the network is bad, the communication quality becomes bad rapidly, and we cannot use Skype anymore.,Many people already have Skype installed and already have experience. We can use it free of charge. Skype has a user-friendly UI.,The system should have automatic quality control while video conferencing, even if the network condition is poor. Some people suffered from troubleshooting of their installation of Skype. A recording function could be welcome for people.,7,Positive: we can use it free of charge. Negative: the reliability of the connection is not guaranteed. Positive: we can use it with people who already used it before.,BlueJeans,BlueJeans, Google HangoutsSkype takes the cake when it comes to video calls!Skype has been used in my department for communication with members of other outside organizations ranging from; interviews, consultations, collaborations, and simply checking in socially. Skype has been a great way to allow for face to face communication, especially for larger group conversations, when the people in communication are far away and in-person meetings might not work.,Skype allows for easy sorting of your contacts in a way that makes it easy to group people together and know who you need to contact. Skype seems to work well across multiple platforms; PC, Mac, and even handheld devices can use Skype in a way that is beneficial to their organizations. Skype allows you to evaluate and engage in conversation in a face to face way when person to person meetings would be hard to manage.,Skype has been around for a while and there are now a lot of other platforms that do the same thing; Google Hangout, Dischord, etc. Skype may need something that differentiates them from the pack. Unlike cell service, because Skype is video heavy in the cases we use it, poor service and connection can often be a major complication. This is, however, an issue for any video conferencing software.,8,Skype has allowed us to communicate face to face with people quickly and easily without the cost of travel. Sometimes Skype can be more of a hassle than helpful and a phone call could have easily handled the initial contact.,Google Hangouts,Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, SlackBest software for chatting and meetingsIt's the best software that provides a chatting feature with image, video and documents sharing. Its very easy to use and understand. It's used company wide. Live meetings with video conferencing are held on Skype.,It's a video calling feature that provides us with free calling at any corner of this world. Edit and deletion of messages sent by us. Messages sent by mistake are corrected easily. The user interface is the best and easy to understand. Works on all operating systems as well on all platforms.,It sometimes crashes while running. This needs to be improved. During a video call there are network delays that degrade the user experience. Sykpe also offers a paid calling feature. The call rates should decrease.,8,Business profiles are easily created. Business meetings are easily held with Skype and are safe. It provides security for data transfers and provides end to end encryption.,,Skype for Business (formerly Lync), Microsoft 365 Business, Zoho Chat
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1722 Ratings
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About Skype

Skype (the personal edition) is a free web meeting, video conferencing, and VoIP software. The free version includes instant messaging, audio and video Skype-to-Skype calls, the ability to call mobile phones and landlines, paid international calling, and conference calling capabilities for up to 25 people. During video sessions, users also have the option to share their screen with other participants. Other distinctive features include background blurring, voice and text translation, location share, conversation search, and integration with Microsoft's Digital Assistant, Cortana.

This version of Skype works on phones, desktop, tablet, browsers, Alexa, and Xbox. Users can call landlines and mobile phones from around the world by paying for Skype Credit or signing up for Skype subscriptions, a monthly contract for users who only need service to specific regions. Users can also pay to have a local phone number through Skype Numbers, so that they can answer phone calls from their desktops, tablets, or smartphones. They can also send SMS text messages and share their location using the Skype mobile app.

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