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Skyward Student Management System

Skyward Student Management System


What is Skyward Student Management System?

Skyward, headquartered in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, offers the Skyward Student Management System, a k-12 student information system which provides classroom tools (e.g. gradebook, attendance tracking, etc), Family Engagement tools with portal, as well as admin and student services task management.

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Skyward SMS is a versatile student management system that is widely used across various departments in schools. With its user-focused …
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What is Skyward Student Management System?

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Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Skyward for attendance, grading, and class roster management in our school district. This is used in all campuses K-12. This allows us to have data collection, organization, and ease of communication between our students, teachers, and parents.
  • Roster organization
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of grading and records.
  • Some navigation is difficult.
  • Format of software seems dated.
  • Needs more ability for teachers to be able to customize.
Skyward, beyond its pro and cons, is overall an easy program to use. Once having a few months to use the program, it becomes very easy to use and habit for how to use.
March 18, 2021

Skyward works for us

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Skyward district-wide for business, scheduling, grades, food service, health. You name it, Skyward is basically a one-stop shop for most of it. Many districts have to utilize several different applications and work to try to get them to 'talk' amongst themselves. Skyward alleviates this issue by combining most of these types of apps together.
  • Reports are easy to use.
  • Everything is one place.
  • Support is wonderful.
  • Skyward takes time to learn.
  • It can be complicated at times.
Any larger K-12 educational institution would benefit from Skyward. It's a great way to maintain data and reporting, as well as run the business aspects of a district. While it may suit most needs for most districts, Skyward might be too large a system for small school districts, so care should be taken when evaluating it.
Brad Owens | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I work in a high school and it is being used across the whole district. The district employs about 1,000 staff, but at the high school level we have around 175. We use it for our personal information, like payroll, time off, personnel file, etc. We can also use it to look up student schedules, grades, and behavior history.
  • Skyward does well with managing the students' information. It was easy to find a student's schedule, grades, behavior record, or family information because it was all separated out.
  • Another strength is the system’s way of requesting time off. All of the steps are laid out in a organized manner, and you can check the status of the request with one click.
  • Skyward also pairs well with other applications. Whenever I need a substitute for a class, Skyward links me to Aesop (the absence software) and allows me to put in the request. When I’m done, Skyward updates automatically with that information.
  • One area Skyward can improve is the terminology used for its headings. The caseload of students that I manage is labeled under “My Activites” instead of using “My Caseload”.
  • Another area of improvement is the way grades are calculated. My school uses a standards-based gradebook and Skward has a hard time calculating the grades the way we want it.
  • Skyward can also improve in the customization of the homepage. There are too many buttons to click to get to the screen for attendance, and it’s hard to put a shortcut on the homepage.
Skyward is well suited in the payroll and personnel information. Checking recent paychecks is easy to do and calculating future paychecks is a great tool for budgeting. The grade book is one area that doesn’t suit Skyward well. It is too cluttered, not easy to follow, and it is not very customizable.
Scott Herring | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Skyward Student Management System (SMS) is the heart of what we do in regards to student records. It is used by departments ranging from attendance to discipline to student services, health services, and administration. Skyward SMS allows us to have a user focused platform that allows us to focus on the job at hand, which is to educate our students and guide our decisions to meet that mission. Our reporting needs are more easily accomplished with the use of Skyward to help us maintain our data integrity.
  • Flexibility. This multitude of fields available makes it easy to capture data the way we want or need to.
  • Quick response to trouble tickets. The company strives to reach out to the customer within an hour and start the process of resolution.
  • User focused. Improvements to the system always look at how the end user experience can be enhanced.
  • Interface. The current SMS 2.0 interface, while functional and user friendly is not visually appealing when compared to more currently designed web products. This is being corrected with the implementation of their Qmlativ product which takes aesthetics and functionality to the next level.
  • More granular role based security. Again, this is being corrected with their newest product version. SMS 2.0 is very funtional and meets the needs we have, but security tweaks are preferred.
  • It's difficult to pick out what areas we would like to see improvement on as we are already scheduling our transition to the new version and we know that many of our concerns have already been addressed.
Skyward SMS is well suited as a Student Management System for anyone who wants to drive their organization based on data. The capabilities of using the fields available as well as adding our own custom forms make data collection extremely easy. Reporting abilities take that data and allow us to make sense of what has been collected.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Skyward is being used by every staff and our families. Skyward helps save student, and staff information in a convenient database. Staff can look up their own information including pay. Students can look up their grades and lunch money on their account. Counselors are able to set students courses up in their record for the coming year. Tech department is able to use this info to create accounts for software for students.
  • Skyward has the ability to create reports for almost every field that we use which is so robust.
  • The information that is saved will be forever a part of a record.
  • Skyward's reporting can get confusing so it would be nice if it was cleaner and possibly came with some common reports other schools use too.
  • Skyward's GUI is out of date and needs a refresher.
  • Skyward can have compatibility issues after an update.
Skyward is well suited for schools that have probably over 1000 students and staff.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Student Information System, across the whole school system. Used by school officials, teachers, students, and parents.
  • Skyward does really well with the teacher, student, and parent chain.
  • Skyward is easy to use.
  • Skyward helps the school district with state reporting.
  • Very good teacher grade book.
  • Excellent student online enrollment.
  • Skyward should move to a more modern SQL platform.
  • Skyward should perform better testing on their solution before rolling it out to users.
  • The Skybuild interface should be updated including adding more fields.
Skyward is very well suited to the teacher/parent/student relation. In general, Skyward helps with most areas within a school system. Some with greater detail some with less. Very good support and training for end users. Excellent implementation team. Skyward should do more for Transportation, although huge improvements were made. The software is far away from reaching routing and planning solutions.
March 15, 2019

Spectacular Skyward

Isha Gangopadhaya | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I have been using Skyward for the past 13 years if not more. It is user-friendly and very convenient to use. I am able to successfully put grades in without any issues. I even use the app on my phone when I'm not in front of the computer. Skyward has made my life easier. I take attendance on Skyward and I even use it to write up not only my students but other students who are enrolled in the same school. My entire district uses Skyward for progress reports and report cards.
  • Put in grades of students for every semester.
  • Skyward electronically averages student grades.
  • Put in comments for report cards every nine weeks.
  • Take attendance daily.
  • Find student information regarding addresses, contact information, student allergies, parental rights etc.
  • Write up students if necessary.
  • Response to intervention is now available on Skyward.
  • Skyward logs me out if it's inactive for a certain period of time and that frustrates me as a user.
  • At the end of a semester, when a lot of users are on Skyward, Skyward server goes down and this happens frequently.
I find student contact information and student risk factors/student allergies [helpful] especially when I receive a new student in my class. Conduct grades can be more specific/narrow instead of being too generic/wide.
Liz Swarczewski | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Skyward is being used across the organization (6 schools) to hold student and family information and document discipline issues, as well as track attendance, uniform, breakfast/lunch, and student grades.
  • It's a helpful way to hold and organize a large database of information. This is helpful when working at a school with a large number of students and when there is a need to pull up one specific student and see all of their information, past and present, in one place.
  • Helpful way to organize and track student and staff meal purchases.
  • Easy to track student grades and post comments about student performance.
  • Confusion when it comes to student grades- sometimes there are two different letter grades for a student for what is posted as "TR1" and "PR1." How does a teacher know which of these grades will be posted to a student's report card? How does a teacher know what the student's actual grade is for a particular course?
  • Switching between the Educator Access Plus and Student Management tabs can be complicated, especially for those new to the system. Why can't everything be in one place?
  • I recognize that Skyward logs out after a certain period of inactivity to preserve privacy of users, but is there a way to change those settings so that Skyward does not log out as frequently? It is difficult to keep having to log back in completely again.
Skyward is useful at an administrative level to track whole-school student data such as attendance, uniform, and tardy students, but it might be updated to be more user-friendly for teachers in not having to switch between multiple tabs to take attendance, check in student meals, and update student grades.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
At the high school where I am employed, we, the teachers, use Skyward to keep a record of grades, score students at the end of each grading period, and keep parents informed on their child's academic progress. Skyward allows the teachers to have multiple places to record student grades, to help prevent flawed grading. Also, by keeping parents directly informed of their children's grades, it removes the temptation for the students to be dishonest about their grades.
  • Skyward organizes student grades in an easy to read way.
  • Skyward keeps track of all of the contact information of each student and is organized according to the best contact person.
  • Skyward allows the students to keep track of their own grades, and allows the teacher to keep their students informed.
  • Skyward is not particularly user-friendly. It seems like an out-dated program that is difficult to navigate at first.
  • Skyward has many helpful tools, but they are difficult to find and understand.
  • Skyward doesn't allow the students and parents to see the comments that a teacher may put on an assignment's grade and reduces the level of understanding the parent could have about their student's grade.
  • Children and parents see the same information. There should be a different viewing option for both.
I really like keeping track of grades digitally. It is easier to read and allows me to utilize it for data better. I also really love that the parents can be kept informed on their child's grades, but it can be problematic for the children to keep track of their grades the same way. Skyward is great in theory because students get to keep up with their grades, but in my experience with the students having access to their grades, the students check in excessively about their grades. Because I might be in the process of grading and adjustments might still need to be made, I cannot put anything in Skyward until I'm prepared to have half of my students asking why they got the grades that they did at once. I would appreciate Skyward more if either the student view was different from the parent view of the site and if comments were visible to both students and parents. The students should be informed, but with better quality information.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Skyward is currently being used as a method to share student information across years and locations. Student information on grades, behavior, attendance and notes are able to be seen and accessed by anyone in the school district with administration. The entire district, close to 700 employees can access information at the type of a key instead of having to wait for information to be sent individually and waiting. It has really increased productivity as well.
  • increases productivity, in that no longer are we waiting for paper documents. it can all be accessed anywhere you have internet access.
  • Ease of information that can be accessed quickly and securely.
  • The interface is really easy to use. Most things are labeled and are easy to interpret.
  • A better looking interface would be awesome because it would look more appealing.
  • Instead of having drop-down menus, we could have buttons just on the front screen with our favorites instead of the limited favorites that are currently offered.
  • Better use of the screen, currently it loads in such a small window and then when made full screen it looks funny.
  • Well suited - Skyward works wonders for sharing information about students. Specifically, it allows that information to be quickly accessed and appraised.
  • Less appropriate - Skyward isn't great when it comes to finding information under certain tabs. Sometimes it takes multiple clicks in order to find where a piece of information might be stored.
Lindsay K. Riessen | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have approximately 1,200 students in our student body at our school. We use it as a database for all of the kids in the county. It provides a standard way for all teachers and administrators to access student schedules, grades, discipline records, referrals, and contact information in a central location. We are able to see where students are at and records can be connected for siblings. It is an extremely effective and useful tool at the teacher level, school level, and district level. We have been very pleased with its implementation in our school district and constantly get positive feedback about its effectiveness. However, in addition to just using it at the school level - its interface allows students and families to access the network as well for their own child. Parents can go in and check grades, see direct messages from teachers, check for missing assignments, etc. It's been very useful for all of us.
  • It allows a family-friendly interface that connects the teachers, school and parents to share information about assignments and grades with current and real-time updated information.
  • It allows schools to be able to connect siblings in families by showing where other children within the same family are located.
  • It allows a messaging option so that teachers can communicate with parents and guardians and students of multiple classes all at the same time.
  • It allows multi-class grading that helps teachers be able to implement assignments that apply to more than one class but not all.
  • I would love to see teachers have a more user-friendly dashboard for each student where there were icons/buttons that could be pushed to take you to that student's IEP, grades, etc. It's all on a sidebar now, but some thing you have to do a few click-thru's to get to. Overall I have very few critiques of Skyward.
  • I would like something that communicates more with parents of how to maximize their use of Skyward. For the not-so digitally inclined parents, it can be a bit intimidating to navigate this database system.
It's very well suited for teachers being able to access IEP information. We can go right into a student's record and pull up their electronic IEP or 504 plan to see what specific accommodations that student needs. We also have a way on Skyward of putting tiny little icon alerts next to each students name on the grading and attendance lists, so that we can easily be reminded which kids fit into district categories without giving all of their personal details.
Lucinda Fox | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Skyward is being used district wide. It has solved our issue with student privacy and report issues.
  • Skyward allows us to customize SIS accesses with security groups. This way each user only has access to what they need.
  • Skyward allows us to customize reports. We are able to pull specific data rather than relying on pre-set reports
  • Skyward allows us to run state report by building or by district.
  • Data mining could be a little overwhelming for users who do not use it often.
Skyward is very user friendly. Each user can customize (to an extent) how they want their access to look.
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