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What is Snagit?

Snagit is screen capture and recording software from TechSmith, that lets users capture the screen and camera, add additional context, and share images, GIFs, or videos across preferred platforms.

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SnagIt is a versatile software that is extensively used across organizations for capturing, annotating, marking up, and sharing various …
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Capture Your Ideas!

9 out of 10
April 14, 2023
As a technical writer, my tasks usually involve recording short tutorial videos, taking screenshots of user software, and creating simple …
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Awesome Product

10 out of 10
June 28, 2021
Snag is a great tool. I use it extensively for capturing screens and videos. For quick training documents, there is nothing better. For …
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  • $62.99 one-time fee per user
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Product Demos

SNAGIT TUTORIAL 2019: Deep Dive Into How To Use Snagit 2019


Snagit Video Capture Demo


SnagIt Preset - Save time by replacing All in one with Image Only.


Snagit Alternative


Record Your iPhone Screen With Snagit!


How to Use Snagit to Record a Quick Screen Share Video

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Product Details

What is Snagit?

TechSmith Snagit is a screen capture and recording tool that makes it easier to collect and share information. With editing features and access to a library of templates, users can transform simple captures into professional-quality images, GIFs, and videos.

Information Sharing

Snagit can quickly capture a screen and camera at the same time and instantly share video anywhere. Users can give status updates, deliver feedback, or demonstrate a process without a meeting, call, or long email.

Bringing ideas to life

Snagit's editing tools can be used to add context to a screen capture, as well as redact sensitive information, rearrange objects, and draw on the screen while recording a video.

Working and sharing from anywhere

Snagit's cloud library helps keep captures organized and accessible from multiple devices. Images, videos, and GIFs can be shared via the apps already in use every day.

New in Snagit 2024:

New, modern themes and stamps to elevate screenshots.

Improved scrolling capture to save time by capturing content beyond a screen.

Easier to follow screen recordings with highlighting using the cursor, and animating clicks.

Personalized, in-product guidance on new features and functionality to get started more quickly.

Snagit Video

TechSmith makes two screen recorder products, but which one suits the use case - Snagit or Camtasia - depends heavily on whether the recordings are used to create pictures or videos. This video helps to decide which screen recorder is the correct one for the use case.

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Snagit Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

Snagit is screen capture and recording software from TechSmith, that lets users capture the screen and camera, add additional context, and share images, GIFs, or videos across preferred platforms.

Snagit starts at $62.99.

Loom and Zight are common alternatives for Snagit.

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 9.

The most common users of Snagit are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

SnagIt is a versatile software that is extensively used across organizations for capturing, annotating, marking up, and sharing various types of content. Users in the IT department rely on SnagIt to create user documentation and to document error messages during software deployments. The built-in capture profiles allow for easy capturing of scrolling windows, resulting in a single image of the entire error message. Additionally, SnagIt's video mode is used by the IT department and business development department alike. The former uses it to create how-to process videos for user training and to document sequences of events for software vendor support departments, while the latter utilizes the web page capture feature to communicate issues and overall performance to developers during the implementation of a new company website.

SnagIt also proves valuable for consultants and individuals seeking effective communication tools. A consultant finds it easier to communicate with others using SnagIt's screen capture feature, allowing for highlighting, trimming, editing, merging, adding text, and blurring personal or irrelevant data. Individuals across departments use SnagIt to expand workspace or keep track of tasks by taking quick screenshots and share them by marking them up with preset keystrokes. Moreover, SnagIt is widely used for producing explainer and training videos, saving time and reducing the need for meetings. In fact, it has replaced several tools for image capture, enabling quick and efficient work including video capture, markup, text addition, and editing.

The technical writing team benefits from SnagIt's capabilities as well. They use it extensively to format images and gifs for documentation, ensuring consistency across a dozen writers. Furthermore, SnagIt comes in handy for capturing snapshots of software both for training manuals and diagnosing technical issues through snapshots of end-users' screens via remote sessions. It is also employed by select individuals to grab screen data, provide comments to screen captures, and create training content.

Several departments find value in utilizing SnagIt to document work instructions and process instructions, capturing real-time data and inserting step-by-step instructions. The training department leverages the software for capturing images for PowerPoint presentations, including screenshots from databases and websites. SnagIt is widely used to capture screenshots for tutorials and troubleshooting system issues, providing delayed still captures with ease. It plays a crucial role in creating end-user help content, sales and support job aids, and various guides as it ensures consistent screenshots and provides easy-to-use image manipulation tools.

Beyond documentation purposes, SnagIt is frequently utilized for capturing and modifying images for blog posts and e-Learning development projects. It is exclusively used for capturing high-quality screenshots for courses, lab guides, student guides, instructor guides, and how-to documentation. SnagIt is also an ideal tool for creating images for internal websites, documenting errors, and providing powerful tools for image creation and manipulation.

The software is not limited to specific departments or roles within an organization. It is widely implemented throughout organizations, enabling easy reporting, content creation, and collaboration. Users in various departments such as HR, learning and development teams, sales, support, product management, IT, technical writing, consulting, and more find value in utilizing SnagIt for their specific needs. The software offers prebuilt tools, shapes, and shortcut keys that enhance usability and save time.

With SnagIt's extensive editing capabilities and capture delay feature, users can easily create interactive content by highlighting steps in screenshots and recording team sessions. It simplifies the process of creating whitepapers, workpapers, demo videos, instructional videos, and capturing errors or functionality issues during testing. Users appreciate the outstanding image and video quality of SnagIt while enjoying the simplicity of its user-friendly interface.

SnagIt's versatility shines through its ability to capture content for reports, support issues, marketing tasks, training purposes, technical documentation, presentations, tutorials, mockups, customer support tutorials, and much more. Users can easily mark up screenshots with annotations like highlights, arrows, text additions or ovals to provide a professional touch to their visuals.

SnagIt has become a standard screen capture software across organizations due to its simple yet efficient capture and editing capabilities. Whether it's capturing screenshots as evidence of software validation work or creating graphics for eLearning materials or customer support materials - SnagIt proves invaluable in enhancing communication clarity and providing visual aids to explain scenarios or situations.

Affordable Pricing: Many users have praised the affordable pricing of the product, stating that it offers great value for the price. Several reviewers have mentioned that they were pleasantly surprised by how budget-friendly the product is while still delivering good quality.

User-Friendly Interface: Numerous customers have commended the user-friendly interface of the product. They appreciate how intuitive and easy it is to navigate through different features and functionalities. Some users have specifically mentioned that even those with limited technical knowledge can easily understand and use the interface without any difficulties.

Reliable Performance: A significant number of reviewers have highlighted the reliable performance of the product. Users have expressed satisfaction with its stability, noting that it consistently delivers consistent results without frequent glitches or errors. Some customers have also mentioned that they rely on this product for their day-to-day tasks due to its dependable performance.

Confusing User Interface: Some users have found the user interface of Snagit to be perplexing and challenging to navigate. They have expressed difficulties in tasks like capturing menus with multiple levels and scrolling web page capture.

Limited Editing Functionality: The editing function of Snagit is considered less user-friendly, with certain options being difficult to locate. Users have mentioned struggling to find specific features and have suggested improvements for a more intuitive editing experience.

Unreliable Video Capture: Users have reported issues with the video capture feature of Snagit, stating that it has been unreliable. Problems include getting stuck on saving files and the inability to record video within an RDP session.

Users have made several common recommendations for Snagit based on their experiences. Firstly, many users suggest trying Snagit to see if its capabilities are useful, particularly in terms of creating and editing images. This recommendation highlights the tool's versatility and value for users. Additionally, some users highly recommend Snagit for capturing and inserting media into presentations, considering it a tremendous tool for work, communication, and task documentation. This endorsement emphasizes Snagit's ability to enhance productivity and collaboration in various professional settings. Lastly, some users advise considering using Snagit in conjunction with Camtasia, another powerful video and presentation tool. This recommendation highlights the compatibility and potential synergy between these two products. Overall, these recommendations reflect the positive user experiences and high value that Snagit offers as a screen capture solution.

Attribute Ratings


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Dinesh Selvachandra | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As a software company, we often need to create user documents and presentations based on application screenshots. Snagit makes it easy to draw an illustrate the functionalities in a very clean graphical manner.
  • Easy to use
  • Full of features and many export options.
  • Editing is very easy and all the necessary tools are available.
  • there are multiple modes of capture, even video with makes it an all in one tool.
  • The software has gotten very big with new versions.
  • Unable to do partial scroll capture.
  • The quick capture tool is big, sometimes its annoying.
When you need to get some graphical document done base on screenshots, this is the best all in one solution out there.
  • Easy to create a graphical illustration for demos and guides.
  • No need to have a specific skill set.
  • But it can be expensive for developing countries to afford it.
Well refined tool with a great editor, the editor is the key. Share X is a free alternative.
Haven't contacted support so far, so I'm unable to comment.
It has all the tools required in one place. I was able to create demos and user guides with screenshots which are self-explanatory.
Thomas Kleinschmidt, CIM(R) | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Right now only a few of us use Snagit. We're constantly needing to communicate complex things so a simple keyboard shortcut gets the job done in most cases and with only a few minutes in the editor to add graphics/captions/clarity.
  • Ability to have a simple keyboard shortcut and direct the image.
  • We have shortcuts to direct the capture to various programs: clipboard, Word, Powerpoint, directly just to the editor.
  • Scroll capture for long webpage clips.
  • Very useful to grab screenshots of webinars!
  • Editor top menu seems to default back to previous factory seems to lose the tools I put up manually, and I use these tools frequently.
Useful in all areas. I like the Library for things that need more editing I can pull up. Other software not as easy or can't pull up/edit images.
  • Time savings.
The editor needs some work. Too many clicks to get the job done and a disappearing top row of icons.
I only used it once and cannot recall it being on either side of neutral.
Snipping Tool (you get what you pay for).
As willing to pay for software, I read some reviews and SnagIt ranked top. Free trial. Using it for two weeks clinched the deal.

Chetan Vatsyayen | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Snagit pretty extensively across the company. It helps us "Snag" anything and everything, annotate, markup and/or share, in fact despite being a Microsoft shop I have never used the tool that windows provides since it is just no match.
  • Snag anything and everything, even full pages on the web (with scroll)
  • Ability to record videos, we do a lot of screen records for a variety of reasons without ever thinking twice.
  • Very user-friendly editing and markup tools help achieve a lot in under 30 secs
  • Maybe a little more on editing tools, not that what we have is not enough
Snagit is a tool that is a must-have for any professional, I cannot think of working without it. Unless we are planning to do some serious photo edits (which it anyways is not meant to be doing) Snagit can do it all.
  • Its one of the most important productivity tools that I have on my machine, PERIOD.
Never felt a need to do anything like this, and am confident that I would never ever need to.
even .. HR
We do not have this need.
  • BA / Testers live on it, sharing inputs all the time using this tool
  • Even a lot of review is done using Snagit
  • Recording meetings and demos is a breeze
  • did a couple of marketing videos using the video clips of work demos
  • I believe we use it fairly extensively already
  • snag and markup
  • video recordings
  • so easy to share, with multiple options
  • none
It's something that I use on a daily basis and cannot work without.
May 02, 2016

Snagit has it

Debbie Johnson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our IT and business development departments use SnagIt, mostly for screen captures. For IT, we use it mostly for snagging screenshots for helpful user documentation during training. We also find it extremely useful for documenting screen captures of error messages during software deployments for our help desk to address. The built in capture profiles that allow us to easily capture a scrolling window make that so much easier than it would be otherwise, leaving us with one image of the entire error message instead of multiple images we attempt to paste together ourselves. We've used the video mode several times to document a simple how to process for user training and to document a sequence of events that produced errors for software vendor support departments. Our business development department just implemented a new company website this year and they used the web page captures to easily communicate our issues and overall performance to our developers.
  • My favorite feature is the image capture called Scrolling Window. There are lots of applications that open an error message screen that only displays a few lines, then gives you a scroll bar and a window that you can't resize. Using this Scrolling Window capture allows me to not only get a screen shot of the entire message for myself to read more easily, but to quickly send on to support as one image to upload to a support website instead of three or four. It's super simple and it always works.
  • For documentation, the best feature is the Styles section. It allows you to enhance your screen capture and instantly make it look more professional. There are brilliant features like edges (torn, wave and fade...) or effects (page curl, perspective...) that can make it look like your screenshot is three dimensional and actually ripped off the page so that it stands out to your audience. There's nothing worse than a user training document where you can't tell where the screen ends and the instructional page begins because the images just end at a white section. With these features, which you can add to any or all sides of the image, you can make it clear which part of the image is "ripped" away from the rest of the screen.
  • Sometimes you're not interested in the entire image, but you captured a larger image simply for the audience to use as a reference point, like where a button might be located on a toolbar. The focal point however might be a little small, but SnagIt has an answer for that! Just use the Spotlight & Magnify option and it's like having a magnifying lens that focuses in on that one section for your audience.
  • Stamps are also a great feature. There are more you can download on their website than get installed with the software directly. While there are really cute things for the seasons (Fall, Winter Holiday...), my favorites are actually the cursor and numbers. I use the combo on my screen captures to number the click here step 1, 2, 3.... in our user training handouts. Our users find them so easy to follow, they love it!
  • This is both a strength and a weakness. I love the library. It not only keeps all my captures easy for me to find in one place, but it automatically groups them by year, month and date - way before the iPhone started doing it. Being able to go back and find my captures from the last version of a software installation to compare to the upgrade has made it easier to show my users what's new or looks different. What I don't like, is that the library isn't easy to locate or just pick up and move to another computer. Sometimes I would like to be able to do the captures, then quickly and easily move that folder over so someone else can make the documentation to go with it, leaving the snags as they are in their editable SnagIt form. It's not easy to locate the documents for us to do so via Windows Explorer.
  • If I take a screen capture, then save it as a JPG, my capture is now a JPG. I wish it kept the snag in the SnagIt format AND created a copy as a JPG. Some features are only available to use on the actual SnagIt format - because other formats flatten the image so now you can't edit those SnagIt features on that image anymore.
  • Some of the image modify options like color effects (invert colors, halftone, monochrome...) aren't very good compared to other applications like Adobe software, but that's not what we use this software for anyway.
If you want to capture any image or video on a computer screen, this is the software to buy. Period. It's so inexpensive and so very very good at everything it offers. You will be amazed at the variety of screen capture options they give you. It couldn't be any easier.
  • This is so much quicker than the built in Windows Snip feature. Just for that one feature alone, we've saved hours in our IT Department on just one large training guide.
  • The ability to go beyond a simple screenshot and make the snags jump off the page with the built in effects have saved not only hours per training document we develop, but saved tremendously on the cost of purchasing every person in the department a full blown out graphics program like Adobe Illustrator. SnagIt has everything we need at a fraction of the cost.
The built in Windows snip it feature is basic, cumbersome to use, requires you save each image separately (not automatically like SnagIt) and it has no extra features, so it leaves you with a flat basic picture. Larger programs like Illustrator or Photoshop are great, but they are very expensive compared to SnagIt and have features meant for a graphic designer, which most departments don't need.
Business Development, Marketing and our IT Department use SnagIt for screen captures for everything from documentation, training materials for end users, documenting installation processes and errors messages for our Help Desk, working with vendors on designing custom software solutions and our company website, adding captures to social media or using images for our own intranet.
Even our not so computer friendly marketing person uses SnagIt with little to no effort or support. Our IT Help Desk person supports SnagIt, but we have no documented support tickets for this software since its original install seven years ago and we've upgraded it every year without any training for the users - they didn't need it. It's that easy to use.
  • Documentation
  • Error Reporting
  • Vendor process reporting
  • How to videos for our intranet.
  • Technical Support error messages to vendors.
  • Designing our company website captures the entire page as one image for a print out since we can't actually view it on the screen all at once.
  • Technology Tip emails for users sent weekly
  • How To Training Guides
  • Break Room Posters
We wouldn't know how to live without it. We use it every single day for something.
We were using the Windows 7 Snip It tool, but having to manually save every capture, then import it into something else like PowerPoint or Illustrator in order to doctor up the graphic and make it ready for professional level training materials was ridiculous. For very little money, it's all in one place with some amazing effects to make the graphics stand out and vibrant on the page or email. Our users loved the new look of the documentation and we've never looked back.
  • Price
  • Product Features
The auto-save of the screen captures was the most important feature to most of us. Our trainer's most important feature was the built in Stamps, especially the numbers and cursor sets, so that she could "stamp" the screen captures for 1, 2, 3... how-to's. This drastically increased the picture readability for the users and our training materials can now be mostly picture steps and it's easier and faster for the user!
I wouldn't. We couldn't be happier.
  • Implemented in-house
Change management was minimal
  • We purchased the individual licensed software (not an enterprise level), so each machine had to be manually installed. But we only have a few licenses so it wasn't a big deal.
It's a simple next next finish install. The SnagIt Library in the user profile should probably be backed up to make sure they have access to their old screen captures. We frequently will go back to previous captures and add context bubbles etc. when software changes to show the "old" vs "new". Also, go to SnagIt's website and download the additional Stamp Sets for the user. These are terrific. I wish there was one download to get them all, but you have to download and install them one set at a time. It's worth it - especially for training how-to's.
  • Automatically saves for you in your library
  • Quick keystroke with automatically start your screen capture
  • Built in styles so just click it to make your capture look professional and don't have to spend time making a fuss yourself
  • Backing up your captures
  • Video editing - best left to another type of application
It's button centric for easy access to every feature. Everything allows undo! It works like any other standard Windows application. Everyone can be a professional without having to select every feature yourself by using the built in styles with just one click of a button in most cases. Every button is clearly labeled too.
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