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What is AdButler?

AdButler, offered by SparkLIT, is a versatile digital advertising technology platform. According to the vendor, it serves as a solution for managing, serving, and tracking various types of ads across multiple screens. The product is said to cater to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large...

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Users have discovered that implementing a line of code from AdButler allows them to effortlessly incorporate banner ads into their …
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What is AdButler?

AdButler is an advertisement serving and retargeting software solution offered by Sparklit.

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Product Details

What is AdButler?

AdButler, offered by SparkLIT, is a versatile digital advertising technology platform. According to the vendor, it serves as a solution for managing, serving, and tracking various types of ads across multiple screens. The product is said to cater to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. It is utilized by ad operations teams, digital advertising agencies, publishers, retailers, and e-commerce businesses to enhance their advertising efforts.

Key Features

Display Ad Server: According to the vendor, the product offers a powerful ad server for any website. It supports every ad format, provides instant analytics, and allows for easy campaign management and advanced deep targeting.

Self-Serve Portal: The vendor claims that the product includes a fully-automated self-serve portal that streamlines the sales process. It enables advertisers to manage their own campaigns and offers real-time reporting and analytics.

Retail & E-commerce: The vendor states that the product unlocks new revenue opportunities in retail and e-commerce. It enables retailers to monetize their websites through sponsored products with advanced targeting options and real-time reporting.

API Ad Server: The vendor claims that the product leverages powerful APIs to build a fully customized ad server. It provides businesses with flexibility and control over ad delivery and targeting, as well as seamless integration with other platforms.

Native Ad Server: According to the vendor, the product serves non-intrusive and contextually relevant ads that match the look, feel, and function of the media format. It offers advanced targeting options and real-time reporting.

Video Ad Server: The vendor states that the product delivers video ads flawlessly on every screen. It supports various video ad formats, provides advanced targeting options, and offers comprehensive reporting and analytics.

Email Ad Server: According to the vendor, the product extends existing web programs with direct-sold ads in email campaigns. It enables publishers to monetize their email newsletters with various ad formats and real-time reporting.

Mobile Ad Server: The vendor claims that the product maximizes in-app advertising with robust SDKs for iOS and Android platforms. It supports various mobile ad formats, provides advanced targeting options, and offers real-time reporting and analytics.

Digital Out-of-Home Ad Server: According to the vendor, the product serves ads easily to any digital screen for out-of-home advertising. It enables targeting based on specific locations and times, supports various digital out-of-home ad formats, and offers real-time reporting and analytics.

Supply-Side Programmatic: The vendor claims that the product drives revenue through super-fast auctions. It connects publishers with demand-side platforms, maximizes ad revenue, and provides real-time reporting and analytics.

AdButler Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Users have discovered that implementing a line of code from AdButler allows them to effortlessly incorporate banner ads into their WordPress sites, facilitating the monetization and sale of ad space. A beverage company has utilized AdButler to track testing campaigns and gather insights from various personnel within the organization. The affordability, easy integration with websites and apps, and prompt response time to any potential downtime have all been praised by customers. Reviewers highly recommend AdButler for its flawless execution of ad serving at a reasonable price, seamless integration with WordPress, and excellent reporting capabilities. Some users have encountered technical issues with AdButler, resulting in delays and financial losses, prompting them to explore alternative providers. The support provided by the AdButler team has been commended for its quick replies and positive, supportive tone. Users appreciate the helpfulness of the AdButler staff, who offer guidance during evaluation and go above and beyond to assist new users during implementation. AdButler fills gaps in the ad operations process by allowing users to control partner inventory and serve ads to affiliates on different bases. Utilizing AdButler has enabled users to accept ads from clients they previously could not, expanding their product offerings and approaching potential customers with more products. Managing multiple websites and configuring ads based on client requirements are made easier with AdButler. The software is also employed for serving ads in emails, injecting ads into emails, and reliably delivering a wide array of advertisements across extensive networks of websites. Users appreciate the ease of campaign setup and time saved compared to other platforms. AdButler's seamless integration into custom content management systems allows for individual ad placement accompanied by outstanding stats reports and geo-targeting capabilities. Quick ad deployment eliminates waiting time experienced with other platforms. Serving hundreds of banner ad campaigns across multiple websites reduces strain on users' servers. Analysis features such as demographics, age, device types, templates, targets, media library access, and statistics aid users in understanding their website audience and optimizing ad placement. Reviewers have suggested improvements, including streamlining the ad algorithm and incorporating additional graphs and a test feature for integration. AdButler enhances custom platforms and products, ensuring reliable delivery of banners. Its cache-busting feature prevents mismatches between images and click-links in emails, guaranteeing that viewers are directed to advertisers' sites. The software readily allows desired content to be brought to websites, while also offloading the burden of ad serving so that users can focus on managing their sites. With AdButler, users can reach customers through multiple mediums and serve clients better. AdButler offers easy access to data and stats, allowing users to keep older ads and reactivate them as needed. Customers have reported successfully increasing their advertising customers by 10x using AdButler instead of building their own solution. The software provides accurate tracking of banners of all sizes and scales easily to manage millions of impressions. Its convenient monthly payment model has allowed users to remain profitable as they grow their ad network. Users have seamlessly integrated and replaced existing ad systems with AdButler, giving them full control over their ads without relying on publishers or networks. Additionally, AdButler solves caching issues in email advertising, ensuring that ads display correctly. Users rely on AdButler for scheduling digital ads, pulling data on impressions, conducting A/B testing for house ads, displaying online sponsorship ads and email banners, and serving as the core of digital campaign management. With years of reliable service, users continue to rely on AdButler in their network operations department without any issues.

Users commonly recommend AdButler as a cost-effective alternative to pricier ad serving solutions like DFA and AdX. They also suggest that startups benefit from its reasonable entry price point and quick setup. Additionally, users appreciate the team at AdButler and their innovative solutions for self-managing ad services. Customers find the statistics module in AdButler very helpful, and recommend starting with AdButler for email advertisements. If considering different products, users suggest trying out AdButler to see how it compares. Overall, reviewers believe that AdButler delivers more than its cost in value in almost any situation, making it a great option for banner management with easy-to-use features and setup. With its reputation as one of the best ad servers, AdButler continues to be highly recommended by users.


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Score 9 out of 10
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AdButler is an ad server. In our company, we run digital campaigns across multiple online publishers and AdButler is the core of this process. The platform allows us to create campaigns and manage them in a very simple, intuitive, and efficient way.

Network operations is the department in our company that manages this platform. We've been using AdButler for the last three years without any issues.
  • Organize your online publishers
  • Organize your campaigns
  • Reports are very simple and easy to read
  • Assigning multiple video publishers to a single campaign is something that they need to improve
  • The publisher dashboard is a little complicated to understand
AdButler is suitable for any company size but I would said that it is better for small to medium-sized agencies. AdButler is highly scalable but the control panel/dashboard could be challenging to manage if you have many campaigns or many users. It's also a good alternative for ad networks, which would like to manage multiple relationships with publishers.
Ad Campaigns (4)
Ad campaign creation
Ad deployment
Display advertising
Ad display and retargeting segmentation
Ad Network Integration (1)
DSP integration
Ad Reporting & Analytics (6)
Ad dashboards
Ad performance reports
Ad conversion tracking
Ad attribution reporting
Cross-channel ad management
Ad forecasting and optimization
  • AdButler is very affordable and your ROI would be good always
  • It's also highly scalable
AdButler is very convenient and very cost effective. Additionally, when you change a setup at the ad level, the server shows the change immediately; there's no delay.

Ad Manager is better when you manage a significant amount of campaigns and users, but it's not that cheap in the end and you always have to wait for any change.

EPOM is also a good solution, but the look and feel are old and it's complicated for some users to manage properly.
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