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What is Spectrio?

Florida-based Spectrio provides a range of digital display and interactive media, such as digital signage, digital menu boards, interactive displays and kiosks, and both the content management software and hardware required to support a digital signage network and infrastructure.

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Enplug software provides an easy and efficient solution for urgent messaging needs, allowing users to communicate important information …
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What is Spectrio?

Florida-based Spectrio provides a range of digital display and interactive media, such as digital signage, digital menu boards, interactive displays and kiosks, and both the content management software and hardware required to support a digital signage network and infrastructure.

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What is Robin?

Robin helps companies simplify workplace management with software for desk and room booking, in-office scheduling, visitor management and analytics to support decision making.

What is PosterMyWall?

PosterMyWall in San Mateo offers their digital marketing technology, providing graphics and templates for users to deploy across social media in posts or via digital signage (e.g. menus).

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What is Spectrio?

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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Enplug software provides an easy and efficient solution for urgent messaging needs, allowing users to communicate important information seamlessly. Users have praised the software for enabling consistency in messaging and branding across various channels and locations, ensuring that key messages reach all employees. The software has been particularly useful in organizations with multiple shifts, facilitating communication flow and guaranteeing that crucial information is delivered to every employee. Customers have also found value in using Enplug to manage push messages for multiple locations from a single device, offering convenience and efficiency. From announcing positive changes and seminar updates to members, to simplifying content customization on multiple signage players, even during network issues, Enplug has proven to be a versatile tool. Users appreciate the ease of changing and refreshing content, improving communication within their churches, engaging members and the community. Furthermore, Enplug allows businesses to target in-house service clients with valuable products and information. By utilizing Enplug to welcome guests and groups to offices while also displaying weather feeds in lobbies, businesses can create a positive first impression. The software eliminates the need for physical posters by providing a centralized location for virtual posters and updates. While Enplug offers numerous benefits, some users have reported issues with device overheating and memory leaks, requiring replacements. Nonetheless, the software has played a significant role in advertising current promotions and announcements, enhancing employee awareness. Its ability to help businesses maintain brand consistency and accuracy while updating information in real-time has been highly appreciated by users. The platform's centralized management of multiple displays saves time by eliminating the need for physical visits to update sites. By reducing the reliance on printing fliers and notices, businesses find it easier to promote internal initiatives effectively. However, some users have encountered challenges with specific internet browsers not allowing them to upload content smoothly. Despite these concerns, Enplug remains a suitable solution for entrepreneurs and organizations looking for an easy-to-use platform with collaborative features for content creation and display customization.

ScreenScape has become an essential platform for users relying on digital signage for internal and public communication. The software ensures consistent messaging and customized information, meeting the needs of various organizations. Users have found ScreenScape particularly valuable when operating a digital signage business, as it allows for easy management and display of content. During times like the Covid-19 pandemic, residents have appreciated the real-time information provided by ScreenScape, enhancing their overall experience. Offices have leveraged the platform to showcase properties, services, and trusted partners, improving their look and modernity. With its fresh and user-friendly interface

Simplicity and User-Friendly Interface: Users appreciate the simplicity and user-friendly interface of both Enplug and Screenscape. Many reviewers have stated that it is easy to set up the devices, navigate through the available apps, and manage content. This has made the platforms accessible for users with varying levels of technical expertise.

Integration of Numerous Beneficial Apps: The integration of numerous beneficial apps is highly valued by users. They find these apps useful for engaging with customers, displaying key sales metrics, sharing important announcements, and showcasing media posts, news, weather, traffic, and sports updates. Many reviewers have mentioned that having access to a wide range of apps enhances their ability to provide dynamic and relevant content on their screens.

Ability to Schedule Content in Advance: Users appreciate the ability to schedule content in advance and customize display groups to fit specific locations. Many reviewers have found it convenient to add or remove content easily, keeping it fresh and engaging for viewers. Being able to plan ahead saves time and allows users to focus on other aspects of their business.


  1. Quality Issues: Some users have experienced quality issues with the product, including defects, malfunctions, or poor craftsmanship. These problems have been reported by a significant number of reviewers and have detracted from their overall satisfaction with the product.
  2. Limited Features: Several reviewers have mentioned that the product lacks certain features or functionalities they expected or desired. This has led to disappointment and frustration for some customers who were looking for a more comprehensive solution.
  3. Customer Service: A number of customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the company's customer service. They have reported instances of unresponsiveness, lack of assistance, or difficulty in resolving issues. These negative experiences with customer service have left some users feeling frustrated and unsupported.

Based on user reviews, here are the most common recommendations for the software products:

For BeanFlumper, users recommend trying the free version and running it on your own system instead of the cloud version. It is also suggested to purchase BeanFlumper, although some users believe it is only worth the money for companies with over 500 employees.

Enplug is recommended for its stable product and cost savings for multiple installations. However, if an RSS feed is needed, users suggest looking into other options. Enplug is considered helpful for keeping employees informed and creating a unique and engaging atmosphere in restaurants, bars, or offices. It is suggested to try Enplug first before considering other digital signage solutions. Enplug is regarded as the gold standard for digital signage and trying a demo is recommended to see if it's the right fit. Users also see Enplug as a great software investment with recognized sales benefits. The ease of planning and scheduling in Enplug is recommended.

Users recommend ScreenScape for its great value, flexibility, and customization. Before signing up, it is advised to check internet requirements. The support team at ScreenScape is praised as top-notch and the ease of deployment and configuration is appreciated. Users suggest trying free demos from other companies before deciding on ScreenScape and considering the objective and desired content before consulting with ScreenScape's team. Using mid to high-quality JPEGs for uploading content and familiarizing oneself with the scheduling feature is recommended. A strong wifi connection is emphasized as important for using ScreenScape effectively. Users find setting up and managing ScreenScape with customer service assistance to be easy, especially for small businesses with limited internal staff. Ensuring a solid wifi connection for optimal performance and changing messages frequently to maintain viewer interest is advised. Users also recommend using video and adjusting the speed of viewing for better engagement. Getting a tutorial before using the platform is considered important. ScreenScape is highly recommended for digital advertising and information sharing needs, especially for having news feeds that would interest teens. Understanding requirements beforehand and finding alternative ways to manipulate content is advised. Users describe ScreenScape as user-friendly and a great value.

In summary, users commonly recommend trying a demo or free version of the software, considering internet requirements, and utilizing customer support when using these software products. Additionally, they emphasize the importance of a strong wifi connection for optimal performance. Users also appreciate the ease of deployment, configuration, and scheduling in these products. Furthermore, they highlight the value, flexibility, and customization offered by ScreenScape. Overall, users find these software products to be helpful for various business needs and consider them worthwhile investments.


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Oscar Lopez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Spectrio offers great services at a great price! There is no comparison to the savings we get from this product! competitors in our area change more than 5 times the price. Spectrio's video-on-demand service allows us to keep our patients up to date on everything new happening in our clinic.
  • Installation and configuration was simple and it is easy to manage the site and its content.
  • The user interface and applications are extremely easy to use.
  • The equipment is excellent and the product is built to last and simple enough to use.
I like the fact that I can adjust how long each slide is displayed. Some slides don't need to show for very long, like the weather, while others require more reading and being able to adjust how long they show is very useful. The support they provide for any questions was easy to schedule.
  • Scheduling capabilities are awesome to help keep things relevant without having to manually delete expired content or remember to log in and upload something on a particular date.
  • It is very easy to use and has many great and easy to use templates.
  • Obviously, I am very satisfied with this solution. I would say the reason is a sum of factors, such as an easy to use dashboard, automatic content generation, a variety of different applications, which can cover almost any request from the client.
Rajarshi Maitra, PMI™- ASM®, ACP® and CAPM® | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is extremely easy to use. When I started out as a new user, it took me a matter of minutes to figure out how to add content to my channels. No fuss and no confusing features. With the use of widgets, it makes managing your content easier than ever! You can incorporate your social media accounts if you want to. I like the ability to integrate with apps like Slack and Twitter and then review/approve posts before they appear on the monitors.
  • Using templates for quick content creation.
  • Managing all screens in real-time and from a single dashboard.
  • Intuitive and cost effective.
  • Some of the apps don't let you customize the look of it.
  • There were a firewall issue, now fixed.
  • There isn't much room to dislike this product and service.
I needed to demonstrate to my clients the new products & services our company was offering. Having a captive audience waiting in the conference room is the perfect opportunity to share with them. It also allows me to be creative: to upload videos with sound, moving images, YouTube videos, social media content, and customize displays to keep content and product demos interesting.
  • Making our display sophisticated through widgets and zoning.
  • Helping our internal audience connect with our external audience/clients.
  • Displaying user-generated content from our social networks.
  • Huge library of apps and templates.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Helps our company continues to grow and evolve in this digital age.
They provide templates that can be customized as needed based on your branding requirements. It also helps since we don't have an in-house marketing team to make things look fancy when creating from scratch. The software is intuitive and easy to use. It also offers the ability to collaborate on specific playlists for users both within and outside of the company.
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