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May 10, 2019
Sprinklr advertising is being used across several departments in the organization. Since we have multiple accounts for our business, …
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What is Sprinklr Modern Marketing & Advertising?

Sprinklr's Modern Marketing & Advertising allows brands to build and protect their reputation, and take action at every point in the marketing lifecycle through AI-powered insights, automated workflows, and omnichannel campaign planning & execution.

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What is Sprinklr Modern Marketing & Advertising?

Sprinklr's Modern Marketing & Advertising allows brands to build and protect their reputation, and take action at every point in the marketing lifecycle through AI-powered insights, automated workflows, and omnichannel campaign planning & execution.

Sprinklr Modern Marketing & Advertising Features

  • Supported: Smart Alerts
  • Supported: Smart Content Intelligence
  • Supported: Suggestion Queues
  • Supported: AI Asset Filters
  • Supported: User Generated Content
  • Supported: Production Dashboards
  • Supported: Digital Asset Management
  • Supported: Global Editorial Calendar
  • Supported: Campaign Overview
  • Supported: Sub-Campaigns
  • Supported: Brief Templates
  • Supported: Content Templates
  • Supported: Smart Compliance
  • Supported: Asset / Campaign Expiry
  • Supported: Confidential Content
  • Supported: Intake Forms
  • Supported: Marketing Automation
  • Supported: Ads Manager
  • Supported: Ads Composer
  • Supported: Cross Channel Reporting
  • Supported: Smart Bidding
  • Supported: Smart Budget Allocation
  • Supported: Crisis Switch

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Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mobile Web


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What are Sprinklr Modern Marketing & Advertising's top competitors?

Percolate, Aprimo, and Adobe Marketing Cloud are common alternatives for Sprinklr Modern Marketing & Advertising.

What is Sprinklr Modern Marketing & Advertising's best feature?

Reviewers rate Approval workflows and Content calendar and Content distribution highest, with a score of 9.

Who uses Sprinklr Modern Marketing & Advertising?

The most common users of Sprinklr Modern Marketing & Advertising are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees) and the Marketing & Advertising industry.

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Score 6 out of 10
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It helped us with better planning and execution of email campaigns. Sprinklr Modern Marketing & Advertising has an amazing Content Marketing platform that facilitates us to diversify various modes of marketing, engagement, PR insights, and content planning.
  • Engagement and Sales.
  • Advertising.
  • Content Planning.
  • Reporting dashboards could do better.
  • More limitations when it comes to social media.
  • Sometimes there is a time lag between posting and publishing the ad.
It is well suited for an upscale to medium-range business as the UX is not easy and would require some time and training to master.
Definitely could improve on their support services, but their implementation team did a fabulous job.
It has led us to better coordination/collaboration among various teams. The asset boards are easy and fun to use and help us to upload photos, videos, and posts (also easy to find if and when needed). We have seen improvement in the report generation which in turn helps us provide a better vision of the product as we advertise and market the same.
Folashade Akeju | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Sprinklr Modern Marketing and Advertising is used mainly by the sales and marketing department, within my company. Our marketing department comprises of sales associates, customer service personnel and marketing specialists. Sprinklr Modern Marketing has been helpful for promoting our product and services via real-time support to customer queries, social listening across multiple digital platforms, and efficient marketing campaign planning and tracking, amongst other uses.
  • Marketing campaign planning.
  • Campaign analytics tracking.
  • Social listening on traditional and digital sales channels.
  • Steep learning curve.
  • The mobile application lacks a message notification feature, which is a major setback.
Sprinklr is definitely appropriate for all organizations, looking to streamline their digital marketing prospect with standard traditional marketing channels. With Sprinklr, it is a lot easier to build relationships with our customers on social media platforms, likewise for improving marketing performance even on traditional channels by leveraging on insights provided by Sprinklr to make informed timely decisions, which in most cases are usually the difference makers in increased sales numbers or stagnant marketing impact.
Sprinklr does well in terms of providing real-time support to us as an organization, via digital online events, blogs and official training support for our marketing team. More importantly, Sprinklr has a growing user community , which makes it easier to learn from the experiences of other organizations and end users, on how they deploy Sprinklr for maximum sales and marketing impact.
Sprinklr has helped improved our response time to customer query, thereby helping to create a clear process roadmap to build engagement with our customers, thus allowing us serve more of our customers without breaking the bank. Overall, by having an inter-connected workflow between research, advertising and customer engagement, we are able to advertise to the right market segment, and anticipate the questions to be asked by our customers, thus making response a lot easier and faster.
Joseph Alleruzzo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Sprinklr across our entire office. It allows us to launch campaigns, evaluate performance, and optimize campaigns in real-time. It is extremely helpful to have a robust campaign dashboard to track all of our campaigns and dive deeper into the ad see and ad levels to switch out creative, copy and links while an ad is live. We are able to scale performance and can pause an ad if it is underperforming with regards to established KPIs.
  • Content marketing.
  • Social listening.
  • Bulk uploads and changes.
  • Refresh time is slow.
  • Trainings not insightful.
  • New formats slow to be integrated.
This is a good platform for basic campaigns where there is a need for a number of campaigns, ad sets, and creative versions. In addition to KPI tracking and optimizations which has proven to be an effective solution. It is not the best for executing some of the latest capabilities and ad types developed by social platforms.
The support team is present, but not very helpful in troubleshooting. They always seem to be trying to upsell whenever you meet rather than providing customer service and solutions.
We have integrated our social content and buying into this platform which has been helpful. In addition to being a big platform, they are used as a resource for campaign planning and research.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
This tool is an excellent addition to help and get more insightful data and reporting from organic and paid social media channels, brand visibility and so much more. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a powerful social media tool for their business.
  • Nice visuals
  • Excellent reporting
  • Easy to use and implement
  • none.
An excellent tool to quickly implement to show ROI and metrics from social media campaigns.
Very easy tool, easy to set up, helpful for senior management to view and see. It's a great visual resource to showcase the power of social media.
This tool Is VERY easy to implement and use to showcase key metrics to showcase the power of social media. It's been crucial in showcasing visual and clean reporting for many of my clients as well as senior management.
Corey Walker | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Sprinklr is used by one of my client's Marketing and Communications department to post, schedule, and manage content for their healthcare company. They also use it to create ads and track analytics. Since there are many different departments and entities within the company using it, it is a great way to share content at a larger brand level. We also have a better understanding about what our patients and the community are saying about us so we can respond appropriately. What we learn can result in improving our services, or creating more engaging content.
  • Allows you to share and suggest pieces of content to other entities within the organization.
  • Has great reporting with lots of filters to drill down to the information you need.
  • It's easy to schedule posts and see them within the planner so you know you have your week or month covered. It's also easy to move things around if you need to reschedule something to a later date.
  • It can be overwhelming when you first start. There is so much functionality. Go to a formal training to see all of the things it can do and pick what you need. Once you learn it, it is a great tool, but it is a lot to learn!
Sprinklr has been a great tool for the larger organization that I work with because it allows us to share content across entities, and listen to our customers. It works well in a larger corporate structure. However, I think if you were a small business with less than 25 employees, it's probably overkill. A smaller business probably would not have the staff time to dedicate to managing all of the functions available within Sprinklr.
Support is usually pretty to quick to address my issues and resolve them.
It is truly helpful to see trends across our organization as a whole, which Sprinklr allows. We can see what others are doing within the healthcare industry, and see what words and phrases are trending throughout our organization. Overall, it gives us a lot more informed data to base online (and offline) decisions. Since we are able to see more of what our community is saying, we can better address their needs.
Robert Lange | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are using Sprinklr Modern Advertising for our client to handle and report the whole editorial process of the EGGER Group and their different markets with different agencies. We set-up different data-driven reporting dashboards for EGGER's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and VK.

The first global dashboard summarized all metrics coming through the Insights API and the Paid / Ad-manager APIs. We divided the dashboard into an "organic" and a "paid" side, where we show the organic/paid metrics coming through two different sources. Diagrams showed the growth of follower, the demographics and location of our following. In another dashboard, we display the reach and engagement in numbers and their change rate, and also the impressions and interactions per market/target groups are distributed.

We also showed data from community management and in a 4th "paid media" dashboard all costs are displayed. Lastly, in one of the paid modules, we included the impact a single paid post has to be transparent to the client.
  • Design of the dashboards diagrams
  • Amount of channels you can connect with Sprinklr
  • Customized metrics
  • The combination of paid versus organic
  • User experience of the Sprinklr "Home" is hard to navigate through. I am always searching, it is not very intuitive.
  • Missing the combination of metrics of different social platforms. like the number of followers.
It is a very complex system. In the onboarding phase with Sprinklr customer support, we had two different contact persons. On from the "organic"/free site - the other one from the "paid" site. When you want to set up dashboards with combined diagrams at the same time, and you have different contact persons on different onboarding & briefing calls with the client & Sprinklr, we need a lot of time to brief your staff on what was recently done. Furthermore, different metrics were used, because there was an information gap. Sometimes Sprinklr Paid Customer Manager implemented custom metrics and the Organic Customer Manager didn't know about it.
We had SIX different contact people at Sprinklr through the setup phase, which costs a lot of time & money, because we had to describe the vision we had of our dashboards 6 times. Furthermore, we kept coming across the same API limitations in all these support cases. The limitations themselves were not the problem. With every new person, the same mistakes/bugs were made because there was no real documentation about the bugs and the new "workarounds" we found.
Everyone was very friendly and tried to help. But we (the client & I) had the feeling that if the case was this complex, our interest in solving the bug was gone. We had 5 customer support manager, who always said in the call "I will ask the IT department" and then all these questions were still unanswered in the next call. The setup phase took months. And we kept being introduced to "a much more experienced" person.
Customer Support said already that there will be unified platform, but nobody came to implement it on the EGGER side.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Sprinklr is used by my client for the entire marketing department and helps them to work with their partner agencies (such as myself). We use Sprinklr for all social media paid efforts and primarily use the Ads Composer, Ads Manager, Creative Library, Audience Manager, and Ads Reporting. We are working to use other features such as Segment Manager, Pacing Groups, and Ads Benchmarks. We also use Sprinkr for social listening and organic social media efforts.
  • Sprinklr has so many capabilities and provides the tools you need to run a cohesive paid program.
  • It's convenient to manage ads on several different social platforms in one place instead of logging into five different paid media managers.
  • The tool is fairly similar to social platforms which helps to reduce some of the friction when transitioning from setting ads up natively to setting them up in Sprinklr.
  • The customization that can be applied is pretty amazing to make sure you're tracking everything you need for reporting.
  • We love how robust Sprinklr is but that has been overwhelming at times
  • There has been a steeper learning curve than anticipated which is difficult when we need to move quickly and need to get ads running but later go back to retroactively implement best practices
  • It'd be nice if the ad setup was in one window instead of going through several steps that bring up different windows. It's nice to be able to scroll back and forth on the information you've already entered. With several steps/windows being included in the ad setup, it makes some fields feel repetitive
  • During initial training everything seems straight forward but it's hard to know what we need the Sprinklr team to set up. Once you've been in the tool for a month or two and know how to use it, you find things that'd be much more helpful for the Sprinklr team to implement but that portion of the contract is over at that point and it takes a very long time to figure it out yourself.
Sprinklr is well suited for several teams working together to all use one tool. It's helpful for brands running several paid initiatives on several different platforms for monitoring or turning ads on and off quickly if a PR issue arises. You can have ads set up for timely/seasonal scenarios to quickly take advantage of messaging that's relevant for geo-targeted locations. If you're looking for a very simplified quick step process, Sprinklr is too robust and costly for that.
Our assign success manager is extremely helpful and it's clear that he's dedicated to the success of the team. He has gone out of his way to help our agency succeed and answer questions. As far as team members who have been a part of the training, out of 5 or 6 people, 1 was very helpful.
Sprinklr has helped several departments to work together all within one platform. Custom service, data teams, social media and paid media teams all operate inside of the platform and it makes communication and seeing what other teams are working on pretty seamless.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is being used by the social team/audience development team. The biggest reason for its use is to be able to have multiple accounts across regions into one dashboard. We have a large global team and implementation of global campaigns can be hard given multiple teams manage individual accounts.
  • As I said the ability to centralize your brands into one globally
  • Globally - ability to centralize a global team and have a better view of spending/performance etc
  • API connection to DOMO
  • User interface
  • Not keeping up with native new features
  • On going issues, things never work
It really depends on what a company needs. For a smaller company I would not suggest it. For global companies, yes, but I would not use the API connection.
Two years ago it was beyond terrible. We were assigned always a different person, for emergencies we had to wait for whoever was available in India, who did not have any context. This past year things got better but we had to push on our side.
We use the publishing component for our editorial team. I think it does the job, but SproutSocial was much better and easy to use. The listening portion was useless and we moved to a competitor.
Score 2 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Sprinklr Modern Advertising is being used across the organization by multiple social media practitioners. It allows us to scale our advertising capabilities with a growing team.
  • Allows for ad integration of multiple platforms and profiles in one place.
  • Targeting capabilities match that of native platform.
  • Ability to measure budget spending is pretty clear.
  • The user-friendliness is really lacking. When there are errors, it is very difficult to figure out how and where to fix them and sometimes they don't make sense.
  • It's difficult to keep track of ads and campaigns, especially when you have a number of different teams leveraging the same ad budget. The interface does not match the native platforms very well.
Sprinklr Modern Advertising is suited well for smaller teams where maybe one to three people are managing ads. It is less appropriate for larger teams where organization and ease of use is the main concern or factor.
They quickly respond when we have an issue to try and iron it out. They also have frequent webcasts to update on new functionality and allow users to ask questions.
I personally haven't used it much in tandem with anything other than Modern Engagement, in the sense that I am able to pull the post from the engagement calendar and use them in promoted posts and ads.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our social media team works closely with the Sprinklr platform on a daily basis. We have been able to create robust social listening reports for our clients across various industries and monitor the conversation online in an effort to remain competitive in the marketplace. We are able to see our overall share of voice for specific topics.
  • Monitoring the social landscape and assigning a numerical share of voice % on particular topics
  • Reporting on WoW and YoY trends
  • Quickly manipulate data points and analyze top performing content
  • Certain accounts keep becoming disabled (primarily Instagram) - integration issues
  • Monitoring paid activity can be tricky and finicky at times
  • A lot of 'noise' gets pulled into social listening dashboards
Sprinklr Modern Marketing is a great tool to gauge the competitive landscape on certain topics that your company may want to be known for. It is also great at indicating the share of voice % based on the amount of mentions in the social landscape. Linkedin API has many limitations though which is our most important social platform.
We do not have the closest relationship with our Sprinklr representative. It would be nice for them to be more proactive like our other platform reps who are in constant communication when it comes to new products and launches within the platform. I usually sign up for webinars in order to learn about new products.
Our department issues out different permissions within the platform based on our roles and responsibilities in our firm. While we each have distinct access to certain features of the platform, we have been able to collaborate closely and have seen strong benefits in our positioning in the social landscape.
Alejandro Mac Swiney | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Sprinklr for communication in our social media networks.
  • We can have all of our administration on 1 platform.
  • We modify information and check analytics.
  • We review metrics for making decisions.
  • Have tutorials or explanations in the Spanish language.
They need to have more information in other languages. It is very important for people like me to understand the platform, because we need explanations about campaigns, social media posts, metrics, report differences, and other topics. I want to ask for help and learn more about the platform in Latin America, but most of the time I don´t have the resources to receive answers.
I gave it this rating because you need information in different languages.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Sprinklr Marketing is used across the whole Shell organization, across all markets to handle social media content management.

Within Shell - content stakeholders approve content created by agencies, while agencies handle the editorial content calendar development, scheduling, reporting, and community management. Shell access holders tend to take a more macro view of the process with a particular interest in reporting. Agencies focus on production, scheduling, and monitoring securing approvals.
  • Content production and monitoring.
  • Report generation and customization of data dashboards for owned content.
  • Organizational visibility of content.
  • Slow UI/UX. Tends to hang and takes a while to load.
  • Social listening capabilities are extremely lacking.
  • Customization of dashboards is not user-friendly and requires a certain technical understanding of how Sprinklr is set up, and how it's logic flows.
  • Content creation and collaboration with agencies.
  • Creating an organization hierarchy for review and approval.

It's not the best tool for:
  • Social listening.
  • Extraction and splicing of specific reports, esp. over a long period of time.
  • Customization of data on the fly. It takes a while for it to load data, and requires a technical understanding of how digital data is retrieved.
  • UI and UX are not intuitive.
The response of the team is quick, however, the responses seem to be generic. There were times when we were asking for some specific functionality but we got a generic overview of Sprinklr, which the team is already boarded on. It also takes a while for Sprinklr to roll out new features from social networks.
It's worth noting that I'm a local market user, and access and modules for Sprinklr are centralized with our global team.

We adopt a unified approach to content creation and has SOMEWHAT streamlined the process for scheduling and approvals. However, content development feedback on the editorial calendar is still done offline for the following reasons
1. Easier to feedback over email/cloud documents.
2. Sprinkr licenses are limited to a few users.

Adoption of our global media agencies for the advertising platform is not as widespread and they have a limited understanding of the tool's capabilities.
May 17, 2019

Sprinklr Marketing

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Sprinklr Marketing is used across the entire MGM Resorts International organization, including our international properties. Sprinklr Marketing is primarily used for social media (content management, engagement, analytics) and social care (third-party reviews).
  • Sprinklr Marketing is a useful content management tool
  • Sprinklr Marketing provides relevant social media data
  • Sprinklr Marketing is timely in social listening
  • Sprinklr Marketing could be better at publishing, specifically with Instagram publishing and accessibility
  • Sprinklr Marketing needs to further develop its Instagram Story reporting for data and insights
  • Sprinklr Marketing needs to further develop its Facebook Events reporting for data and insights
Sprinklr Marketing is useful in social care, content management and community engagement. Sprinklr Marketing does not excel in publishing, and I find that I'd rather publish natively than use Sprinklr.
At MGM Resorts International, we have roles dedicated to the enterprise-wide management of Sprinklr, therefore, I have never personally reached out to Sprinklr Marketing support. Our department was required to use Sprinklr University, and I found it useful, but the courses are too long and it could be more interactive to keep students interested.
I utilize the Sprinklr Marketing platform for social media on a daily basis. This includes the Sprinkr Asset Management, Editorial Calendar, Approval Dashboards, Social Care Dashboards and Reporting. The SAM has greatly improved my workflow throughout my two years because it gathers assets from all of our content creators in one space that is easily accessible.
Alissa Calomino | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We used Sprinklr in the Social Media department but the use was for the whole company. Our department controlled 9 pages in both Spanish and English language for the enterprise. We used it for content management, scheduling, advertising and reporting. We also used it for social media "page" campaigns (polls, sweepstakes) though that wasn't a core competency.
  • Great personal attention from our account executive. They tried their best to coach and onboarding.
  • Sprinklr is really user friendly. The navigation is intuitive and simple to learn.
  • Their knowledge base of articles and user generated tips was really awesome and complete. You can find anything you need in there.
  • They were always open to our requests but often had a hard time implementing fixes or accommodating our requests.
  • Advertising on Sprinklr is basically the same experience as if you were going to run your ads on Facebook so there's not a huge value add.

I think Sprinklr is great for companies that manage a lot of pages. There is definitely some efficiency of scale when being able to post one message or ad on several pages. As I said, the tool was fine for content management and campaign management but doesn't offer a lot that you can't get directly from Facebook. What it does offer is a great user interface that is much more friendly than Facebook admin tools. They also offer good customer service and good support packages so if you need a little boost getting going, they are a good option.

We received great support from Sprinklr. They were always very responsive. We usually got the same technician so he was familiar with our account, needs and challenges which helps in solutioning. They were super creative in creating solutions but sometimes they had to be because what we really needed wasn't technically possible for them at the time.
We didn't really use the complete suite of tools so I have no experience with Research but the rest were well integrated. I would say we benefited from this unified platform by executing paid and unpaid campaigns across several brands with many users.
May 10, 2019

Sprinklr Review

Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Sprinklr advertising is being used across several departments in the organization. Since we have multiple accounts for our business, Sprinklr helps simplify ad management and reporting.
  • Custom reports to see data in different views is crucial for different business stakeholders.
  • Budgeting helps keeps up on track.
  • The Ads Manager allows us to see an overview and high-level update on all our current and past campaigns.
  • Support has slow response times for some issues.
  • Onboarding training could be improved.
Sprinklr advertising can be great because of the many options for customizing. However, it can also have its growing pains for a company that doesn't have a dedicated social media department. Setting up governance and processes when rolling out to other parts of the organization is important, as well as communication with all involved in using the platform.
Some issues take longer than expected to address, and the support team doesn't always provide timely updates or estimated lead times on when we can expect to hear from them. This can be particularly frustrating, especially when the ticket has a high impact on the business.
May 06, 2019

Highly Recommend!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Sprinklr Advertising is utilized by the social media manager role on the digital marketing team in the marketing communications department. It has created efficiencies by streamlining the ad publishing process and reporting.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Continuous updates to platform capabilities
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Speed to implement platform capabilities can be slow at times
  • Social platform reps not familiar with platform
  • Some minor bugs/fixes
Well-suited for companies who have multiple campaigns running across multiple platforms. Not well-suited for those who do not advertise regularly.
Very easy to contact support and typically receive a resolution within 1 day.
Yes, we also utilize the Core module + Care module. All have been great.