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2,000,000+ traces and 5,000,000+ logs



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Product Details

What is Retrace?

Stackify Retrace provides application performance management across the entire stack. Coupled with aggregated logs from common logging frameworks, find every exception in code. Retrace code with lightweight code profiling and track and monitor all key application and server metrics. The vendor states that with coverage for full lifecycle development, the Stackify Retrace software offering is tailored to be inclusive for multiple role types, and presents everything your team needs to know about your applications, performance, and diagnostics is all in one place.

Retrace Features

  • Supported: Advanced deployment reporting
  • Supported: Detailed SQL query monitoring
  • Supported: Integrated logging and profiling
  • Supported: Unlimited users
  • Supported: Full software life cycle coverage
  • Supported: 1 hour support response time
  • Supported: .NET, .NET Core, Java, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, and Python support
  • Supported: Code Profiling
  • Supported: Error Tracking
  • Supported: Centralized Logging
  • Supported: App and Server Metrics

Retrace Screenshots

Detailed stack trace with inline error and logsWeb Apps Dashboard:
The Apps Page gives you a high-level overview of all applications found and monitored across all servers in each environment. Click on any app to take you to the App Dashboard to view more information for a particular app.Apps Dashboard:
The App Dashboard is a powerful monitoring and troubleshooting perspective that gives you a view of application health across one or more environments.Performance (APM+) Dashboard:
The Performance section will give you a report of how well the application is performing overall, as perceived by your users.  A graph will allow you to view all requests by Satisfaction by viewing "Fast", "Sluggish", "Too Slow", or "Failed" types of requests.  Another report includes graphs of HTTP Error%, Satisfaction Score%, and Page Load Time.  Lastly, you will have the ability to sort each page request of your App by different categories: Satisfaction, Slowest page, Failed pages, pages hit, and total load time.  By clicking on an individual page a Performance Details page with further information about that specific page's health, performance, and errors will be displayed.Performance Traces:
One of the ways we strive to deliver relevant insights is to only collect traces around interesting requests. Some examples of these request types that are interesting would be faster than normal, slower than normal, new web requests, requests introducing new SQL, requests introducing new exceptions, or abnormal satisfaction scores. Under performing requests will be profiled more often than fast requests. As long as the app is getting steady traffic Retrace should be saving a trace every 5 to 15 minutes.Errors Dashboard:
From the Errors Dashboard, you can get an overview of all the exceptions of all your applications across different environments. It gives you a central location to view details about your errors.Logs Dashboard:
Find contextual insights about your apps that can assist you in solving any error you might face. View all logging messages in an inline view across all apps, on all servers, and in all environments. Along with this comes the ability to tail log files in real time and search through all the logs of a given app.

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Stackify Joins the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Companies

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Deployment TypesSaaS
Operating SystemsUnspecified
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Retrace?

Retrace (formerly APM+) is a lightweight Application Performance Management solution. Retrace gives developers continuous, real-time analysis through a combination of code-level visibility with in-line log and error data. Retrace helps identify top performance offenders by analyzing top page requests, top SQL queries, and top external web services.

What are Retrace's top competitors?

New Relic and Datadog are common alternatives for Retrace.

Who uses Retrace?

The most common users of Retrace are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees) and the Information Technology & Services industry.

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Score 8 out of 10
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We are using Stackify Retrace every time we have to capture critical details about what our Ruby or Python code is doing. The main issue solved for us by Retrace is the fact that it enables us to track custom methods in our code and also that it supports non web applications.
Score 8 out of 10
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APM Plus is used by the entire company from sending out purchase orders to sending customer invoices and sales order acknowledgments and even advanced ship notices when something ships out for a customer. Internally APM Plus is used as a document archive to get the exact document that was sent to the customer. This can be used to follow up with customer statements to help customers see what they owe with great consistency. The emails can be sent individually or in groups or sent to different companies. APM Plus can even fax when email is not possible.

Score 9 out of 10
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We were using New Relic, but it wasn't providing us the info we wanted and it was so expensive that we couldn't afford having it on all production servers. I've been using Stackify in a .net, Azure based webapp; the app is with high traffic subscription service, and solid services is essential. In one case we were using Stackify to identify an issue that made the site slow occasionally; it was very hard to pin point the source of the problem. Once installed it was a very fast process and we identified the combination of issues that lead to this behavior. Having the log and error data as part of the detailed trace was tremendous help. And seeing all the logs recorded when an exception was thrown is a cool little feature. Personally I can watch their real-time tailing all day long.