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What is Starmind?

Starmind in Zurich offers their knowledge sharing platform, featuring augmented Intelligence allowing team members, or employees across departments and offices, to tap into the collective human intelligence in an organization, in real-time.

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Starmind has addressed the challenge of consolidating expertise into a single platform, providing users with easy access to knowledge …
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What is Starmind?

Starmind in Zurich offers their knowledge sharing platform, featuring augmented Intelligence allowing team members, or employees across departments and offices, to tap into the collective human intelligence in an organization, in real-time.

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Product Details

What is Starmind?

Starmind is a knowledge sharing platform from the company of the same name in Zurich. With AI-powered “human-centric” search, the platform is designed to enable organizations’ employees to find needed information from the people most likely to know the answer. Its self-learning algorithms create neural know-how networks that mimic how a human brain works.

Starmind searches non-confidential information through a range of connectors to enterprise applications (e.g. Slack, Sharepoint, etc.), and presents findings to information seekers. The employee who is seeking information can rate the quality of the feedback Starmind produces, so that Starmind’s search results improve over time.The vendor states the platform can be used to speed onboarding, reduce support tickets, and reduce the overall time required by employees to locate needed facts.

Starmind’s application is available via desktop or mobile applications. It uses data from over 200 sources, including corporate intranets, Slack, Microsoft Office, Jive, and Microsoft Teams. Users can also integrate chatbots, intranets, and ticketing systems..

Founded in 2010, Starmind has offices in Switzerland, New York, and Frankfurt, and boasts customers among the Fortune 500, with customers like Accenture, Cognizant, and Telefonica. The solution is commonly deployed to speed onboarding new employees, to augment support systems with self-service, or simply to make knowledge sharing across a large enterprise easier.

Starmind Features

  • Supported: AI-supported information search
  • Supported: Anonymous information requests
  • Supported: Algorithmically locates best person to provide requested knowledge
  • Supported: Identify non-confidential information for repository and safe, compliant usage
  • Supported: Knowledge responses can be rated by the seeker, so knowledge location improves over time

Starmind Screenshots

Screenshot of Starmind Knowledge Wheel

Starmind Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Starmind has addressed the challenge of consolidating expertise into a single platform, providing users with easy access to knowledge sharing. Users, particularly newcomers, find Starmind valuable as a source of information and a platform for asking questions without hesitation. The platform saves time and energy by delivering answers to questions that previously required opening tickets or conducting external searches. Support roles benefit from Starmind by directly answering questions on the platform and avoiding unnecessary tickets. Users actively engage in providing technical solutions and also find value in reading responses to non-technical questions for knowledge management. Described as a combination of Google and Siri, Starmind makes it effortless to find answers and solutions. It facilitates collaboration by bringing together expertise from various areas within an organization. The user-friendly tool seamlessly integrates into existing systems, requiring no training. Additionally, Starmind incorporates gamification features to enhance user engagement. Users rely on Starmind to quickly find the right person to ask questions in large organizations with multiple departments. Beyond receiving answers, users appreciate the discovery of new questions they never knew they had and witnessing others' involvement. Starmind proves effective for finding quick solutions, understanding internal processes, and saving time. It allows users to access information within their organization promptly and avoid losing track of their queries. Furthermore, Starmind excels in unearthing buried knowledge within organizations and reducing the time spent searching for experts. In a small multicultural company, the platform has improved collaboration and convergence by creating a network for automated searches, performance evaluation, feedback, and collaboration. Overall, Starmind enables users to share information efficiently, provide feedback, and connect with the right people quickly and accurately.

Easy-to-use interface: Many users have praised the platform for its easy-to-use interface, which has been described as intuitive and user-friendly. The simplicity of the design allows users to quickly navigate through the different features and functionalities. Additionally, the content understanding functionality helps them identify if similar questions have been asked before, saving time and effort.

User-friendly and efficient: Starmind is highly regarded by reviewers for being user-friendly and making their lives as IT Servicedesk staff or members of the user community much easier. The platform streamlines processes and provides a seamless experience in accessing knowledge resources. Users appreciate how it simplifies finding experts within a large company, enabling them to quickly get assistance with any problems they encounter.

Collaborative nature: The collaborative nature of Starmind is liked by many users who value the ability to connect with colleagues across departments or even globally. By fostering a sense of teamwork, employees can help each other solve common problems more efficiently. This collaborative approach not only improves productivity but also creates a positive work environment where knowledge sharing is encouraged.

Overwhelming Amount of Information: Many users have found the flood of information on the platform overwhelming and have suggested adding options to limit the overall information. This would help them manage and navigate through the platform more effectively.

Difficulty Finding Specific Information: Users frequently express difficulty in finding specific information and suggest improving the search function for better navigation. This improvement would enhance their experience by allowing them to quickly locate the information they need.

Lack of Quality Replies: The quality of replies is a concern raised by several users. They feel that critical thinking is necessary, but sometimes find it lacking in the responses they receive. Despite appreciating the ability for incorrect replies to be rated poorly by other users, they still desire higher-quality responses.


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Companies can't remove reviews or game the system. Here's why
April 29, 2022

Knowledge sharing

Carlos Begazo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We work in a relatively small company, quite multicultural, and since we met Starmind it has been the perfect solution to better converge with each other. With Starmind we have managed to create a simple and wide network to carry out fully automated searches among all work colleagues, to evaluate how qualified or not certain people are to be of support in some work projects. Starmind allows performance evaluation, generates good content in the database, allows quite interactive feedback, and provides collaboration tools, where we quickly locate the right person no matter where they are, with a precise algorithm perfect for locating the right person. quickly. It allows us to share information, make complete feedback, and act in the face of difficulties where each person with their different capacities can respond to different stimuli.
  • Anonymous requests, with fast and totally efficient results, which is amazing, most of the time he finds the person trained to solve certain problems.
  • The search system has filters that help us prioritize what we are really looking for, in this way the search is much more efficient.
  • Collaborative tools undoubtedly help us to solve communication problems, streamline work processes and achieve work success in carrying out our projects.
  • Collaborative tools undoubtedly help us to solve communication problems, streamline work processes and achieve work success in carrying out our projects.
  • I'm still not familiar with its interface in a comfortable way. It seems to me that there are functions whose potential can be exploited more but they are not visual, instead there are many others that can get in the way a little in the daily use of the platform.
Shared knowledge is essential to widely distribute knowledge among the various sectors of the company. Knowledge is power and we have discovered this with Starmind, where we are all capable of solving different problems without the need to work in a certain sector or not.
  • Immediate search, through filters, of the person with the appropriate skills for the project.
  • Interaction through collaborative tools that provide greater organization and productivity.
  • Data management, efficiently stores information, intelligently saves the data record, and searches to associate similarities in future queries.
  • The effective search for the right person to attend specific commercial projects has allowed us to hit the target, since we are exploiting the potential of each of the company's personnel regardless of the department to which they belong, we diversify, learn and adapt to changes, in favor of always achieving the proposed objectives and achieving better performance and work efficiency.
Bloomfire is an excellent tool, it provides multiple similar features, these platforms being intelligent in the search for shared knowledge, however, Starmind seems to me to have better search options and interaction actions between users.
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