Web analytics product designed for SMB.s Statistics collected are based on page loads. is not Google Analytics and that is a good thing.Sting is one client for whom I have used StatCounter. The main reason is Google Analytics has a learning curve and I want my clients to have easy solutions like StatCounter. For most, it provides more than enough data, in good contexts, to quantify and qualify my efforts as a Digital Marketing Strategist.,Reports are general, which sometimes is all a client wants to know. Data is ordered logically and is easy to flip between screens. It's simple to add to any site. Their communication is excellent. Rarely are there issues but if so, they go right to Twitter and engage immediately.,I honestly cannot suggest a thing. Again, StatCounter is used for specific reasons and exceeds my expectations.,10,Positive, by far. When a client wants to gauge ROI, StatCounter cuts to the heart of the matter. No guesswork or confusion.,Google Analytics,10Crucial Tracking Info for Tight BudgetsThis services gives the user a lot of functionality for a low price (free with a limited data log) which can be a lifesaver for small business and organizations with limited budgets. Because it is free, any of its shortcomings can be met by complementing it with other free services such as Google Analytics (GA). One shortcoming of GA, and highlight for StatCounter is its ability to track IP addresses. The user’s IP address help pinpoint them to a specific city, state, and country. If the user is using a browser at a larger company, sometimes the IP address will actually reflect which company the website is being accessed from. This feature can be really good for smaller companies/organizations, because they tend to have more personal connections with their smaller user and contact base. Because of this low traffic situation, the in depth analysis is easier to digest and it is possible to gleen who of the business personal connections are interacting with their website. Like most regular tracking services, StatCounter provides many of the same functionality of large data information aggregation. Page visit length help show audience retention. Path through the website and system stats (operating system, resolution browser) can be used to optimize page design and web layout. Keywords, Search Engine information, landing pages, and came from pages, help give an idea of success of current campaigns and provide information for increasing their success,For the free version data logging is limited to two weeks, which requires manual pulling of the data (CSV or excel formats) on a regular basis which can become tedious. For offline graphing/presentations, data must be re synthesized/visualized. This typical requires someone manual manipulation the data or develop scripts or coding to improve the collection of the data for offline presentation and records. Lacks some of the pretty visuals that can be seen in competitors such as Google Analytics. Lacks user specific in depth tracking across multiple services (mailchimp, google etc), like more fully featured platforms (Kissmetrics) are able to provide.,Faster lead conversion. IP tracking allows crucial information for low traffic and nurturing of small numbers of close contacts. Increasing user retention, through optimized UI website design based on visitor system information and visit lenghts Increasing lead generation from better search engine optimization and keyword selection.,9,9StatCounter: I approveIt's helpful to easily view the hostnames of visitors to get a real sense of your audience. My top 5 views are recent pageloads, recent came from, download activity, exit link activity, and keywords. I appreciate being able to choose free vs paid for log activity.,It would be great if the csv file that we can download incorporates all the data that is being collected. I wasn't able to download the hostname information.,Improved ability to target audience. Insight into user hardware (e.g. Mac vs PC, screen resolution, browser use, etc),10,10,Date selection IP labeling and restriction Hostname viewing,Yes,10StatCounter: Stats Made SimpleStatCounter does not lag when entering long time frames (yearly data) like some other analytics sites I've used. StatCounter is user friendly. StatCounter does not have tons of different drop down menus like other sites I've used, which I like. It has a very clean, functioning look.,I would like to see our referral traffic ranked in order of most to least. I'm not sure if this function exists already, but if it does, I do not know how to do it. Maybe put the average time on site on the same chart as the visitors and page views graphs. I feel as though some tasks can be streamlined, but this is not just unique to statcounter but to other analytics sites I've used. But people like digging really deep into the data, but for people like me who use it for one purpose, a shorter one-stop-shop version would be nice. Like one page where everything can be seen.,We are able to figure out which stories are read more often on our news site. We can see what days have the highest and lowest traffic that way we can tailor our content to better fit our audience's needs. StatCounter is really easy to explain to our employees. Which has helped a lot.,10,87 years with StatcounterStatCounter is easy to use, easy to implement, with a UI that anyone, regardless of skill level with web analytics, can read and interpret. I've been using StatCounter for at least 7 years. I install it on every website or blog I am responsible for. StatCounter is much faster to read and use to get live-time results than any other service I have found.,I can't think of any changes I would make that are exclusive to StatCounter.,The ability to get live-time responses and use that information makes it possible for us to make emergency changes when necessary.,10,10StatCounter. Free and Easy.I really like the simplicity of the weekly stats. It's nice to log in and view weekly stats at once. Keyword analysis helps you determine what keywords are working for your site. It's very helpful. Visitor paths provide a great resource to see where people have entered and exited the website. This helps with fine tuning your SEO efforts.,I am very happy with StatCounter and not sure what else they could add to improve the website. The graph designs could be more interactive.,We utilize StatCounter primarily for SEO efforts. I like to see what keywords work, what pages people tend to navigate towards, track number of downloads, etc.,10,10Long-Standing, Rock Solid, Simple, Affordable Web Stats for Your Analytics MixI have used StatCounter for my personal hobby web properties for what seems close to a decade now as well as a primary/backup statistics source for a number of million+ hit websites that I personally designed and managed for my previous employer. We used it primarily in the Marketing department but used the reports to inform various departments and key individuals of course.,StatCounter is reliable and accurate. StatCounter has always been easy to use. StatCounter maintains your statistics for many, many years compared to many web services that restrict how far you can go back. StatCounter is very affordable and has been.,I can't think of any weaknesses.,10,StatCounter enabled us to track what works and doesn't work with regards to driving web traffic. On a personal use level, StatCounter enabled me to gauge how much additional effort I needed to make to reach the traffic levels needed on my website.,,10
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20 Ratings
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Score 9.0 out of 101

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I have not had any issues with malfunctions when using statcounter, so that would lead me to continue using the program. I would like to see more social media measuring tools, but again, we don't use the program to dig really deep. We're just looking to figure out who is reading what articles on our website are the most liked. And it helps lead our editorial team in the right direction.
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On a personal level, I'm comfortable with StatCounter and prefer to continue using it to monitor my web traffic. Organizationally, it's simplicity and low pricing still fits perfectly with our mix of redundant statistics sources. Why change what works?
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Web analytics product designed for SMB.s Statistics collected are based on page loads.
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