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Stibo Systems Multidomain MDM

Stibo Systems Multidomain MDM


What is Stibo Systems Multidomain MDM?

Stibo Systems, a master data management company headquartered in Denmark, enables data transparency with solutions that help companies unlock the strategic value of their master data. They aim to empower them to improve the customer experience, drive innovation and growth…

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Users have found that Stibo STEP is invaluable for managing a large number of data silos and organizing them in a simplified and …
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Ideal for Page Production

7 out of 10
May 25, 2016
We use STEP for two primary functions. Within marketing we produce catalogues and direct mail using PIM Publishing and InDesign. Our …
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What is Stibo Systems Multidomain MDM?

Stibo Systems, a master data management company headquartered in Denmark, enables data transparency with solutions that help companies unlock the strategic value of their master data. They aim to empower them to improve the customer experience, drive innovation and growth and create an essential…

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Product Details

What is Stibo Systems Multidomain MDM?

Stibo Systems’ Multidomain Master Data Management solution connects, manages and shares data from multiple internal and external sources to provide a foundation of high-quality enterprise data, ready to drive business performance and success.

The multidomain solution consolidates master data from across domains into a single source of truth that can be leveraged to improve business processes and deliver customer-centric outcomes.

It integrates information across the enterprise, applications and systems to provide data accuracy, visibility and transparency spanning customers, products, and locations.

Multidomain MDM expands the benefits beyond what traditional MDM or PIM (product information management) solutions can approach. It also enables the creation of a centralized Digital Business Hub that collects data once to drive superior business decisions and outcomes across the enterprise.

Stibo Systems Multidomain MDM Video

Customer experience, time-to-market, and your ability to compete depend on the quality and availability of your data. An MDM solution capable of managing data across domains on one platform enables you to drive new digital initiatives and put your data to work where you need it most to ensure your success.

Stibo Systems Multidomain MDM Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Users have found that Stibo STEP is invaluable for managing a large number of data silos and organizing them in a simplified and synchronized manner, leading to enhanced productivity and efficient use of information. The system's ability to input and analyze substantial amounts of data has allowed users to make quicker and more accurate decisions for their organizations. They have found value in features such as item data management, product updates, and file downloading, which help with tasks like product creation, maintenance, and advancement for both B2B and B2C websites. Stibo STEP's data management capabilities have been particularly beneficial for organizing and maintaining large volumes of data, making it easy to update and modify. Additionally, users have found Stibo STEP useful for item onboarding and digital merchandising, as well as for integrating with other programs like Taglo for certain data management tasks.

The ability to perform mass product updates in Stibo STEP, such as downloading and uploading attribute files, has been a valuable feature for users. This functionality streamlines the process of updating pricing and other information, simplifying print publishing and ensuring that websites remain up to date. Teams use Stibo STEP to manage product data that drives their websites, printed catalogs, and stores globally. Moreover, Stibo Systems Multidomain MDM has been praised as a program that offers endless solutions for developing business processes and infrastructure for data management. It is seen as a valuable Master Data Management solution for organizations with complex enterprise systems, enabling them to integrate and manage data from multiple software solutions effectively.

Positive sentiment in user reviews can be summarized as follows: Seamless Integration - Several users have praised Stibo STEP for its ability to integrate master data across various domains without compromising data authenticity and quality. This feature has been highlighted by many reviewers, who appreciate the seamless integration capabilities of the tool. User-Friendly Interface - Users have found Stibo STEP easy to learn and navigate through. The application's streamlined approach to handling large amounts of data has been well-received, allowing users to quickly find and view product hierarchy, attributes, descriptions, and more. Many reviewers also appreciated the intuitive organization and logical order of the application. Efficient Data Organization - Reviewers have commended Stibo STEP for its efficient organization of customer information and product data. They highlight how the application allows them to easily navigate and sort through customer information without having to switch between different pages. Additionally, users appreciate that they can organize large amounts of data in a hierarchical structure and easily update information as needed. These three pros stand out as common themes among user reviews for Stibo STEP. Customers consistently express satisfaction with its seamless integration capabilities, user-friendly interface, and efficient data organization features.

Complex Interface: Some users have expressed that reducing the complexities of the interface and streamlining the setup process would enhance the user experience. They feel that the system's current setup is confusing and difficult to understand.

Lack of Spell Check: Many reviewers have mentioned that the lack of a spell check feature is a drawback, especially in fast-paced environments where errors may go unnoticed. They believe that having a built-in spell check function would be beneficial for ensuring accurate content.

Confusing Overview Look: Several users find the overview look of the system confusing, particularly for new users. They also mention that it is not spell check friendly, which adds to the confusion. Improving the visual clarity and implementing a spell check feature could address these concerns.

Users commonly recommend the following based on their experiences with the product:

  1. Effective organization before implementing STEP: Reviewers emphasize the importance of thoroughly documenting and understanding prerequisites. This helps ensure a smooth implementation process and avoids potential roadblocks down the line.

  2. Utilize STIBO consulting services to validate requirements: Several users suggest leveraging STIBO's consulting services to validate requirements. This can help businesses ensure that their specific needs are met and that they make the most of the system's capabilities.

  3. Consider impact on workflows and business processes: It is advised to carefully analyze the impact of integrating STEP into existing workflows and business processes. Understanding this impact can help companies effectively adapt to the system and maximize its benefits.

Overall, users find that having a central repository for product-related information is a significant benefit of using STEP. They also recommend considering a Product Information Management (PIM) solution for synchronizing product data from multiple sources. Lastly, users stress the importance of ensuring clean and accurate data before integration with a STEP system to achieve optimal results.


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Fernando Roque | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Enterprise complexity involves using several software solutions to control de Purchases, Sales, Inventory, and Accounting. Generally, these areas have ERP management. However, activities like logistic routes and deliveries to clients that use other software and mobile applications. These mobile applications save information in other databases different from the main ERP system. Here is when we need to use a Master Data Management like Stibo Systems. It is in the category of Challengers in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.
  • Saves data from multiple sources.
  • Integration of ERP, CRM and Logistics data.
  • Exchange data with another divisions of the company.
  • Charts to display the data trends.
  • Better documentation for API.
  • A Machine Learning Module to do forecasts.
Stibo Systems is a solution for companies with spare data to start doing Business Intelligence Analysis and forecasts. Several micro-operations of the companies are still managed by worksheets like Excel on desktops and sometimes on the cloud like Google Sheets. For these scenarios, the industries need to integrate this "outside of the system" data to analyze it. I recommend that Stibo Systems load all the worksheets to avoid losing data. Stibo needs improvement in Business Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Data centralization from multiple sources.
  • Build relationships with the stored data.
  • API to use as Data as a Service.
  • Integration of spare worksheets in one place.
  • Use of Stibo as Data as a Service without impacting the main system performance.
  • Data as a Service and backup of information that is in risk in spare worksheets.
Stibo has an easy-to-use API to use as DATA as a Service. I like SAP Master Data Governance, but I think Stibo has more specialization in integrating the relationships among the data tables. And then expose this data in the web API as a service. Stipo has documentation of cases for Retail and Logistics and how to integrate this spare data.
Gustavo Figueroa | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Thanks to the help of this program I have a better idea of ​​how to carry out the infrastructure of each and every one of my data, Stibo Systems Multidomain MDM is the program that is qualified par excellence to offer me endless solutions to develop these business processes, that's why I really like this software, it's undeniably an immediate response.
  • There are many needs that we demand of this program, and in most cases it always has a function to solve and organize the demands of its users.
  • Stibo Systems Multidomain MDM is a program that has taught us a better balance and balance with the contact with all our clients, having this program we are more professional.
  • The cost of this software is very controversial, we do not understand why this price is so high, in most cases this type of program has a better payment plan.
  • This software has a lot to improve in terms of interaction with each of its users, since the interface can be a bit annoying to understand and start its functions.
Stibo Systems Multidomain MDM has been one of the main causes of the increase in business processes in the company, since the functions of this program reinforce and build a professional infrastructure where we have the management and control of all my data from the comfort of a computer, It has worked for us and we hope that it will be just as effective for other companies and ventures, we always recommend it.
  • With the sharing of my data and that of my coworkers, we can unify and simplify the work dynamics and be much more efficient in each data movement.
  • I have had a remarkable operability since I implement this program in my work and manipulate each one of my master data, Stibo Systems Multidomain MDM is a support for my work.
  • Since I have this program I can safely say that our customers feel more comfortable in each of the business processes and relationships with our company.
  • Stibo Systems Multidomain MDM is a great help that gives its users agility to manage and manipulate all their master data, this program is a total guarantee.
Informatica Cloud MDM - Customer 360 for Salesforce, Navisite Productivity and Collaboration (Microsoft Office 365 and MDM), Comodo Mobile Device Management (CMDM)
Matthew Kermode | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use STEP for two primary functions. Within marketing we produce catalogues and direct mail using PIM Publishing and InDesign. Our product data teams maintain our products within the system to allow us to deliver directly to our transactional websites, and also for our printed publications. The system is used globally, allowing us to share resources and produce content globally.
  • Asset management
  • Data sharing
  • Page production
  • Some processes can be a bit long-winded, and have too many steps
  • Issues with writing back from InDesign to STEP
  • Speed of paginating large catalogue sections
STEP is very good for producing catalogues and direct mail, providing the content is maintained and updated regularly. The autopage function is ideal for catalogues, whereas for more stylised brochures we can paginate into InDesign which allows publishing end users to apply a more visual design.
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