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Sunbird DCIM


What is Sunbird DCIM?

Sunbird Software headquartered in New Jersey offers their DCIM Suite of applications, available a la carte, as a total DCIM suite, in an asset and capacity oriented bundle or bundled for environmental and power consumption monitoring. The suite includes tools...
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Power IQ DCIM Monitoring


per year per node

dcTrack DCIM Operations


per year per cabinet

DCIM Suite Bundle


per year per cabinet

Entry-level set up fee?

  • Setup fee optional
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  • Free/Freemium Version
  • Premium Consulting / Integration Services

Starting price (does not include set up fee)

  • $47.88 per year per node
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dcTrack 7.0 Asset Management
dcTrack Visualization
dcTrack 7 BI and Analytics
Capacity Management
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Product Details

What is Sunbird DCIM?

Sunbird's DCIM focuses exclusively on what the vendor describes as two of the biggest and costliest challenges data center operators face: monitoring and operations. Sunbird's DCIM aims to be easy to deploy and use, and its goal is to provide users the ability to better manage assets, change and capacity; it also enables power monitoring, environmental monitoring and energy management.

The Power IQ® (PIQ) edition provides the information and controls to utilize existing infrastructure resources while alerting the user to trouble before it causes downtime. PIQ software can be deployed as a standalone DCIM monitoring solution or with Sunbird’s dcTrack® DCIM Operations to provide full asset and change management.

PIQ functionality scales to meet enterprise needs, allowing you to securely monitor all your data centers and labs, including your CRACs, UPS, PDUs, RPPs, Meters, Branch Circuits, Racks, Rack PDUs, Environment Sensors, IT Devices, and Electronic Door Locks—all from a single web browser. PIQ is vendor neutral and automatically supports a number of devices and manufacturers.

dcTrack DCIM Operations provides access to real-time information about critical facilities, networks, and IT assets by removing the complexity and dependency on emails and spreadsheets, dcTrack DCIM Operations solution transforms the delivery of data center services. Featuring detailed information and visual mappings, dcTrack’s solution helps data center operators handle their most common tasks and processes faster and more efficiently than ever before, while saving costs and improving availability.

Detailed data center business intelligence and analytics about your infrastructure and visual mappings helps manage placement of IT equipment, make informed capacity management decisions, and keep track of data center assets.

When integrated with a CMDB or change management system for workflow functionality, dcTrack aims to provide additional ROI, especially during any data center relocation, consolidation, or new build project. dcTrack can be deployed as a standalone DCIM operations solution or with Sunbird’s Power IQ® DCIM Monitoring Software for power, energy, environment, and cabinet security monitoring.

Sunbird DCIM Features

  • Supported: Asset Management
  • Supported: Capacity Management
  • Supported: Change Management
  • Supported: Energy Management
  • Supported: Environment Management
  • Supported: Power Management
  • Supported: Visualization
  • Supported: Security Management
  • Supported: BI & Analytics
  • Supported: Connectivity Management

Sunbird DCIM Screenshots

Screenshot of Full Power Path ManagementScreenshot of Isolated Cabinet View with Environmental ReportingScreenshot of Floor Map Search ResultsScreenshot of Zero-Configuration Business Intelligence DashboardsScreenshot of Multiple Floor Map ReportsScreenshot of Thermal Time Lapse Video

Sunbird DCIM Videos

Sunbird’s dcTrack DCIM Operations software provides data center asset management that’s fast, easy, and complete. Get actionable insights from zero-configuration dashboards and reports, see details for every asset in your data center, visually search for assets on your 3D floo...
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See your entire data center floor with Sunbird's DCIM software. Quickly view cabinet capacity reports ( space, weight, power, inlet temperatures), cabinet elevations and equipment names (text and images), and use the cabinet inspector to see cabinet level details. 3D visualiz...
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Sunbird’s dcTrack DCIM Operations software provides data center business intelligence and visual analytics that are easy, fast, and complete. Get actionable insights through interactive dashboards and reports for every modern data center scenario, create, customize, and share ...
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Sunbird’s dcTrack DCIM Operations software provides data center capacity management that’s easy, fast, and complete. Get actionable insights from zero-configuration capacity dashboards and reports, use what-if analysis to determine the impact of projects on capacity planning, ...
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Sunbird DCIM Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsLinux
Mobile ApplicationMobile Web

Frequently Asked Questions

Sunbird Software headquartered in New Jersey offers their DCIM Suite of applications, available a la carte, as a total DCIM suite, in an asset and capacity oriented bundle or bundled for environmental and power consumption monitoring. The suite includes tools like Asset, Capacity, Change, Energy, Environment, Power, as well as BI & Analytics, to provide end-to-end administrative control over the data center.

Sunbird DCIM starts at $47.88.

Nlyte Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) are common alternatives for Sunbird DCIM.

The most common users of Sunbird DCIM are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees) and the Hospital & Health Care industry.
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Sunbird dcTrack will move to address all add, moves, and changes with our enterprise data centers and over time our local data centers/server rooms. The process will move inventory and allocation away from an Excel spreadsheet to process allocation while monitoring and supporting capacity needs. We have plans to make the inventory our product of truth.
  • Inventory tracking.
  • Capacity planning.
  • Integration with PowerIQ - manages power, cooling and humidity status.
  • Provide power and network/SAN connect paths.
  • Statistics on the infrastructure within a given data center.
  • Connectivity simplified.
  • Flexibility in port and connection definition.
  • Asset documentation of owners, project and responsible teams.
There are a few things that need work from flexibility within the asset process documentation. The interfacing with CMDB will be easier if the asset documentation had more flexibility in the standard fields. The product will support our need for a central depository of all assets, connections, and usage within our data centers, which at this time is managed by a spreadsheet with limited access. The ability to review and set goals of environmental and capacity has not been easy, with dcTrack this has become much easier than dealing with Excel tabs.
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